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brother. Grant unto him all things needful for him. Above all, grant unto him pardon and mercy and salvation in the great day. We know not whether Thou wilt be pleased to restore to him the blessing of a conscious mind in this world. Be it as Thou wilt, not as we will; yet, oh! may he wake in the next world to a glorious resurrection, and know even as he is known. And, O merciful FATHER, grant to us Thy servants, who now pray to Thee, freedom, if it may be, from all

. loss of mind and memory, and grace to use all our powers to Thy glory; through JESUS CHRIST, our only LORD and SAVIOUR. Amen.




(If previously of a bad life.) O GRACIOUS FATHER, who in Thy wisdom leadest us in paths that we know not, We commend to Thy great mercy this our afflicted brother. It hath pleased Thee to take from him the power to pray. Oh! hear, we beseech Thee, the unworthy prayers of Thy servants who make intercession for him. Thou hast bidden us to pray one for another. Thou hast promised that, if we ask, Thou wilt give life unto them that sin not unto death. O merciful FATHER, pardon, we earnestly entreat Thee,-pardon, if it may be,—the past sins of Thy servant for the sake of the infinite merits of Him who shed His precious Blood upon the Cross for us. Impute them not unto him. Magnify Thy mercy in forgiving one who cannot now seek forgiveness. Deliver him from the wrath to come. Let not this soul, for which Thy beloved Son gavę

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His life, perish everlastingly. And, O gracious FATHER, teach us, to whom Thou dost yet grant the power to repent and to pray, to seek Thee truly while the day of salvation lasteth, knowing that the night quickly cometh, in which no work of grace may be done. May we so live as we should wish to die; and so die that we may rise with a joyful resurrection at the last day; for the sake of our only Mediator and Redeemer, JESUS CHRIST. Amen.




MERCIFUL LORD, we beseech Thee to strengthen and support Thy servants who are called to tend the sufferer, and to watch beside the bed of sick

Give them grace to fulfil their task with patient endurance and with loving tenderness. Comfort them in their weariness with the comfort of Thy blessed SPIRIT. Teach them how good and blessed a thing it is to be permitted to minister to the wants of the sick and suffering.

May this season of self-denying labour be a season of much spiritual welfare to their own souls. May they learn lessons which shall be blest to themselves. May they learn to number their days, and to seek the things above, and to choose the one thing needful, while health and strength are given to them: so that, when they shall in their turn be called to suffer and die, they may be able, with lowly submission and loving trust, to commit themselves into Thy hands to do with them what Thou wilt; through JESUS CHRisT our LORD. Amen,


Prayers before Iboly Communion.


THE LORD'S PRAYER EXPANDED. Dur Father, most loving and gracious, which art in heaven, yet didst send Thy dearly beloved Son to take our flesh here on earth, Hailowed be Thy Pame in the holy lives and conduct of all who name the Name of Christ. Thy kingdom come, that all men may know Him who gave Himself for them. Thy will be done in earth by the showing forth of Thy dear Son's Death till He come, as it is in heaven, where the Lamb that was slain is for ever worshipped and adored. Give us this day our daily bread, feeding our souls with the precious Food of the Body and Blood of Christ. and forgive us our trespasses in all past neglects and unworthy Communions, as we forgive them that trespass against us, seeking to be one with all men in the bonds of Christian fellowship. And lead us not into temptation, saving us from all irreverence, all unbelief, all coldness and deadness of heart : But deliver us from evil, rescuing us from the power of all those sins which have had dominion over us, and granting us such freedom from bodily pain and sickness as may be good for us: For Thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory, for ever and ever. Àmen.



(After neglect.) O MERCIFUL JESUS, who didst give Thy most precious Body and Blood upon the Cross for our salvation; We thank Thee that Thou hast moved this Thy servant to draw nigh to that blessed Feast, in which Thou dost feed us with those holy mysteries. Grant, O Lord, that he may “ with a true penitent heart and lively faith receive that holy Sacrament." Forgive, we beseech Thee, his past disobedience to Thy loving command. May this and all his other sins-many and grievous—be atoned for by the all-prevailing Sacrifice offered for the sins of the whole world. Thou hast promised, “Him that cometh unto Me I will in no wise cast out." Cast not out this Thy servant, who cometh unto Thee confessing his unworthiness, and seeking mercy and reconciliation. Oh! make him a partaker of all the benefits of the Sacrifice of Thy all-holy Death. May he discern the Lord's Body. May he “spiritually eat the Flesh of Christ, and drink His Blood," that so he may have eternal life abiding in him. Hear us, o blessed JESUS, who livest and reignest with the FATHER and the HOLY GHOST, One God, world without end. Amen.



(For a young person.) O MERCIFUL SAVIOUR, who not only didst die for us, but also dost give Thyself to be our


spiritual food and sustenance, we pray Thee to look down in mercy upon this Thy child, [or servant,] who most earnestly desires to be admitted to Thy holy feast. Thou hast said that Thou wilt not cast out any that come unto Thee. Give Thy child (or servant] faith truly to come to Thee. Accept him, O blessed JESU, for Thine own merits' sake. Make him partaker of Thy priceless Sacrifice. Feed him with the Bread of Life, which cometh down from heaven. Cleanse him in the fountain of Thy Blood. Receive him into the fellowship of Thy saints. Make Thyself known to him in the Breaking of bread. O most gracious Saviour, take Thy child (or servant] to Thyself, and let him never more be separated from Thee, in this world or in the world to come. Amen.


O LORD JESU, God and Man, who didst feed five thousand with five loaves; feed Thy servants, we pray Thee, with the mystic food of Thy Body, which Thou didst give for the life of men. Amen.

O LORD JESU, who art the true Bread of Life; evermore nourish and strengthen our souls by imparting to them Thyself. “Give us this day our daily Bread." Amen.

O Lord Jesu, who didst say, “ Whoso eateth My Flesh and drinketh My Blood hath eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day; grant to Thy servants that they may so eat and drink that they may live for evermore. Amen.

O LORD JESU, who didst take bread, and say, “This is My Body;” may we so eat as

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