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State of Nebraska Accounting Dept., Administrative Services Office, State | 1-470491233-A3, 1-470491233-A4, 1-470491233-A6, 1-470491233–
Capitol Bldg., Lincoln, Nebraska 68509.

A7, 1-470491233-A8, 1-470491233-A9, 1-470491233-81, 1-
470491233-B2, 1-470491233-B3, 1-470491233-B4, 1-470491233-85,
1-470491233-B6, 1-470491233-B7, 1-470491233-B8, 1-470491233-
B9, 1-470491233-C1, 1-470491233-C2, 1-470491233-C3, 1-
470491233-C4, 1-470491233-C5, 1-470491233-C6, 1-470491233–
C7, 1-470491233-C8, 1-470491233-C9, 1-470491233-D1, 1-
470491233-D2, 1-470491233-D4, 1-476000479-A1, 1-476000535
A1, 1-476000536-A8, 1-741699874-A1, 1-900001910-A1, 1-
900001919-A1, 1-900002209-A1, 1-900002333-A1, 1-900003427-A1,

Adelphi Uni ity, 1-111630741-A1

Business Manager, Adelphi University, South Avenue, Garden City, New

York 11530.
Albany Medical Center, 1-141338310-A1,

Assistant Treasurer, Albany Medical College of Union University, 47 New

Scotland Avenue, Albany, New York 12208.
Children's Hospital of Buffalo, 1-160748423-A1

Comptroller, Children's Hospital of Buffalo, 219 Bryant Street, Buffalo, N.Y.

New York Medical College, 1-131099420-A1

Treasurer, New York Medical College, Flower/Fifth Avenue Hospitals, 1

East 105th Street, New York, N.Y. 10029.
New York University, 1-135562308-A1

1-136562308-A1, 1-135562308-A3, 1–135562308-A4
Assistant Controller, New York University, 500 Kimball Hall, Washington 1-136562308–A5, 1-135562308-A6

Square, New York, New York 10003.
New York University Medical Center, 1-135562309-A1

1-135562308-A2, 1-135562308-81, 1-135562309-A1, 1-135562309-A2
Comptroller, New York University Medical Center, 550 First Avenue, New 1-135562309-A3, 1-229124063-A1

York, New York 10016.
University of Rochester, 1–160743209-A1, Research Accountant Univer-1-160743209–21, 1-160743209-A2, 1-160743209-A3, 1-160743209-
sity of Rochester, River Campus, Rochester, New York 14627.

A4, 1-160743209-A5.
Research Foundation of the State, University of New York, 1-14136861-1-131819472-A1, 1-132633612-A1, 1-141363361-A1, 1-141368361-

J3, Comptroller, Research Foundation of State University of New York, A1, 1-141368361-A2, 1-141368361-3, 1-146013200-E4, 1-
P.O. Box 7126, Albany, New York 12224.

146013200-E5, 1-146013200-E6, 1-146013200-E7, 1-146013200-E8,
1-146013200-E9, 1-146013200-F1, 1-146013200-F2, 1-146013200–
F3, 1-146013200-F4, 1-146013200-F5, 1-146013200-F6, 1-
146013200-F7, 1-146013200-F8, 1-146013200-F9, 1-146013200-G1,
1-146013200-G2, 1-146013200-G3, 1-146013200-G4, 1-146013200–
G5, 1-146013200-G6, 1-146013200-G7, 1-146013200-G8, 1-
146013200-G9, 1-146013200-H1, 1-146013200-H2, 1-146013200
H3, 1-146013200-H4, 1-146013200-13, 1-146013200-K4, 1-

146013200-L5, 1-146013200-L6, 1-146013200-L7.
Research Foundation of the City, University of New York, 1-131988190-1-131988190-A1, 1-131988190-A8

Treasurer, Research Foundation of the City, University of New York, 1411

Broadway, New York, New York 10018.
State of New York, 1-146013200-J7

1–146013200-A1, 1-146013200-A2, 1-146013200-A3

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Organization and payee No.

Recipient CRS-EIN
Director, State Accounts, Alfred E. Smith, Building, Albany, New York 1-146013200-A4, 1-146013200-A5, 1-146013200-A6, 1-146013200–

A7, 1-146013200-A8, 1-146013200-A9, 1-146013200-B1, 1-
146013200-B2, 1-146013200-B3, -146013200-B4, 1-146013200-B5,
1-146013200-B6, 1-146013200-87, 1-146013200-88, 1-146013200-
B9, 1-146013200-C1, 1-146013200-C2, 1-146013200-C3, 1-
146013200-C4, 1-146013200-C5, 1-146013200-C6, 1-146013200-
C8, 1-146013200-29, 1-146013200-D1, 1-146013200-D2, 1-
146013200-D3, 1-146013200-D4, 1-146013200-D5, 1-146013200–
D6, 1-146013200-D7, 1-146013200-D9, 1-146013200-E1, 1-
146013200-E2, 1-146013200-E3, 1-146013200-H5, 1-146013200–
H6, 1-146013200-H7, 1-146013200-48, 1-146013200-H9, 1-
146013200-11, 1-146013200-2, 1-146013200-3, 1-146013200-14, 1-
146013200-17, 1-146013200-18, 1-146013200-J1, 1-1460132004,
1-146013200-5, 1-146013200-J6, 1-146013200-J7, 1-146013200-
J8, 1-146013200-J9, 1-146013200-K1, 1-146013200-K2, 1-
146013200-K3, 1-146013200-K6, 1-146013200-K7, 1-146013200-K9,

1-146013200-L3, 1-146013200-L4, 1-146013200-L8.
Case Western Reserve University, 1-341018992-A1

1-341018992-A4, 1-341018992-A1, 1-341018992-A2
Comptroller Case Western Reserve University. 2040 Adelbert Road,

Cleveland, Ohio 44106.
St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital, 1-620646012-A1

Treasurer, St. Jude's Children's Hospital, 332 N. Lauderdale, Memphis,

Tennessee 38101.
Baylor University College of Medicine, 1-741613878-A2

1-741613878-A1, 1-741613878-A2
Business Manager, Baylor College of Medicine, 1200 Moursund Ave.,

Houston, Texas 77025.
University of Texas at Houston Health Center, 1-741761309–A4

1-741761309-A4, 1-741761309-A6
Associate Dean for Business Affairs, University of Texas, Medical School,

P.O. Box 20036 Houston, Texas 77025.
University of Texas Medical School, 1-756002868-A4

1-756002868-A3, 1-756002868-A4, 1-756002868-A5
Business Manager, University of Texas, Southwestern Medical Schools,

5323 Harry Hines Blvd., Dallas, Tex 75235.
University of Texas, M.D. Anderson Hospital, 1-746001118-A1

Supervisor, Grant Reporting, M.D. Anderson Hospital, University of Texas,

6723 Bertner Ave., Houston, Texas 77025.
University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, Texas, 1-74600949-A1 1-74600949-A1
Business Manager, University of Texas, Medical Branch, 1000 Strand,

Galveston, Texas 77550.
University of Utah and University of Utah Research 1-876000525-A6 1-876000525-A1, 1-876000525-A2, 1-876000525-A3, 1-876000525-

A6, 1-876000525-A7,
Controller, University of Utah, 122 Park Building, Salt Lake City, Utah 1-876000525-A8

84112 University of Washington, 1-916001537-A5, Director, Office of GrantCon-1-916001537-A1, 1-916001537-A2, 1-916001537-A4, 1-916001537

tract Services, University of Washington, 211 Administration Building A5, 1-916001537-A6, 1-916001537-A9. Seattle, Washington 98196.

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Wisconsin State of Wisconsin, 1-396006469-B1

1-000039594-A1, 1-000702000-A1, 1-390808464-A1

Budget Operations, State Budget Office, One West Wilson St., Madison 1-391051231-A1, 1-396006436-A1, 1-396006443-A3, 1-396006447–
Wisconsin 53607

A1, 1-396006461-A1, 1-396006461-A2, 1-396006461-A3, 1-
396006461-A4, 1-396006461-A5, 1-396006461-A6, 1-396006461-A7,
1-396006461-A8, 1-396006461-A9, 1-396006461-B1, 1-396006466–
A1, 1-396006469-A1, 1-396006469-A5, 1-396006469-A6, 1-
396006469-A7, 1-396006469-B1, 1-396006469-B5, 1-396006487-A1,
1-396006487-A2, 1-396006488-A1, 1-396006492-A1, 1-396006492-
A2, 1-396006492-A3, 1-396006492-A5, 1-396006492-A6, 1-
396006492-A7, 1-396006492-A8, 1-396006492-B1, 1-396006492-B2,
1-396006492-B3, 1-396006492-84, 1-396006492-B5, 1-396006492-
B6, 1-396006492-B7, 1-396006492-B8, 1-396006492-B9, 1-
396006492-C1, 1-396006492-C2, 1-396006492-C3, 1-396006492-
C4, 1-396006492-C5, 1-396006492-C6, 1-396006492-C7, 1-
396006492-C8, 1-396006492-09, 1-396006492-D1, 1-396028867-
A1, 1-396028867-A2, 1-396091677-A1, 1-396091677-A2, 1-
396320507-A1, 1-900000022-A1, 1-900002012-A1, 1-900002564-A1,

1-900002665-A1, 1-900003134-A1.
Central Registry-System Entity Identification Number (CRS-EIN).

CRS-EIN is a twelve digit number used to identity a recipient organization/individual in the HHS Central Registry System (CRS). This system utilizes a standard identification number with-
in HHS to identity recipients of Federal assistance-like programs. The first digit identifies whether the recipient is an organization (1) or individual (2). The next nine (9) digits uniquely associ-
ate the organization/individual to an Employer Identification Number assigned by the Internal Revenue Service in the case of an organization, or a Social Security Number assigned by the
Social Security Administration in the case of an individual

. A two character suffix code is assigned by the Central Registry System, HHS, to identity component levels within the recipient or-
ganization, such as: School of Medicine, Research Division. Department of Biology, etc. A suffix is not applied to a Social Security Number since that number is unique to each individual.

(49 FR 14049, Apr. 9, 1984. Redesignated at 49 FR 36110, Sept. 184)



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Accessibility of Meetings, Conferences, and Seminars to Per-

sons with Disabilities Acquisition Planning

Contents of .......
Administration of HHSAR
Administration, Post-Award Contract
ADP Review and Clearance
ADP Systems Security
Advance Acquisition Planning (Scheduling)
Advance Payments
Advertisements, Paid
Advocates for Competition
Agency Acquisition Regulations
Agency Head
Amendments to Solicitations
Announcement of Contract Award
Antitrust Violations
Appeals, Disputes and
Appointment of Contracting Officers
Arrangement of Regulation
Audiovisual Materials, Acquisition Clearance of
Audit, Closing Completed Contracts
Award Instrument, Selection of
Balance of Payments Program
Basic Agreements
Basic Agreements, Numbering of
Basic Ordering Agreements, Numbering of
Best and Final Offers
Blanket Purchase Agreements
Business Proposal Instructions
Buy American Act

Excepted Articles, Materials, Supplies

Formats for Nonavailability Determinations
Certifications, Representations and
Chief of Contracting Office
Class Determinations and Findings
Class Deviation .....
Clauses, Special Contract
Closing Completed Contracts
Closing Review (of Contracts)
Coding of HHSAR ...
Competition Advocates ...
Competition Requirements
Competitive Range
Completion (Work Statement)
Confidentiality of Information
Considerations in Selecting an Award Instrument
Consolidated Acquisitions
Consulting Services

370.1 307.1 307.105 301.201 342.70 339.7001 339.7002 307.71 332.4 305.5 306.5 301.3 302.1 315.410 305.303 303.303 333.2 301.603 301.104-2 307.105–2(a)(14) 304.804-1 307.70 325.302 316.702 304.7004 304.7005 315.611 313.2 315.406_5(b)(3) 325.1 325.108 325.108–70 315.406-5 302.100 301.703 301.404 352.2 304.804 304.870 301.104-1 306.5 306 315.609 307.1053 324.70 307.70 317.70 337.2


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