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448. Preparedness for war and national defense, by William Hoynes,

449. Some myths of the law, by Walter Clark.

450. National banks organized since passage of Federal reserye act.

451. French spoliation claims, article by George A. King.

452. Military training in public schools.

453. Treatment of tuberculosis, by Frank J. Clemenger and F. C. Martley.
454. Duty of courts in certain cases.
455. Adjustment of international pecuniary claims, address by E. M. Borchard.
456. An evolution in politics, speech by Charles A. Towne.

457. Prosperity and the future, speech by William G. McAdoo.

x 458. Country banker and Federal reserve system, address by Pierre Jay.

459. Cooperation and efficiency in developing our foreign trade.

460. Responding to the new call of duty, addresses at Naval Academy.

462. American citizens in Ireland.

465. Construction of battleships.

466. The billion arrives, address by John Skelton Williams.

467. Flood conditions on boundary of Minnesota and Ontario.

468. Federal water-power legislation, address by Henry J. Pierce.

469. Foreign orders block our steel material market.

470. Duties on imports and tonnage.

471. Sources of nitrogen compounds in United States, by Chester G. Gilbert.
472. Conference report on Federal farm loan act.
474. Conference report on good roads bill.
477. Business activity in United States and foreign countries.
478. Six years of guaranty fund, article by John S. Patterson.
479. Ties that bind the Americas, address by Duncan U. Fletcher.

°480. Supplementary report on rural credits.

485. Conference report on rivers and harbors bill, 1917.

488. Conference report on rivers and harbors appropriation bill, 1917.

490. Trade agreements abroad.

491. Trade agreements abroad.

492. Steamship lines engaged in transporting freight.

494. Transportation of relief supplies to Poland.

496. Target practice in Navy.

497. Transportation facilities to connect with Latin America.

498. Some international aspects of public education, address by William G. McAdoo.

499. Conference report on post office appropriation bill, 1917.

501. Conference report on bill relating to statistics of cotton seed, etc.

522. Conference report on agricultural appropriation bill, 1917.

523. Waters of Platte River impounded in Pathfinder Reservoir.

V•524. Federal farm loan act, address by Thomas J. Walsh.

525. Article on Panama Canal slides, by Thomas Kearns.
526. Conference report on army appropriation bill, 1917.
527. Conference report on Philippine government bill.
528. Conference report on naval appropriation bill, 1917.
530. Conference report on Philippine government bill.

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