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Internal reports used for information and operational purposes __Continued


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SBCP-Navy Branch Audit Office. EB-AS-3_

Evaluation of Stock Fund Accounting and Consumer Fund

ing in the Army (USAREUR).” EB-AS 4.

Development and Organization of UFAT.? EB-AS-5--- Development and Organization of a GAO/USAFE Systems

Project Team.” EB-AS-9------ Development of USAREUR Depot Cost Accounting System

for DCMS. EB-AS-17--- Applicability of ACMS USAREUR.” EB-AS-18__

Preparation of and Participation in Briefing of COMZ on

Depot Cost Accounting Systems and DCMS Concepts." EB-AS-23_

Evaluation of the Air Force Monetary Inventory Accounting

(IBM) System at Base Level.” EB-AS-25--- ---. DCMS-Implementation of Cost Accounting System at Five

Depots. EB-AS-27--------- Implementation by USAREUR of the Uniform Stock Fund

Accounting System.” EB-AS-28_

Development of USAREUR Class I ACMS Draft Manual.' EB-AS-37

Evaluation of "Bookless Bookkeeping.” EB-AS-43..

Organization of a Chateauroux Supply and Accounting Sys

tems Team.? EB-AS-51----- Extension of EAM Excess System to Include Property in

the Custody of Disposal Officers. EB-INV-66-------- Rail Fare Concessions by Italian Railways to U. S. Mili

tary Personnel. EB-INV-69_

Travel Irregularities, AF, Germany. EB-INV-85_ Questionable Payments, Station Allowances, U. S. Yavy,

Naples. EB-INV-87_. Army Compliance with Public Law 664. 1-17020 (6 cases) -- Shortages, Disbursing Officers. 1-18560.

Investigation, Navy Hat Contract. 1-18566 (4 cases)- Base Construction, SBCP. 1-18566 (6 cases) Base Construction, SBCP. I-18566-1.3.

Investigation, Land Acquisition, 1-18566–5.1.

Award of SBCP Contracts. 1-18566–7.2------ Procurement of POL Pipe, SBCP. 1-18566–13.2.. Survey, Utilization MSTS Vessels. 1-18566–13.3. Survey, Excess Costs, Household Goods. 1-18566-13.4..

SBCP Compliance with Public Law 664. I-18566-15.1. Bid Solicitation and Award Procedures, SBCP. 1-18881-1-

Offshore Contract, Award to Alleged Communist Firm,

Italy. I-18902–1.1.

Disposal Excess Property. I-18906.

Alleged Kickbacks from Refugees. 1-18927

Debarred Contractors List. I-18964

Offshore Procurement, House Trailers. 1-18996

Investigation, Construction Contract. 1-19078-2

Repair and Furnishing of Admiral's Quarters, USN, Naples. 1-19140_

Engineer Contract for Bridge Bays. I-19207

Excess Ammunition, AF/UK. I–19418.

Fulbright Program, Italy-France. 1 Any significant actions or findings included in this group of reports are included in Reports of Significant Findings to the Appropriations Committees and/or the Comptroller General's Annual Report. Other information is also utilized for planning additional audit, survey, or review assignments.

2 Reported to Agency in urope and later combined with EU-230-3.

3 Many "EB-AS" reports were developed by teams composed of Service and General Accounting Office personnel under the Joint Program to Improvce Accounting in the Federal Government. In many instances action has been taken by the Services to implement the recommendations developed.



(United States General Accounting Office, European Branch)

Summary of report activity, April 1 through June 30, 1957 Reports on hand beginning of quarter.


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EB 154-2..-

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EB 204.

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EB 213.

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EB 230-1..-.

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EB 230-2..

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European Command, Military Assist- Mar. 16, 19571 May 10, 1957

ance Division, Armament and Vehicu-
lar Spare Parts, Camp des Loges,

France (Paris).
Profits to Foreign Governments in Off- May 9, 19571 June 28, 1957

shore Procurement (OSP) Contracts

Department of Defense, Mutual May 16, 1956 | Apr. 15, 1957

Weapons Development Program

(MWDP), Paris, France (Paris).
Department nf Defense, Military Assist- Nov. 30, 1956 May 14, 1957
ance Advisory Group (MAAG),

Spain (Madrid).
European Command (EUCOM), do

May 10, 1957
MAAG, Italy (Rome).
EUCOM, MAAG, France (Paris).


May 3, 1957
EUCOM, MAAG, Pakistan (Frank. Dec. 6, 1956 May 13, 1957

EUCOM, Joint American Military Nov. 30,

Missinn For Aid to Turkey (Paris).
EUCOM, MAAG, Germany (Frank- do.

Apr. 23, 1957
EUCOM--Review of Stockpile B Mar. 14, 1957 Apr. 12, 1957

Department of Defense, Review of Re- Mar. 29, 1957 | May 16, 1957

EB 230-3..
EB 230-4

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EB 230-5...

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EB 230-6..

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search and Development Costs in OSP Contracts and MWDP Bilateral Agreements, Wiesbaden, Germany, and Paris, France (Paris).

See footnotes at end of table.

Statistical summary_Continued

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EB 138...


EB 219.

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EB 257.

1, 785

United States Army Europe May 14, 19571 May 22, 1957

(USAREUR), Signal Technical Serv-
ice, Offshore Procurement (OSP)-
USAREUR Southern Area Command, Aug. 15, 1956 Apr. 12, 1957

Review of Repairs and Utilities

Survey, Army Materiel Reserve Pro- Aug. 16, 1956 June 6, 1957

gram Within USAREUR (Frank.
Development of USAREUR Class I Oct. 22, 1956 Apr. 12, 1957

ACMS Draft Manual Which is Com-
patible with Public Law 863 and the
ACMS Feasibility Study (AS-17)

Application of the Principles of ACMS Apr. 1, 1957 June 30, 1957

at Headquarters Area Command
(HACOM) in Accordance with the
Draft Manual Developed Under
Project EB 265 (Frankfurt).

EB 265..

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EB 266..

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EB 124-2.. United States Air Forces in Europe Jan. 15, 19571 May 22, 1957

(USAFE), Offshore Procurement

EB 169-2.. Mutual Weapons Development Pro- Mar. 18, 1955 May 28, 1957

gram, Air Force Contract With Re-
search Center, The Hague, Nether.

lands (Paris).
EB 203-2... Air Material Force, European Area Jan. 13, 1956 June 21, 1957

(AMFEA), Wiesbaden, Germany-
Examination of OSP Contracts

(Frankfurt). EB 206.

AMFEA, London Air Procurement Dis. Apr. 17, 1957 June 14, 1957

trict, London, England-Review of
Administration of Contracts (Lon.

don). EB 245

USAFE, Third Air Force, United Apr. 12, 1957 Apr. 30, 1957
Kingdom-Study to Exclude Gaso-
line Tax from Transportation Con.

tracts (Paris).
EB 248.. AMFEÀ, London Air Procurement Apr. 16, 1957 June 13, 1957

District, London, England-Review
of Administration of Contract with
Thorn Electrical, Ltd. (Frankfurt

and Paris).
EB 252 (I- Inspection of Seaweed Stocks, Records Aug. 8, 1955 June 28, 1957

18878-5). and Procedures (London). EB 253

Utilization of Excess Serviceable Vehicle May 2, 1956 Apr. 15, 1957 (I-18878-8). Parts by North Atlantic Treaty

Organization (NATO) Countries

(London). EB 267

Evaluation of the Practicality of AF Aug. 23, 1956 May 17, 1957 (EB-AS-22). Base Supply and Accounting Proce

dures in Maintaining Records for Repair Parts and Supplies Distributed

on the Basis of Supply Tables (Paris). See footnotes at end of table.

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Statistical summaryContinued

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EB 233.

[blocks in formation]

International Cooperation Administra- | Apr. 25, 1957 1 May 9, 1957

tion, United States Operations Mis-
sion' to Yugoslavia-Review of End
Use Inspections and Counterpart

Utilization (Paris).
International Cooperation Administra- Mar. 29, 1956 Apr. 11, 1957

tion, United States Operations Mis-
sion to Greece- Allegations of Irregu-
larities (Rome).

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EB 254




EB 196-2..

[blocks in formation]

EB 198


EB 205..

[blocks in formation]

EB 222-2

[blocks in formation]

Exempt Taxes, Offshore Procurement Mar. 1, 1957 Sept. 1, 1957

Contracts, Europe (Frankfurt).
European Command, Joint Construc- Nov. 7, 1955 (3)

tion Agency, Conjunctive Funding of
NATO Infrastructure, Paris, France

Offshore Procurement, U. S. Entitle- Feb. 21, 1956 July 15, 1957

ment to Social Charges From Which
Contractors are Relieved by the

French Government (Paris).
Department of Defense. Facilities As- Feb. 15, 1957 do

sistance Program-Review of Con.
tracting Policies and Procedures,
Sandhofen, Germany and Paris,

France (Frankfurt and Paris).
Spanish Base Construction Program. May 4, 1957
Justification for Elimination of Mata-
gorda, Spain, as Site for U. S. Naval

Air Station (Madrid).
Investigation of Proposed Award of Jan.

July 15, 1957
Surplus Commodity Housing Project,
France, to Compagnie Immobiliere
Marc Rainaut (CIMR) (Paris).

EB 238

[blocks in formation]

8, 1957


EB 256.



[blocks in formation]

EB 202.

United States Army, Europe | Jan. 10, 1957 do.

(USAREUR), Ordnance Offshore
Procurement Examination, Sand-

hofen, Germany (Frankfurt). EB 226.

USARÉUR, Communication Zone, Nov. 15, 1956 Sept. 1, 1957

Orleans, France (Paris). EB 239

USAREUR, Signal Technical Service, Apr. 8, 1957 Aug. 15, 1957

Various Locations, Review of Supply

Activities (Paris).
EB 240..

Review of Engineer Supply Activities, | Apr. 12, 1957 Oct. 21, 1957
USAREUR, and Evaluation of

Project MAŚS (Frankfurt).
EB 258 (EB- Review of Army Materiel Reserve Pro- Nov. 6. 1956 Sept. 15, 1957
INV-77). cedures, Records, and Stocks, South-

ern European Task Force (SÉTAF),

U.S. Army, Berona, Italy (Rome).
EB 241

Survey Equipment Requirements, Apr. 1, 1957 Aug. 1, 1957
USAREUR, 850th Engineer_Avia-
tion Battalion, Bordeaux, France

EB 259 (EB- Survey, Equipment Requirements, 7th Oct. 29, 1956
INV-78). Engineer Brigade, USAREUR,

Rhein/Main Air Base, Germany

(Frankfurt). See footnotes at end of table.

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Statistical summary-Continued

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[blocks in formation]

EB 260 (EB


EB 270..

[blocks in formation]

Survey, Equipment Requirements, Jan. 18, 1957 Aug. 1, 1957%

U. S. Army Engineer Aviation Bat

talion, United Kingdom (London).
Evaluation of Army Command Manage- June 10, 1957 Sept. 30, 1957
ment System Pilot Installation at
Headquarters Area Command (EB
266) and Finalization of Draft Manual

Developed Under EB 265 (Frankfurt).
Participating with USAREUR Field May 1, 1957 July 31, 1957

Assistance Team in Developing and
Presenting Briefing on the Army
Command Manageme System, as
Applied to Headquarters Area Com.
mand, to Other Army Commands
Within USAREUR (Frankl irt).

EB 271.

[blocks in formation]


[blocks in formation]

EB 229-3. SBCP-Review of Construction at U.S.

Air Force Base at Torrejon, Spain

(Madrid). EB 229-3A... SBCP-Special Assignment re Location

of Air Strip at Torrejon, Spain (Ma

drid). EB 231.

SBCP-Review of Conversion of A & E

Contract from CPFF to Lump Sum

(Madrid). EB 236.

SBCP-Review of Construction at U. 8.

Air Force Base, Moron, Spain (Ma-
SBCP-Review of POL Facilities for

Bases in Spain (Madrid).
EB 247-2. SBCP-Review of Construction at U.S.

Air Force Base, San Pablo, Spain

[blocks in formation]

EB 246------

[blocks in formation]


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[blocks in formation]

EB 180.

USAFE, 12th Air Force, Review of Con- June 15, 1955 (6)

struction Contracts, Wiesbaden, Ger

many (Frankfurt).
EB 227-1. AMFÉA, Chateauroux Air Depot, Oct. 22, 1956 (6)

Chateauroux, France (Paris).
EB 227-2 USAFE, Review of Supply Operations

at Base Level Various Locations in

France (Paris). EB 234.

USAFE, 12th Air Force-Review of Feb. 14, 1957 | July 15, 1957

Local Procurement at Selected Bases

(Frankfurt and Paris). EB 235.

USAFE, Third Air Force, United King- | Mar. 15, 1957 July 30, 1957 5

dom-Review of Housing Program
Generated from Sale of Surplus To-

bacco to U. K. (London).
EB 237. USAFE, Third Air Force, United King- do. July 15, 1957

dom--Review of Major Construction

Program (London).
EB 255
Survey of Military Air Transport Serv. | May 15, 1956

(*) (I-19404). ice (MATS) Operations and Proce

dures, Rhein/Main, Germany (Frank

furt). EB 261

Study of the Generation, Accountability Nov. 13, 1956 Sept. 1, 1957
(EB-INV- and Disposition of Reparable Prop-

erty by Air Force Depots and Bases
and the Administration of Civil Main-

tenance Contracts (Frankfurt).
EB 262
Study of the Generation, Accountability do

(EB-INV- and Disposition of Reparable Prop-

erty by Depots and Bases, and the
Administration of Civil Maintenance

Contracts (London).
EB 272... Joint GAO-USAFE Analysis of Ac- May 15, 1957 Sept. 30, 1957

counting and Disbursing Procedures with Recommended Simplifications to be Achieved by Integration as Provided by AFR 170-10, dated Mar,

26, 1957 (Frankfurt). See footnotes at end of table.

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