AEC Omnibus Bills for 1963 and 1964: Hearings Before the Subcommittee on Legislation of the Joint Committee on Atomic Energy, Congress of the United States, Eighty-eighth Congress, First and Second Sessions. July 17, 1963, and May 19, 1964

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Considers. S. 1795 and companion H.R. 7300, to authorize AEC to require performance bonds for licensed nuclear waste disposal agents, and to increase quantities of uranium and plutonium which may be furnished to Euratom. S. 2816 and companion H.R. 11180, to extend AEC patent licensing authority, to extend indemnity coverage for reactors, and to authorize AEC to sell or lease property at Richland, Wash.

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Page 115 - ... d. a program to encourage widespread participation in the development and utilization of atomic energy for peaceful purposes to the maximum extent consistent with the common defense and security and with the health and safety of the public; e.
Page 174 - Upon the completion of the construction or modification of the facility, upon the filing of any additional information needed to bring the original application up to date, and upon finding that the facility authorized has been constructed and will operate in conformity with the application as amended and in conformity with the provisions of this Act and of the rules and regulations of the Commission...
Page 135 - ... determined to be necessary in the public interest during the period of a national emergency declared by the President or by the Congress...
Page 107 - Section 1 (a) hereof, provided that the agency may prescribe by regulation special situations where the public interest in the availability of the inventions would best be served by permitting the contractor to acquire at the time of contracting greater rights than a non-exclusive license.
Page 52 - ... atomic weapons, or for research on or development of atomic weapons, or for any other military purpose...
Page 181 - Whenever the Commission has made a finding in writing that any type of utilization or production facility has been sufficiently developed to be of practical value for industrial or commercial purposes, the Commission may thereafter issue licenses for such tvpe of facility pursuant to section 103.
Page 108 - Made" — when used in relation to any invention or discovery means the conception or first actual reduction to practice of such invention in the course of or under the contract.
Page 54 - special nuclear material' means (1) plutonium, uranium enriched in the isotope 233 or in the isotope 235, and any other material which the Commission, pursuant to the provisions of section 51, determines to be special nuclear material, but does not include source material ; or (2) any material artificially enriched by any of the foregoing, but does not include source material.
Page 66 - This Agreement shall enter into force on the day on which each Party shall have received from the other Party written notification that it has complied with all statutory and constitutional requirements for the entry into force of such Agreement and shall remain in force for a period of twenty-five (25) years.
Page 45 - Act of 1954, as amended, the agreement between the Government of the United States of America and the European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom...

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