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7.6. III. The things which God hath prepared for them that love Him." THERE'S a Friend for little children

Above the bright blue sky;
A Friend that never changes,

Whose love will never die.
Unlike our friends by nature,

Who change with changing years,
This Friend is always worthy

The precious name He bears.
There's a rest for little children

Above the bright blue sky:
Who love the blessèd SAVIOUR,

And to His FATHER cry-
A rest from every trouble,

From sin and danger free-
There every little pilgrim
- Shall rest eternally.
There's a home for little children

Above the bright blue sky,
Where JESUS reigns in glory-

A home of peace and joy ;
No home on earth is like it,

Nor can with it compare,
For every one is happy,

Nor can be happier there.
There are crowns for little children

Above the bright blue sky,
And all who look to JESUS

Shall wear them by-and-by.
Yea, crowns of brightest glory,

Which He shall sure bestow
On all who love the SAVIOUR,

And walk with Him below.
There are songs for little children

Above the bright blue sky,
And harps of sweetest music,

For their hymn of victory.
And all above is pleasure,

And found in CHRIST alone;
Oh come, dear little children,
That all may be your own.

A. Midlane.

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Christ also suffered for us, leaving us an example.

'TIS JESUS sends us sickness :

So when in pain, or ill,
I'll try to bear it meekly,

Because it is His will.

I'll think of Him who suffered

Upon the Cross for me :
Can I not bear a little,

My Blessèd LORD for Thee ?

It is Thy love which makes me

To leave my merry play,
To lie here still and quiet,

And give up my own way.
LORD JESUS, give me patience,

LORD JESUS, give me love,
LORD JESUS, give hereafter
A life with Thee above !

From Hymns for the Little Ones.




A Short Service,



Let us pray.

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LORD, have mercy upon us.
CHRIST, have mercy upon us.
LORD, have mercy upon us.
Our FATHER, &c.

O LORD, look down with Thy gracious favour upon this house. Visit it, we humbly pray Thee, with Thy blessing. May Thy presence ever abide in it. May Thy Love ever protect it. May Thy Angels ever watch over it. May it be evermore the abode of love and peace and holiness : and may those who dwell in it so live here below that they may at last inherit the blessed mansions of Thine eternal House in heaven; through JESUS CHRIST Thy Son our LORD. Amen.

MERCIFUL FATHER, bless, we beseech Thee, with all best blessings, both spiritual and temporal, all members of this family, whether present or absent. Bestow upon them, O LORD, such measure of earthly prosperity as may be good for them, and keep them, if Thou wilt, in health and safety. But far above all earthly blessings, we ask Thee to make this family to be a family fearing Thee. “Let Thy Fatherly Hand, we beseech Thee, ever be over them ; let Thy HOLY SPIRIT ever be with

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