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This is one of a group of five documents which relate The Budget of the United States Government, 1967- The to the budget for 1967. The Budget of the United States District of Columbia is a volume which relates specifically Government, 1967, is a compact volume containing the to the estimates for the municipal government of the Budget Message of the President, summary tables and District of Columbia. statistical information, and four special analyses.

In addition, a pamphlet type of publication, The Budget The Bulget of the United States Government, 1967Ap- in Brief, 1967, is available for those who wish a much more pendix contains the text of appropriation estimates pro- brief presentation than any of the three official volumes. posed for the consideration of the Congress together with A second pamphlet type of publication, Special Analyses specific reference materials on the various appropriations of the United States Budget, 1967, contains the four special and funds. The contents of this volume are further ex- analyses which are printed in the budget, and nine addiplained at the beginning of each of its four parts.

tional analyses.

NOTE.- Unless otherwise indicated, all references to years in this volume are to fiscal years ending June 30. Financial

tables in parts I, II, and IV are nearly always stated in thousands of dollars; details may not add to the totals
because of rounding.





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