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8627. mauch 1899 A79 ANNEX LIB.

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Princeton llniversity

Bequest of
Laurance F. Bower

Class of '96

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may be said by the Pastor on his


to the house of sickness.

Exaudi nos, Domine sancte, Pater Omnipotens, æterne Deus, et humilitatis nostræ officiis gratiam Tuæ visitationis admisce; ut quorum adimus habitacula, Tu in eorum Tibi cordibus facias mansionem: per Jesus CHRISTUM. Amen. (From the Sacramentary of Leo the Great, given in Bright's Ancient Collects.)

O GOOD SHEPHERD, Who camest to seek and to save that which was lost, be with me in this my work. Strengthen me in my weakness. Give me greater zeal for Thy glory; greater love for the souls Thou diedst to save. Let not my sins or infirmities hinder Thy grace. Grant me faithfulness with tenderness, and boldness with meekTeach me, that I may

teach. Comfort me, that I may comfort. Bless that which I shall speak in Thy Name. And have mercy

both upon the Pastor and upon the flock; for Thine own merits' sake. Amen.


Also the following


is suitable for use at the like time.

O Lord, look down in mercy upon this Parish, and forgive us our grievous sins. * Root out from among us especially the deadly sins of drunkenness and unchastity. May many souls be turned unto Thee. * Bless those who love Thee,* and do Thou keep all those who are walking in the way of life steadfast unto the end. Give patience to the sick and afflicted,* and make their sufferings a blessing to them. Bless to us all the means

grace. Prosper Thy servant in his holy work. And in Thine own good time heal all our divisions, and make us one; through JESUS CHRIST our LORD. Amen.


* Here let intercession be made for special purposes.



be obtained printed on a card for distribution.]

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