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1759 W.

LANGHORNE, JOHN. Le sociable, partly in the manner of Milton.-Poetical
Works, ed. T. Park, 1806, ii. 5-6.

AIRY, HARRIOT. Ode to truth.-Gent. Mag., xxix. 538.
B., G. Ode to health.-Ib. 334.

COLMAN, GEORGE, and LLOYD, ROBERT. Two odes: i, To obscurity; ii,
To oblivion.-Colman's Prose on Several Occasions, 1787, ii. 273-83.
WOTY, WILLIAM. Ode to friendship.-Shrubs of Parnassus, 1760, pp. 73-5.
DODD, WILLIAM. An ode occasioned by Lady N-d's being prevented from
coming to Magdalen house. -Poems, 1767, pp. 148-52.

bef.1760 w. 1768 p. BROWNE, I. H. Ode to health. -A Collection of Poems in Four Volumes, by Several Hands [Pearch's Supplement to Dodsley], new ed., 1783, ii. 312-14.


1760 W. 1761

1761 W.


ANON. Spring; from the Italian.-Scots Mag., xxii. 89.

ANON. Ode to sleep; intended as a chorus in a tragedy.-Ib. 315.

COOPER, E. Hymn to learning.-A Collection of Elegiac Poesy, etc., 1760, pp. 85-8.

GLASSE, J. Quantock-hill.-Lond. Mag., xxix. 316.

STEELE, ANNE. Ode to content.-Works, Boston (U.S A.), 1808, i. 191-3.
Solitude.-Ib. 283-5.

DODD, WILLIAM. Hymn to good-nature.-Poems, 1767, pp. 1-7.
ANON. Ode to health.-Scots Mag., xxiii. 97.

ANON. Ode to solitude.-Gent. Mag., xxxi. 38.

ANON. A soliloquy in a thatch'd house.-Lond. Mag., xxx. 499.

COOKE, JOHN. "Ill-boding Fears away."-Gratulatio Acad. Cantab...
Georgii III... Nuptias celebrantis, Camb., 1761, P.

LANGHORNE, JOHN. Hymeneal.-Chalmers's English Poets, xvi. 461.

A hymn to hope, 1761.

"LIBRARY." To sleep.-Scots Mag., xxiii. 263.

LLOYD, ROBERT. Arcadia, or the shepherd's wedding, a dramatic pastoral, 1761.

POOLEY, W. "Hence Melancholy, pensive maid."-Epithalamia Oxoniensia, 1761, L2, verso.

SCOTT, JAMES. On pleasure.-Odes on Several Subjects, Camb., 1761, pp. 31-6.

On despair.-Ib. 37–42.

To wisdom.-Ib. 43-7.

SHEPHERD, RICHARD. Ode x, To health.-Odes Descriptive and Allegorical, 1761, pp. 32-8.

Ode xi, To hope.-Ib. 39-46.

THOMAS, B. "Hence to shades of blackest night.”—Gratulatio Acad.
Cantab., etc., 1761, Gg.

TYSON, MICHAEL. "Hence pale Grief and anxious Care."-Ib. Y.

DOWNMAN, HUGH. Ode occasioned by the coronation. - Poems, 2d ed.,
Exeter, 1790, pp. 50-59.

CARTER, ELIZABETH. Ode to melancholy.-Poems on Several Occasions,
1762, pp. 79-83.

CHURCHILL, CHARLES. The ghost, 1762.

EARLE, W. B. “Hither all ye fairy powers."-Gratulatio Solennis Univ.
Oxon. ob... Walliae Principem... Natum, Oxford, 1762, U2, verso.
FAWKES, FRANCIS. On occasion of the peace.-Chalmers's English Poets,
xvi. 277-8.

GROVE, WILLIAM. "Hail Euterpe, nymph divine."-Gratulatio Solennis
Univ. Oxon., etc., 1762, X, verso.

NOTT, SAMUEL. "Hither, swains! who, whistling blythe."-Ib. S, verso.
OGILVIE, JOHN. Ode to sleep.-Poems on Several Subjects, 1762, pp. 23–8.


1762 W.

OGILVIE, JOHN. Ode to evening.—Ib. 29–35.

Ode to innocence. -Ib. 36-7.

SCOTT, JAMES. Hymn to repentance.-Cambridge Prize Poems, i. 137-45. SCOTT, JOHN, of Amwell. Ode to leisure.— Poetical Works, 1782, pp. 165–9; cf. Europ. Mag., xxxvi. 400.

1762 w. 1773 p. MORE, HANNAH. [Three songs and an ode in] The search after happiness.-Works, 1830, i. 261–3, 273-4, 287-8.


1763 W.

ANON. Contemplation, an ode. - Poetical Calendar, 1763, vi. 7–8.

ANON. Rodondo, or the state-jugglers, canto ii: Resignation.-Scots Mag.,

XXV. 499-504.

BROWN, Dr. JOHN. The cure of Saul, a sacred ode, 1763.

D., J. Farewell to hope.-Poetical Calendar, x. 73-4.

HARTIS, C. T. An ode.-Ib. vii. 106–8.

HUDSON, Rev. Mr. Ode ii, To fancy.-Ib. vi. 26–9.

PANTING, STEPHEN. Elegy iv, Midnight.—Ib. viii. 31–4.

S., Dr. Ode on spring.-Scots Mag., xxv. 346-7.

THOMPSON, WILLIAM. Garden inscriptions, i: In Il Spenseroso, on Spenser's
Faerie Queene. - Poetical Calendar, viii. 97.

TRAVIS, GEORGE. "Hence, monster, War! - hence to the wasted plains!''
-Gratulatio Acad. Cantab. in Pacem . . . Restitutam, Camb.,
1763, Y.

TYSON, MICHAEL. "The gayly-gilded stream of light."-Ib. Z, verso. LANGHORNE, JOHN. Inscription in a sequestered grotto.- Poetical Works, 1789, p. 46.

bef.1764 W. LLOYD, ROBERT. To the moon.-Chalmers's English Poets, xv. 149–50. 1764 "CALEDONIUS." Ode to peace. -Scots Mag., xxvi. 96.

1764 W.

1765 1766


1767 W. 1768?



1769 W.


Ode to mirth.-Ib. 394.

“PROMETHEUS.” Hymn to melancholy.—Lond. Mag., xxxiii. 101.

VICTOR, BENJAMIN. Ode xi, For the queen's birthday.—Original Letters,
etc., 1776, iii. 138-41.

ANON. Landscape: an August evening.-Scots Mag., xxvii. 154-5.
ANON. Rural pleasure.-Lond. Mag., xxxv. 649.

ANSTEY, CHRISTOPHER. Letter iii, The birth of fashion, a specimen of a
modern ode.-New Bath Guide, 3d ed., 1766, pp. 22-8.

Letter ix, A journal.-Ib. 61-8.

FOWLER, B. To solitude, in imitation of Milton.-Gent. Mag., xxxvi. 427.
JENNER, CHARLES. Ode to modesty. - Poems, Camb., 1766, pp. 24–5.
M., J. Ode to content.-Lond. Mag., xxxv. 431.

ANON. (Miss VANHOMRIGH?). Ode to spring.-Gent. Mag., xxxvii. 183.
DODD, WILLIAM. The man of Southgate.-Poems, 1767, pp. 79-81.
Ode to the marchioness of Granby.-Ib. 140-47.

DOWNMAN, HUGH. Sonnet i, "Hence Sickness."-Poems, 1790, p. 74.
Ode.-Ib. 101-3.

Ode.-Ib. 103-6.

H., Mr. Ode to taste.-Pearch's Supplement, 1783, i. 145–54.
ANON. Ode to sleep.-Town and Country Mag., i. 104.

GRAY, THOMAS. Ode for music.-English Poems, 1898, pp. 76–9.

OGILVIE, JOHN. An Aeolian ode.-Poems on Several Subjects, 1769, ii. 277-86.

WARTON, THOMAS (the younger). Ode iv, Solitude at an inn.-Works, 1802, i. 140-41.

ANON. Ode to solitude.-Lond. Mag., xxxix. 589.

MARRIOTT, Dr. (Sir JAMES?). The valetudinarian, an ode. - Pearch's
Supplement, 1783, iv. 1–8.

"MUSAEUS." An ode.-Scots Mag., xxxii. 672.


1770 W.

PARSONS, PHILIP. Inscription in an arbour.-Pearch's Supplement, 1783,
iii. 277-8.

WOTY, WILLIAM. On retirement.-Works, 1770, ii. 151–5.
LYTTELTON, THOMAS, Lord. An irregular ode.-Poems, 1780, pp. 24-8.
PRESTON, WILLIAM. The sirloin. - Poetical Works, Dublin, 1793, i. 185–93.
The fire-side.-Ib. 195-7.

bef.1771 W. SMOLLETT, TOBIAS. Ode to mirth.-Plays and Poems, 1777, pp. 250-52. Ode to sleep.-Ib. 253-4.







ANON. Ode to health.-Lond. Mag., xl. 654-5.

FOOT, JAMES. Penseroso, or the pensive philosopher, 6 books, 1771.

JEMMAT, CATHARINE. To Mr. Mason, on his Elfrida. - Miscellanies, 1771,
pp. 156-8.

PORDEN, W. The debauchee.-Town and Country Mag., iii. 158.
ANON. Contentment.-Scots Mag., xxxiv. 38.

ANON. Ode to peace.-Weekly Mag., or Edinburgh Amusement, xv. 179.
AIKIN, A. L. (Mrs. BARBAULD). Hymn to content. - Poems, 1773, pp. 53-6.
To wisdom.-Ib. 57-8.

ANON. Ode on her majesty's birth-day.-Gent. Mag., xliii. 39.

ANON. True picture of a debauchee.-Town and Country Mag., v. 48.
ANON. "Hence ye unwholesome smells."-Ib. 437.

FERGUSSON, ROBERT. Ode to hope.-Works, ed. Grosart, 1851, pp. 150-1.
GREEN, HENRY. To content, an ode.-Lond. Mag., xlii. 459.

ANON. Ode spoken by Lt. Col. Pennington, to the soldiers.-Scots Mag.,
xxxvi. 255.

M., W. (WILLIAM MASON?). Mirth, a poem, in answer to Warton's Pleas-
ures of Melancholy, 1774.

RICHARDSON, WILLIAM. Hymn to virtue.-Poems, chiefly Rural, 1774,
PP. 3-4.

On winter.-Ib. 14-15.

The relapse, an idyllion. -Ib. 22-3.

Hymn to the muse.-Ib. 24-7.

Hymn to health.-Ib. 28.

To health, an idyllion.-Ib. 33-4.

The invitation.-Ib. 36.

Hymn to solitude.-Ib. 37-9.

To mirth, an idyllion.-Ib. 40-41.

S., H. To pleasure.-Town and Country Mag., vi. 270.

ANON. The beauties of nature compared with those of art.- Poetical Amusements at a Villa near Bath, ed. Lady A. R. Miller, 3d ed., 1776, i. 118-22.

ANON. The month of May.-Ib. 101-3.

BAMPFYLDE, C. W. The month of April.-Ib. 47-9.

BURGESS,.... The second opening of the Tusculum vase.-Ib. 89-93.


Ode to the elegiac muse.-Ib. 139–42.

G-v-L, Mrs. First of May.-Ib. 105-7.

HALL, J. Ode to fancy.-Town and Country Mag., vii. 158.

NUGENT, ROBERT. Epistle to Pollio.- Memoir by Claud Nugent, Chicago,

etc., 1898, pp. 151-3.

PENROSE, THOMAS. Madness.-Flights of Fancy, 1775, pp. 15-22.

P-M-T-N, Lord Viscount. Beauty.-Poetical Amusements, 1776, i. 52–7.
ANON. May-day.-Town and Country Mag., viii. 271.

ANON. Ode to charity.-Poetical Amusements, 1776, ii. 27-31.

ANON. To hope.-Ib. 79-81.

ANON. Harmony.-Ib. 82-7.

DAVIS, Miss. On the powers of harmony.-Ib. 95-7.

GRAVES, RICHARD. On calumny.-Euphrosyne, 1776, pp. 110-12.



1778 1778 W.

ANON. The garrulous man, a parody upon L'Allegro of Milton, Bath, 1777.
ANON. Ode for the king's birthday.-Univ. Mag., lx. 322.

ANON. On the tyranny of custom.— Poetical Amusements, 1777, iii. 160–63.
"GOBLIN." Rhapsody to taste.-Gent. Mag., xlvii. 39.

RYAN, EVERHARD. The genealogy of winter.-Reliques of Genius, 1777: see Mo. Rev., lvii. 231-2.

ST. JOHN, JOHN. Garrulity.-Poetical Amusements, 1777, iii. 63-9. WHITEHEAD, WILLIAM. Ode for his majesty's birth-day. - Poems, York, 1788, iii. 93-5.

MEYLER, WILLIAM. Ode to health.-Poetical Amusement on the Journey
of Life, Bath, 1806, pp. 106-9.

LEMOINE, H. Ode to contemplation.-Lond. Mag., xlvii. 569–70.
SEWARD, ANNA. Ode to Euphrosyne.-Works, 1810, i. 161-4.

bef.1779 W. LANGHORNE, JOHN. Inscription in a temple of society.-Poetical Works, 1789, p. 45.


1779 W. 1780



Song, "Tis o'er, the pleasing prospect's o'er."-Ib. 66.
Hymn to the rising sun.-Ib. 164.

ALVES, ROBERT. Malevolence, an ode.-Scots Mag., xli. 379.
ANON. Ode to distress.-Poetical Effusions, 1779, pp. 36-41.

MASON, WILLIAM. Ode xii, To the naval officers of Great Britain.-Works,
1811, i. 59-62.

GRANT, ANNE. Ode to Hygeia.-Poems, Edin., 1803, pp. 331-3.
ANON. Apostrophe to peace. -Scots Mag., xlii. 607.

M. Ode to health.-Ib. 492.

WALTERS, JOHN. Song to the birds.- Poems, Oxford, 1780, pp. 91–6.
ANON. The celestial beds, 1781.-See Crit. Rev., li. 473-4.

ANON. Ode to the genius of scandal, 1781.-See Mo. Rev., lxvi. 235-6.
FARREN, Miss. Song.-Univ. Mag., lxviii. 39.

JONES, Sir WILLIAM. The muse recalled, an ode.—Works, 1807, x. 381–8.
PINKERTON, JOHN. Ode ii, To peace.-Rimes, 2d ed., 1782, pp. 99–100.

Ode x, L'ozioso.-Ib. 130-42.

POTTER, ROBERT. Ode to sympathy.-Poetical Amusements, 1781, iv.


Ode to health.-Ib. 118-23.

ROGERS, Miss. Thalia, or invocation of the comic muse.-Ib. 98-100.
SEWARD, ANNA. Invocation of the comic muse: prize poem at Bath-Easton.
-Works, 1810, ii. 22-4.

ALVES, ROBERT. Ode to wisdom.-Poems, Edin., 1782, pp. 40–42.

Rural happiness, an ode.-Ib. 57–62.

ANON. To health.-Univ. Mag., lxx. 320.

ANON. Ode to melancholy.-J. Nichols's Collection of Poems, viii. 62–4.
PENNANT, THOMAS. Ode to indifference.-Ib. 229-30.

PINKERTON, JOHN. To laughter. -Two Dithyrambic Odes, 1782: see Crit.
Rev., liv. 234-5.

STEVENS, W. B. Ode to health.-Poems, 1782, pp. 30-35.

ANON. Invocation to fancy.-Univ. Mag., lxxii. 103.


Y. Address to meditation.-Lond. Mag., enl., i. 130.


1784 W.

BRADBURY, SAMUEL. Ode to virtue.-Gent. Mag., liv. 935.
HURN, WILLIAM. The blessings of peace, 1784.

ROBERTSON, DAVID. L'inamorato.-Poems, Edin., 1784: see Crit. Rev.,
Iviii. 70.

BLAMIRE, SUSANNA. Address to health.-Poetical Works, Edin., 1842, pp.


SMITH, Sir W. C.(?) Hymn to health.-The Anonymous, 1810, ii. 319-22. bef.1785 W. HALL-STEVENSON, JOHN. Vacation.-Works, 1795: see Crit. Rev., new


xviii. 319-21.



ANON. To spring.—Univ. Mag., lxxvi. 156–7.

ANON. No. vii, Irregular ode.-Probationary Odes for the Laureatship

1785, pp. 30-34.

BOSCAWEN, WILLIAM. No. xi, "By Michael Angelo Taylor."-Ib. 46-9.
BRYDGES, EGERTON. Ode ii, Upon beginning the study of the law.
Sonnets, etc., 1785, pp. 20–22.

Ode iv, To spring.-Ib. 26-31.

BURGOYNE, General. No. xvii, Irregular ode for music.-Probationary
Odes, 1785, pp. 73-83.

ENYS, DOROTHY. Address to simplicity.-Gent. Mag., lv. 787.

FITZPATRICK, RICHARD. No. xv, Pindaric.-Probationary Odes, 1785, pp. 63-7.

GREATHEED, BERTIE. Ode to duel.-The Florence Miscellany, Florence (Italy), 1785, pp. 103-4.

Ode on apathy.-Ib. 129-31.

HAYLEY, WILLIAM. Ode to Mr. Wright of Derby.-Poems and Plays, new ed., 1788, i. 141-7.

MERRY, ROBERT. Ode to indolence. - The Florence Miscellany, 51–4.

To Bacchus, dithyrambick.-Ib. 154-8.

To Diana, dithyrambick.—Ib. 159–62.

Il viaggio.-Ib. 196–202.

La dimora.-Ib. 203-8.

PRATT, S. J. Landscapes in verse.-Sympathy, etc., 1807, pp. 75-118.
TICKELL, RICHARD. No. ix, Ode. - Probationary Odes, 1785, pp. 39-42.
"A LADY." Address to simplicity.—Scots Mag., xlviii. 245.
ANON. [Two travesties on Gray's Installation Ode.]-New Foundling
Hospital for Wit, new ed., 1786, iv. 144–58.

ANON. Inscription for a bench beneath a favourite tree.—Ib. vi. 42.
GREVILLE, Mrs. A prayer to indifference.-Ib. 126–9.

NUGENT, ROBERT. Epistle to the earl of Chesterfield.—Ib. i. 63–5.
PARSONS, WILLIAM. Ode to sleep.-Univ. Mag., lxxix. 43.


ANON. Ode to darkness.- Europ. Mag., xi. 286.

"ARLEY." To ill-nature. - Poetry of the World, 1788, ii. 24-7.

MERRY, ROBERT. Diversity.-British Album, Boston, 1793, pp. 224-40. "NERVA." Invocation to melancholy.-Europ. Mag., xi. 452.

WHITEHOUSE, JOHN. Ode to superstition.-Poems, 1787, pp. 31-6.

Ode to melancholy.-Ib. 47-51.

YEARSLEY, ANN. Ode on the reconciliation between his majesty and the prince of Wales. - Univ. Mag., lxxx. 369–70.

1787 w. 1792 p. MAWBEY, JOSEPH. Ode, written at Tunbridge Wells.-Gent. Mag., lxii. 748.



ANON. Written on the near prospect of a place.-Europ. Mag., xiv. 224.
C., G. Autumn.—Ib. 473.

CARY, H. F. To inspiration.-Sonnets and Odes, 1788, pp. 41-5.

DAVIES, EDWARD. Ode to the muse. — Vacunalia, 1788: see Crit. Rev., lxvi. 230-31.

MOODY, ELIZABETH. On youth.-Gent. Mag., lviii. 636.

P., W. Ode to chearfulness.-Ib. 444-5.

REID, W. H. Ode to reflexion.-Ib. 636.

TURNBULL, GAVIN. Morning.-Poetical Essays, Glasgow, 1788, pp. 75-87.

Evening.-Ib. 89-99.

Ode i, To melancholy.-Ib. 151-2.

Ode iv, To innocence.-Ib. 159-60.

ANON. To peace. - New Lond. Mag., v. 646.

BUTT, Dr.T. Ode to fun.-Gent. Mag., lix. 1034-5.

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