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Meigs's Res Adjudicata..
Navy Pay...
New York Central and Hudson River Railroad Co.'s.......
Phelps, Stokes & Co.'s...
Secretary McCulloch's....
State of Delaware r'. Emerson et al
Telegraph Companies'.

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Page. Allen, Jno. J., Comunissioner, Eastern District, N. Y.....

99 Bartlett, Geo. A., Disbursing Clerk, 'Treasury Department

112 Boarman, Mary E., widow of C. L. Boarman.

154 Central and South American Commissioners and Secretary.

250 Courad, H. C., Chief Supervisor of Elections, Delaware..

84 Creecy, Chas. E., Attorney at Law......

154, 198 Curtiss, Wm. E., Secretary to Central and South American Commissioners.... 250 District Attorney, Eastern District, Missouri...

22 Duvall, Jane, Administratrix of G. W. Duvall.

198 Eveleth, James, Clerk, etc., Superintendent Winder's Building.

65 Frederichs, Fred'k.....

246 Goverument Printing Office Employés....

129 Hydrometer Expert

128 Jorr'an, Edwd. L ......

216 Mack, Alexander, Boatswain, U. S. Navy

133 Manping, J. F., Attorney at Law

2 Marine and Navy Corps, officers and men of.

26 Mauran's heirs and administratrix, Suchet (second)

2 Meigs, Gen. M. C......

221 Navy and Marine Corps, officers and men of ..

26 New York Central and Hudson River Railroad Co

137 O'Connell, M. D., United States attorney, Northern District, Jowa ..

258 Phelps, Stokes and Co., Bankers, New York City

120 Printers, Government Printing Office.....

129 Receivers of Public Moneys (Osage Land Case)...

213 Reynolds, T. C., Central and South American Commissioner..

249 Root, E., District Attorney, Southern District New York

39, 55 Sharpe, Geo. H., Central and South American Commissioner..

249 Thatcher, Solon 0., Central and South American Commissioner

249 Webb, C. M., District Attorney, Western District, Wisconsin

131 Wright, Lot, Marshal, Southern District, Ohio ..





Page. In the matter of the right or duty of the Treasury Department to withhold

payment of a judgment, or any part thereof, against the United States
in the Court of Commissioners of Alabama Claims, or to deliver to an
attorney, who is not the attorney of record, the draft issued to make
payment of said judgment, for the purpose of securing payment of
compensation alleged to be due to such attorney for services in relation
to the claim on which said judgment was founded...

1 EXAMINATION-FEE: In re account of district attorney under sections 824 and 838 of the Revised

Statutes, and the act of February 22, 1875 (18 Stat., 3:33). In the dis-
trict court of the United States for the Eastern District of Missouri,

November term, 1884...
In the matter of the availability of the appropriation made for the pay of

the navy and marine corps by the act of July 7, 1884 (23 Stat. 262), ap-
propriating money "for the purpose of providing for the expenses of

the naval service for the six months ending December 31, 1884”.. STATE OF DELAWARE V. EMERSON AND OTHERS.

35 SECRETARY McCULLOCH's: In the matter of the availability of the appropriation made by the act of

July 7, 1884 (23 Stat., 224), “for payments of United States district
attorneys,” to pay for services rendered by a United States district at-
torney in defending a suit against a secretary of the Treasury for a
seizure of cotton in 1865 under the captured and abandoned property

acts of March 12, 1863 (12 Stat., 820), and July 2, 1861 (13 Stat., 375).. 36 EMOLUMENT: In the matter of the question whether the compensation earned by a

United States district attorney, when employed by the Attorney-Gen-
eral for unofficial services in defending a suit agaiust an officer of the
United States, for acts done in the performance of his official duties,
shall be included in the emolument returns of such attorney...

55 EVELETH'S (SECOND): In the matter of the authority of the head of an executive department to

impose upon a clerk thereof the duties of a superintendent of the con-
struction of a building for said department, suspend the regular sal-
ary of such clerk, and fix his compensation as such superintendent at a
higher rate than that of his clerkship......

63 CONRAD's: In the matter of the right of a chief supervisor of elections to compensa

tion for drafting (1) recommendations for the appointment of super-
visors of elections, (2) oaths of office for such supervisors and for dep-
uty marshals, and (3) instructions to supervisors, and (4) to per diem
compensation for attendance before United States circuit courts.

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