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all planned phases or increments, and the multiple year period of perform


(This clause supersedes the Limitation of Cost clause found in the General Provisions of this contract.)

(2) The contracting officer shall also include a clause reading substantially as that shown in 352.232–74 in the Special Provisions of the resultant incrementally funded contract.

(3) The request for proposals must inform prospective offerors of the Department's intention to enter into an incrementally funded contract. Therefore, the contracting officer shall include the provision at 352.232–75 in the request for proposals whenever the use of incremental funding is contemplated.

Subpart 332.9-Prompt Payment

(5) Sufficient funds must be obligated under the basic contract to cover no less than the first year of performance, unless the contracting officer determines it is advantageous to the Government to fund the contract for a lesser period. In that event, the contracting officer shall ensure that the obligated funds are sufficient to cover a complete phase or increment of performance representing a material and measurable part of the total project, and the contract period shall be reduced accordingly.

(6) Because of the magnitude of the scope of work and multiple year period of performance under an incrementally funded contract, there is a critical need for careful program planning. Program planning must provide for appropriate surveillance of the contractor's performance and adequate controls to ensure that projected funding will not impinge on the program office's ability to support, within anticipated appropriations, other equally important contract or grant programs.

(7) An incrementally funded contract must contain precise requirements for progress reports to enable the project officer to effectively monitor the contract. The project officer should be required to prepare periodic performance evaluation reports to facilitate the program office's ultimate decision to allot additional funds under the contract.

332.902 Definitions.

Fiscal office means the office responsible for: (a) Determining whether interest penalties are due a contractor and, if so, the amount, (b) determining whether an invoice offers a financially advantageous discount, (c) maintaining records for and submission of prompt payment reports to the Deputy Assistant Secretary, Finance (DASF), ASMB, OS, and (d) processing payments to the Treasury Department to allow for payment to a contractor when due. The fiscal office shall fulfill the roles of the “designated billing office" and the “designated payment office." (53 FR 43208, Oct. 26, 1988) 332.905 Invoice payments.

(a)(1)(ii), (b)(4), (c)(5). In most instances, the contracting officer will use the seven (7) day constructive acceptance period (specified in paragraph (a)(6)(i) of the Prompt Payment clause at FAR 52.232–25, paragraph (a)(5)(i) of the Prompt Payment clause at FAR 52.232–26, and paragraph (a)(4)(i) of the Prompt Payment clause at FAR 52.232.27) for solicitations and resultant contracts as the basis for the fiscal office's computation of interest penalties. However, where the contracting officer extends the constructive acceptance period, under the conditions described in FAR 32.905, the extension shall be coordinated with the fiscal office. A constructive acceptance period of less than seven (7) days is not authorized.

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(j) When the contracting officer mistakenly receives an invoice first, or is specified in the contract as the first recipient of the invoice, and the contract requires payment with thirty (30) days from receipt of a “proper invoice" (as defined by FAR 32.902), the contracting officer shall review the invoice to determine whether or not it is proper; and, if so, shall approve the invoice and submit it to the fiscal office within sixteen (16) days from the date of receipt. When the contracting officer is the first recipient of the invoice and the contract establishes a payment due date of more than thirty (30) days after receipt, the contracting officer shall review, approve, and submit the “proper invoice" to the fiscal office at least fourteen (14) days prior to the payment due date (unless the contracting officer and fiscal office agree, prior to contract award, to a longer period). (54 FR 43966, Oct. 30, 1989)



Subpart 333.1-Protests

General Accounting Office (GAO), or the General Services Board of Contract Appeals (GSBCA), as the case may be. 333.102 General.

(a) Contracting officers shall consider all protests or objections regarding the award of a contract, whether submitted before or after award, provided the protests are filed in a timely manner and are submitted by interested parties. To be considered timely, protests based on alleged improprieties in any type of solicitation which are apparent before bid opening or the closing date for receipt of proposals shall be filed prior to bid opening or the closing date for receipt of proposals. In the case of negotiated acquisitions, alleged improprieties which do not exist in initial solicitations, but which are subsequently incorporated by amendment, must be protested not later than the next closing date for receipt of proposals following the incorporation. In other cases, protests shall be filed not later than ten (10) Federal Government working days after the basis for protest is known or should have been known, whichever is earlier. Provided a timely protest has been filed initially with the contracting officer, any subsequent protest to the Secretary or GAO filed within ten (10) Federal Government working days of notification of adverse action will be considered. Written confirmation of all oral protests shall be requested from protestants and must be timely filed.

(d)(1) Office of Acquisition and Grants Management (OAGM) has been designated as the headquarters office to serve as the liaison for protests lodged with GAO. Within OAGM, the Departmental Protest Control Officer (DPCO) has been designated as the individual to be contacted by GAO.

(2) The Office of General CounselBusiness and Administrative Law Division (OGC-BAL) has been designated to serve as the liaison for protests lodged with the GSBCA.

(3) Each contracting activity shall designate a protest control officer to serve as an advisor to the contracting officer and to monitor protests from the time of initial notification until the protest has been resolved. The protest control officer should be a senior

Sec. 333.101 Definitions. 333.102 General. 333.103 Protests to the agency. 333.104 Protests to GAO. 333.105 Protests to GSBCA. 333.106 Solicitation provision and contract


Subpart 333.2-Disputes and Appeals 333.203 Applicability. 333.209 Suspected fraudulent claims. 333.210 Contracting officer's authority. 333.211 Contracting officer's decision. 333.212 Contracting officer's duties upon ap

peal. 333.212–70 Formats. 333.213 Obligation to continue performance. 333.214 Contract clause.

AUTHORITY: 5 U.S.C. 301; 40 U.S.C. 486(c).

Subpart 333.1-Protests

SOURCE: 50 FR 23133, May 31, 1985, unless otherwise noted.

333.101 Definitions.

Filed, as used in this subpart, means receipt in the contracting office, the immediate Office of the Secretary, the

acquisition specialist in the headquarters acquisition staff office. In addition, contracting activities should designate similar officials within their principal components to the extent practicable and feasible. A copy of each appointment and termination of appointment of protest control officers shall be forwarded to the Director, OAGM.

Otherwise, submissions of protests to the DPCO may be dispensed with by the contracting officer if he/she is reasonably satisfied that the protest is groundless. In this instance, the contracting officer, with the concurrence of the contracting activity's protest control officer and OGC-BAL, may disallow the protest.

(4) Protests received after award shall be treated as indicated in 333.103(a)(3), above; however, if the files are to be submitted to the DPCO for action, they shall be marked "IMMEDIATE ACTION-PROTEST AFTER AWARD”. (50 FR 23133, May 31, 1985, as amended at 54 FR 24344, June 7, 1989; 56 FR 47003, Sept. 17, 1991; 57 FR 35473, Aug. 10, 1992)

(50 FR 23133, May 31, 1985, as amended at 54 FR 24344, June 7, 1989; 56 FR 47003, Sept. 17, 1991)

333.103 Protests to the agency.

(a)(2) The contracting officer is authorized to make the determination, using the criteria in FAR 33.103(a), to award a contract notwithstanding the protest after obtaining the concurrence of the contracting activity's protest control officer and OGC-BAL. If the protest has been lodged with the Secretary, is addressed to the Secretary, or requests referral to the Secretary, approval shall also be obtained from the Director, OAGM before making the award.

(3) The contracting officer shall require written confirmation of any oral protest. To be considered timely, the written confirmation must be filed in accordance with the applicable provisions in 333.102(a). In the following cases, written protests received by the contracting officer before award shall be forwarded, through acquisition channels, to the DPCO for processing. Files concerning these protests shall be submitted, in duplicate, by the most expeditious means, marked "IMMEDIATE ACTION-PROTEST BEFORE AWARD”, and contain the documentation referenced in 333.104(a)(3).

(1) The protestant requests referral to the Secretary of Health and Human Services;

(ii) The protest is known to have been lodged with the Comptroller General or the Secretary, or is addressed to either; or

(iii) The contracting officer entertains some doubt as to the proper action regarding the protest or believes it to be in the best interest of the Government that the protest be considered by the Secretary or the Comptroller General.

333.104 Protests to GAO.

(a) General. (1) A protestor shall be required to furnish a copy of its complete protest to the contracting officer no later than the first working day after the protest is filed with GAO. Immediately upon receiving a copy of the complete protest, the contracting officer shall telephonically notify the contractng activity's protest control officer, who, in turn, shall immediately notify the DPCO. The contracting officer shall provide the name of the protestor, the solicitation number, the date and time the protest was received from the protestor, and any other significant information.

(3) Protests lodged with GAO, whether before or after award, shall be processed by the DPCO. Protest files shall be prepared by the contracting office and distributed as follows: two copies to the DPCO, one copy to the contracting activity's protest control officer, and one copy to OGC-BAL. Files shall include the following documentation:

(i) The contracting officer's statement of facts and circumstances, including a discussion of the merits of the protest, and conclusions and recommendations, including documentary evidence on which they are based.

(ii) A copy of the IFB or RFP.

(iii) A copy of the abstract of bids or proposals.

(iv) A copy of the bid or proposal of the successful offeror to whom award has been made or is proposed to be made.

(v) A copy of the bid or proposal of clude justification for the withholding the protestant, if any.

of each document or portion of a docu(vi) The current status of award. ment in the contracting officer's stateWhen award has been made, this shall ment of facts. Since the statute allows include whether performance has com- only a short time period in which to remenced, shipment or delivery has been spond to protests lodged with GAO, the made, or a stop work order has been is- contracting officer shall handle each sued.

protest on a priority basis. (vii) A copy of any mutual agreement The DPCO shall prepare the report to suspend work on a no-cost basis, and submit it and the protest file to when appropriate (see FAR 33.104(c)(4)). GAO in accordance with FAR

(viii) Copies of the notice of protest 33.104(a)(5). given offerors and other parties when

(6)(i) The DPCO shall take the necthe notice is appropriate (see FAR

essary actions specified in FAR 33.104(a)(4)).

33.104(a)(6)(i) after receiving all the (ix) A copy of the technical evalua

documentation required by 333.104(a)(3) tion report required by 315.608–76, when

from the contracting officer. applicable, and a copy of each eval

(ii) Since the DPCO will furnish the uator's rating for all proposals.

report to GAO, the protestor, and other (x) A copy of the negotiation memo

interested parties, comments on the rerandum, when applicable (see 315.672).

port from the protester and other in(xi) The name and telephone number

terested parties will be requested to be of the person in the contracting office

sent to the DPCO. who may be contacted for information relevant to the protest, and

(7) The Office of Acquisition and (xii) Any document which is referred

Grants Management (OAGM) has been to in the contracting officer's state

designated as the headquarters office, ment of facts.

and the DPCO as the individual, that The files shall be assembled in an or

GAO should contact concerning all proderly manner and shall include an

tests lodged with GAO. index of enclosures.

(b) Protests before award. (1) To make (4) The contracting officer is respon

an award notwithstanding a protest, sible for making the necessary notifi

the contracting officer shall prepare a cations referenced in FAR 33.104(a)(4).

finding using the criteria in FAR Copies of the views of interested par

33.104(b)(1), have it executed by the ties submitted in response to the noti

principal official responsible for acquifications shall be immediately provided

sition (PORA), and forward it, along to the DPCO upon receipt by the con

with a written request for approval to tracting officer.

make the award, to the Director, (5) The contracting officer shall fur

OAGM. nish the protest file containing the (2) If the request to make an award documentation specified in notwithstanding the protest is ap333.104(a)(3), except item (i), to the proved by the Director, OAGM, the DPCO within twelve (12) work days DPCO shall notify GAO. Whether the from receipt of the protest. The con- request is approved or not, the DPCO tracting officer shall provide the docu- shall telephonically notify the conmentation required by item (i) of tracting activity's protest control offi333.104(a)(3) to the DPCO within nine- cer of the decision by the Director, teen (19) work days from receipt of the OAGM, and the contracting activity's protest. (The contracting activity's protest control officer shall immeprotest control officer may provide a diately notify the contracting officer. written opinion and recommendation The DPCO shall confirm the decision on the protest to the DPCO within by memorandum to the contracting acnineteen (19) work days from receipt of tivity's protest control officer. the protest by the contracting officer.) (4) The contracting office shall preThe contracting officer shall clearly pare the protest file in accordance with identify any documents or portions of 333.104(a)(2), and forward it, in duplidocuments he or she desires to with- cate, to the DPCO (see 333.104(a)(4)). hold from the protester, and shall in- The file shall be marked “IMMEDIATE



(c) Protests after award. (2) If the contracting officer believes performance should be allowed to continue notwithstanding the protest, a finding shall be prepared by the contracting officer, executed by the PORA, and forwarded, along with a written request for approval, to the Director, OAGM. The same procedures for notification stated in 333.104(b)(2), above shall be followed.

(6) The contracting officer shall prepare the protest file in accordance with 333.104(a)(3), and forward it, in duplicate, to the DPCO (see 333.104(a)(5)). The file shall be marked "IMMEDIATE ACTION-PROTEST AFTER AWARD."

(d) Findings and notice. The contracting officer shall perform the actions required by FAR 33.104(d); however, notification to GAO shall be made by the DPCO.

(g) Notice to GAO. The Director, Office of Acquisition and Grants Management shall be the official to comply with the requirements of FAR 33.104(8).

(1) Express option. When GAO invokes the express option, the contracting officer shall prepare the complete protest file as described in 333.104(a)(3), to include item (i), and deliver it (handcarry, if necessary) to the DPCO no later than the close of business on the ninth work day after the express option is invoked. The contracting officer shall involve OGC-BAL as early as possible after receiving notification of the invocation of the express option, and obtain the concurrence of the cognizant OGC-BAL attorney prior to transmitting the protest file to the DPCO. The DPCO shall prepare the report and submit it and the protest file to GAO.

(2)(i) The contracting officer is responsible for complying with the requirement in FAR 33.105(a)(2)(i).

(ii) The cognizant OGC-BAL attorney is responsible for complying with the requirement stated in FAR 33.105(a)(2)(ii).

(b) As soon as possible but no later than six (6) work days after the filing of the protest, a copy of the protest file containing all documents (see FAR 33.105(b), especially (b)(7)), and labeled on the cover “FOR USE BY DPCO ONLY”, shall be in the hands of the DPCO for review. Simultaneously, two copies of the same protest file provided to the DPCO shall be provided to the cognizant OGC-BAL attorney. These two copies shall be labeled on the cover “FOR USE BY OGC-BAL." After consultation with the cognizant OGC-BAL attorney, the DPCO shall transmit the protest file to the GSBCA.

(1) Rather than furnishing a decision, the contracting officer shall include a statement of facts and circumstances and a discussion of the merits of the protest, as well as conclusions and recommendations and documentary evidence on which they are based. These statements shall be reviewed by the cognizant OGC-BAL attorney before being finalized.

(7) The DPCO shall provide all parties with a list of documents furnished to the GSBCA for in camera review.

(10) The copies of the protest files to be provided to the DPCO and OGC-BAL shall also contain the documents or information pecified in 333.104(a)(3)(vii) through (xii). The file shall be assembled in an orderly manner and include an index of enclosures.

(c) The cognizant OGC-BAL attorney is responsible for complying with the requirement stated in FAR 33.105(c).

(d)(1) If the protest requests a suspension of acquisition authority, the contracting officer must make this known to the DPCO, OGC-BAL, and the contracting activity's protest control officer at the time of the initial telephone notification of the filing of the protest to afford an opportunity for the DPCO, OGC-BAL, principal official responsible for acquisition (PORA), and contracting officer to take appropriate action.

(50 FR 23133, May 31, 1985, as amended at 50 FR 38004, Sept. 19, 1985; 54 FR 24344, June 7, 1989; 55 FR 42197, Oct. 18, 1990; 56 FR 47003, Sept. 17, 1991)

333.105 Protests to GSBCA.

(a)(1) The contracting officer shall give telephone notification to the DPCO, OGC-BAL, and the contracting activity's protest control officer immediately upon notification of the protest.

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