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Statistical summary-Continued

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1 Assignment reopened.

· Canceled at the reguest of USAFE due to USAF assurance that GSSF will not be extended to USAFE prior ro July 1, 1958.

3 Suspense.
* Preliminary report under evaluation.
5 Target date revised since last report.
$ Awaiting agency reply.
1 Assignment reopened.
# Date reassigned.


Collections for 1st quarter-
Collections for 2d quarter.
Collections for 3d quarter.
Collections for 4th quarter: Reimbursement to Joint Construction

Agency (JCA) of overpayment made to Collins Construction Company,
Texas, under JCA Contract DA-91-623-EC (229) (1–19297).

$14, 355 39, 209 38, 523

2, 375

Collections for fiscal year ending June 30, 1957--

94, 462


Accomplishments reported, July 1, 1956, through June 30, 1957 :




Actual recoveries

1 $2.834, 003

$625, 103 247, 000

Accomplishments reported July 1, 1956, through Mar. 31, 1957, EB 35... Sale of World War II serviceable vehicles and spare parts to

French Government under plan developed by GÃO, European

EB 36...Price reduction in contracts for bus bire due to exemption from

gasoline tax in United Kingdom (Air Force).
EB 37... Cancellation of requisitions for equipment excess to current re-

quirements of USAREUR materiel reserve program (Army). EB 38... Transfer of collections from suspense account to miscellaneous

receipt account (Army).




13, 368

2,854, 003

885, 471

Cancellation of outstanding orders amounting to $2,436,000 (accomplishment EB 347) at Chateauroux considered "indeterminable."

2 Indeterminable.

United States defense expenditures, fiscal years 1956–58

(In millions of dollars)

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NOTE.-Amounts shown include military pay, major equipment offshore procurement for MAP, NATO infrastructure, construction,

civilian pay, material and supplies, and contractual services. Source: United States defense expenditures entering the balance of payments. Statutory references:

See, generally, titles 10, 34, and 50 of the United States Code. Procurement, see title 41, United States Code, secs. 151-162.

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Fiscal year 1956:

Military assistance.
Defense support.

Economic, technical cooperation, and other..
Fiscal year 1957:

Military assistance..
Defense support..

450. 4

Economic, technical cooperation, and other.
Fiscal year 1958:

Military assistance
Defense support.
Economic, technical cooperation, and other...

64.8 45.0 86.0




25. 1

Source: Mutual security program fiscal year 1958 budget presentations.
Statutory reference: Mutual Security Act of 1954, 68 Stat. 832, as amended.

Department of State

Program and activity
Diplomatic representation and political analysis (note 1).
Economic analysis (note 2) -
Consular operations (note 3).
Escapee program (note 4):

Program costs
Administrative expenses..


annual expenditure $8, 100, 000 4,750,000 9, 400,000

4, 785, 000


NOTES 1. Foreign Service Act of 1946:

"Sec. 301. Officers and employees of the Service shall, under the direction of the Secretary, represent abroad the interests of the United States and shall perform the duties and comply with the obligations resulting from the nature of their appointments or assignments or imposed on them by the terms of any law or by any order or regulation issued pursuant to law or by any international agreement to which the United States is a party.

"Sec. 311. The officers and employees of the Service shall, under such regulations as the President may prescribe, perform duties and functions in behalf of any Government agency or any other establishment of the Government requiring their services, including those in the legislative and judicial branches, but the absence of such regulations shall not preclude officers and employees of the Service from acting for and on behalf of any such Government agency or establishment whenever it shall, through the Department, request their services."

2. Executive Order 10249 of June 4, 1951, states:

"By virtue of the authority vested in me by Section 311 of the Foreign Service Act of 1946, 60 Stat. 1002 (22 U. s. C. 846), and as President of the United


States, I hereby prescribe the following regulations with respect to the reporting functions of the Foreign Service of the United States :

“SECTION 1. As used in this order, the words 'foreign data' shall mean any data obtained or to be obtained in foreign countries, including reports, statistics, and


“SEC. 2. Subject to the provisions of this order, the Department of State shall obtain for any Federal department or agency, through the Foreign Service of the United States, such foreign data as such department or agency may request through the Department of State.

“SEC. 3. The Secretary of State is authorized and directed to prepare and maintain, for use in carrying out the purposes of this order, (a) a comprehensive statement of the types of foreign data appropriate to be obtained through the Foreign Service which would be of substantial use to the United States, with due attention in the preparation of this statement to the relative importance of the several types of data, and (b) standards which shall govern the determination by the Department of State to transmit or not to transmit to the Foreign Service, for action, any request for foreign data and which shall also govern the assignment of priorities by the Department of State to the several requests transmitted by it to the Foreign Service for action. In connection with the preparation of the said statement and standards and any revision thereof, the Department of State shall afford interested Federal departments and agencies opportunity for consultation and shall accord their advice appropriate consideration.

"SEC. 4. The Department of State may assign priorities to requests for foreign data, which priorities shall govern the Foreign Service in connection with the furnishing of the requested data ; and it may take such measures as may be necessary or appropriate to keep the work falling upon the Foreign Service by reason of the furnishing of data to Federal departments and agencies within the resources of the Foreign Service available for such work. In carrying out the provisions of this section, the Department of State shall, to the extent practicable, be guided by the determinations of any other department or agency requesting foreign data as to the relative priorities of any two or more requests made by such department or agency.” 3. Functions:

Statutory Authority Reporting Deaths and Protecting Es 22 U. S. C. 1175–1179; 5 U. S. C. 151c, tates of U. S. Citizens abroad.

156. Protection of American Property International law, including treaties, Abroad.

and traditional responsibility of Secretary of State derivative from 5

U. S. C. 1510 and 156. Notarials, Depositions and Letters 22 U. S. C. 1195, 1203, 1204; 18 U. S. C.

Rogatory, Authentications, Public 3492–3496; 28 U. S. C. 1740-1742, Documents, and Quasi-legal Sery 1781, 1783, 1784; 5 U. S. C. 151c, 156; ices.

35 U. S. C. 115, 261; 15 U. S. C. 1061. Shipping and Seamen Services.- 22 U. S. C. 1173; 5 U. S. C. 151c, 156;

46 U. S. C. 12, 40, 354, 355, 569, 570, 593, 605, 624, 656–658, 662, 678, 679, 682–685, 701 (3 Comp. Gen. 936), 703,

721, 747. Protection, Welfare, and Whereabouts International law, including treaties, of U. S. Citizens Abroad.

and traditional responsibility of Secretary of State derivative from 5

U. S. C. 151c and 156. Prisoners of War and Red Cross------ International law, including the four

1949 Geneva Conventions for the pro

tection of victims of war. Repatriation from Abroad of Destitute Traditional responsibility of Secretary U. S. Citizens.

of State derivative from 5 U. S. C. 151c and 156; Laws making appropriations to Department of State ; 31

U. S. C. 107 (24 Comp. Gen. 544). Services Abroad in Behalf of Federal 22 U. S. C. 846 ; 5 U. S. C. 151c; Execu

Agencies and Federal Beneficiaries. tive Order 6017.

NOTES- continued 3. Functions Continued

Statutory Authority Representation by a Foreign Govern- Various exchanges of diplomatic notes,

ment of U. S. Interests in a Third and treaties; 5 U. S. C. 151c, and 156.
Country, Representation by U. S. of
Interests of Other Governments
Abroad, Representation in U. S. by
Other Governments of Interests of

a Third Country. Establishing and Revising Schedules of 5 U. S. C. 140, 151c; 22 U. S. C. 811a, Fees for Services Rendered.

1197, 1201, 1186, 1182, 1188-1195, 1198, 1199, 1202; Executive Order 7968, as amended (being consolidated in proposed Executive Order, now at

White House for issuance). Visa issuances.

Immigration and Nationality Act, 66

Stat. 163; 8 U. S. C. 1101; War Brides Act, 59 Stat. 659; 8 U. S. C. 232–236; International Organizations Immunities Act, 59 Stat. 669; 8 U. S. C. 203; U. N. Headquarters Agreement, 61 Stat. 756; 22 U. S. C. Supp. 287; U. S. Information and Educational Exchange Act, 62 Stat. 6; 22 U. S. C. 1446; Universal Military Training and Service Act, 62 Stat. 604; 50 U. S. C. Supp. 451 (a); Displaced

Persons Act, 62 Stat. 1009. Passport issuances.

Establishment of Passport Office, 66

Stat. 163, Sec. 104; Authority to establish, maintain and operate passport and despatch agencies, P. L. 835, 84th Congress, Other laws governing issuance of passports, 22 U. S. C. 211a,

212, 213, 214, 217a, 218. Nationality determinations.

Immigration and Nationality Act, 66

Stat. 163. Previous legislation, 54
Stat. 1137, 52 Stat. 1247, 49 Stat. 1917,
48 Stat. 797, 34 Stat. 1228, Revised

Statutes, sec, 1993.
Travel control of citizens in time of 8U. S. C. 1185, 22 U. S. C. 223-227.

war or national emergency. Criminal laws.

Internal Security Act of 1950, 64 Stat.

987, Section 6 (not yet operative) 18

U. S. C. 1541-1544. 4. This program is financed from mutual security appropriations pursuant to sec. 405 of the Mutual Security Act of 1954, amended.

UNITED STATES INFORMATION AGENCY The program of the United States Information Agency is carried out on a country basis, funds being allotted for all activities within each country. Separate allotments are made for USRO, Munich radio center and the radio relay base. The estimated cost of the program for fiscal year 1957 is $19,181,000, allotted as follows:

Thousands Austria

$961 Belgium.

170 Denmark

189 Finland

252 France..

2, 400 Germany (see note 1) -

8, 200 Munich radio center, Munich.

941 Radio Relay Base, Munich.

1, 093 Great Britain..

691 Iceland...

152 Italy

2,500 The Netherlands.

153 Norway-

148 Portugal

88 Spain

507 Sweden.

162 Switzerland

124 Yugoslavia--

398 United States regional office, Paris ---



19, 181 NOTE 1.-Includes Federal Republic of Germany, Berlin, and RIAS.

The program in the European area consists of the operation of information centers, dissemination of information through radio, television, films, and printed matter, including RIAS (radio in the American sector) from West Berlin and the Munich radio center and the relay base of Voice of America, both at Munich, and the international educational exchange program of the State Department in certain countries.

The statutory authorities for the agency's activities are:

1. United States Information and Educational Exchange Act of 1948, Public Law 402, as amended.

2. Reorganization Plan No. 8 of 1953.
3. Executive Order No. 10477, approved August 1, 1953.
4. Executive Order No. 10522, approved March 26, 1954.

5. The International Cultural Exchange and Trade Fair Participation Act of 1956, Public Law 860.





30 April 1953 US-ITALY TAX AGREEMENT 1. General.- The provisions of this circular are applicable to all USAREUR procurement activities which involve contracting in Italy with appropriated funds.

2. Purpose - The purpose of this circular is to make available, for information and use, a copy of the US-Italy Tax Agreement (Annex A), consisting of a note from the Italian Government to the US Ambassador to Italy, 5 March 1952, and a note from the US Ambassador, 5 March 1952, with an effective date of 5 March 1952.

3. Tax Agreement.The US-Italy Tax Agreement was executed in order to secure the maximum exemption from the payment of Italian taxes and customs duties on expenditures of appropriated funds in Italy. The agreement contains information relating to the types of expenditures and procurements to which


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