A History of Probability and Statistics and Their Applications before 1750

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John Wiley & Sons, Feb 25, 2005 - Mathematics - 608 pages

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From the Reviews of History of Probability and Statistics and Their Applications before 1750

"This is a marvelous book . . . Anyone with the slightest interest in the history of statistics, or in understanding how modern ideas have developed, will find this an invaluable resource."
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1 The Book and Its Relation to Other Works
2 A Sketch of the Background in Mathematics and Natural Philosophy
3 Early Concepts of Probability and Chance
4 Cardano and Liber de Ludo Aleae c 1565
5 The Foundation of Probability Theory by Pascal and Fermat in 1654
6 Huygens and De Ratiociniis in Ludo Aleae 1657
7 John Graunt and the Observations Made upon the Bills of Mortality 1662
8 The Probabilistic Interpretation of Graunts Life Table
15 James Bernoulli and Ars Conjectandi 1713
16 Bernoullis Theorem
17 Tests of Significance Based on the Sex Ratio at Birth and the Binomial Distribution 17121713
18 Montmort and the Essay dAnalyse sur les Jeux de Hazard 1708 and 1713
19 The Problem of Coincidences and the Compound Probability Theorem
20 The Problem of the Duration of Play 17081718
21 Nicholas Bernoulli
22 De Moivre and the Doctrine of Chances 1718 1738 and 1756

9 The Early History of Life Insurance Mathematics
10 Mathematical Models and Statistical Methods in Astronomy from Hipparchus to Kepler and Galileo
11 The Newtonian Revolution in Mathematics and Science
12 Miscellaneous Contributions between 1657 and 1708
13 The Great Leap Forward 17081718 A Survey
14 New Solutions to Old Problems 17081718
23 The Problem of the Duration of Play and the Method of Difference Equations
24 De Moivres Normal Approximation to the Binomial Distribution 1733
25 The insurance Mathematics of de Moivre and Simpson 17251756

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Page 175 - that every particle of matter in the universe attracts every other particle, with a force whose direction is that of the line joining the two, and whose magnitude is directly as the product of their masses, and inversely as the square of their distances from each other.
Page 116 - From these Considerations I have formed the adjoyned Table, whose Uses are manifold, and give a more just Idea of the State and Condition of Mankind, than any thing yet extant that I know of.
Page 183 - There are very few things which we know, which are not capable of being reduc'd to a Mathematical Reasoning; and when they cannot, it's a sign our Knowledge of them is very small and confus'd; and where a mathematical reasoning can be had.
Page 105 - The Method I take to do this is not yet very usual; for instead of using only comparative and superlative words and intellectual Arguments, I have taken the course (as a Specimen of the Political Arithmetick, I have long aimed at) to express myself in Terms of Number, Weight or Measure; to use only Arguments of Sense...
Page 589 - Nonlinear Multivariate Analysis GLASSERMAN and YAO . Monotone Structure in Discrete-Event Systems GNANADESIKAN . Methods for Statistical Data Analysis of Multivariate Observations, Second Edition GOLDSTEIN and LEWIS . Assessment: Problems, Development, and Statistical Issues GREENWOOD and NIKULIN . A Guide to Chi-Squared Testing *Now available in a lower priced paperback edition in the Wiley Classics Library.
Page 590 - Second Edition JOHNSON, KOTZ, and BALAKRISHNAN . Continuous Univariate Distributions, Volume 2, Second Edition JOHNSON, KOTZ, and BALAKRISHNAN...
Page 589 - A Guide for Practitioners HALD • A History of Probability and Statistics and their Applications Before 1750...
Page 589 - ETHIER and KURTZ . Markov Processes: Characterization and Convergence EVANS, HASTINGS, and PEACOCK . Statistical Distributions, Third Edition FELLER . An Introduction to Probability Theory and Its Applications, Volume...
Page 188 - In the testimony of others is to be considered, 1. The number. 2. The integrity. 3. The skill of the witnesses. 4. The design of the author, where it is a testimony out of a book cited. 5. The consistency of the parts and circumstances of the relation. 6. Contrary testimonies.
Page 277 - Contrivance, we must observe that the external Accidents to which Males are subject (who must seek their Food with danger) do make a great havock of them...

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Anders Hald was formerly a Professor of Statistics at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark.

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