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The National Archives
National Archives and Records Service

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National Archives Publication No. 65-2

Library of Congress Catalog Card No. A64-7235


GSA through the National Archives and Records Service is responsible for administering the permanent noncurrent records of the Federal Government. These archival holdings, now amounting to over 900,000 cubic feet, date from the days of the Continental Congresses; they include the basic records of the three branches of our Government-Congress, the courts, and the executive departments and independent agencies. The Presidential Libraries --Hoover, Roosevelt, Truman, and Eisenhower--contain the papers of those Presidents and many of their associates in office. Among our holdings are many hallowed documents relating to great events of our Nation's history, preserved and venerated as symbols to stimulate a worthy patriotism in all of us. But most of the records are less dramatic, kept because of their continuing practical utility for the ordinary processes of government, for the protection of private rights, and for the research use of students and scholars.

To facilitate the use of the records and to describe their nature and content, our archivists prepare various kinds of finding aids. The present work is one such publication. We believe that it will prove valuable to anyone who wishes to use the records it describes.

BERNARD L. BOUTIN Administrator of General Services

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