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Page Southern States Cooperative, Inc. v. Baltimore & O. R. Co., 323 I.C.C. 400 -----

491 Southwestern N. H. Transp. Co., Inc., Extension, 54 M.C.C. 656

807 Sterling Trucking, Inc., Ext.-Additional States, 118 M.C.C. 374.

8 Stilwell Canning Co., Inc., Com. Car. Applic., 123 M.C.C. 614.

864 Subler Trucking, Inc., Ext. Canned Goods, 111 M.C.C. 624 --

530 Substituted Service-Piggyback, 322 1.C.C. 301 -

473 Sullivan Lines, Inc., Ext.-Far West, 118 M.C.C. 801

477,857 Super Speed Transport, Inc., Common Carrier Application, 96 M.C.C. 335-.

279,477,857 Superhighway Rules-Motor Common Carriers of Property, 49 CFR 1042.3

82,849 T. I. McCormack Trucking Co., Inc.-Ext.-Montezuma, N.Y., 99 M.C.C. 725 --

350 Investigation, 110 M.C.C. 499 -

489 Tank Lines, Inc., Ext.-Delaware, 86 M.C.C. 198

10 Tanksley Trucking, Inc., Ext.-Louisville, Ky., 120 M.C.C. 793.

439 Tauck Tours, Inc., Ext.-New York, N.Y., 54 M.C.C. 291

298 Tennessee Carolina Transp., Inc., Ext.—Memphis, 113 M.C.C. 711

533 Terminal Transport Co., Inc., Ext.—Michigan Points, 111 M.C.C. 343 346 Texas Mexican Ry. Co. v. United States, 250 F. Supp. 946 -

9 Texas-Oklahoma Exp., Inc., Ext.Oklahoma Points, 110 M.C.C. 769

658 Theatres Service Co. Ext.-Duluth, Ga., 113 M.C.C. 744

490 Trans West Exp., Inc., Ext.-Seattle-Portland, 118 M.C.C. 1

657 Transamerican Freight Lines, Inc.-Ext. Columbus, Ga., 115 M.C.C. 416 --

658 Ext.-Dover, Del., 108 M.C.C. 791

439 Ext.-Friona, Tex., 108 M.C.C. 687 -

371 Trans-Caribbean M. Transport, Inc., Com. Car. Applic., 66 M.C.C. 593- 349 Transport Trucking Co. Ext.-Kansas City, Mo., 47 M.C.C. 702

391 Transportation of “Waste" Products for Reuse, 114 M.C.C. 92; 120 M.C.C. 596---

583,584,595 Travenol Laboratories, Inc., Petition for Invest., 121 M.C.C. 588-

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445,590 v. Drum, 368 U.S. 370 --

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351 v. Wabash R. Co., 321 U.S. 403 --

815 Utley Lumber Co. Inc.-Investigation of Operations, 94 M.C.C. 458


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Page Veon, Inc., Contract Carrier Application, 92 M.C.C. 248

864 Verbeem v. United States, 154 F. Supp. 431; 356 U.S. 676

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94 Ext-Lodi, N.J., 119 M.C.C. 107

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232 Wilhelm Warehouse Co. d/b/a Wilhelm Trucking Co. Ext.-Iron and Steel Articles, Effective 11/14/74 ---

227 Willapoint Oysters, Inc. v. Ewing, 174 F. 2d 676; 338 U.S. 860--------

155 William Bros. Corp. Contract Carrier Application, 44 M.C.C. 557

544 Wilson, Inc., Ext.-Glen Canyon Dam Site, 78 M.C.C. 541

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541 Windsor Contract Carrier Application, 81 M.C.C. 423

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541 Yellow Cab of Boca Raton, Inc. v. United States, 42 L. Ed. 2d 36

450 Younger Bros. Inc., v. United States, 289 F. Supp. 545

9 124 M.C.C.

248-348 0.77.


No. MC-110563 (SUB-No. 94)



Issuance of a certificate of public convenience and necessity authorizing described

operations as common carrier by motor vehicle approved, subject to restrictions, upon compliance by applicant with certain conditions.


Joseph M. Scanlan for applicant.

Eugene L. Cannon, E. Check, Edward R. Driskell, Thomas L. Hilt, J. T. Massie, A. J. Swanson, Einar Viren, Arlyn L. Westergren, and Robert W. Wright, Jr., for protestant.



Division 1(Commissioners Murphy, Gresham, and MacFarland), held at its office in Washington D.C., on the 14th day of August

1975. Upon consideration of the application and the record in the above-entitled proceeding, including the initial decision of the Administrative Law Judge, the exceptions filed separately by Yellow Freight Systems, Inc., and jointly by McAllister Transfer, Inc., Arrow Freight Lines, Inc., Freeman Transfer, Inc., and Hilt Truck Line, and the reply thereto filed by applicant; and

It appearing, That the Administrative Law Judge recommended the granting to applicant of a certificate of public convenience and necessity authorizing the operation, as a common carrier by motor vehicle in interstate or foreign commerce, over irregular routes, of general commodities (except those of unusual value, classes A and B explosives, household goods as defined by the Commission, commodities in bulk, and those requiring special equipment) between Aurora, Nebr., on the one hand, and, on the other, points in the United States (except Hawaii and Alaska), restricted to traffic originating at or destined to Aurora, Nebr.;

And it further appearing, That the pleadings present no new or material matters of fact or law not adequately considered and properly disposed of by the Administrative Law Judge in his initial decision, and are not of such nature as to require the issuance of a report discussing the evidence in the light of the pleadings; Wherefore, and good cause appearing therefor:



We find, That the evidence considered in the light of the pleadings does not warrant a result different from that reached by the Administrative Law Judge; and that the statement of facts, the conclusions, and the findings of the Administrative Law Judge in his initial decision, as material and pertinent to the decision in this proceeding, being proper and correct in all material respects, should be, and they are hereby, affirmed and adopted as our own; and

It is ordered, That upon compliance by applicant with the requirements of sections 215, 217, and 221(c) of the Interstate Commerce Act and with the Commission's rules and regulations thereunder, within the time specified in the next succeeding paragraph, an appropriate certificate will be issued.

It is further ordered, That unless compliance is made by applicant with the requirements of sections 215, 217, and 221(c) of the act within 90 days after the date of service hereof, or within such additional time as may be authorized by the Commission, the grant of authority made herein shall be considered as null and void and the application shall stand denied in its entirety effective upon the expiration of the said compliance time.

And it is further ordered, That this order shall be effective 30 days from the date of service here of.

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The statement of facts, conclusions, and findings of Administrative Law Judge Paul J. Fitzpatrick, follows:

By application filed on October 16, 1972, Coldway Food Express, Inc., of Sidney, Ohio, seeks a certificate of public convenience and necessity authorizing operation, in interstate or foreign commerce as a common carrier by motor vehicle, over irregular routes, of general commodities, between Aurora, Nebr., on the one hand, and, on the other, points in the United States (except Hawaii and Alaska), restricted to traffic originating at or destined to Aurora, Nebr.

The application was referred to the undersig ned for oral hearing, which was held in Omaha, Nebr., on May 18 and September 25, 1973. At the hearing applicant offered an amendment to the application which was contained in a letter of May 2, 1973, to the Secretary of the Commission, and would exclude transportation of commodities in bulk. Applicant was advised at the hearing that under present Commission policy the proposed amendment was untimely; and, accordingly, it was not accepted. Applicant responded that it did not intend to offer any testimony conceming the need for service for commodities in bulk.

124 M.C.C.

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