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T.O. Weigel, 1857 - Bibliography

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Page 23 - exhibiting the Origin, Descent, and Present State of every Title of Peerage which has existed in this Country since the Conquest; being a new edition of the „Synopsis of the Peerage of England." By the late Sir Harris Nicolas. Revised, corrected, and continued to the Present Time, by William
Page 30 - (C.) — Christ and Other Masters: an Historical Inquiry into same of the chief Parallelisms and Contrasts between Christianity and the Religious Systems of the Ancient World; with special reference to Prevailing Difficulties and Objections. By Charles Hardwick. Part 2 — Religions of India. 8vo. (Cambridge), pp. 220, cloth. 10s.
Page 114 - (Edinburgh), pp. 392, cloth. 4s. Shaw (RN) — Architectural Studies from the Continent: a Series of Views and Details from France, Italy and Germany. By Richard Norman Shaw. Part 1, folio, sewed. 3s. 6d. Snowball (JC) — The Elements of Plane and Spherical Trigonometry with the Construction and Use of Logarithms, both of Numbers and for Angels. By
Page 30 - (HG) — A History of Rome, from the Earliest Times to the Establishment of the Empire; with Chapters on the History of Literature and Art. By Henry
Page 30 - (HEJ) — The Books of Exodus and Leviticus, according to the Version of the Seventy. Translated into English, with Notices of its Omissions and Insertions, and with Notes on the Passages in which it differs from our Authorised Translation. By the Hon. and Very Rev.
Page 31 - Wade (J.) — England's Greatness; its Rise and Progress in Government, Laws, Religion and Social Life, Agriculture, Commerce, and Manufactures, Science, Literature, and the Arts, from the Earliest Period to the Peace of Paris. By John Wade.
Page 74 - 6d. Loftus (WK) — Travels and Researches in Chaldaea and Susiana; with an Account of Excavations at Warka, the „Erech" of Nimrod, and Shush, „Shushan the Palace" of Esther, in 1849—52, under the orders of Major-General Sir
Page 73 - Compendium Theologicum; or, Manual for Students in Theology. Containing a Concise History of the Primitive and Mediaeval Church, the Reformation, the Church of England, the English Liturgy and Bible, and the Thirty-nine Articles; with Scripture Proofs and Explanations: with Examination Papers. By the Rev. 0. Adolphus. 2d ed.
Page 82 - Smith (B.) — Arithmetic and Algebra, in their Principles and Application; with numerous Examples taken from the Cambridge Examinations-Papers, with especial Reference to the Ordinary Examination for the BA Degree. By

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