The Works of Samuel Johnson.LL.D..: The rambler

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T. Longman, B. White and Son, B. Law, J. Dodsley, H. Baldwin, J. Robson, J Johnson, C. Dilly, T. Vernor, G. G. J. and J. Robinson, T. Cadell, J. Nichols, R. Baldwin, N. Conant, P. Elmsly, F. and C. Rivington, T. Payne, W. Goldsmith, R. Faulder, Leigh and Sotheby, G. Nicol, J. Murray, A. Strahan, W. Lowndes, T. Evans, W. Bent, S. Hayes, G. and T. Wilkie, T. and J. Egerton, W. Fox, P. M.'Queen, Ogilvie and Speale, Darton and Harvey, G. and C. Kearsley, W. Millar, B. C. Collins, and E. Newbery., 1792

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Page 77 - DRYDEN. or that Milton did not intend to exemplify the harmony which he mentions : Fountains ! and ye that warble as ye flow, Melodious murmurs ! warbling tune his praife. That Milton underftood the force of founds well adjufted, and knew the compafs and variety of the ancient meafures, cannot be doubted ; fince he was both a
Page 69 - to mix With ble/ednefs. - What we by day Lop overgrown, or prune, or prop, or bind, One night or two with wanton growth derides, Tending to 'wild. The paths and bow'rs doubt not but our joint hands Will keep from wildernefs with eafe as wide As we need walk, till younger hands ere long Affift us. I
Page 140 - an eftate indeed, which will produce nothing without cultivation, but will always abundantly repay the labours of induftry, and fatisfy the moft extenfive defires, if no part of it be fuffered to lie wafte by negligence; to be over-run with noxious plants, or laid out for fhew rather than for ufe.
Page 276 - lords command. Commands are no conftraints. If I obey them, I do it freely, vent'ring to difpleafe God for the fear of man, and man prefer, Set God behind. The complaint of blindnefs which Samfon pours out at the beginning of the tragedy is equally addreffed to the
Page 269 - till down they came, and drew The whole roof after them, with burft of thunder, Upon the heads of all who fat beneath Samfon with thefe immixt, inevitably Pull'd down the fame deftruftion on himfelf. This is undoubtedly a
Page 274 - gift of God To a deceitful woman ? And the chorus talks of adding fuel to flame in a report, He's gone, and who knows how he may report Thy words, by adding fuel to the flame ? The verfification is in the dialogue much more fmooth and harmonious than in the parts allotted to the chorus, which are often
Page 277 - and wifhes, as reafon too often fubmits to learn from defpair: O firft created beam, and thou great word Let there be light, and light was over all ; ' Why am I thus bereav'd thy prime decree ? The fun to me is dark, And filent as the moon, When fhe deferts the night, Hid in her vacant interlunar cave. Since light fo neceflary is to life,
Page 137 - engrofled by the tyranny of cuftom; all that pafles in regulating the fuperficial decorations of life, or is given up in the reciprocations of civility lity to the difpofal of others; all that is torn from us by the violence of difeafe, or ftolen imperceptibly away by laffitude and languor; we fhall find that
Page 77 - With regal ornament: the middle pair Girt like a ftarry zone his waift, and round Skirted his loins and thighs, with downy gold, And colours dip'd in heav'n : the third his feet Shadow'd from either heel with
Page 69 - Or other worlds they feem'd, or happy ifles, Like thofe Hefperian gardens fam'd of old, Fortunate fields, and groves, and flow'ry vales, Thrice happy ifles ! But who dwelt happy there, He ftaid not to inquire. He blew His trumpet, heard in Oreb fince, perhaps When GOD defcended ; and, perhaps, once more To found at general doom.

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