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tion with this contract change or modification were accurate, complete and current, the Secretary of the Interior or his authorized representatives, shall, until the expiration of 3 years from the date of final payment under the contract of which this change or modification is a part, or of the time periods for the particular records specified in Part 1-20 of the Federal Procurement Regulations, whichever expires earlier, have the right to examine those books, records, documents, papers and other supporting data which involve transactions related to this change or modification or which will permit adequate evaluation of the cost or pricing data submitted, along with the computations and projections used therein.

(b) If the contract of which this change or modification is a part is completely or partially terminated and the work so terminated is included in this change or modification the records relating thereto shall be preserved and made available for 3 years from the date of any resulting final settlement.

(C) If the records concerning this change or modification relate to (1) appeals under the contracts "Disputes" clause, (2) litigation or settlement arising out of the performance of the contract, or (3) costs and expenses of the contract to which the contracting officer or his authorized representative have taken exception, they shall be retained until such time as such appeals, litigation, claims, or exceptions have been resolved. § 14–51.105 Payments under contracts

subject to audit. $14-51.105–1 Submission and process

ing of invoices or vouchers. (a) Contractors shall be required to submit invoices or vouchers as directed by the contract provisions. The processing of invoices or vouchers prior to payment for work or services rendered shall include a review by the contracting offcer, or his designated representative, to determine that the nature of items and amounts claimed are in consonance with the contract terms, represent prudent business transactions, and are within any stipulated contractual limitations. If the contractor has not deducted from his claim amounts which are questionable or which are required to be withheld, the contracting officer shall make the required deduction, except as provided in $ 14-51.105–2.

(b) Provisional approval by the contracting officer of any payment, including any specific approval as to the nature or amount of a cost shall be noted on (or attached to) the invoice or voucher (see, for example, $ 1–15.107 of this title

regarding advance understandings on particular cost items). The invoice or voucher shall be forwarded to the appropriate accounting center and retained therein after certification and scheduling to a disbursing office for payment. $ 14–51.105–2 Action upon receipt of

an audit report. Audit reports shall be furnished to the contracting officer. Upon receipt of an audit report, the contracting officer shall, pursuant to contract terms, determine the allowability of all costs covered by audit, giving full consideration to the auditor's recommendations. Where the contracting officer is in doubt or questions the recommendations of the auditor, deductions need not be made from invoices or vouchers for provisional payments. The contracting officer in such cases, however, shall confer with the auditor and other appropriate Government personnel (such as a price specialist or legal counsel) to determine what further action should be taken regarding the items of cost in question. If the contracting officer disagrees with the audit recommendations, the contracting officer shall prepare a statement for the contract file to support and justify his decision and for informational purposes shall forward a copy of such statement to the Director, Audit Operations, Office of Survey and Review. (See also $ 1-3.811 of this title.) § 14–51.105–3 Suspensions and disap

provals of amounts claimed. The contracting officer shall notify the appropriate certifying officer in writing when amounts claimed for payment are (a) suspended tentatively, (b) disapproved as not being allowable according to contract terms, or (c) not reasonably incident or allocable to performance of the contract. Such notice by the contracting officer shall be the basis for the issuance by the certifying officer of a statement to be attached to each copy of the invoice or voucher from which the deduction has been made, explaining the reasons for the deduction. $ 14–51.106 Waiver.

The contracting officer and the Director, Office of Survey and Review, may agree to limit the application of specific contract audit requirements in individual cases such as where the possible cost/

benefits ratio of the audit do not warrant the assignment of audit resources or where audit resources are unavailable; provided, that the stated urgency of a proposed procurement or other contract action shall not alone be justification for such a waiver and provided the waiver is made within the terms of the Federal

Procurement Regulations. As much time as possible should be allowed by contracting officers for the audit work. Except under unusual circumstances, at least 30 days should be allowed for the review of the contractors' proposals pursuant to § 1-3.809 of the Federal Procurement Regulations in this title.



14H-1 General.



14H-1.4044 Assignment of duties to conAUGUST 19, 1969.

tracting officers. Sec.

14H-1.451 Delegation and redelegation of 14H-1.000 Scope of part.

authority and designation of

contracting oficers. Subpart 14H-1.0—Regulation System

14H-1.451-2 Designation of contracting of14H-1.001 Scope of subpart.

ficer positions. 14H-1.002 Purpose.

14H-1.451-6 Limitation of contracting of 14H-1.003 Authority.

cer authority. 14H-1.004 Applicability. 14H-1.006 Issuance.

AUTHORITY: The provisions of this part 14H-1.006-1 Code arrangement.

14H-1 Issued under sec. 205(c), 63 Stat. 390; 14H-1.006-2 Publication.

40 U.S.C. 486 (c). 1411.007 Arrangement.

SOURCE: The provisions of this Part 14H-1 14H-1.007-1 General plan.

appear at 34 F.R. 13659, Aug. 26, 1969, unless 14H-1.007-2 Numbering.

otherwise noted. 14H-1.007-3 Citation. 14H-1.008 Agency implementation.

$ 14H-1.000 Scope of part. 14H-1.009 Deviation.

(a) This part establishes a system for 14H-1.009-2 Procedure.

the codification and publication of poliSubpart 14H-1.2-Definition of Terms cies and procedures of the Bureau of In14H-1.205 Procuring activity.

dian Affairs (Bureau) regulations which 14H-1.206 Head of the procuring activity.

implement, supplement or deviate from

the Federal Procurement Regulations Subpart 14H-1.3-General Policies

(FPR) and Interior Procurement Regu14H-1.302 Procurement sources.

lations (IPR), when appropriate. 14H-1.302–3 Contracts between the Govern.

(b) The Federal Procurement Regulament and Government em

tions are published as Chapter 1 of this ployees or business concerns

title. The Interior Procurement Regulasubstantially owned or controlled by Government em

tions which implement and supplement ployees.

the FPR are published as Chapter 14 of

this title. The Bureau Procurement RegSubpart 14H-1.4-Procurement Responsibility

ulations which implement and suppleand Authority

ment the FPR and IPR are published as 14H-1.402 Authority of contracting off- Chapter 14H of this title. It is the basic cers.

policy of the Bureau to apply the Fed14H-1.404 Selection, designation and termination of designation of

eral Procurement Regulations and the contracting officers.

Interior Procurement Regulations. Thus, 14H-1.404–2 Designation.

as to most elements of the procurement 14H-1.4043 Termination of designation. process, substantive guidelines will be

found by reference to those regulations in the order mentioned. Subpart 14H-1.0—Regulation System & 14H-1.001 Scope of subpart.

This subpart establishes the Bureau of Indian Affairs Procurement Regulations (BIAPR) and states their relationship to the Federal Procurement Regulations (FPR) and the Interior Procurement Regulations (IPR). $ 14H-1.002 Purpose.

This subpart establishes for the Bureau uniform policies and procedures related to procurement of personal property, nonpersonal services, construction, and real property by lease. 8 14H-1.003 Authority.

BIAPR are prescribed by the Commissioner of Indian Affairs (Commissioner) under the Federal Property and Administrative Services Act of 1949, as amended, or other authority specifically cited. $ 14H-1.004 Applicability.

BIAPR apply to all procurement activities of the Bureau to the extent indicated, unless otherwise provided by law. § 14H-1.006 Issuance. § 14H-1.006–1 Code arrangement.

BIAPR are issued in the Code of Fed. eral Regulations as Chapter 14H of Title 41, Public Contracts and Property Management. BIAPR contain the alphabetical letter “H” which identifies the Bureau and which immediately follows the Code (14) which identifies the Department as illustrated in IPR. § 14H-1.006-2 Publication.

BIAPR will be published in the FEDERAL REGISTER and in separate looseleaf form on salmon colored paper. § 14H-1.007 Arrangement. $ 14H-1.007-1 General plan.

The general plan, numbering system, and nomenclature used in FPR and IPR, which conform to the FEDERAL REGISTER standards, are adhered to in BIAPR. § 14H-1.007–2 Numbering.

For ease in identification, the numbering system and part, subpart, and section titles used in FPR, and in IPR are also used in BIAPR.

$ 14H-1.007-3 Citation.

Using this section as an example BIAPR should be cited as, BIAPR 14H-1.007-3." When referred to formally in official documents such as legal briefs, the section should be cited as “41 CFR 14H-1.007-3." § 14H-1.008 Agency implementation.

(a) It is Bureau policy to utilize FPR and IPR to the fullest extent possible in the conduct of all procurement matters. The Bureau will conform to this policy by avoiding implementation, supplementation, or deviation from FPR and IPR unless compelling reasons exist for doing so.

(b) FPR and IPR shall be applicable as issued unless implemented, supplemented, or deviated from in BIAPR.

(c) Matters which pertain to procurement but are primarily for internal guidance whether or not related to the material in FPR and IPR, will be issued as Bureau of Indian Affairs Procurement Instructions (BIAPI). To simplify usage of BIAPI in conjunction with FPR, IPR and BIAPR the same system and format used for those regulations will be followed. A yellow colored paper will be used for BIAPI. § 14H-1.009 Deviation. $ 14H-1.009-2 Procedure.

Deviations from FPR and IPR by the Bureau will be kept to a minimum and controlled as follows:

(a) Requests for approval of deviations may be submitted by contracting officers to the Commissioner. The requests shall cite the specific part of FPR, or IPR, from which it is desired to deviate, shall set forth the nature of the deviations, and shall give the reasons for the action requested. Requests considered meritorious will be submitted for approval as provided for in IPR. No deviation shall be effective until approved. Subpart 14H-1.2-Definition of Terms § 14H-1.205 Procuring activity.

"Procuring activity" means the Bureau of Indian Affairs in which authority to contract for the procurement of personal property, nonpersonal services, and construction is vested. § 14H-1.206 Head of the procuring

activity. "Head of the procuring activity" means the Commissioner.


Subpart 14H-1.3—General Policies $ 14H-1.302 Procurement sources. $ 14H-1.302-3 Contracts between the

Government and Government employees or business concerns substantially owned or controlled by Govern

ment employees. Contracting Officers shall refer all proposed contracts with Government employees or business concerns substantially owned or controlled by Government employees to the Commissioner. Approval of the Assistant Secretary for Administration will be requested in those instances where the Commissioner determines it would be in the Government's interest to enter into such a contract.

Subpart 14H-1.4 Procurement

Responsibility and Authority $ 14H-1.402 Authority of contracting

officers. The authority under this section shall be exercised in conformity with $ 14H-1.451. $ 14H-1.404 Selection, designation, and

termination of designation of con

tracting officers. The authority under this section shall be exercised in conformity with $ 14H-1.451. & 14H-1.404–2 Designation.

The authority under this section shall be exercised in conformity with § 14H-1.451. § 14H-1.404–3 Termination of designa

tion. The requirements of this section shall be exercised in conformity with $ 14H-1.451 § 14H-1.40444 Assignment of duties to

contracting officers. The requirements of this section shall be exercised in conformity with § 14H1.451. § 14H-1.451 Delegation and redelega

tion of authority and designation of

contracting officers. Except for such limitations as are prescribed elsewhere, the authority dele

gated to the Commissioner with respect to all matters relating to contracting and procurement of supplies, services, and construction, except the authority to designate contracting officer positions, is hereby redelegated to the contracting officer positions designated in § 14H1.451-2. § 14H-1.451-2 Designation

of tracting officer positions. (a) Each of the following organizational titles are designated as contracting officer positions.

(1) Headquarters Office Officials:
(i) Deputy Commissioner.

(ii) Director of Administrative Services.

(iii) Deputy Director of Administrative Services.

(iv) Chief, Division of Contracting Services.

(v) Engineering Contract Adviser.

(vi) Chief, Division of Plant Design and Construction, Albuquerque, N. Mex.

(vii) Chief, Plant Management Engineering Center, Denver, Colo.

(viii) Property and Supply Officer, Albuquerque Property and Supply Office, Albuquerque, N. Mex.

(2) Area Office officials:
(i) Area Director.
(ii) Deputy Area Director.

(iii) Assistant Area Director, Minneapolis and Sacramento Area Ofices.

(iv) Assistant Area Director for Administration.

(v) Area Administrative Officer.
(vi) Area Property and Supply Officer.

(vii) Contract Engineering Adviser, Portland, Oreg.

(viii) Administrative Officer and Special Representative, Seattle, Wash. 134 F.R. 13659, Aug. 26, 1969, as amended at 36 F.R. 23865, Dec. 16, 1971 ] § 14H-1.451-6 Limitation of contract

ing officer positions. Contract Engineering Advisor, Portland, Oreg., is limited to the approval of nonnegotiated construction contracts not exceeding $25,000. (35 F.R. 11398, July 16, 1970)

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