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Ad fin. Ad finem. At or near the end. Ad*. Ad sectum, vide Au. Addams's R. Addoms's Ecclesiastical Reports. In E. Eccl. Rep. Addit. R. Addison's Reports Admr. Administrator. Adu. C. M. Adye on Courts Martial. Aik. R. Aiken's Reports. Al. Aleyn's Cases.

At. Aline*. Al. et. Et alii, and others. At. 4r Alcock and Napier's Reports. Ala. R. Alabama Reports. Ale. Reg. Cos. Alcock's Registration Cases.

Aid. A Van Hoet. Dig. A Digest of the laws of Mississippi, by T. J. Fox Alden and J. A. Van Hoesen.

Aldr. Hist. Aldridge's History of the Courts of Law.

Alit, Prin. Alison's Principles of the Criminal Law of Scotland.

All. 4 *>r. Tr. Allen and Morris's Trial.

Alley. L. D. of Mar. Alleyne's Legal Degrees of Marriage considered.

AUn. Part. Allnat on Partition.

Am. America, American, or Americana.

Ami. Ambler's Reports. Reports of cases argued and determined in the High Court of Chancery, with some few in other courts. By Charles Ambler. 1 vol. fol.

Am. Sf Fer. on Fixt. Amos and Fcrard on Fixtures.

Amer. America, American or Americana.

Amer. Dig. American Digest.

Amer. Jur. American Jurist.

An. Anonymous.

And. Anderson's Reports Reports in the Common Pleas, chiefly in the reign of Queen Elizabeth, 2 parts. By Sir Edna. Anderson.

Ander. Ch. War. Anderdon on Church Wardens.

Andr. Andrews's Reports. Reports of cases argued and adjudged in the Court of King's Bench in the llth and 12th years of the reign of King George II. By George Andrews. 1 vol. 8vo.

Ang. on Adv. Enj. AngelPs Inquiry into the rule of law which creates a right to an incorporeal hereditament, by an adverse enjoyment of twenty years.

Ang. on Att. Angell's Practical Sum'mary of the Law of Assignments in trust for creditors.

Ang. on B. T. Angell on Bank Tax.

Ang. on Corp. Angell on the Law of Private Corporations.

Ang. on Limit. Angell's Treatise on the Limitation of Actions at Law, and Suits in Equity.

Ang. on Tide Wat. Angell on the right of property in Tide Waters.

Ang. on Water Courses. Angell on the common law in relation to Water Courses.

ylnn. Anne; as 1 Ann.c.7.

Anna. Annaly's Reports. Cases during the time of Lord Hardwicke in the King's Bench, 7, 8, 9 and 10 K. George II. to which are added some determinations of the late Lord C. J. Lee; and also two equity cases by Lord Chancellor Hardwicke, 1 vol. This book is usually cited, Co. Temp. Hardw.

Annesl. on Ins. Annesley on Insurance.

Anon. Anonymous.

Anstr. Anstruther's Reports. Reports of cases argued and determined in the Court of Exchequer, from Easter Term, 32 Geo. III. 1792, to Trinity Term, 37 Geo. III. 1797. 3 vols. 8vo. By George Anstruther.'

Anth. N. P. C. Anthon's Nisi Prim Cases.

Anth. Shep. Anthon's edition of Sheppard's Touchstone.

Ap. Justin. Apud Justinianum, or Justinian's Institutes.

App. Apposition.

Appx. Appendix.

Arch. Archbold. AreA. Civ. PI. Archhold's Civil Pleadings. ArcA. Cr. PL Archhold's Criminal Pleadings. Arch.Pr. Archhold's Practice. ArcA. B. L. Archbold's Bankrupt Law.

•i4rg-. A rgu men to, by an argument drawn from such a law. It also signifies arguendo.

Arg. Inst. Institution au Droit Francais, par M. Argou.

Ark. Rep. Arkansas Reports See Pike''t Rep.

Ark. Rev. Stat. Arkansas Revised Statutes.

Art. Article.

Ashmead's R. Ashmead's Reports.

Aso Sf Man. Inst. A so and Manuel's Institutes of the Laws of Spain.

Ass. or Lib. Ass. Liber Assissarium, or Pleas of the Crown.

Ati. Ent. Aston's Entries.

Atherl. on Mar. Athcrley on the Law of Marriage and other Family Settlements.

Atk. Atkyn's Reports.

Atk. P. T. Atkyn's Parliamentary Tracts.

Atk. on Con. Atkinson on Conveyancing.

Atk. on Tit. Atkinson on Marketable Titles.

Ats, in practice, is an abbreviation for the words at suit of, and is used when the defendant files any pleadings: for example: when the defendant enters a plea he puts his name before that of the plaintiff, reversing the order in which they are on the record. C. D. (the defendant1, als. A. B. (the plaintiff.)

Aust. on Jur. The Province of Jurisprudence determined, by John Austin.

Anth. Authentics, in the Authentic; that is the Summary of some of the Novels of the civil law inserted in the code under such a title.

Ayl. Ayliffc's Pandect. New Pandect of the Roman Civil Law, with many useful observations thereon, showing wherein that law differs from the municipal law of Great Britain and from the Canon law in general, &c, 1 vol. fol.

Ayl. Parerg. Ayliffe's Parergon juris canonici Anglicani.

Amen. Mar. Law. Azuni's Maritime Law of Europe.

B, it, is used to point out that a number used at the head of a page to denote the folio, is the second number of the same volume.

B. B. Bail Bond.

B. or Bk. Book.

B. Sf A. Barnwall and Alderson's Reports. Reports of Cases argued and determined in the Court of King's Bench. By R. V. Barnwall and E. H. Alderson. 4 vols. 8vo. These reports commence Michaelmas Term, 53 Geo. III. (1817) and end with Trinity Term, 2 Geo. W. (1821.) In E. C. L. R.

B. & B. Ball and Beatty's Reports.

B. C. Brown's Chancery Reports.

B. Eccl. L. Burn's Ecclesiastical Law. 4 vols. 8vo.

/(. Just. Burn's Justice. 4 vol. 8vo.

B. N. C. Brooke's New Cases. Vide Bellew. post

B. P. C. or Bro.Parl. Cat. Brown's Par liamentary Cases.

B. <Sr P, or Bot. if Pull. Bosanquet and Puller's Reports. Reports in the Courts of Common Pleas and Exchequer Chamber, and in the House of Lords, from Easter Term, 36 Geo. III. 1796, to Hilary Term, 44 Geo. III. 1804. By J. B. Bosanquet and Chr. Puller. 5 vols. 8vo. The last two volumes form a new series and come down to 1807, and are cited 1 and 2 New Reports, more frequently than 4 and 5 B. k P. These reports are continued by W. P. Taunton, Esq.

B. R. or K. B. King's Bench.

B. Tr. Bishop's Trial.

Bab. on And. Babington on the Law of Auctions.

Bab. Set off. Babington on Set off and mutual credit.

Bac. Abr. Bacon's Abridgment. A new Abridgment of the Law. By Matthew Bacon. With considerable additions by Henry Gwillim; and with the additions of the later English and the American decisions. This book is generally cited by the

page and sometimes by the title. An edition ofthis work is in the press, with notes to American law and decisions, by the author ofthis work.

Bac. Comp. Arb. Bacon's (MO Complete Arbitrator.

Bac. El. Bacon's Elements of the Common Law.

Bac. Gov. Bacon on Government.

Bac. Law Tr. Bacon's Law Tracts.

Bac. Leas. Bacon (M.) on Leases and Terms of Years.

Bac. Lib. Reg. Bacon's (John) Liber Regis, vel The saurus Rerum Ecclesiasticarum.

Bac. Uses. Bacon's Reading on the statute of Uses. This is printed in his Law Tracts.

Bach. Man. Bache's Manual of a Pennsylvania Justice of the Peace.

Bail. R. Bailey's Reports.

Bainb. on M. <Sr M. Bainbridge on Mines and Minerals.

Buldw. R. Baldwin's Circuit Court Reports.

Ball S t Beat. Ball and Beatty's Reports. Reports of Cases in the High Court of Chancery in Ireland during the time of Lord Manners, from 1807 to 1815. 1 vol. 8vo.

Bullan. Lim. Ballantine on Limitations.

Banc. Sup. Upper Bench.

Bar6. Eq. Dig. Barbour's Equity Digest.

Barb. Cr. PI. Barbour's Criminal Pleading.

Barb. Grot. Grotius on War and Peace, with notes by Barbeyrac

Bor6. Puff. Puffendorf's Law of Nature and Nations, with notes by M. Bar- beyrac.

Barb, on Set off. Barbour on the Law of Set-off, with an appendix of precedents.

Barn. C. Barnardiston's Chancery Reports. Reports of Cases in Chancery. By Thomas Burnardiston. 1 vol. Lord Mansfield absolutely forbid the eating of this book, for it would be only misleading students to put them upon reading it. 2 Burr. 1142, ia margin.

Barn. Barnardiston's K. B. Reports. Reports of Cases in the King's Bench, from 12 George 1, to Trinity term 7 George 2, 2 vols. This book is said to be "not of much authority," Dougl. 333, n.; "of still less ■ authority than 10 Mod." Doug. 689, n.; "a bad reporter." 1 East, 642, n.

Born. St Aid. Barnewall &. Alderson's Reports, vide B. & A. In E. C. L. R.

Barn. & Adolp. Barnwall & Adolphus's Reports. In E. C. L. R.

Barn. & Cress. Barnewall & Cresswell's Reports. In E. C. L. R.

Barn, Sher. Barnes's Sheriff.

Barnes. Barnes's Notes of Practice. Notes of Cases of Practice taken in Common Pleas, from Michaelmas, 1733, to Hilary, 1756, inclusive, to which is added a continuation of cases to the end of the reign of George II. 1 vol. 8vo.

Barr. Ob*. Stat. Berrington's Observations on the more ancient statutes.

flarr. Ten. Barry's Tenures.

Bart El. Com. Barton's Elements of Conveyancing. Bart. Prrc. Conv. Barton's Precedents of Conveyancing. Bart. S. Ea. Barton's Suit in Equity.

Batty't R. Batty's Reports of cases determined in the K. B. Ireland.

Bay's R. Bay's Reports.

BayL Bill*. Bayley on Bills

BayL Ch. Pr. Bayley's Chamber Practice.

Beam, Ne Exeat. Brief view of the writ of Ne Exeat Regno, as an equitable process, by J. Beames.

Beam. En. Beames on Equity Pleading.

Beam. Ord. Chan. Beames's General Orders of the High Court of Chancery, from 1600 to 1815.

Beat. R. Beatty's Reports determined in the High Court of Chancery in Ireland.

Bear, R. Beavan's Chancery Reports

Beamt. Beawes's Lex Mercatoria.

Beei'i Med. Jur. Beck's Medical Jurisprudence.

Bee's R. Bee's Reports

BelTt Comm. Hell's Commentaries on the Laws of Scotland, and on the Principles of Mercantile Jurisprudence.

Bell. Del. V. L. Belter's Delineation of Universal Law.

Belly Diet. Dictionary of the Law of Scotland. By Robert Bell.

BeWt Med. Jur. Bell's Medical Jurisprudence, 2 vols.

Bellew. Bellewe's Cases in the time of K. Richard H. Bellewe's cases in the time of Henry VIII., Edw. W., and Q. Mary, collected out of Brooke's Abridgment, and arranged under years, with a table, are cited Brooke's New Cases.

Bellingk. Tr. Bellingham's Trial.

Belt'i Sup. Belt's Supplement. Supplement to the Reports in Chancery of Francis Vesey, Senior, Esq. during the time of Lord Ch. J. Hardwicke.

Betty Vet. ten. Belt's edition of Vesey Senior's Reports.

Benl. Benloe it Dalisnn's Reports. Reports and Pleadings in Common Pleas, in the reigns of K.Henry VII. Henry VIII. Edward VI. and Queens Mary and Elizabeth. By William Benloe and William Dalison. See New Benl. Ben. on Av. Benecke on Average.

Benn. Ditt. Bennet's Short Dissertation on the nature and various proceedings in the Master's Office, in the Court of Chancery. Sometimes this book is cited Benn. Pract.

Benn. Pract. See Benn. Dist.

Benlh. Ev. Bentham's Treatise on Judicial Evidence.

Bett's Adm. Pr. Bett's Admiralty Practice.

Bev. on Hom. Bevil on Homicide.

Bing. Bingham. Bing. Inf. Bingham on Infancy. Bing. on Judg. Bingham on Judgments and Executions. Bing. L. te T. Bingham on the Law of Landlord and Tenant. Bing. R. Bingham's Reports. In E.C. L. R, Bing. JV. C. Bingham's New Cases.

Binn. Reports of Cases Adjudged in the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. By Horace Binney. 6 vols. 8 vo.

Bird on Conv. Bird on Conveyancing. Bird IJ. if T. Bird on the Laws respecting landlords, tenants, and lodgers. Bird't Sol. Dr. Bird's Solution of Precedents of Settlements.

Btret, De VAbs. Traite de l'Absence et de sc8 effects, par M. Biret

Bits on Life Ett. Bissctt on the Law of Estates for Life.

BU Blount's Law Dictionary and Glossary.

Bl. Com. or Comm. Commentaries on the Laws of England, by Sir William Blackstone, 4 vols. Lord Redesdalc said he was sorry to hear this book cited at an authority; the author would have been sorry to have heard the book so cited; Lord Redesdale did not consider it such. 1 Sch. &Lef. 327.

Bl. Rep. Sir Wm. Blackstone's Reports. Reports of cases determined in the several courts of Westminster Hall, from 1746 to 1779. By Sir William Blackstone. 2 vols 8vo. These reports are said not to be very accurate. Per Ld. Mansfield, Doug. 92, n.

BL H. Henry Blackstone's Reports, sometimes cited H. Bl.

Black. L. T. Blackstone's Law Tracts.

Btackf. R. Blackford's Rcports.

Blak. Ch. Pr. Blake's Practice of the Court of Chancery of the state of New York.

Blan. on Ann. Blancy on Life Annuities.

BlaniTt Ch. R. Bland's Chancery Reports.

Blanth. Lim. Blanshard on Limitations, Bligh. R. Bligh's Reports of cases decided in the House of Lords. There are two series of these reports, the first contains three volumes, and the last, ten; and is still continued.

Mount. Blount's Law Dictionary and

Bo. R. Act. Booth on Real Actions.

Boh. Dec. Bohun's Declarations. Boh.
Eng. L. Bohun's English Lawyer. BoA.
Priv. Lon. Bohun's Privilegia Londini.

Boote. Boote's Ch. Pr. Boote's Chancery
Practice. Boote's S. L. Boote's Suit at

Booth's R. A. Booth on Real Actions.

Boi. if Pall. Bosanquet and Puller's Re-
ports. Vide B. If P.

Bote. on Conv. Boscowcn on Convictions.

Kott. Bott's Poor Laws. 3 vols, 8vo.

Bouch. Intt. Dr. Mar. Boucher, Institu-
tion au Droit Maritime.

Boulay Poty, Dr. Com. Cours de Droit
Commercial Maritime, par P. S. Boulay

Bout. L. D. Bouvier's Law Dictionary.

Bowl, on Lib. Bowles on Libels.

Br. or Brownl. Brownlow's Reports.

Br. or Br. Ah. Brooke's Abridgment.

Bra. Brady's History of the succession
of t he Crown of England, &c.

Brae. Bracton's Treatise on the Laws
and Customs of England. Vide as to cha-
racter of this book, Forums, 419; Jones on
Bailm. 75; 1 Show. 121; Fitz. Ab. Gard. 71.

Hrack. L. Mite. Brackenridge's Law

Bradh. Bradby on Distresses.

Bran. Prim or Bran. Max. Branchc's
Principia legis equitatis, being an alpha-
betical collection of maxims, etc.

Brayt. R. Brayton's Reports.

Breeze's R. Breese's Reports.

Brre. St I. Brevia Selecta, or Choice

Brid. Bridgman's Reports. Reports from
12 to 19 K. James. By Sir John Bridgman.

Brid. Dig. lnd. Bridgman's Digested
Index.—Brid. Leg. Bib. Bridgman's Legal
Bibliography.—Brid. Conv. Bridgman's
Precedents of Conveyancing. Brid. Refi.
Bridgman's Reflections onthe Study of the
Law. Brid. Synth. Bridgman's Synthe-
sis. Brid. Thet. Jar. Bridgman's Thes-
aurus Juridicus.

Bridg. O. Orlando Bridgman's Reports.

Britton. Treatise on the ancient pleas of
the Crown.

Bro. or Brownl. Brownlow's Reports. Re-
ports in the Common Picas in the reigns of
Queen Elizabeth and K. James 1, in two
parts. By Richard Brownlow and John
Goldesborough. Cited 1 Bro. 2 Bro.

Bro. Ab. Brooke's Abridgment

Bro A. if C. L. Brown's Admiralty Civil
Law. This book, though far too brief, de-
serves to be popular. Coop. Just 670.

Bro. C. C. Brown's Chancery Cases.

Reports in Chancery from 18 Geo. III-
1788, to 34 Geo. III. 1794. By William
Brown. 4 vols. 8vo.

Bro. Off. Not, A Treatise on the office
and practice of a Notary in England, as
connected with Mercantile Instruments,
&c. By Richard Brooke.

Bro. P. C. Brown's Parliamentary Cases.
Reports of Cases upon Appeals and Writs
of Error in the High Court of Parliament.
By Josiah Brown. 8 vols, 8vo.

Bro. on Saltt. Brown on Sales.

Bro. V. M. Brown's Vade Mccum.

Brock. R. Brockenbrough's Reports of
Chief Justice Marshall's Decisions

Brod. Sf Bing. Broderip & Bingham's
Reports. In E. C. L. R.

Brownl. Rediv. or Brownl. Ent. Brown-
low Redivivus.

Bruce M. L. Bruce's Military Law.

Buek's Ca. Buck's Cases. Cases in
Bankruptcy in 1817, 1818. By J. W. Buck.

Bull. or Bull. N. P. Bullet's Nisi Prius.
When Buller wrote his N. P. he was a
young man and intended his book to carry
with him on the circuit, for his own use.
lOSerg. & R. 49.

Bultt. Bulstrode's Reports Reports in
K. B. in the reigns of King James I. and
Charles I. in three parts. By Edward Bul-

Bush. Bunbury's Reports. Lord Mans-
field says, " Mr. Bunbury never meant that
those cases should be published; they are
very loose notes." 5 Burr. 2658.

Burge Conjl. of L. Burge on the Con-
flict of Laws.

Burge For. Law. Burge on Foreign

Burlam. Burlamaqui's Natural and
Political Law.

Bum's L. D. Burn's Law Dictionary.
Burn's Just. Burn's Justice of the Peace.

Burn's Eccl. Law or Burn's E. L.
Burn's Ecclesiastical Law.

Burn. Cr. L. Burnett's Treatise on the
Criminal Law of Scotland.

Burr. Burrow's Reports

Burr, Pract. Burril's Practice.

Burr. Sett. Cat. Burrow's Settlement

Burr's Tr. Burr's Trial.

But). Hor. Jur. Butler's Hore Juridical

C. Codex, the Code of Justinian. C.
Code. C. Chancellor.

C. If A. Cooke and Alcock's Reports.

C. B. Communi Banco, or Common

C. C. Circuit Court

C. C. Cepi Corpus C. C. and B. B.
Cepi Corpus and Bail Bond.

C. C. or CA. Cat. Cases in Chancery in three parts. Most of these cases, in 2 C. C. are grossly misreported, said per Lord Loughborough, 1 H. Bl. 332.

C. C. C. or Cr. Cir. Com. Crown Circait Companion.

C. C. f£ or Cain. Cat. Caines's Cases in Error.

C. D. or Com. Dig. Comyn's Digest. This book is cited in this manner. Com. Dig. Arbitrament, (A. 2,) which signifies Cumyn's Digest, title Arbitrament, division (A. 2). Sometimes tho volume and page are cited as follows; 2 Com. Dig. 100.

C. Sf D. C. C. Crawford and Dix's Criminal Cases.

C. Sf D. Ab. C. Crawford and Dix's Abridged Cases.

C. J. Chief Justice.

C. Sf J. Crompton & Jervis's Exchequer Reports.

C. Sf F. Clark & Findley's Reports.

C. J. C. P. Chief Justice of the Com. Don Pleas.

C. J. K. B. Chief Justice of the King's Bench.

C. J. Q. B. Chief Justice of the Queen's Bench.

C. J. V. B. Chief Justice of the Upper Bench. During the time of the commonwealth, the English Court of the King's Bench was called the Upper Bench.

C. Sf M. Crompton Sc. Meeson's Reports.

C. Sf M. CarriDgton St Maraham's Reports.

C. M. Sf R. Crompton, Meeson and Roscoe's Exchequer Reports.

C. N. P. C. Campbell's Nisi Prius Cases.

C. P. Common Pleas.

C. Sf P. or Car. St Pain. Carrington & Paine's Reports, in E. C. L. R.

C. S; P. Craig & Phillips's Reports.

C. H. or Ch. Rep. Chancery Reports.

C. If R. Cockburn and Rowe's Reports.

C. Theod. Codice Theosiano, in the Theodosian code.

Ca. Case or placitum.

Co. T. K. Select cases tempore King.

Ca. T. Talb. Cases Tempore Talbot.

Ca. so, in practice, is the abbreviation of capias ad satisfaciendum.

Cainet's R. Caines's Term Reports.

Cainet't Cat. Caines's Cases, in error.

Caines's Pr. Caines's Practice.

Cald. R. Caldecott's Reports.

Cald. S. C. Caldecott's Settlement cases; sometimes cited Cald. R.

Caldw. Arbit. Caldwell on Arbitration.

Call, on Sew. Caliis on the Law relating to sewers.

CaWt R. Call's Reports

Vol, I.—3.

Calth. R. Calthorp's Reports of special cases touching several customs and liberties of the city of London.

Calm on Part. Calvert on parties to suits in equity.

Cam. Sf Norte. Cameron and Norwood's Reports

Campb. Campbell's Reports. Reports of cases argued and ruled at Nisi Prius in the courts of K. B. and C. P. from 1807 to 1816. By John Campbell. 4 vols. 8vo.

Can. Canon.

Cap. Capitulo, chapter.

Car. Carolus; as 13 Car. 2, st. 2, c. 1.

Carr. Cr. L.Carrington's Criminal Law.

Carr. Sf Marsh. Carrington and Marshman's Reports.

Cart. Carter's Reports Reports in C. P. in 16, 17, 18 and 19, Charles H.

Carta de Fer. Carta de Foresta.

Garth. Carthew's Reports. Reports in K. B. from 3 James II. 1688, to 12 Wm. III. 1700. By Thomas Carthew.—Carthew and Combcrbach are said by Ld. Thurlow to be equally bad authority, 1 Bro. C. C. 97; but Ld. Kcnyon iays Carthew is, in general, a good reporter.

Cary, Cary's Reports., Reports in Chancery, whereunto is annexed the King's Order and Decree in Chancery for a rule to be observed in that Court.

Cary on Partn. Cary on the law of partnership.

Cat. of App. Cases of Appeals to the H. ofL.

Cat. L. Eq. Cases and opinions in Law, Equity and Conveyancing. 2 vols. 8vo.

Cat. of Pr. Cases of Practice in the Court of the King's Bench, from the reign of Eliz. to the 14 Geo. 3.

Cat. of Self. Cases of Settlement.

Cat. Temp. Hardw. Cases during the time of Lord Hardwicke.

Cat. Temp. Talb. Cases during the time of Lord Talbot.

CA. Chancellor.

CA. Cat. Cases in Chancery. The two parts or volumes of these reports are commonly cited 1 or 2 Ch. Co. It is proper to observe that the work entitled " Reports of Cases in Chancery," is a distinct collection of cases. The three volumes are usually cited as 1, 2, or 3 Ch. Rep.

CA. Pr. Precedents in Chancery.

Ch, R. Reports in Chancery.

CA. Rep. Vide Ch. Cases.

Chamb. on Jut. of Chan. Chambers on the Jurisdiction of the High Court of Chancery, over the persons and property of infants.

Chamb. L. Sf T. Chambers on the law of Landlord and Tenant.

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