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References are to sections, except where otherwise indicated.

Vol. 1 contains 88 1 to 3040, Pages 3 to 1190; Vol. 2, 88 3041 to 5326, Pages 1191 to
2320; Vol. 3, 88 5327 to 8146, Pages 2321 to 3613; Vol. 4, 88 8147 to 10598, Pages 3614 to


Claim of United States against entitled to
General provisions, 5003–5012.

preference, 6372.

Postmasters, contractors, etc., attachment,

See Captured or Abandoned Property.
Claims, jurisdiction of Court of Claims, 1153. ABSCONDING INDIANS
Contracts for preservation, sale, or collection

Arrest by Indian agents, etc., 4155.
of wrecked, abandoned, or derelict property,


See Leave of Absence.
Children by mother, pension to children, 8990. Appraiser of customs, assistant to perform
Mariner in foreign port, 10468.

duties, 5396.
Merchandise, after try, relief from pay- Army, certificates at muster, 2321, 2322.
ment of duty, 5602.

Deserters, 2356-2360.
In warehouse more than three years, One mile from camp without leave, 2343.

Pay, 2104-2110.
Railroad lands, homestead entries, 4892.

Forfeiture, 2111.

Quarters for officers absent on duty, 2122.

Without leave, 2341–2343.
See Refunds; Remission.

Assistant Attorney-General, deputy to super-
Claims for fines, etc., under customs laws, vise attorneys, 519.

Assistant commissioner of general land office,
Contest of homestead claim, death of contest- designation of temporary assistant, 692.
ant, 4537.

Assistant treasurer or depositary, designation
Internal revenue tax, distilled spirits on de- of clerk to act, 6602.
struction, 5945.

Attorney-General, Solicitor-General to per-
Limitations, 5951.

form duties, 516.
Power of commissioner as to, 5944.

Chiefs of bureau, military bureaus, perform-
Suits, death of officers sued in official capac-

ance of duties during, 1996.
ity, 1594.

Navigation, assistant to act, 631.
Death of parties, 1592, 1593.

Ordnance in navy, assistant to act, 632.
Carriers' employés, 8665.

Steam engineering in navy, assistant to
Defects of form, amendments allowed,

act, 636.

Supplies and accounts in navy,

Expiration of term, etc., of officers sued

to act, 638.
in official capacity, 1594.

Civilian assistant to act in absence of
Part of defendants not served, 1032.

assistant, 640.
Plea of, ownership of property, postmas-

Commissioners, Bureau of Light-House, act-
ter, contractors, etc., 1553.

ing commissioner designated in absence
Rulings on not to be reversed on writ

of deputy, 900.
of error in Supreme Court, except,

General Land Office, assistant to act, 691.
etc., 1672.
Repeal by Revised Statutes not to affect,

Internal Revenue, deputy to act, 494.

Pensions, Deputy to act, 729.

Comptroller of Currency, Deputy to act, 498.

Defendants in suit to enforce liens, etc., 1039.
Articles intended for producing, importing

Diplomatic and consular officers without leave,
and transporting, 10415.

Selling, etc., in Territories, 10485.

Salary, 3200,
Unmailable, 10381.

Director, Bureau of Standards, acting direc-
ABRIDGEMENT OF PRESIDENT'S Geological Survey, authorization of act-

ing Director, 771.
Preparation, printing, distribution, 7089.

Disbursing clerk, departments, acting officer,


Pensions, appointment of substitute, 672
See Treaties.

District judges, adjournment of court, 979.


tor, 928.

[References are to sections, except where otherwise indicated.]
ABSENCE (Cont'd)

Exclusion in computation of limitations, 1711, See, also, Auditors; Comptroller of Treas

ry, etc.
Harbor master at Washington, D. C., pilot

Accounts, clerks, marshals, etc., forwarded to,
of police boat to act, 9953.

Indian agents, forfeiture of salary, 4018.

Lost checks, 468.
Internal revenue stamps, cigars, evidence of

Adjustment and control of expenditures of
non-payment of tax, 6208.

Interior Department, 683.
Tobacco and snuff, notice and evidence of

Allowance, charges for commissions or inqui-
non-payment of tax, 6182.

ries, restricted, 6781.
Judges, certificates regarding, 547.

Judgments against property of govern-
Naval officers, customs, deputies to act, 5371.

ment, 6951.
Navy, arsenals, etc., 3248.

Payment for fuel in District of Colum-
Before acceptance of resignation, punish-

bia without certificate of inspection un-
ment, 2971.

lawful, 6840.
Court-martial, members, 3014.

Audit, accounts of district attorneys, clerks
Judge advocate general of navy, solicitor

and marshals, 1415, 1425.
to act, 613.

Accounts of Interstate Commerce Commis-
Officer from command, punishment, 2970.

sion, 8589.
Station or duty without leave, punish-

Certificates, arrears of pay of volunteers, 451.
ment, 2969(19).

Bounty claims, colored soldiers, marines,
Presumption of death of enlisted man or offi-

etc., 3969, 3970.
cer after seven years unexplained absence,

Volunteers, 451.

Decisions of Supreme Court or Court of
Public printer, chief clerk to act, 6991,

Claims to be followed, 451.
Recorder of general land office, designation of Inspector General's Department, 1774.
temporary recorder, 694,

Loss of public property certified to, 439, 440.
Supervising inspector of steam-vessels, des- Report to solicitor of treasury, salary with-
ignation of officer to act, 8158.

held because of arrearage, 3239.
Surveyors of customs, deputies to act, 5371. Return of officers' and soldiers' discharges
Territorial officers, salary not to be paid on after settlement of accounts, 452.
account of, 3473.

Settlement of accounts, disbursing officer of
Treasurer or Assistant Treasurer, appoint-

Navy, 456.
ment of Acting Assistant, 476.

District attorneys, clerks and marshals,


Indian affairs, 722.
Status as to pensions, 8975.

Paymasters of lost or captured public ves-

sels, 455.

Supplies or services for military or naval

service, 6842.
Grantors to furnish to government, 6904. Settlement of claims for property lost in mil-

itary and naval service, 6403, 6404.

Settlement of overpayments by army paymas.
Navigable waters, failure to maintain lights,

ters, 449.
penalty, 8441.


See Accounting Officers; Auditors; Commit-
See Military Academy; Naval Academy.

tee on Accounts; Comptroller of Treasury;
Distribution of duplicate specimens of Na-

Customs Officers; Indian Affairs; Indian
tional Museum to, 10578.

Agents; Indians; Interstate Commerce

Commission; Postal Accounts; Postmas-

ter-General; Public Money; Supplies and
Memoirs of, number of copies, distribution,

Accounts, Bureau of; and other specifio

Reports, number of copies, distribution, 7077.

Administrative examination of, 429, 431, 433,

434, 437.

Advances, bounties paid by paymasters in
See Crimes and Offenses.

Army, how allowed, 448.

Fighting forest fires, 6650.

Army officers, oath, 327.

Settlement, 446.
Railroads, hours of service of employees in

Auditor of, 416-471.
case of, 8679.
Medals of honor for preventing, 8649,

Binding of public documents for Congress-

men, 7181.

Bureau of, chief, appointment as disburging
Reports, 8637, 8642-8646.

clerk of state department, 291.
Vessels, reports, 7975–7977.

Chief, salary, 290.

Supplies and accounts in navy depart.

ment, 623–628, 637–640, 649-655.
See Crimes and Offenses.

Chief clerk, Court of Claims, 1133.

Patent-Office, 741.

Clerks, circuit court of appeals, annual re-
See Accounting Officers.

turn, 1400.

Vol. 1 contains $8 1 to 3040, Pages 3 to 1190; Vol. 2, $$ 3041 to 5326, Pages 1191 to 2320; Vol. 3,
(References are to sections, except where otherwise indicated.]

Courts, 1397, 1415.

Distress warrants against collector, etc., for
Approval, 1417.

failure to render account, 6624-6637.
Money received, 1399.

District attorneys, approval, 1415, 1417, 1425.
Naturalization fees, 4372.

Certified to by district judge, 1416.
District courts, certified to by district District of Columbia, 1396.
judge, 1416.

Prize cases, 8423.
Prize cases, 8420.

Traveling expenses, 1432.
House of representatives, property of Unit- Division of bookkeeping and warrants in treas-
ed States in possession of, 105.

ury department to keep, 356.
Coiners, 6508–6510.

Door-keeper of house of representatives, prop-
Collectors of internal revenue, 5850, 5851. erty of United States in possession of, 105.
Charges and credits, 5942.

Examination of by Auditors, 419-471.
Cigar stamps, 6205.

Expenses, armories, annual account, 3085.
Goods in bond, monthly, 6341.

Contest of election of member of House
Monthly statements and final account,

of Representatives, 187.

Failure to render account as required of mon-
Quarterly account, 5936.

ey received, 6623.
Receipt as sufficient voucher, 5934. False claims, 6411.
Stamps for fermented liquors, 6147.

Military service, 2369(1-6).
Stamps for white phosphorus matches, Naval service, 2975(1, 2).

Fees, district attorneys, clerks and marshals,
Tobacco and snuff, 6178.

auditing, 1415.
Columbia Institution for Deaf, 9346.

Issuing pass-ports to citizens of United
Commanding officers, army companies, affida-

States, 7626.
vit, etc., 327.

Forms of, 381, 408.
Navy, disbursements, 456.

Freedmen's hospital, supervision of, 3974.
Commissioners, General Land Office, fees pay- Fuel for government in District of Columbia,

able on behalf of Indian parties in pub- 6840.
lic land contests, 4101.

Furniture in Treasury Department, 375.
Internal revenue, stamps for playing Geological Survey expenditures, 776.
cards, 6313.

Indian affairs, 722, 723.
Patents, 741.

Indian agent, 4002.
Committee on accounts of House of Represen- Condition to advances, 4067.
tatives, 70.

Insane hospital, 9293, 9328.
Common carriers, failure to keep as prescribed Internal revenue, brewers selling at retail to
by Interstate Commerce Commission,

keep, 6155.
penalty, 8592.

Receipts, 370.
False entries, mutilation, etc., penalty, Interstate Commerce Commission auditing of,

Forms prescribed by Interstate Commerce Mail contractors, settlement on assignment of
Commission, 8592.

contracts, 7453.
Inspection under order of Interstate Com- Marshals, approval, 1415, 1417, 1425.
merce Commission, 8592.

Certified to by district judge, 1416.
Uniform system required by Interstate Supreme Court of United States, 1393.

Commerce Commission, manner of keep- Melters and refiners, 6508-6510.
ing, 8592.

Mileage of members of Congress, 35, 49, 50.
Compensation and mileage of members of Con- Military prison, duties of commandant, 2457.
gress, 52.

Examination, 2455.
Consular courts, receipts and expenditures of Mints and assay-offices, how kept, etc., 6441.
consular courts, 7665.

National Home for Disabled Volunteer Sol-
Consular officers, fees, 3186, 3207.

diers, 9257.
Stamps for fees, 3188.

Naval officers, seamen, etc., on lost vessels,
Contingent expenses of Treasury, 371.

Cost account of work on Indian reservations, To furnish men, with, 2980(10, 11).
686, 688.

Naval paymasters on foreign stations, con-
Customs officers, 409, 5380 to 5387.

sular certificates to accompany, 6873.
Papers to accompany, 436.

Officers, Indian affairs, allowance for travel-
Special agents to examine, 5389.

ing expenses in settling, 4023.
Decimal system, 6535.

Land office, allotment from public land,
Depositaries of public moneys, examination,

Indians not residing on reservation,

4198, 4199.
Deposit with auditors of contracts connected Postal savings system, clerks to audit, 360.
witb settlement of, 6894.

Postal service, 7598-7609.
Diplomatic officers, fees, 3134.

Postmasters, 7204–7206.
Disbursing officers, decrees of Court of Claims, House of representatives, property of

United States in possession of, 10).
Examination and settlement of, 410.

Money order accounts, 7562.
Indian affairs, false representation, ef- Notice to sureties of deficiencies, 7194.
fect, 4091.

Senate, property of United States in pos-
Militia, 3064.

session of, 105.
Payment of pressing obligations where bal. Post Office Department, 458-467.

ance of appropriation is insufficient, ad- Examination by auditor, 419, 420.
justment, 6620-6622.

Manner of keeping and stating, 582.
Penalty for failure, 6632.

Property of, 586.
Settlement, 394, 395.

Rendition of returns relative to, 582.

(References are to sections, except where otherwise indicated.]

Preservation of, by Auditors, 454.

Mortgages and conveyances of vessels not to
Prize-commissioners, 8423.

be recorded by collectors of customs with-
Public moneys, 6616-6622.

out, 7779.
Public printer, report of, with departments Power of attorney to locate placer mining
and officers, 6676.

claims in Alaska, 5055.
Settlement of, 86.

Shipping-articles, 8302.
Redemption of United States notes, etc., 477. United States court for China, authentication,
Rendition for administrative examination, 428. 7687.
Rent of prisons, etc., in foreign countries,
7666, 7667.

Salaries and mileage of members of House

See titles of the particular officers, as Com
of Representatives, 48, 98.

missaries of Subsistence; Director of the
Secretary of senate, property of United States

Censu8; Surgeons; etc.
in possession of, 105.
Sergeant at arms, house of representatives,

False, procuring bail, etc., by, 10297.

Punishment of officer making, 10195.
property of United States in possession

of, 105.
Senate, property of United States in pos

session of, 105.

See Election of Remedies; Evidence; Judg.
Settled, re-examination of, 438.

ments and Decrees; Juries; Parties; Wit-
Settlement, military service, 452.

Particular accounts, 406.

Compromise of, see Compromise.
Salaries of Senators, etc., 479.

Jurisdiction and venue, see Consular Courts;
Supplies for military and naval service, District Courts; Jurisdiction; Supreme

Court of United States.
Treasury department, 368.

Limitations, see Limitations.
Without administrative examination, 435. Abatement, death of officers sued in official
Shipping commissioners, 8287.

capacity, 1594.
Sixth auditor of post-office department, copies Death of party to, 1592, 1593.
as evidence, 1502.

Carriers' employees, 8665.
Superintendent of Treasury buildings, 397.

Defects of form, amendments allowed,
Supplies in navy department, 626.

Temporary committee, of house of representa- Expiration of term of officers sued in offi-
tives, appointments, etc., 110.

cial capacity, 1594.
Travel and other expenses, oath for, adminis- Part of defendants pot served, 1032.
tered by whom, 3262.

Plea of, ownership of property, postmas-
Treasurer of United States, 478.

ter, contractors, etc., 1553.
Trustees in bankruptcy, 9633.

Ruling on, not to be reversed on writ
United States and Indian tribes, statement of,

of error except, etc., 1672.
certification of balance to Secretary of the Repeal by Revised Statutes, not to affect,
Treasury, 4080.

United States commissioner, 1417.

Alaska, quieting title to lands, 5073, 5091.
United States courts in Alaska, time for Foreclosure of miners' liens, 5063-5068.
transmission, 430.

Allowance of credit in, brought by United
War and Navy Departments laid before Con- States, 1588, 1589.
gress, 393.

Altering court terms, 974.

Bonds, alien against becoming public charge,

Mode of packing for shipment on steam ves-

Chief clerk of Agricultural Department,
sels, penalties, 8245, 8246.


Contractors for public buildings or works,

6922, 6923.

Deputy collectors of internal revenue,
Agreement to arbitrate between carrier and

employees, 8671(1).

Deputy surveyors of public lands, 4467.
Authority to take, clerks of Court of Claims,

Marshals of consular courts, 7659, 7660.

Revenue officers, unlawful destruction of
Indian agents, 4009.

distillery and apparatus after seizure,
Judges of Court of Claims, 1149.

Notary public, 3259.

Secretary of Agriculture, 815.
United States commissioner, 3259.

Civil rights, criminal prosecution not to de-
Certificates, judges and clerks of Court of

feat civil action, 3928.
Claims, 1149.

Deprivation and abridgment, 3932.
Organization of bank, 9660.

Neglect to prevent conspiracy, 3934.
Federal reserve bank, 9788(3).

Combinations in restraint of trade, 8823-
Voucher for pension, penalty for false

certificate, 9079.

Appeal to Commissioner of Internal Rev.
Conveyance by town site trustees in Oklaho-

Deposit of copies of copyrights, 9533.
Deeds affecting lands in territories and Dis- Consolidation, 1546, 1547.

trict of Columbia, validity of, taken in Unit- Foreclosure of miners liens in Alaska,
ed States possessions, 3260, 3261.

Vol. 1 contains $$ 1 to 3040, Pages 3 to 1190; Vol. 2, $$ 3041 to 5326, Pages 1191 to 2320; Vol. 3,

enue, 5949.

ma, 5035.

persons, 3933(3).

(References are to sections, except where otherwise indicated.]

ACTION (Cont'd)
ACTION (Cont'd)
Conspiracy to deprive, injure, etc., officers or Notice of registration prerequisite to re-

covery, 9514.
Contracts with Indian tribes, 4087.

Trusts, amount of recovery for injuries in
Copyrights, deposit of copies prerequisite, import trade, 8835.

United States as defendant, jurisdiction and
Jurisdiction, 9547, 9555.

procedure, 1574-1578.
Customs revenue, fines and penalties, 5788. Vessel failing to deposit registry, sea letter,
Forfeitures, 5790, 5791.

etc., with consul on arrival at foreign port,
Dams obstructing navigation, recovery of ex- 8056.
penses of removing, 9980.

Equal rights of all persons in states as to,

Alien immigrants, not excluded, 4244.
Escheat of lands in territories owned by ACTS OF BANKRUPTCY
aliens, 3494.

Defined, 9587.
False claims on government, 6411-6414.
Fishermen, shares of fisheries, 8150.

Forfeitures, failure of carrier to obey certain

See evised Statutes ; Statutes.
orders of Interstate Commerce Commis-
sion, 8584.

Receiving rebates from carriers, 8597.

Agricultural Department, exchange of, 814.
Interest of district judge, 987.
Internal revenue taxes, collection, Commis- ADJOURNMENT
sioner of Internal Revenue, regulation

Courts, prevalence of epidemic disease, 9181.
and sanction, 5938, 5939.

District Courts, monthly, for trial of crimi.
Compromise, 5952.

nal causes, 977.
Continuance, 5954.

Nonattendance of judge, 979.
Judgments, to whom paid, 5940,

Supreme court, want of quorum, 1209.
Personal injuries sustained in collecting,

Taking of testimony in contested elections of

members of House of Representatives, 181.
Restraining assessment or collection, 5947.
Wrongful collection, appeal to Commis- | ADJUTANT-GENERAL
sioner a prerequisite, 5949.

See Adjutant-General's Department; Mili-
Recovery of taxes wrongfully collected

tary Secretary.
under second assessment, burden of

Assistant, appointment, 1766.
proof, 5948.

Duties, 1765.
Joinder, foreclosure of miners' liens in Alas-

Inspector-General's Department, 1765.
ka, 5066.

Rank, 1764.
Seizure for violation of revenue laws,

Staff of army corps commander, 2029.

Title changed to military secretary, 1768.
Monopolies, amount of recovery, 8829.

Commissioner for Soldiers' Home, 2452, 9214-
National banks, 9661, 9668.

National military parks, recovery of lands Department, 1764.
in, 5287.

Office of, 1764.
Officers, House of Representatives or Senate Officer of Adjutant General's Department,
sued for official acts, 117.

Recovery of money due from, 6623.

Retired army officers, detail as, 2076.
Panama Canal, damages to vessels, 10041. Staff of army corps commander, 2029.

Determination of right to use of, 8836. States, returns of militia, 3053.
Percentage of net earnings due from railroads
to United States, 10061.

Poor persons, 1626-1630.

Postal service, fraudulent, erroneous, See Adjutant-General.
wrongful payments, 7606.

Chief clerk, salary, 314.
Public lands, cancellation of patents errone- Chief of Staff to have supervision, 1763.

ously issued under railroad or wagon Composition of, 1764.
road grants, 4901-4903.

Consolidation with Record and Pension Of-
Mining claim, 1533.

fice, 1766.
Railroad land grants, cancellation of land Military records, 336–344.

patents erroneously issued, 4896. Military Secretary, 1769.
Cost of survey, 4894.

Part of army, 1717.
Forfeiture for failure to deposit costs Promotions, 1770, 1905.

of surveying, etc., 4915.
Price of lands, 4898.

Trespass on timber lands, defenses, 4992. See Squadron Adjutant.
Unlawful inclosure or occupancy of pub- Cavalry regiment, 1718.

lic lands, 4998, 5002.
Removal of causes from state courts, 1010–

Field artillery regiment, 1734.

Infantry regiment, 1738.

Marine Corps, 2911.
Repeals by Judicial Code not to affect, 1276. Assistant, 2913.
By criminal code not to affect, 10516.

Staff, 2906.
Seamen's wages, 8336.

Military academy, pay, 2259.

Navy, authority to administer oaths, 3037.
Trade marks, fraudulent registration, 9510.

Pay, 2089.


Surety company,

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