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we beseech Thee, his recovery, and bless all means that are used thereto. But, above all, O Thou who didst give Thy life for the sheep, keep ever by Thy side this lamb of Thine own redeeming, that, living or dying, he may be Thine. LORD have mercy upon him : support, cheer, and bless him, now and evermore." Amen. (L. Tuttiett.)


O LOVING JESUS, who lovest little children, and Thyself didst live as a little child upon earth; have mercy upon this Thy child now laid upon the bed of sickness. Thou art the Good Shepherd, and carest for the lambs of Thy flock, leading them tenderly, and bearing them in Thy holy Arms. Oh, bring this Thy child safely through the time of sickness and danger. Teach him to be meek and gentle and loving and obedient, like Thyself. Save him from all fretfulness and impatience. Let him feel that Thou art ever near. Let him learn to love Thee better and better. And, if Thou art pleased to restore him to health and strength, make him to remember Thy goodness evermore, and so to live all his days, be they many or few, that he may live with Thee, who hast died to save him, in the endless bliss and glory of heaven. Hear us, merciful JESUS, who, with the FATHER and the Holy Spirit, livest and reignest one God for ever and ever.




O LOVING and most merciful SAVIOUR, who didst take little children in Thy holy Arms and

Not to be said

bless them ; bless, we earnestly pray Thee, this Thy [little] child, whom we would commit into the arms of Thy love. We know that Thou lovest little children, for Thou saidst, “Suffer the little children to come unto Me, and forbid them not; for of such is the kingdom of God." This child is Thine. He has been made Thine in the waters of Baptism. He has been signed with the sign of Thy blessed Cross. Oh (wash his soul from every

stain which has since passed upon it in the case of an in this sinful world, and] receive him infant.

as one redeemed by the infinite merits of Thy atoning Sacrifice. And if it be the will of our heavenly FATHER to call him away, oh, take him once more into Thy loving Arms, and keep him there safe for ever. Thou hast said, “FATHER,

, I will that they also, whom Thou hast given Me, be with Me where I am.” We would humbly bow our heads, and say, “It is well.” Let him be with Thee, O JESU. We can ask no higher gift than this. Let him be with Thee evermore, who livest and reignest with the FATHER, and the Holy SPIRIT, one God, for ever and ever.


Litany for a Sick Child.

O BLESSED LORD JESUS, who wast Thyself a Child, have mercy upon this child; save and deliver him.

o blessed LORD JESUS, who didst take little children into Thine Arms and bless them; have mercy upon this child ; save and deliver him.

From all great pain and sickness; from all weakness and wandering of mind; and from all fears and troubles ;

Good Lord, deliver him. From all fretfulness and ill-temper; from all impatience and obstinacy; and from all disobedience and wilfulness;

Good Lord, deliver him.

From all peevish and unkind thoughts and words and looks; and from every wrong thing that might displease Thee;

Good Lord, deliver him. By Thy lowly Birth into this world of suffering ; by Thy taking upon Thyself to become Man; and by Thy partaking of all our pains and sorrows;

Good Lord, deliver him. By Thy pure and holy Childhood; by Thy Obedience and tender Love; by Thy Humility and spotless Innocence;

Good Lord, deliver him. By Thy bitter Agony in the garden ; by Thy Crown of thorns ; by Thy cruel scourging; and by Thy bearing of the Cross ;

Good Lord, deliver him. By Thy dying upon the Cross for our salvation; by Thy wondrous patience and gentleness; by Thy giving up of Thy Spirit into Thy Father's hands; and by the shedding of Thy most precious Blood;

Good Lord, deliver him. By Thy Rising again on the third day; by Thy glorious Ascension to the right hand of


God; and by Thy prayers which Thou prayest in heaven for Thy children;

Good Lord, deliver him. In all time of pain and weakness; in all time of danger and temptation; in the hour of death, and in the day of judgment;

Good Lord, deliver him. LORD JESUS, have mercy on Thy child, and grant him pardon for all his many wrong thoughts, and words, and deeds.

LORD JESUS, have mercy on Thy child, and give him gentleness and obedience to those set over him, and a thankful spirit for all that is done for his good.

LORD JESUS, have mercy on Thy child, and help him to love Thee, and to pray to Thee, and to copy the pattern of Thy perfect meekness and patience.

O Good Shepherd of the Sheep; that carest for the lambs of Thy flock;

Grant him Thy peace. O Good Shepherd of the Sheep; that carest for the lambs of Thy flock;

Have mercy upon him.
O CHRIST, hear us.
LORD, have mercy upon us.
Christ, have mercy upon us.

LORD, have mercy upon us.
Our FATHER, &c.
Unto God's gracious mercy, &c.

Prayers after the Death of a Child.

J. O HOLY FATHER, whose blessed Son in His love to little children said, “Suffer little children to come unto Me, and forbid them not,” we thank Thee for this merciful assurance of Thy love; and we praise Thy holy Name that Thou hast been pleased to take unto Thyself the soul of this Thy child, who is now taken from our sight. As he was made a member of Thy suffering kingdom here on earth, so we humbly believe Thou hast made him a member of Thy glorious kingdom now in Paradise. Help us firmly to believe in Thy wisdom and Thy goodness. May we remember that he whom we have lost is taken away from the evil to come, and is safe for ever. We also ask Thee, O FATHER, to make us as little children, in humility and innocence, that so we, through Thy grace, may be fit for Thy kingdom, both here in this world, and hereafter in heaven, through Thy dear Son JESUS CHRIST. Amen.




O LOVING SAVIOUR, who didst take little children into Thine Arms and bless them, we believe that Thou hast taken our dear brother into the Arms of Thy love. Thou lovedst him better than we loved. Thou knewest what was best for him better than we could know. Thou didst will in

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