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John T. Connor, Secretary


A. Ross Eckler, Director
Howard C. Grieves, Deputy Director


Maxwell R. Conklin, Chief

vits. Clerical procedures were developed by Joseph N. Brooks and William W. Perry under the supervision of Carl Mueller. Data processing and related operations were per. formed by the Data Processing Systems Division, Robert F. Drury, Chief, and R. M. Micoly, Assistant Chief.

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS--This report was prepared in the Industry Division under the direction of Willis K. Jordan and Milton Eisen. In particular, they were responsible for planning the inquiries and adapting them to the general pattern of statistics for the economic censuses as a whole. John S. Berube was directly responsible for analysis of the data and preparation of the report. Owen C. Gretton, Assistant Division Chief, Program Development, gave general guidance and coordination to all aspects of the Census of Commercial Fisheries. William Cooper exercised staff responsibility for in. dustry classification. Angela R. Daly also participated importantly in the publication phases of the project. Systems and procedures were developed and supervised in the Economic Operations Division, M. D. Bingham, Chief, by Sol Dolleck, Assistant Chief for Systems, assisted by Samuel Schweid, Nathan Lesowitz, and Jack Margolis. Hugh D. Vazzana and Vernon Pegram developed and supervised the computer programing under the direction of Emil Gorgo

Arthur Horowitz, in his capacity as Census of Manufactures Coordinator, made important contributions to the planning and operational phases of the work. The Bureau of the Census also acknowledges the contribution of the following staff members of the Bureau of Commercial Fisheries, Department of Interior: Donald L. McKernan, Director; Lawrence W. Von Meir, Acting Assistant Director for Economics; Charles H. Lyles, Acting Chief, Branch of Fisheries Statistics; Fred L. Olsen, Acting Chief, Branch of Current Economic Analysis; John F. Crum, Chief, Industrial Fishery Product Section; and Richard K. Kinoshita and Stanley W. Dabrowski, Economists.

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U.S. Bureau of the Census, Census of Commercial Fisheries, 1963

U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C., 1966

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