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Charlt. Charlton. T. V. P. Chart. T. U. P. Ch*rlton't Roports. R. HI. Charlt. R. M. Charlton's Reports.

Chate's TV. Chase's Trial.

Cher. Cat. Cherokee Case.

Chipm. R. Chipman's Reports. D. Chipm. D. Chipman's Reports.

Chipm. Cantr. Essay on the Law of Contracts for the payment of Specific Articles. By Daniel Chipman.

Ch. Contr. A practical treatise on the Law of Contracts, not under seal, and upon the usual defences to actions thereon. By Joseph Chitty, Jr. 1 vol. 8vo. Cited Chit. on Contr.

Chit. on App. Chitty's Practical Treatise on the law relating to apprentices and journeymen.

Chit. on Bills. Chitty on Bills.

Chit. jr. on Hills. Chitty, junior, on Bills.

Chit. Com. L. Chitty's treatise on Commercial Law.

Chit. Cr. h. Chitty's Criminal Law.

CAit. on Des. Chitty on the Law of Descents.

Chit. F. Chitty's Forms and practical proceedings.

Chit. Med. Jut• Chitty on Medical Jurisprudence.

CAit. Rep. Chitty's Reports. In E. C. L. R.

CAit. PI. A Practical Treatise on Pleading. "No person competent to appreciate the difficulty of the task performed in compiling this work, can ever peruse it, without high admiration of the learning, talent and industry of the author." Steph. on PL iv. Mr. Lawes in his valuable treatise on Pleading in Assumpsit bears the same testimony to the merits of the author, p. M.

Chit. Pr. Chitty's General Practice. A most excellent and practical work.

Chris, B. L. Christian's Bankrupt Laws.

Civ. Civil.

Civ. Code La. Civil Code of Louisiana.

CI. Ass. Clerk's Assistant.

Clan. H. $ W. Clancy on the Rights, Duties and Liabilities of Husband and Wife.

Clark on Lear. Clark's Enquiry into the nature of Leases.

Clarke, R. Clarke's Reports.

Clark Sf Fin. Clark and Finclly's Reports.

Clark. Adm. Pr. Clarke's Practice in the Admiralty.

Clark. Prax. Clarke's Praxis, being the manner of proceeding in the ecclesiastical courts.

Clay. Clayton's Reports, Reports of Pleas of Assize at York, with some precedents useful for pleaders, in English. 1 vol. 12mo.

Cleir. l)l et Const. Cleirac, Us et Coustumes de la mer.

Clerke's Rud. Clerke's Rudiments of American Law and Practice.

Clift. Clift's Entries.

Cf. A particle used before other words to imply that the person spoken of possesses the same character as other persons whose character is mentioned, as co-exocutors, an executor with others; co-heir, an heir with others; co-partner, a partner with others, etc.—Co. is also an abbrevation for company, as John Smith & Co. When so abbreviated it also represents county.

Co. Coke's Reports. Reports of Resolutions, &c. in the several courts, of cases never resolved or adjudged before; and the reasons and causes of the resolutions, &c. from 14 Q. Eliz. (1572,) to 13 K. James, (1616,) 13 parts, with references to all the books of the common law, the pleadings in English, and many additional notes and references by G. Wilson, Esq. Cited sometimes Rep. See I Bl. Com. 72.

Co. or Co. Rep. Coke's Reports.

Co. Ent. Coke's Entries.

Co. B. L. Cooke's Bankrupt Law, in 2 vols, 8vo.

Co. on Courts Coke on Courts; 4th Institute. See Inst. below, and 1 Bl. Com. 73.

Co. IAtt. Coke on Littleton. See Inst. As to the character of this book see 1 Bl.

Com. 73.

Co. M. C. Coke's Magna Charta; 2d Institute. See Inst. and 1 Bl. Com. 73.

Co. P. C. Coke's Pleas of the Crown. See Inst. and 1 Bl. Com. 73.

Cock. Sj Route. Cockburn and Howe's Reports

Code Civ. Code Civil, or Civil Code of France. This work is usually cited by the article.

Code Nap. Code Napoleon. The same as Code Civil.

Code Com. Code de Commerce.

Code Pin. Code Penal.

Code Pro. Code de Procedure.

Col. Column, in the first or second column of the book quoted.

Col. Sf Cai. Cas. Coleman and Caincs's Cases.

Coll. on Pat. Collier on the law of patents.

Coll. on Idiots. Collinson on the law concerning idiots, &c.

Coll. Rep. Colle's Reports. Reports of Cases upon Appeals and writs of Error in the High Courts of Parliament from 1697 to 170!), being a supplementary volume to Brown's Cases in Parliament. By Richard Colic. 1 vol. 8vo.

Com. or Com. Rep. Comyn's Reports

Com. Contr. Comyn on Contract.

Comm on Us. Comyn on Usury.

Com. Dig. Comy n's Digest. A Digest of the Laws of England, by the Right Honourable Sir John Comyn, Knight, with additions by Anthony Hammond, Esq. and j notes of American Decisions, by Thomas Day, Esq, in 8 vols. This is an excellent digest, 4 Dall. 327.

Com. L. If T. Comy n on the Law of Landlord and Tenant.

Com. Law. Commercial law.

Com. Law. Rep. Common Law Reports edited by Sergeant and Lowber. Vide E. C. L. Rep.

Comb. Comberbach's Reports. Reports in K. B. from 1 K. James II. (1685,) to 10 K. William III. (1698.) By Roger Comberbach.—Comberbach is said by Lord Thurlow to be bad authority. 1 Bro. C. C. 97.

Comm. Blackstone's Commentaries.

Cond. Condensed.

Cond. Ch. R. Condensed Chancery Reports.

Cond. Ex. R. Condensed Exchequer Reports.

Cong. Congress.

Conkl. Pr. Conkling's Practice of the courts of the United States.

Conn. R. Connecticut Reports.

Conr.Cutl.R. Conroy's Custodiom Reports.

Coat, del Mar. Consolato del Mare. Cons. Ct. R. Constitutional Court Reports.

Coop. Eq. R. Cooper's Equity Reports. - Coop. Cat. Cases in the High Court of Chancery during the time of Lord Chancellor Eldon, in Hilary, Easter, and Trinity Terms, 55 Geo. III. 1815, with a few cases of an earlier period. By George Cooper. 1 vol. Svo. These reports are a continuation of those by Vesey and Beanies, and are continued by Merivalc.

Coop, on Lib. Cooper on the law of libels.

Coop. Er PL Cooper's Equity Pleading.

Coop. Just. Cooper's Justinian's Institutes.

Coop. Med. Jut. Cooper's Medical Jurisprudence.

Coop. t. Brough. Cooper's cases in the time of Brougham.

Coop. P. P. Cooper's Points of Practice.
Cont. Contra.

Coote Mortg. Coote on Mortgages.

Corb. 4r Dan. Corbet and Daniel's Election Cases.

Corn, on Uses. Cornish on Uses.

Corp. Jut. Civ. Corpus Juris Civilis.

Cot. Abr. Cotton's Abridgment of Records.

Coo. on Conv. Evi. Coventry on Conveyancer's Evidence.

Coto. Jnt. Cowel's Law Dictionary, or the Interpreter of words and terms, used either in the common or statute laws of Great Britain.

Coop. Cowper's Reports Reports in K. B. from Hilary Term 14 Geo. III. 1774, to Trinity Term 18 Geo. HI. 1778, both inclusive. By Henry Cowper. 2 vols. Svo.

Corn. R. Cowen's Reports, N. Y.

Cox't Cat. Cox's Cases. Cases determined in the Courts of Equity from 1783 to 1796 inclusive.

Coxe's R. Coxe's Reports.

Crabb's C. L. Crabb's Common Law. A History of the English Law; or an attempt to trace the rise, progress, and changes of the Common Law. By George Crabb.

Craig If Phil. Craig and Phillips's Reports.

Cranch R. Cranch's Reports.

Crettu. R. Cresswcll's Reports of cases decided in the Court for the relief of insolvent debtors

Crim. Con. Criminal conversation; adultery.

Cro. Crake's Reports. Cro. Etiz. Crake's Reports, during the time of Queen Elizabeth, also cited as 1 Cro. Cro Jac. Crake's Reports, during the time of King James I., also cited as 2 Cro. Cro. Car. Crake's Reports, during the time of Charles I., also cited as 3 Cro.

Crompt. Ex Rep. Crompton's Exchequer Reports.

Crompt. J. C. Crompton's Jurisdiction

of Courts.

Crompt. Sf Meet. Crompton and Mecson's Exchequer Reports,

Crompt. Meet. A- Rare. Crompton, Meeson and Roscoe's Exchequer Reports.

Cm. Dig. or Cruise's Dig. Cruise's Digest of the Law of Real Property.

t'nl. culpabilis, guilty; non cul. not guilty; a plea entered in actions of trespass. Cul. prit, commonly written culprit; cul., as above mentioned, means culpabilis, or culpable ; and prit, which is a corruption of pret, and signifies ready, 1 Chitty Cr. Law, 416.

Cull. Bankr. L. Cullen's Principles of the Bankrupt Law.

Cun. Cunningham's Reports. Reports in K. B. in 7, 8, 9 and 10 George II, to which is prefixed a proposal for rendering the laws of England clear and certain, humbly offered to the consideration of both Houses of Parliament. By Tim. Cunningham.

Cunn. Diet. Cunningham's Dictionary, A new and complete Law Dictionary, or General Abridgment of the Law, &c. By T. Cunningham, 2 vols. folio.

Cur. adv. full. Curia advisere vult. Vide Ampliation.

Cur. Seacc. Cursus Scaccarii, the court of the Star Chamber.

Curt. Can. Cursus CancellariiB. Curt. R. Curteis's Ecclesiastical Reports

Curt. Am. Sea. Curtis on American


Cuth. Trutt. Pr. Cashing on Trustee Process, or Foreign Attachment, of the laws of Massachusetts and Maine.

D. dialogue; as, Dr. & Stud. d. 2, c 24, or Doctor and Student, dialogue 2, chapter 24.

D. dictum; D. Digest of Justinian. D. C. District Court ; District of Columbia.

D. Chipm. R. D. Chipman's Reports.

D. S. B. Debit sans breve.

D. if C. Dow and Clark's Reports.

D. & C. Deacon and Chitty's Reports

D. if E. Durnford and East's Reports. This book is also cited as Term Reports, abbreviated T. R.

D. Sf L. Danson and Lloyd's Mercantile Cases.

D. Sf R. Dowling and Ryl-jnd's Reports of cases decided in the Court of the King's Bench. In E. C. L. R.

D. if. R. N. P. C. DowlingandRyland's Reports of cases decided at Nisi Prius. In E. C. L. R.

D. & S. Doctor and Student.

D. If W. Drury and Walsh's Reports.

D'Aguesseau, CEuvret. CEuvres completes du Chancellier D'Aguesseau, 15 vols.

Dag. Cr. L. Dagge's Criminal Law.

Dal. Dalison's Reports. See Bend

Dali: Dallas's Reports.

Dali L. Dallas's Laws of Pennsylvania.

Dalloz, Diet. Dictionaire General et raisonne de Legislation, de Doctrine, et de Jurisprudence, en matiere civile, cotnmerciale, criminclle, administrative, et de Droit Public. Par Armand Dalloz, jeune.

Dalr. Feud. Pr. Dalrymple's Essay, or H istory of Feudal Property in Great Britain. Sometimes cited Dalr. F. L.

Dalr. on Ent. Dalrymple on the Polity of Entails.

Dalr. F. L. Dalrymple's Feudal Law.

DaU. Just. Dalton's Justice.

Dalt. Sh. Dalton's Sheriff.

D'Anv. D'Anvers's Abridgment.

Dan. Ord. Danish Ordinances

Dan. Rep. Daniell's Reports. Reports on the Equity side of the Exchequer, before the Lord Chief Baron, commencing in the sittings before Trinity Term, 57 Geo. Ill., 1817, to the end of Hilary Term, 58 Geo. III., 1818.

Dan. if LI. Danson & Lloyd's Reports

Dana's R. Dana's Reports.

Dane's Ab. Dane's Abridgment of American Law.

Dav. Davy's Reports. Reports of cases in the King's Courts in Ireland, 2 to 9 James, (1604 to 1611,) with a learned preface dedicated to Lord Chancellor Ellesmere, Ate., translated into English. By Sir John Davys.

I Dav, on Pat. Davies's collection of cases respecting Patents.

Dam. Land. Pr. Dawes's Epitome of the law of Landed Property.

Daw. Real Pr. Dawes's Introduction to the knowledge of the law on Real Estates.

Daw. on Arr. Dawes's Commentaries on the law of Arrest in civil cases.

Daws. Or. Lig. Dawson's Origo Legum.

Dear, R. Deacon's Reports.

Deac. Sf Chit. Deacon and Chitty's Reports

Deb. on Jud. Debates on the Judiciary.
Deft. Defendant.

Desaus. R. Desaussure's Chancery Reports

Dev. R. Devercux's Reports. Dev. Ch. R. Devereux's Chancery Reports.

Dev. Sf Bat. Devcreux and Battle's Reports.

Di. Dyer's Reports

Dial. de Scac. Dialogits de Scnccario.

Dick. Just. Dickinson's Justice.

Dick. Pr. Dickinson's Practice of the Quarter and other Sessions.

Dick. Dicken's Reports. Reports of Cases in the High Court of Chancery. By John Dicken. Revised by John Wyatt, Esq. 2 vols, 8vo.—" Mr. Dickens was a very attentive and diligent register; but his notes being rather loose, were not to be considered Bs of very high authority." Per Lord Redeaale, i Sch. St Let. 240. Vide also, Sug. Vend. 146.

Diet. Dictionary.

Diet. de Jur. Dictionnaire dc Jurisprudence.

Dig. Digest of writs. Dig. The Pandects or Digest of the civil law, cited Dig. 1, 2,5, 6, for Digest, book 1, tit. 2, law 5, section 6.

Ditn. on Gam. Disney's Law of Gaming.

Docl. ic Stud. Doctor and Student

Doct. PI. Doctrina Placitendi.

Dnder. Eng. Law. Doderidge's English Lawyer.

Dod$. R. Dodson's Reports.

Dom. Domat Lois Civilles.

Dam. Proc. House of Lords.

Domat. Lois Civilles dans leur ordre nature!. Par M. Domat.

Douvl. Douglas's Reports vols 3 and 4 In E. C. L. R.

Doug. El. Cat. Douglas's Election Cases.

Dow. or Dow. P. C. Dow's Parliamentary Cases.

Dow /f Clarke. Dow and Clarke's Reports of Cases in the House of Lords.

Dowl. P. C. Dowling's Practical Cases.

Dow. 4r R. N. P. Dowling and Ryan's Nisi Frius Cases.

Dow. Sf Ry. M. C. Dowling and Ryan's Cases for Magistrates.

Dowl. St Ry. Dowling and Rviand's Re ports of cases decided in the Court of the King's Bench. In E. C. L. R.

Dr. if St. Doctor and Student

Drew, on Inj. Drewry on Injunctions.

Dru. If Wal. Drury and Walsh's Reports.

Dub. Dubitatur.

Dug. S. or Dugd. Sum. Dugdale's Summons.

Dugd. Orig. Dugdale's Origines.

Dug. Sum. Dugdale's Summonses.

Duke or Duke's Ch. Uses. Duke's Law of Charitable Uses.

DunL Pr. Dunlap's Practice.

Dun/. Adm. Pr. Dunlap's Admiralty Practice.

Dupone. on Jur. Duponccau on Jurisdictions.

Dupone. ComL Duponceau on the Constitution.

Dur. Dr. Fr. Duranton, Droit Francois.

Durnf. Sf East. Durnford and East's Reports, also cited D. <t E. or T. R.

Duv. Dr. Civ. Fr. Duvergier, Droit Civil Francois. This is a continuation of Toullier's Droit Civil Francais. The Jirit volume of Duvergier is the sixteenth volume of the continuation. The work is sometimes cited 16 Toull. or 16 Toullicr, instead of being cited 1 Duv. or 1 Duvergier, &c.

Dwar. on Stat. Dwarris on Statutes.

Dy. Dyer's Reports

E. Easter Term.

E. Edward; as 9 E.3, c.9.

E. of Con. Earl of Coventry's Case.

£. C. L. R. English Common Law Reports, sometimes cited Eng. Com Law Rep. (q. ▼.)

E. P. C. or East, P. C. East's Pleas of the Crown.

East, P. C. East's Pleas of the Crown.

Ecel. Ecclesiastical.

Ecel. Law. Ecclesiastical Law.

Eeel. Rep. Ecclesiastical Reports. Vide Eng. Ecel. Rep.

Ed. or Edit. Edition.

Ed. Edward; as, 3 Ed. 1, c.9.

Ed. Inj. Eden on Injunction.

Ed. Eq. Reps. Eden's Equity Reports.

Ed. Prin. Pen Law. Eden's Principles of Penal Law.

Edm. Exch. Pr. Edmund's Exchequer Practice.

Edw. Ad. Rep. Edwards's Admiralty Reports.

Edw. Lead. Dec. Edwards's Leading


Edw. on Part. Edwards on Parties to Bills in Chancery.

Edw. on Rec. Edwards on Receivers in Chancery.

Eliz. Elizabeth; as, 13 Eliz. c. 15.

Ellis on D. and Cr. Ellis on the Law relating to Debtor and Creditor.

Elm. on Dil, Elmes on Ecclesiastical and Civil Dilapidations.

Encycl. Encyclopaedia, or Encyclopedic

Eng. English.

Eng. Ch. R. English Chancery Reports Video Conrf. CA. R. (See App. A.)

Eng. Com. Law Rep. English Common Law Reports. This is the most extensive collection of Reports published in a series of volumes. It is a reprint of the regular and authoritative series of Reports in the English Courts of Common Law, from the year 1813 to the present time; and is regularly continued. 33 vols. are now published. (See App. B, at the end of the work.)

Eng. Ecc. R. English Ecclesiastical Reports. This is a reprint of Ecclesiastical Reports. For the sake of convenient reference, a list of those published will be given, Five volumes of this work are published furnishing a series of decisions in the Ecclesiastical Courts of England and Scotland from 1790 to 1832. (See App. C at the end the work.)

Eng. Plead, English Pleader.

Eoa. Eodem, under the same title.

Eq. Ca. Ab. Equity Cases Abridged.

Eq. Draft. Equity Draftsman.

Ersk, Inst. Erskmc's Institute of the Law of Scotland. Ersk. Prin. of Laws of Scotl. Erskine's Principles of the Laws of Scotland.

Esp. N. P. Espinassc's Nisi Prius. Esp. N. P. R, Espinasse's Nisi Prius Reports.

Esp. on Ev. Espinasse on Evidence. Esp, on Pen. Ev, Espinasse on Penal Evidence.

Esp Esquire,

Eunom. Eunomus, or Doctor and Student. Ev. Col. Stat. Evans's Collection of Statutes.

Ev. on PI, Evans on Pleading. Ev. Tr. Evans's Trial. Ex. or Exor. Executor. Execx. Exc. cutrix.

Exch. Rep. Exchequer Reports. Vide Cond. Exch. Rep. Exec. Execution. Exp. Expired.

Exton's Mar. Dicao. Exton's Maritime. Dicreologie, F. Finalis, the lust or latter part.

F. Fitzherbcrt's Abridgment.

F. i( F. Falconer & Fitzherbcrt's Reports.

F. Sf S. Fox & Smith's Reports

F. N. B. Fitzherbcrt's Natura Brevium.

Fairf. R. Fairfield's Reports

Fae. Coll. Faculty Collection; the name of a set of Scotch Reports.

Falc. if Fitzh. Falconer k Fitzheibert's Election Cases.

Far. Fairesly, (7 Mod. Rep.) is sometimes so cited.

Farr's Med. Jar. Farr's Elements of Medical Jurisprudence.

Fearn. on Rem. Fcarne on Remainders.

Fell on Mer. Guar. Fell on Mercantile Guaranties.

Ferg. on M. D. Fcrgusson on Mar. riage and Divorce.

Ferg. Rep. Div. Ferguson 's Reports in actions of Divorce.

Ferg. R. Fergusson's Reports of the Consistorial Court of Scotland.

Ff. or ff. Pandects of Justinian, this is a careless way of writing the Greek ir.

Ftrr. Hilt. Civ. L. Ferriere's History of the Civil Law.

Fess. on Pat. Fessenden on Patents.

Ext. Fieri Facias.

Field'! Com. Law. Field on the Common Law of England.

Field on Pen. Lawt. Fielding on Penal Laws.

Finch. Finch's Law; or a Discourse thereof in five books. Finch's Pr. Finch's Precedents in Chancery.

Fish. Copuh. Fish on Copyholds.

Fitz-O. (itzgibbon's cases in the Courts of the K. B., Chancery, C. P., and Exch. vide 3 Atk. 306.

Fitzh. Filzherbert's Abridgment. Fitzh. Nat. Bre. Fitzherbert's Natura Brevium.

Fl. or Fleta. A commentary on the English Law written by an anonymous author, in the time of Edward I., while a prisoner in the Fleet.

Fletch. on Trusts. Fletcher on the Estates ot'Trustees.

Floy. Proct. Pr. Floyer's Proctor's Practice.

Fol. Foley's Poor Laws.

Fol- Folio.

Fonb. Fonblanqne on Equity. Fonb. Med. Jur. Fonblanque on Medical Jurisprudence.

Farr, Forrester's Cases during the time of Lord Talbot, commonly cited Cas. Temp. Talb.

For. Pla. Brown's Formula; Placitorum. Forb. on Bills. Forbes on Bills of Exchange.

Forb. Inst. Forbes's Institute of the Law of Scotland.

Forr. Exch. Rep. Forrest's Exchequer


Fortese. Fortcscue, de Laudibus Legum Angliai. Fortese. R. Fortescue's Reports, temp. Wm. III, and Anne.

Fost. or Fost. C. L. Foster's Crown Law.

Fox if Sm. Fox and Smith's Reports.

Fra. or Fra. Max. Francis's Maxims.

Fr. Ord. French Ordinance. Sometimes cited Ord. de la Mar.

Frae. Elect. Cas. Fraser's Election Cases.

Fred. Co. Frederician Code.

Freem. Freeman's Reports Freem. C. C. Freeman's Cases in Chancery.

a. George; as, 13 G. l,c. 99.

G. if J. Glyn &. Jameson's Reports

G. »y J. Gill and Johnson's Reports.

Gale if Day. Gale and Davison's Reports.

Gales's Stut. Galea's Statutes of Illinois.

Gall. or Gall. Rep. Gallison's Reports.

Geo. George ; as, 13 Geo. 1,0.29.

Geo. Lib. George on the offence of Libel.

Gibs. Codex. Gibson's Codex Juris


Gilb. R. Gilbert's Reports Gilb. Ev. Gilbert's Evidence, by Lorlt. Gilb. V. if T. Gilbert on Uses and Trusts. Gilb. Ten. Gilbert on Tenures. Gilb. on Rents. Gilbert on Rents. Gilb. on Rep. Gilbert on Replevin. Gilb. Ex. Gilbert on Executions. Gilb. Exch. Gilbert's Exchequer. Gilb. K. B. Gilbert's King's Bench. Gilb. Rem. Gilbert on Remainders. Gilb. on Dev. Gilbert on Devises.

(•ill if John. Gill and Johnson's Reports.

Gilm. R. Gilmer's Reports.

GUp. R. Gilpin's Circuit Court Reports.

CI. Glossu, the Gloss.

Glanv. Glanville's treatise of the laws and customs of England. See 8 Co. Rep. Preface; Plowd. 368; 1 Show. 121; Madox's Exch. 123 ; 2 Reeve's fcng. Law, page v. and 283.

Glassf. Ev. Glassford on Evidence.

Glov. Mun. Corp. Glover on Municipal Corporations.

Glyn if Jam. Glyn S t Jameson's Reports of Cases in Bankruptcy.

(.'mil. Godbolt's Reports.

Godolph. Ad. Jur. Godolphin's View of the Admiralty Jurisdiction.

Gudolp. Rep. Can. Godolphin's Rcpertorium Csnonicum.

Godolph. Godolphin's Orphan's Legacy.

Gods, on Pat. Godson's Treatise on the Law of Patents.

Goldesb. Goldesborough'a Reports See Bro. Brownl.

Golds. Goldsborough's Reports.

Gord. Dig. Gordon's Digest of the Laws of the United States.

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