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discerning Thy Body, that we fall not into condemnation. Amen.

O LORD JESU, who didst take the cup, and say, “This is My Blood; may we so drink as that Thy Blood may cleanse us from all sin. Amen.

O LORD JESU, who didst say, “Come unto Me, all

ye that labour and are heavy-laden, and I will give you rest;” make Thy servants so to come unto Thee that they may find rest unto their souls. Amen.

O GOOD SHEPHERD, Lamb of God, Bread of Life, have mercy upon us, hear us, and accept us, now and evermore.


V. O HOLY SAVIOUR, who didst command Thy disciples to partake of the holy Sacrament of Thy most blessed Body and Blood, we would in humble thankfulness obey Thy gracious command. Accept, we pray Thee, this Thy servant, who now desires to be a partaker of this blessed Sacrament. Thou didst eat and drink with publicans and sinners. Refuse him not, though he be but as one of these. Give unto him the marriage-garment, that he may come holy and clean to such a heavenly feast. May he draw nigh with faith, and take this sacrament to his comfort. May he find in it strength for all his trials, and consolation for all his troubles. May it bring to him peace and joy, through the power of the Holy Ghost. May he realise his SAVIOUR’s Presence, and learn new lessons of his Saviour's love. Strengthen and refresh his soul by Thy most precious Body and Blood. Join him anew unto Thyself, and to Thy spiritual Body, which is the blessed company of all faithful people. And make this holy feast to be to him a pledge and foretaste of the great marriage supper of the Lamb. Hear Thy unworthy servants, 0 blessed JESUS, who livest and reignest with the FATHER and the Holy Ghost, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.


O BLESSED JESU, our LORD and our God, who hast purchased us by Thine own Blood, we are about to obey Thy dying command, and to do this holy service in remembrance of Thee. We desire, o our crucified Saviour, to make remembrance before God of Thine all-precious Sacrifice, and to plead and offer it before the heavenly Throne, as

our only plea and atonement. As Thou art evermore interceding for us above, presenting before the eternal FATHER Thy sacred Body with its blessed wounds, so would we pray for acceptance through the same all-prevailing Sacrifice. O Lamb of God, slain for us, we crave and long for a share in Thy glorious merits. O CHRIST, our Passover, sacrificed for us, with desire do we desire to eat this Passover with Thee. We desire to be fed, nourished, strengthened, with the precious sustenance of Thy Body broken and Blood shed for us. Receive us, unworthy though we are, and make us partakers of Thy all-holy Sacrifice; who livest and reignest with the FATHER and the Holy Ghost, one God evermore.


Prayers after holy Communion.

PSALM ciii.-Praise the LORD, O my soul..

(See p. 54.)

II. THANKS and praise be to Thee, O LORD. Keep Thy servants, o heavenly Father, in all their ways, and may they so live that men may take knowledge of them that they have been with JESUS. “ Thou art a place to hide me in : Thou shalt preserve me from trouble : Thou shalt compass me about with songs of deliverance.” Amen.

III. BLESSED JESU, who hast vouchsafed to receive Thy sinful servants to Thy most holy Feast, keep them evermore by Thy grace.

Amen. Blessed JEsu, who hast graciously fed Thy servants with heavenly manna, lead them in the narrow way, that they lose not the promised land. Amen.

Blessed JESU, who hast in mercy washed Thy servants' sins away in the sacred Blood of Thy all-holy Sacrifice, keep them clean and pure from wilful sins. Amen.

Blessed JEsu, who hast taken Thine unworthy servants into the Blessed Communion of saints, uniting them in holy fellowship with Thyself, and with all Thy faithful people throughout the world, and with all Thy blessed saints departed, make

them to walk worthy of their high and holy calling. Amen.

Blessed JEsu, who hast given to Thy servants a share in Thy precious Cross

and Passion, strengthen them to bear their cross after Thee, and in the hour of suffering and of death,

Good Lord, deliver them. Amen.

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IN PARTIAL RECOVERY. O God, in whose hands are life and death, and health and sickness, we heartily thank Thee for aiding this Thy servant with Thy mighty arm. We thank Thee for easing his pain, and taking away his great danger, and granting him a longer time for drawing nigh unto Thee, and showing forth his thankfulness. Thou, Lord, knowest what is best for us; yet oh hear us for Christ's sake, when we pray for a continuance of Thy mercy. Restore him to health, if it seem good to Thee. And let him never, O holy FATHER, forget the awful voice of this warning message of sickness; but, whether his time among us be long or short, let him live with a more constant thought of death and a better preparation for eternity ; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.



GREAT and mighty God, who bringest down to the grave, and bringest up again ; We bless Thy wonderful goodness for having turned our heaviness into joy, and our mourning into gladness, by restoring this our brother to some degree of his former health. Blessed be Thy Name that Thou didst not forsake him in his sickness; but didst visit him with comforts from above; didst support him in patience and submission to Thy will; and at last didst send him seasonable relief.

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