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Commission promulgated under the safety appliance act of March second, eighteen hundred and ninety-three, and supplemental acts.


JOINT RESOLUTION Directing the Interstate Commerce Com-

mission to investigate and report on block-signal systems and
appliances for the automatic control of railway trains.

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives

of the United States of America in Congress assembled, 34 Stat. L., 838. That the Interstate Commerce Commission be, and it is Investigation hereby, directed to investigate and report on the use of cessity for block and necessity for block-signal systems and appliances for

the automatic control of railway trains in the United See 35 Stat. L., States. For this purpose the Commission is authorized Employment to employ persons who are familiar with the subject, and

may use such of its own employees as are necessary to make a thorough examination into the matter.

In transmitting its report to the Congress the Commission shall recommend such legislation as to the Commission seems advisable.

To carry out and give effect to the provisions of this testimony. resolution the Commission shall have power to issue sub

pænas, administer oaths, examine witnesses, require the production of books and papers, and receive depositions taken before any proper officer in any State or Territory of the United States.

of experts.

Recommendation as to legislation.

Production of witnesses and

[Provision in Urgent Deficiencies Appropriation Act of

October 22, 1913.)

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38 Stat. L., 212. To enable the Interstate Commerce Commission, at its Block signal discretion, to investigate and report in regard to the use

and necessity for block-signal systems and appliances for the automatic control of railway trains and any appliances or systems intended to promote the safety of railway operation, including experimental tests of such systems and appliances as shall be furnished in completed shape, to such Commission for such investigation and test, free of cost to the Government, in accordance with the provisions of the joint resolution approved June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and six, and the sundry civil appropriation Act approved May twenty-seventh, nineteen hundred and eight, $25,000.


Abandonment of railroad:

Page. Certificate for proposed, Commission may grant.

15, 16 Rules governing, prescribed by Commission....

15 Spur, industrial, team, switching, or side tracks.

16 Street, suburban; or interurban electric railways..

16 Abatement, proceedings and reparation claims pending at termination of Federal control.....

120 Absorption of switching charges, etc., by water carrier, effect of..

8 Acceptance: Federal Control Act, in agreement as to compensation.

101 Guaranty to carriers after termination of Federal control...

123 Payments on account of unadjusted compensation constitutes, of Federal Control Act.....

101-102, 116 Accident. See also Accident Reports Act. Defective boilers, notice and investigation.....

206 Hours of Service Act inapplicable in case of unavoidable casualty.

195 Accident Reports Act: Damage suits, reports not to be used in..

191 Form of report....

191 Investigation of accidents by Commission; report.

191 Monthly reports of accidents...

190 Penalty for failure to report.

190 State commission, cooperation with.

191 Testimony...

191 Accounting. See also Accounts. Basis during Federal control...

100 Moneys and properties derived from operation of carriers under Federal control.......

107-108 Proceeds of diverted transportation, accounting between carriers.

45 Accounts: Access to be givenCommission and Commission's agents.....

66 Labor Board members, officers, employees, or agents.

139 Charges collected on increased rates, effective before conclusion of suspension investigation..

44 Destruction of, penalty....

66-67 False, use of, by shippers and other persons, penalty.

33 Forms of, to be kept by carriers, Commission may prescribe..

65 Kept during Federal control, subject to rules provided by Commission... 66 Penalty for failure to keep as prescribed, or allow inspection......

66 Uniform system of, Commission may prescribe.....

64 Unlawful to keep, other than prescribed or approved by Commission.. 66 Acquisition of control by one carrier of another, Commission may

authorize.. 22 Act of God, Hours of Service Act inapplicable in case of....

195 Act to Regulate Commerce cited as “Interstate Commerce Act”.

79 47719°--21-14




Actions. See also Suits.

Page Arising out of Federal control.....

118-120 Cause of, as to shipment of property accrues upon delivery or tender of delivery...

54 Defined; Bills of Lading Act.

164 Diversion or delivery of freight contrary to routing instructions, carriers jointly and severally liable for proceeds of transportation...

45 Federal control, by and against carriers.

105-106 Government-aided lines, for damages....

167-168 Pending at termination of Federal control do not abate.

120 Removal of, from State courts, under Section 20 of Interstate Commerce Act 82 Void securities, by innocent holder for value of......

72-73 Additional line: Commission may issue certificate for construction or operation....

15, 16 Construction or operation without certificate of Commission, prohibited. 15 Additions and betterments:

Annual reports of carriers to show amount expended for improvements.... Changes in conditions and value brought about by extensions and improvements, Commission to keep itself informed of...

61-62 Commission may add a sum not exceeding one-balf of 1 per cent to fair return to make provisions for......

48 Compensation to carriers under Federal control increased because of.... 103 Extension of line without certificate of Commission, prohibited..... President may order carriers under Federal control to make extensions.. 103–104 Provision for, in addition to compensation to carriers under Federal control. 103 Refunding of carriers' indebtedness to United States, by reason of Federal control.....

121 Valuation of, by Commission....

61-62 Adjacent foreign country. See Foreign country. Adjustment Board: Action by Labor Board if Adjustment Board not organized..

135-136 Application of carrier or employees for hearing and decision.

134 Certification of dispute to Labor Board....

135-136 Defined; Transportation Act, 1920....

133 Disputes between carriers and employees, hearing and decision..

134 Established by agreement between carriers and employees.

134 Hearings upon application, petition, reference by Labor Board, or own motion ..

134 Labor Board may refer dispute, for hearing and decision.

134 Officers and employees of United States to furnish information to, on request

139 Parties may appear before, in person or by counsel...

138 Petition of unorganized employees or subordinate officials, for hearing and decision ...

134 Powers and duties of Board of Mediation and Conciliation in contravention of....

140-141 Submission of disputes involving grievances, rules, or working conditions. 135 Violation of decision of, by carrier, employee, or subordinate official......

140 Adjustments: Accounts during and at end of Federal control.

100 Commission shall make, in operating expenses and revenues of carriers accepting guaranty.

126, 127 Commission shall make, in computation of excess income.

50 Computations of standard return, because of changes in lines of carriers under Federal control........

98-99 President may make, as to matters growing out of Federal control..


Page. Admiralty, proceedings in, arising out of Federal control......

118 Advance in rates. See Rates, fares, and charges. Advances to carriers: To meet operating expenses and fixed charges..

125, 126-127, 128 Under Federal control from revolving fund....

103-104 Advantages. See Preferences and prejudices. Affidavit: False, penalty for use of, by shippers and other persons..

33–34 Medals of honor, applications for, to be supported by..

193 Affirmations, members of Commission may administer.

56–57 Agents: Baggage, free passes.

10 Carrier's Acts of, deemed to be acts of and known by carrier..

86, 195 Courts may compel appearance of, as witness.

32 Designation of, by Commission to receive copics of publications of schedules, etc., of water lines.

77-78 False billing, etc., by, penalty..

33 Immunity of, when compelled to give incriminating testimony

32 Liability to bona fide holder of void security..

72-73 Maintenance of, in Washington to receive priority orders..

18 Name of, duty of carrier to post at stations where freight received.. 29-30 Passes to..

10 Request for rate, how addressed to, when name of, not posted.. 29-30 Service of process on carrier by leaving copy with..

54 Washington agents of carriers to be designated..

79-80 Charitable institutions, free passes.

10 Commission'sAccess to property and records of carrier to be given...

61 Appointment of, to direct car service......

14 Special agent, authority to inspect accounts, etc., of carriers..

66 Equipment loans to carriers may be made through; approval of Commission required....

85 Liability for violation of Interstate Commerce Act (carrier and shipper).... 32 President's

Designation of, as defendant in actions arising from Federal control. 119-120
Execution of powers through-
During Federal control...

105, 111 Under Transportation Act.

131 United States, embargoes inapplicable when shipments consigned to..... 28-29 Aggregate of intermediate rates, through rate in excess of, unlawful..

20 Agreed value. See Value. Agreements. See Contracts. Aiding and abetting: Unjust discrimination by carrier, penalty...

34 Violation of Interstate Commerce Act by carrier for which no penalty specifically provided, penalty.

32–33 Aids, gifts, grants, and donations. See Land grant railroads; Valuation. Air brakes, percentage of cars in train to be equipped with..

185 Allowances:

Commission may prescribe reasonable, to owner of property transported.. 46
Depreciation to be included in return for lease of equipment and facili-



Land grants, etc., consideration for, to United States and others..

Penalty for shipper obtaining by false means......

American Railway Association, height of draw bars to be designated by.

American Railway Express Company:
Antitrust laws not violated by consolidation, if authorized...

Consolidation of express companies into....

Guaranty against deficit in operating income after termination of Federal

Partial payments of guaranty or deficit arising from Federal control, where

whole amount not definitely ascertained, authorized to be made... 132
Ammunition, transportation of, on passenger vehicles...

Analysis of methods, valuation of carriers' property.

Annual balance sheet, annual report shall contain..

Annual reports. See Reports.
Answer, carrier must make to complaint in writing.

Antitrust laws:
Clayton Act does not repeal.......

Consolidations, when authorized, not violative of....

Inapplicable when consolidation of telephone companies authorized by

Included in term as used in Clayton Antitrust Act...

Lease of carrier by another may be authorized....

22, 24
Order under Clayton Act does not relieve persons from liabilty under.. 151
Pooling not violative of, when authorized by Commission..

Stock of carrier, purchase of, when permitted..

Violators of, not to use Panama Canal..

Boiler Inspection Act.

Clayton Antitrust Act.

District courts to United States Supreme Court.

Expediting Act

Appearances, parties may appear in person or by attorney, before Commission
and Labor Board...

57, 138
Appliances, safety, Commission to designate.

Certificate of convenience and necessity.

Railway companies..

Telephone companies

Fourth section.


Panama Canal Act..

Securities issues.

Inspectors, Boiler Inspection Act, by President....

Interstate Commerce Commissioners, by President.

Labor Board, by President..
Referees, Boards of, to determine compensation of carrier's under Federal



Block Signal Resolution..
Boiler Inspection Act.



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