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SECTION V -- Establishment of Goals

Cite measurable goals and reasonable timetables for achieving these

goals. Good faith efforts will require different timetables, depending upon. the community, various factors in the organization, and the nature of the contract of business. Goals should not be rigid, Inflexible quotas which must be met, but must be targets reasonably attainable through good faith efforts to make all aspects of the entire Small and Minority Business Program

work. Goals and timetables should be developed in each specific plan submitted

on a contract by contract basis in response to 95-507 and Associated Regulations, 1.e. DARs and FPRs. In the Instance of setting percentage goals for the

utilization of Small Business concerns owned and controlled by socially and

economically disadvantaged individuals for specific government contracts,

goals should be expressed in terms of percentage of total planned subcontracting dollars. In addition, total facility awards to minority contractors may be

To-rated as part of goals for use of minority business. However, duplication

shall be avoided.

SECTION VI -- Action-Oriented Programs

After conducting the analysis of the Minority and Small Business

environments according to Section IV, prepare this Section to illustrate how key personnel in the Company's purchasing system will atempt to reach the

disadvantaged small business goal established for specific contracts.

Direct this system to Buyers, Materials Personnel, Small and Minority

Business Liaison Representatives, etc.

This Section will include a system for identifying minority suppliers

and will cover the following:

Methods for locating SBSDB firms.

Development and maintenance of source lists for suppliers.

Establishment uf "Library" of guides and other data identifying

SBSDB vendors

Also include the following in this Section, as applicable:

Methods for monitoring how well you use SBSDB vendors,

i.e records kept, etc.

Special management, technological, or financial assistance

provided for minority owned firms, including the name and

address of each Minority and/or Small Business firm and

the type of assistance provided.


Internal Audit and Reporting Systems

Establish a system for maintaining records, auditing reports, and

providing direction and counsel to SBSDB · vendors. Such a system must

permit an internal sharing of information and data and a monitoring of problems

and progress.

This Section should describe how your use of SBSDB vendors, as well

as any special action programs, will be reviewed and evaluated during the

year in order to assure that the Company's SBSDB Policy

Statement is being complied with. These reports should compare the actual

progress achieved with specific and overall SBSDB Program goals and

will recommend changes in program emphasis when goals are not being met. NOTE: In the Instance of Reporting on Specific Government

Contracts dollar amounts awarded SBSDB Businesses

on a total facility or support basis may be pro-rated

over existing or future government contracts. However,

the pro-rated amounts may be used only once in the case

of specific contracts - No duplication.

As required by specific government contracts, each appropriate organization

unit will report on a frequent basis the following minority purchasing activities

to the appropriate government agency as the activities occur.



Number and value of orders placed with each Small Disadvantaged

and/or Small Business identified by name for the month and

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[blocks in formation]


Visits by government officials and representatives of

SBSDB trade associations as well as purpose of visit, names

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and title of visitors, and name of senior General Electric

personnel visited.


Potentially controversial Issues arising from SBSDB

Purchasing activities including refusal to permit a

minority small owned firm to bid when requested by the

firm, a minority .small association or a government agency;

award to non-minority firm when a minority small owned

firm has invested substantially in the bidding process

and is likely to feel unfairly treated; accusations of

unfair treatment, whether or not warranted; cancellation

of orders with minority small owned firms either for

convenience or default; and any other problems likely to

reflect unfavorably on the General Electric SBSDB Purchasing



Support of Minority Business Advocate Programs

The General Electric Company encourages its employees to participate

in and support extemal organizations that directly or indirectly assist

SBSDB businesses.

Include in this Section a narrative description of your participation

with SBSDB Business advocate groups.

Include the nature of support provided to local SBSDB

vendor programs,

i.e., Company sponsored membership in minority and women's organizations,

financial assistance, loan of personnel or equipment, gifts, contributions,

etc. Examples of the Company include, but are not limited to,


Alliance of Businessmen, Opportunities Industrialization Centers, National

Amigos de SER, NEDA, National Urban League, National Organization for Women,

National Association of Black Manufacturers, Interracial Council for Business

Opportunity, National Business League, National Minority Purchasing Council,

National Association of Minority Certified Public Accountants, and the Latin

American Manufacturers Association.

Identify the nature of support, financial assistance, technical assis

tance, etc. provided to educational institutions having programs enabling

minority business persons to compete more equitably in the free enterprise


Identify members of management and other employees identified by title

serving on merit employment councils, community relations councils, and

similar Minority business organizations should be included.

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