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Master through suffering, he may follow Him to His eternal glory; through the same Thy Son JESUS CHRIST our LORD. Amen.



Omost merciful Saviour, who in Thy bitter Agony didst pray that the cup might, if possible, pass away from Thee, yet didst drink it to the dregs ; Thou knowest every pang which Thy servants suffer, and Thou hast compassion upon them. Look down, we pray Thee, on this Thy suffering servant, and, if it may be, take away this cup from him, or, if not, give him strength to bow his head to Thy will, and to drink it, saying, “Not my will, but Thine be done.” Hear us, o gracious Saviour, now and evermore. Amen.


FOR SANCTIFICATION THROUGH SICKNESS. O HOLY FATHER, who chastenest us for our good, that we may be partakers of Thy holiness; Have mercy on this Thy servant, and bless to him such chastisement as in Thy love Thou art pleased to lay upon him. May it yield the peaceable fruits of righteousness in him. May it be the means, under Thy blessing, of stirring in his heart a true repentance for all sin. Especially, O Lord, may it wean him from that sin which hath most easily beset him, that it may no more get the dominion over him. So shall he confess that Thou of very faithfulness hast caused him to be troubled, and evermore give thanks to Thee for Thy mercies ; through JESUS Christ our Lord. Amen.


IN LONG-CONTINUED SICKNESS. Most merciful FATHER, we fall down before Thee, beseeching Thee to bless this Thy servant, whom it hath pleased Thee to try with longcontinued sickness. May this tribulation work in him patience, and may patience have its perfect work, so that he may be able to cast himself wholly, and without one rebellious wish, upon Thy all-wise and all-holy will. If his days and nights must pass in weariness and painfulness, save him from murmuring and repining. If his heart faint within him, and he be cast down in lowness of spirit, let him say, "What time I am afraid, I

“ will trust in Thee.” If his chastisement be long and grievous to be borne, let it yield in him “the peaceable fruit of righteousness. Give him holy consolations in his sufferings. Make Thou all his bed in his sickness. Quicken in him a clear faith to look beyond the things which are seen. Kindle in him a bright hope to cheer the darkest hours. And

may he at last come forth from the furnace of affliction as gold tried in the fire; through JESUS CHRIST our LORD. Amen.

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IN LONG-CONTINUED SICKNESS. O Thou who art the God of patience and consolation, Strengthen this Thy servant in the inner man, that he may bear the yoke and burden of the LORD without murmurings or unwillingness. LORD, he is unable to stand under the Cross—unable of himself: but Thou, O holy JESUS, who didst feel

the burden of it, who didst sink under it, and wert pleased to admit a man to bear part of the load, when Thou underwentest all for him; be Thou pleased to help Thy servant to bear this load of pain and sickness, that he may be strongest when he is weakest, and may be able, through Thee strengthening him, to do and suffer what Thou pleasest. LORD, pity him; LORD, sanctify this his sickness; LORD, strengthen him; Holy JESUS, save and deliver him. Thou knowest how often Thy servant hath fallen through pleasure: in Thy mercy and pity let him not fall through pain. Oh, let him never offend Thee by impatience or an uneasy spirit; but let him pass through the valley of tears, the valley of the shadow of death, with safety and peace, with a meek spirit, and a sense of the Divine mercies. Grant this, Eternal God, gracious FATHER, for the merits and intercession of our merciful High-Priest, who once suffered for us, and for ever intercedes for us, our most gracious and ever-blessed Saviour JESUS Christ. Amen. (From Jeremy Taylor.)



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O JESU, Light of the world, and Sun of righteousness, Look down in mercy upon this Thy servant in his blindness. Thou camest to give sight to the blind. Give him, we pray Thee, spiritual sight. Shed the rays of Thy blessed truth upon his soul. Enlighten his mind to discern clearly the things which belong unto his peace. Though the bodily eye be in darkness, may the eye of the soul be full of light. May he have faith to look “not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen.” Keep him from the darkness of sin and ignorance,—from deeds of darkness, and from all dark thoughts. May the light of the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ shine into his soul. May he walk as a child of the light. And, when the night of this world is ended, may he awake up in Thy likeness, and, seeing Thee face to face, enter the light of everlasting day. Hear us, O Saviour, who livest and reignest with the FATHER and the Holy SPIRIT, one God, world without end. Amen.



(When there is hope of recovery.) O FATHER of mercies, who dost not willingly afflict nor grieve the children of men ; We acknowledge that it is in wisdom and in mercy that Thou hast been pleased to lay Thy chastening Hand upon this Thy servant. Grant him grace, we meekly beseech Thee, to bow with humble and thankful resignation to Thy holy will. Let him never rebel against Thy decrees. But, if it be possible, O FATHER, we would beseech Thee to re

from him, and to take away

this thorn in the flesh. Nevertheless, not as we will, but as Thou wilt. And if not, we know, O FATHER, that Thy grace is sufficient for him, for Thy strength is made perfect in weakness. Strengthen him to bear his cross so long as it is Thy will to lay it upon him. And if he may not be blessed with restored sight here below, yet may his eyes at last “see the King in His beauty," and "be

“ hold the land that is very far off ;” for the sake of Him who came to be the Light of the world, Thy Son JESUS CHRIST our LORD. Amen.

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“O most blessed and gracious God, who only canst heal a wounded spirit and quiet a troubled mind, Look with pity upon the misery of Thine unworthy servant—that load of oppression, which he feeleth, but is not able to express. Unto Thee do we cry for help, O Thou great Physician of body and soul. Úphold and comfort his weak and dejected spirit; strengthen it against all vain fears and terrors; and deliver him from all the troubles of mind and scruples of conscience with which he is so tormented and oppressed. As Thou alone canst relieve him, so unto Thee do we now call for relief. O hear our most earnest supplications; and as Thy servant putteth his trust in Thee, make him to possess a quiet and peaceful spirit. We ask this, O LORD, as the greatest of blessings Thou canst bestow upon him, save the pardon of his sins. We ask it because Thou alone canst give it. And if Thou art pleased to glorify Thy goodness by granting this our most earnest request, then we ask Thee to give Thy servant grace to serve Thee faithfully, with a cheerful and most thankful heart, and to glorify Thy Name all the remainder of his life; through JESUS CHRIST our LORD. Amen.(Hickes.)



O HOLY and gracious FATHER, we come to Thee for mercy and help. Pitifully behold the sorrows of Thy servant. May he remember that Thy well-beloved Son felt in all its agony that which

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