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$248,150.81 150,572.86 15,849.17

1,071.07 51,744.66 1,685.34

951,798.04 123,618.00

7,607.81 2,507.89


Coast and Geodetic Survey.
Party expenses.
Repairs of vessels..
Publishing observations.
General expenses..
Alaska boundary survey

Revenue-Cutter Service.
Expenses, Revenue-Cutter Service
Revenue vessels for South Atlantic coast
Revenue steamer for southern coast
Refuge station, Point Barrow, Alaska
Three months' extra pay, Mexican War, Revenue Marine..
Revenue Marine storehouse, Woods Holl, Mass

Life-Saving Service.
Life-Saving Service
Establishing life-saving stations..

Lighthouse Establishment.
Salaries, keepers of lighthouses.
Supplies of lighthouses
Repairs of lighthouses..
Expenses of light-vessels.
Expenses of buoyage.
Expenses of fog signals
Inspecting lights..
Lighting of rivers.
Construction of light-stations, ships, and tenders.
Miscellaneous lighthouse accounts...

Public buildings.



797,263.74 469,311.93 377,244.47 346,491.54 485,341.57 62,362,38

2,148.77 292,690.97 997,612.52 15,783.04

Treasury Building, Washington, D. C., repairs.
Construction of court-houses and post-offices
Construction of custom-houses, etc.
Construction of appraisers' stores
Construction of marine hospitals.
Construction of mints..
Construction of United States jail.
Construction of building for Bureau of Engraving and Printing
Construction of Government building for World's Columbian Exposition.
Construction of vaults for storage of silver
Construction and repairs of buildings in Alaska.
Construction of Cape Charles quarantine station
Construction of Delaware Breakwater quarantine station.
Construction of Key West quarantine station
Construction of Port Townsend quarantine station
Construction of San Diego quarantine station
Construction of South Atlantic quarantine station
Construction of San Francisco quarantine station.
Removal of quarantine station from Ship Island.
Improving Ellis Island, New York Harbor, for immigration purposes.
Repairs and preservation of public buildings...
Purchase of property southwest corner B street and New Jersey avenue

Purchase of property northwest corner B street and New Jersey avenue

northwest Miscellaneous..

Fish Commission.
Propagation of food fishes.
Fish hatcheries....

Smithsonian Institution.
North American Ethnology
Purchase of the Capron collection of Japanese works of art.
Expenses of the Smithsonian Institution
Payment to the daughters of Joseph Henry.
Perkins collection prehistoric copper implements.
Duties on articles imported for National Museum.

18,665.89 3,058,428.91

476,980.57 586,948.84 20,999.94

470.00 292.35

345.13 1,359.73 25,256.20

937.05 12,623.46 34,021.94 3,039.03


595.60 19,511.05 102,308.87

13,6 10.87 66,951.15 153,673.31

275,000.00 138,000.00


310,757.95 34, 431.04

32,157.85 10,000.00 42,180.00 10,000.00 7,000.00 1,650.00

$21,510.30 37,910.00 25,827.90 16,560.00 18,087.22 180,956.83 36,346.24

Independent treasury.
Salaries, office of assistant treasurer-

Baltimore, Md.
Boston, Mass
Chicago, III
Cincinnati, Ohio.
New Orleans, La.
New York, N. Y.

Philadelphia, Pa.
Salaries, office of assistant treasurer

St. Louis, Mo

San Francisco, Cal
Salaries of special agents, independent treasury
Contingent expenses, independent treasury
Treasurer's general account of expenditures.
Paper for checks and drafts, independent treasury

Mint and assay offices.
Salaries, office of Director of the Mint..
Contingent expenses, office of Director of Mint.
Freight on bullion and coin ...
Salaries, wages, and contingent expenses of United States mints and as-

say offices.
Gold and silver bullion..
Coinage of the standard silver dollar.
Transportation of silver coins.
Recoinage gold and silver coins..
Recoinage of uncurrent fractional silver coins.
Coinage of silver bullion
Parting and retining bullion..
Manufacture of medals.

17,860.00 27,120.00


61,569.36 649,350,442.09



8,619.81 10,221.99

1,115,534.66 104,174,770.66

137.780.23 48,580.57 19,769.35 16.031.66 188,905,12 238,937.92


Government in the Territories. Salaries of governors, etc., Territory of

New Mexico.

Legislative expenses.
Contingent expenses
Compensation Utah Commission
Contingent expenses, Utah Commission
Compensation and expenses, officers of election, Utah.
Expenses constitutional conventions, Territories.
Public schools, Territory of Oklahoma.
Repairs of old adobe palace, Santa Fé.
Expenses first legislative assembly, Territory of Oklahoma.
Relief destitute citizens, Territory of Oklahoma

District of Columbia.
Salaries, offices...
Salaries, contingent expenses, offices
Improvements and repairs.
Public schools
Buildings and grounds, public schools.
Metropolitan Police
Fire department.
Telegraph and telephone service
Health department.
Washington Asylum.
Miscellaneous expenses
Contingent and miscellaneous expenses
Construction of county roads.
Permit work.


345.62 7,560.66

519,23 28,747.97 18,192.87 16.166.60

5,325.37 58.888.64

6,018.74 25,000.00

9,158.30 28,743.18 25,933.72 29,221.25

2,954.14 37,770.39 37,540.68


42,003.81 933,152.72 409,425.66

16,455.25 615,512.63 190,140.80 412,177.47 166,641.30 19,040.34 48,445.93 16,984.38 52,440.30 13,952.65 18,050.35 49.601.31 190,615.17

District of Columbia.--Continued.

Completion of sewerage system
Examination of sewerage system
Hospital for the Insane
Transportation of paupers and prisoners.
Relief of the poor, District of Columbia
Building, Washington Asylum
Building, Metropolitan Police.
Building, fire department
Expenses of assessing real property
Militia ......
Emergency fund
Compilation of the laws of the District of Columbia.
Writs of lunacy.
Payment of referees, Court of Claims, District of Columbia.
Zoological Park.
Industrial Home School
Board to consider the location of electric wires..
Building for Central Dispensary and Emergency Hospital.
Payment to William Forsythe for surveying...
Support and medical treatment of the infirm poor.
Employment for the poor, District of Columbía, filling up grounds.
General expenses, District of Columbia, 1879...
Water department
The District of Columbia, for increasing the water supply of Washington
Refunding taxes..
Refunding water rent and taxes.
Washington redemption fund..
Washington special tax fund.
Redemption of tax lien certificates.
Redemption of assessment certificates.
Water supply
Guaranty fund.
Deficiency in sale of bonds retained from contractors.
Fireman's relief fund.
Police relief fund
Redemption of Pennsylvania Avenue paving certificates.
National Zoological Park.
Rock Creek Park.
Building, Reform School..
Reform School....
National Temperance Home
Children's Hospital..
Columbia Hospital for Women, etc.
Washington Hospital for Foundlings
National Homeopathic Hospital.
Women's Christian Association.
Association for Works of Mercy
St. Ann's Infant Asylum.
Industrial Home School..
Building, House of the Good Shepherd.
House of the Good Shepherd...
National Association for Colored Women and Children.
Building, St. Rose Industrial School.
St. John's Church Orphanage.
Building, German Orphanage Asylum Association.
Education of feeble-minded children.
Bridge across Eastern Branch Potomac River.
Washington Aqueduct .....


.62 5,903,35 86.875.01

2,629.86 25,187.00

8,121.74 14,82.95 7,362.18

486.50 39,431.25


933.54 1,976 43 60,503.19

2,060,00 140,557.89

227.00 4,466.91

100.62 350.00

.47 14.23

316.06 60.639.17 71,628.69 16,308.48

1,121.84 4,796.02 1,607.94 2,081.87

214.70 114,218.85 53, 118.44 3,078.65

1,891.42 12,140.68

3.18 47,425.85 9, 132.98 1,489.19 50,919,13 3,259.50 7,376.06 25,498.32

9,205,20 15,489.66 5,071.76 8,752.50 8,702.37 14,917.12 15,000.00

2,2 16.34 13,826.14 5,000.00

576.68 10,000.00

4,913.25 11,693.35 16,033.20


Salaries, office of

Record and Pension Division

Salaries, Signal Office.

104,684.94 671,328.10 315,187,54

5.396.68 11,125,12 152,876.86


41,714.50 267,146.28 42,646.02 44,694.15 22,983.30 28,621.17 35,827.54

3,750.00 62,634.23 58,515.59 1,430.00

419.50 60,221.83 14,464.75 32,493.04 2,708.11 1,172.42


War Department.-Continued.
Salaries, office of -

Chief of Ordnance..
Chief of Engineers.

Publication of Records of the Rebellion.
Rent of building.
Contingent expenses, War Department,
Salaries of employees, public buildings and grounds, under Chief of

Postage to Postal Union countries.

Public buildings and grounds.
Buildings and grounds, Signal Office.
Improvement and care of public grounds.
Repairs, fuel, etc., Executive Mansion.
Lighting, etc., Executive Mansion..
Repairs to water pipes and fire plugs..
Telegraph to connect the Capitol, Departments, and Government Print-

ing Office.... Contingent expenses..

War, civil, miscellaneous.
Salaries, office of superintendent State, War, and Navy Department

Fuel, lights, etc., State, War, and Navy Department building
Building for State, War, and Navy Department.
Completion of the Washington Monument
Care and maintenance of the Washington Monument.
Monument at Washington's headquarters, Newburg, N. Y
Support and medical treatment of destitute patients.
Maintenance of Garfield Hospital.....
Statue to the memory of General La Fayette and compatriots.
Construction of building for Library of Congress.


Office of Secretary....
Bureau of Yards and Docks.
Bureau of Equipment and Recruiting.
Bureau of Navigation ...
Office of Naval Records of the Rebellion
Nautical Almanac Office.

Hydrographic Office.
Contingent and miscellaneous expenses, Nautical Almanac Office.
Contingent and miscellaneous expenses, Hydrographic Office.
Salaries, Naval Observatory.
Contingent and miscellaneous expenses, Naval Observatory
Bureau of --Ordnance..

117,925.02 43,199.32 7,758.42 1,015.61 10,925.70 31,888.43 17,510.76 18,112.12 38,586.64 622,469.31

47,134.49 10,359.72

9,070.98 22,046.46 13,866.14 23,638.44 45,801.44 $4,188.62

Construction and Repair.
Steam Engineering
Provisions and Clothing,

Medicine and Surgery
Salaries, office of Judge-Advocate-General, U. S. Navy.
Library, Navy Department...
Contingent Expenses, Navy Department..

900.00 44,649.75 20,520.00

9,589.52 10,992.92 13,930.55 10,512.72 37,699.69 10,686.72 10,642.30 3,405.93 13,649.60

Salaries, office of the Secretary
Publishing the Biennial Register..
Library, Department of the Interior.
Rent of buildings.
Postage to Postal Union countries.
Contingent expenses, Department of the Interior.
Expenses of special land inspectors, Department of the Interior
Salaries, General Land Office..


1,680.00 225,699.16

551.20 26,208.27

2,200.00 153,693.09

2,278.26 534,622.20 78,077.15 86,840.71 12,514.48

592.25 13,297.76


Department of the Interior.-Continued.
Expenses of Inspectors, General Land Office.
Library, General Land Office..
Maps of the United States.
Transportation of reports and maps to foreign countries.

Indian Office

Pension Office..
Investigation of pension cases, Pension Office.
Salaries special examiners, Pension Office..
Investigation of pension cases, special examiners, Pension Office..

Patent Office..

Bureau of Education
Library, Bureau of Education..
Distributing documents, Bureau of Education.
Collecting statistics, Bureau of Education.
Salaries, office of Commissioner of Railroads..
Traveling expenses, office of Commissioner of Railroads.
Salaries, office of -

Architect of Capitol..

Geological Survey
Contingent expenses, Land Office.

96,977.30 890, 182.55 309,799.60 204,807.70 173,793.46

659,498.50 46,446.20

431.74 2,731.18 1,028.90 10,815.00 2,249.60

14,403.00 34,644.60 5,883.29

Public buildings and grounds.
Repairs of building, Department of the Interior..
Annual repairs of the Capitol
Improving the Capitol Grounds
Lighting the Capitol Grounds.
Capitol terraces..
Fire-proof building for Pension Office
Ventilation, Senate wing, Capitol,
Ventilation, House of Representatives.
Ventilation, Supreme Court Room, Capitol.
Electric-light plant, Senate
Elevator, House of Representatives..
Steam boilers, Senate and House of Representatives.
West elevator, Senate.
Repairs Government Hospital for the Insane,
Construction of Penitentiaries.
Sundry Public Buildings...
Reservoirs for drinking water, Capitol..
Monument to commemorate Revolutionary Battle of Bennington...

6,430.43 27,286.58 16,355.37 27,403.64 44,030.92 1,705.38

34.47 187.40

533.39 2,916.73


793.87 3,452.00 10,443.40 37,029.85 3,993.19

110.50 14,000.00

Current expenses:

Government Hospital for the Insane..
Government Hospital for the Insane, Buildings and Grounds..
Columbia Institution for the Deaf and Dumb.
Howard University....
Howard University Buildings
Support of Freedmen's Hospital and Asylum
Maryland Institution for the Instruction of the Blind.
Industrial Home, Utah

331,817.61 46,929.52 67,660.59 28,943.58

3,400.10 88,893.11

6,575.00 10,313.49

Distribution of Reports of the Supreme Court.
Education of children in Alaska..
Colleges for Agriculture and Mechanic Arts..
Relief of Alice E. Robertson...
Salaries and expenses Supreme Court Reporter.


41,605.16 1,129,000.00

2,800.00 8,400.00

Public land Service.
Depredations on public timber..
Protecting public lands...
Settlement of claims for swamp lands, etc..
Reproducing plats of surveys, General Land Office.
Transcripts of records and plats.....
Preservation of abandoned military reservations.
Appraisement and sale of abandoned military reservations..

2,080.72 12,129.75

525.01 1,115.00

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