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On November 24, 1891, the Republican National Committee called the next National Convention, to meet at Minneapolis on June 7, 1892. The call announces that each State will be entitled to four delegates-at-large, and for each Representative in Congress-at-large, two delegates; and each Congressional District, each Territory and the D. C., two delegates. The delegatesat-large are to be chosen by Štate conventions, called on not less than twenty days' public notice, and not less than thirty days before the National Convention; the Congressional District delegates at conventions called by the Congressional Committee of each district in the same manner as the nomination for a Representative in Congress is made in the district; provided that in any Congressional District where there is no Republican Congressional Committee, owing to the redistricting of the State under the next Congressional apportionment, the Republican State Committee shall appoint from the residents of the district a committee to call a district convention to elect district delegates. “The Territorial delegates are to be chosen as the nomination of a delegate in Congress is made, and the delegates of the D. C. at a convention constituted of members elected in primary district assemblies held under the call and direction of the Republican Central Committee of the D. C., which committee is to be chosen, one from each Assembly District, on the first Tuesday of January, 1892, at 7 P. M., at a place of meeting in each Assembly District, to be designated by a joint call with not less than ten days' notice, signed by the member of the National Committee for the D. C., and the chairman of the Republican Central Committee of the district. Alternate delegates are to be elected in the same manner and at the same time as the delegates,"



REPUBLICAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE. Chairman...J.S. Clarkson Des Moines, Ia Minnesota... IR. G. Evans.. Minneapolis Secretary J.S. Fassett. Elmira, N. Y. Mississippi.. James Hill.. Jackson Alabama. V. Young

Missouri. C. I. Filley... St. Louis blood ...

Birmingham Montana C.S. Warren. Butte City Arizona... Geo. Christ .. Eureka Spr’gs Nebraska... W. M. RobinArkansas.. P. Clayton... Nogales

Madison California... M. . De

Nevada..... E. Williams.. Virginia City Young S. Francisco N Hampshire. P. C. Cheney. Concord Colorado .. W. A. Hamill Georgetown New Jersey G. A. Hobart. Paterson Connecticut. S. Fessenden. Stamford New Mexico.. W.L.Ryerson Las Cruces Dakota.. A.C. Mellette Watertown New York J. S. Fassett. Elmira Delaware, D. J. Layton. Georgetown N. Carolina.. W. P. CanaDist. of Col. P. H. Carson. Washington

day. Wilmington Florida. J. K. Russell. Olustee


A. L: Conger. Akron Georgia F. F. Putney. Hardaway Oregon. J. Bourne. Portland Idaho.. G. L. Shoup . Salmon City Pennsylvania . L. E. Watres. Harrisburg Illinois.. W. J. Camp

Rhode Island.. T. W, Chace. Providence bell

Chicago So, Carolina... E. M.Brayton Columbia Indiana.. J. C. New London, Eng. Tennessee. W.W.Murray Huntington Iowa J.S. Clarkson Washington Texas

N. W. Cuney. Galveston Kansas, C. Leland, jr. Troy


J. R. McBride Salt Lake C'y Kentucky. W.0, Bradley Lancaster Vermont G. W. Hooker Brattleboro Louisiana P.B.S. Pinch

Virginia .. J. D. Brady.. Petersburg back. New Orleans Washington... T. H. CavaMaine J. M. Haynes Augusta

nagh..... Olympia Maryland.. J. A. Gary... Baltimore W. Virginia. N. B. Scott .. Wheeling Mass

H. S. Hyde .. Springtield Wisconsin.. H. C. Payne. Milwaukee Michigan.. J.P. Sanborn Pt. Huron Wyoming J. M. Carey.. Cheyenne

* For changes in names, if any, up to the moment of going to press, see Addenda, preceding Index. This note applies to all committee and similar lists, which are liable to constant alteration,

Chairmen and Secretaries of the Committees appointed by the last Republican
State (and Territorial) Conventions:

ALABAMA.-Rep. State Com., Robert A. NEBRASKA.-Rep. State Central Com.,
Moseley, Jr., Montgomery, Chairman ; Dr. S. D. Mercer, Fremont, Chairman;
Harvey A. Wilson, Birmingham, Secre- Walt M. Seeley, Bennett, Secretary.

NEVADA.-Rep. State Central Com., E.
ARKANSAS.-Rep. State Com., Henry M. D. Boyle, Virginia, Chairman; F. C. Lord,
Cooper, Little Rock, Chairman; M. W. Virginia, Secretary.
Gibbs, Little Rock, Secretary.

NEW HAMPSHIRE.- Rep. State Com., F. CALIFORNIA. -Rep. State Central Com., C. Churchill, Lebanon, Chairman; S. S. Irwin C. Stump, San Francisco, Chair- Jewett, Laconia, Secretary. man; Chas. F. Bassett, San Francisco, NEW JERSEY.-Rep. State Com., John Secretary.

Kean, Jr., Elizabeth, Chairman; John Y. COLORADO.-Rep. State Com., E. M. Ash- Foster, Jersey City, Secretary. ley, Denver, Chairman; N. H. Meldrum, New Mexico.-Territorial Rep. Com., Denver, Secretary.

William W. Griffin, Santa Fé, Chairman; CONNECTICUT.-Rep.State Central Com., J. D. Woodyard, Socorro, Secretary. Erastus S. Day, Colchester, Chairman; NEW YORK.--Rep. State Com., William R. Jay Walsh, Greenwich, Secretary. Brookfield, New-York, Chairman; John

DELAWARE.--Rep. State Central Com., S. Kenyon, Syracuse, Secretary. John Pilling, Newark, Chairman ; J. North CAROLINA. -Rep. Staie ExecuFrank Bacon, Georgetown, Secretary.

tive Com., John Baxter Eaves, StatesFLORIDA, — Rep. State Com., Dennis ville, Chairman; F. T. Walser, Asheville, Eagan, Jacksonville, Chairman; Joseph

Secretary: E. Lee, Jacksonville, Secretary.

NORTH DAKOTA.-Rep. State Com., B. F. GEORGIA.-State Central Com., Alfred Spaulding, Fargo, Chairman; W. B. PatE. Buck, Atlanta, Chairman.

tin, Fargo, Secretary. IDAHO.-Rep. State Central Com., Jo- Ohio.-Rep. State Central Com., Willseph Pinkham, Boise City, Chairman; iam M. Hahn, Mansfield, Chairman; W. Sam'lJ. Pritchard, Boise City, Secretary.

S. Matthews, Columbus, Secretary. Illinois.--Rep. State Central Com., OREGON. --Rep. State Central Com., L. A. M. Jones, Warren, Chairman; Daniel T. Barin, Oregon City, Chairman; J. T. Shepard, Chicago, Secretary.

Gregs, Salem, Secretary: INDIANA. - Rep. State Central Com., PENNSYLVANIA.-Rep. State Com., Louis John K. Goudy, Rushville, Chairman; A. Watres, Scranton, Chairman; Frank Frank M. Milliken, Indianapolis, Secre- Willing Leach, Washington, D. C., Secretary.

tary. Iowa.-Rep. State Central Com., Edgar RHODE ISLAND. Rep. State Central E. Mack, Storm Lake, Chairman; E. D.

Com., A. K. Goodwin, Pawtucket, ChairChassell, Des Moines, Secretary.

man; Isaac L. Goff, Providence, Secre. Kassas. - Rep. State Central Com., Henry Booth, Larned, Chairman; Bion S. SOUTH CAROLINA.- Rep. State ExecuHutchins, Hutchinson, Secretary,

tive Com., Ellery M. Brayton, Columbia, KENTUCKY.--Rep. State Central Com., Chairman; John A. Barre, Columbia, John W. Yerkes, Danville, Chairman; W.

Secretary E. Riley, Louisville, Secretary.

SOUTH DAKOTA. - Rep. State Central LOUISIANA.-Rep. State Central Com., Com., A. E. Clough, Madison, Chairman; P. F. Herwig, New Orleans, Chairman;

W. 0. Allen, Groton, Secretary. William Vigers, New Orleans, Corres- TENNESSEE.--Rep. State Com., J. W. ponding Secretary.

Baker, Nashville, Chairman; J. C. Napier, MAINE.--Rep. State Com., Joseph H.

Nashville, Secretary. Manley, Augusta, Chairman; Frank E. TEXAS.--Rep. State Executive Com., J. Southard, Augusta, Secretary.

C. De Gress, Austin, Chairman; J. E. MARYLAND.--Rep: State Central Com., Wiley, Dallas, Secretary. H. M. Clabaugh, Westminster, Chairman;

VERMONT.-Rep. State Com., Frederick H. Clay Naill, Baltimore, Secretary.

W. Baldwin, Barton, Chairman; -, SecMASSACHUSETTS.-Rep. State Com., Jo

retary. seph O. Burdette, Hingham, Chairman; J. Otis Wardwell, Haverhill, Secretary.

VIRGINIA. - Rep. State Com., William MICHIGAN.-Rep. State Central Com.,

Mahone, Petersburg, Chairinan; Asa James McMillan, Detroit, Chairman ;

Rogers, Petersburg, Secretary. Wm. R. Bates, Detroit, Secretary:

WASHINGTON.-Rep. State Central Com., MINNESOTA.-Rep. State Central Com., John F. Gowey, Olympia, Chairman; 0. Joel P. Heat wole, Northfield; James A. Bowen, Olympia, Secretary. Bixby, St. Paul, Secretary.

WEST VIRGINIA.- Rep. State Executive MISSISSIPPI. - Rep. State Executive

Com., Augustus Pollack, Wheeling, ChairCom., J. M. Matthews, Winona, Chair

man; G. W. Atkinson, Wheeling, Secreman; William H. Gibbs, Jackson, Secre

tary. tary. MISSOURI.-Rep. State Com., Chauncey

WISCONSIN.-Rep. State Central Com., I. Filley, St. Louis, Chairman; James T.

Henry C. Payne, Milwaukee, Chairman; Beach, St. Joseph, Secretary.

John M. Ewing, Milwaukee, Secretary. MONTANA.-Rep. State Com., A. J. Selig. WYOMING.--Rep. Central Com., Joseph man, Helena, Chairman; James B. Walk- M. Carey, Cheyenne, Chairman; C. N. er, Helena, Secretary.

Potter, Cheyenne, Secretary.


ORGANIZED at Chickering Hall, New York, December 17, 1887. Headquarters 202 Fifth avenue, New York.

President, James S. Clarkson, Iowa ; secretary, Andrew B. Humphrey, New York; treasurer, Phineas C. Lounsbury, Connecticut ; chairman subexecutive committee, James A. Blanchard, New York; national organizer, Timothy E. Byrnes, Minnesota. Sub-executive committee-Joseph H. Manley, Maine; J. Henry Gould, Massachusetts ; James A. Blanchard, New York; Edward P. Allen, Michigan ; William E. Chamberlain, California ; Stephen B. Elkins, West Virginia ; E. C. Little, Kansas ; R. W. Austin, Alabama ; Horace M. Deal, Olio ; W. W. Tracy, Illinois ; T. E. By rnes, Minnesota ; W. A. Hamill, Colorado; J. S. Clarkson, president, and A. B. Humphrey, secretary, ex officio.


Executive members.


Presidents State Leagues.

[blocks in formation]

M. G. Reynolds.


R. W. Austin Arkansas. *California. W. H. Chamberlain. *('olorado

W. A. Hamill... Connecticut. Ed. W. W. Linsley Delaware..

J. F. Bacon.. Florida

Philip Walter. Georgia..

R. D. Locke Idaho...

G. H. Roberts.. Illinois.

I, C. Edwards Indiana.

G, W. Patchell Iowa..

F. D, Jackson. Kansas.

E. C. Little. Kentucky. W. D. Riley. Louisiana.

E. C. L. Herwig. Maine.

J. H. Manley.. Maryland.. G. L. Wellington Massachusetts J. Henry Gould.. Michigan.

E. P. Allen...

T. E. Byrnes..

J. H. Bothwell.

J. H. McCall

C. E. Pierce

J. L. Webster
New Hampshire... M. J. Pratt.
New Jersey L. T. Derousse.
New York,

J. A. Blanchard
North Carolina.
North Dakota. A. B. Guptill.

H. M. Deal *Oregon

M. C. George
Pennsylvania J. F. Hendricks,
Rhode Island.
South Carolina. J. H. McLane.
South Dakota... Chas. M. Harrison..

L, K. Torbett.. *Texas..

D. M. Angle Vermont

H. S. Peck. Virginia...

A. W. Harris.
Washington. B. C. Van Houten.
West Virginia.. S. B. Elkins.

George B. Shaw
New Mexico... A. J. Fountain.

Hoyt Sherman, District Columbia. Louis Clephane.. * Arizona...

George Christ... *Oklahoma. Ledru Guthrie.

C. H. Bartlett.
J. H. Gaskill.
R. R. Hellord.

H. W. Greenl..
J. H. Gaskill.
E. A. McAlpin.

W. B. Allen.
B. F. James

J. J. Pierce
D. Russell Brown.
Abail Lathrop..
G. A. Matthews.
E. C. ('amp
S. L. Hain
G. A. Davis.
A. P. Funkhouser..
S. T. Armstrong
Lucius Fairchild
Nathan Goff..

W. I. Squire...
M. C. George.
John Robinson
H. E. Tiepke
Simeon Corley
T. G. Orr.
H. C. Evans..
J. P. Newcome.
Josiah Grout.
H. DeB. Clay
T. H. Cavanaugh
John T. Kelly

B. M. Read
James Sharp
A. M. Clapp..

A. L. Morrison
Arthur Brown..

* Pro tem,

State. Secretary. Post-office. State. Secretary. Post-office. Alabama... E. P. Jennings... Jennings. N. H. E, N. Pearson.... Concord. Arkansas.

N. Jersey.. E. W. Sanderson. Newark. California

New York. Job E. Hodges.. N. Y. City. Colorado

N. Carolina Conn Samuel J.Bryant West Haven. N. Dakota. Delaware .. Theo. Townsend. Milford. Olio

John J. Chester. Columbus. Florida..... Philip Walter Jacksonville. Oregon Mert E. Dimmick Portland. Georgia.


William Linn Philadelphia. Idaho.

R. I.. H. A. L. Potter.. Providence, Illinois. J. N. Patterson.. Springfield. S. Carolina. V. P. Clayton.... Columbia. Indiana Otto Gresham... Indianapolis S. Dakota.. Chas, F.Hackett. Pierre. lowa C. M. Junkon Fairfield. Tennessee.. Kansas J. W. Butterfield. Topeka.

Texas... C. J. McPherson, Houston. Kentucky.. W. W. Huffman. Lexington. Verniont... Chas. S. Forbes.. St. Albans. Louisiana.. B. F. Moseley.... New Orleans. Virginia... Maine.

Wash E. G. Kreider.. Olympia. Maryland.. Sam'l Whiteside. Baltimore, W. Virginia Robt. Alexander Parkersburg. Mass. C.F. Rice.. Somerville, Wisconsin.. W. J. McElroy Milwaukee. Michigan ..C. E. Baxter Charlotte, Wyoming.. Minnesota.. F. C. Stevens.. St. Paul. Arizona.. Mississippi.

N. Mexico.. R. E. Twitchell.. Santa Fé. Missouri....L. M. Hall. St. Louis. Oklahoma Montana...

Utah... Harmel Pratt. s't Lake City Nebraska.. Brad. Slaughter. Omaha. D. C Nevada...

The Democratic National Committee met at Washington during January, 1892, to appoint a time and place for holding the next National Convention.


Chairman, C. S. Brice... New York C'y Missouri. J. G. Prather St. Louis Secretary S. P. Sheerin. Indianapolis Montana A.H. Mitchell Deer Lodge Alabama. H. D. Clay.

Nebraska Jas. E. Boyd. Omaha ton, jr..... Eufaula Nevada R. P. Keating Virginia City Arizona J.C.Herndon Prescott N. Hampshire. A. W. SulloArkansas. S. P. Hughes. Little Rock


Franklin California. M. F. Tarpey. Alameda New Jersey. Miles Ross... N. Brunswick Colorado. C.S. Thomas Denver New Mexico Neill B. Field. Albuquerque Connecticut C. French ... Seymour New York.... W. F. SheeDelaware J. H. Rodney Wilmington


Buffalo Dist. of Col. W. Dickson.. Washington No. Carolina. M.W.Ransom Weldon Florida.... S. Pasco. Monticello No. Dakota.... W.R. Purcell Wahpeton Georgia J. H. Estill Savannah Ohio.

C. S. Brice... New York C'y Idaho J. W. Jones. . Boise City Oregon. A. Nolt ner.. Portland Illinois E. M. Phelps. Chicago Pennsylvania. Vacant Indiana S. P. Sheerin Indianapolis Rhode Island. S. R. Honey. Newport Iowa J.J. Richard

So. Carolina... J.C. Haskell. Columbia

Davenport So. Dakota.. W. R. Steele. Deadwood Kansas. C. W. Blair. Leavenworth Tennessee. R. F. Looney. Memphis Kentucky H. Watterson Louisville Texas

0. T. Holt... Houston Louisiana J. Jeffries... Boyce


Wm. F. Ferry Park City Maine A. Sewall Bath

Vermont HiramAtkins Montpelier Maryland A. P. Gorman Laurel

Virginia. J. S. Barbour Alexandria Mass. C. D. Lewis. S. Fram'gh'm Washington. J. A. Kuhn .. Pt. Townsend Michigan O. M. Barnes. Lansing W. Virginia. J.M.Camden Parkersburg Minnesota M. Doran .... St. Paul

Wisconsin... J. L. Mitchell Milwaukee Mississippi C. A. John


W. L. Kuy-

kendall.. Cheyenne

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DEMOCRATIC STATE COMMITTEES. Chairmen and Secretaries of the Committees appointed by the last Democratic State (and Territorial) Conventions:

ALABAMA. State Executive Committee FLORIDA.--Democratic State Executive of the Democratic and Couservative par- Committee, James P. Taliaferro, Jackty, Henry C. Tompkins, Montgomery, sonville, Chairman; L. B. Wombwell, Chairman; Reuben C. Shorter, Mont- Tallahassee, Secretary. gomery, Secretary.

GEORGIA.-Democratic State Commit. ARIZONA.-Democratic Territorial Cen- tee, W. Y. Atkinson, Newman, Chairman. tral Committee, L. M. Jacobs, Tucson, IDAHO. - Democratic State Central Chairman; J. E. Walker, Phoenix, Secre- Committee, George Ainslee, Boise City, tary.

Chairman; Jas. H. Wickersham, Boise ARKANSAS.-- Democratic State Central City, Secretary. Committee, J. E. Williams, Little Rock, ILLINOIS. – Democratic State Central Chairman; w. J. Terry, Little Rock, Committee, Delos P. Phelps, Monmouth, Secretary.

Chairman; George M. Haynes, Chicago, CALIFORNIA. – Democratic State Cen- Secretary. tral Committee, Russell J. Wilson, San INDIANA. - Democratic State Central Francisco, Chairman; A. T. Spotts, San Committee, Chas. L. Jewett, New AlbaFrancisco, Secretary.

ny, Chairman; Joseph L. Reilly, IndianCOLORADO.-Democratic State Central apolis, Secretary. Committee, Frank P. Arbuckle, Denver, Iowa.-Democratic State Central ComChairman; Rod S. King, Leadville, Sec- mittee, Chas. D. Fullen, Fairfield, Chairretary.

man; Thos. H. Lee, Red Oak, Secretary. CONNECTICUT.-Democratic State Com- KANSAS. - Democratic State Central mittee, Clinton B. Davis, Higganun, Committee-W. C. Jones, Jola, ChairChairman; J. H. Swart wout, New Haven, man; Charles Howard, Hays City, SecreSecretary.

tarv. DELAWARE.-Democratic State Com- KENTUCKY.-Democratic State Central mittee, W. H. Stevens, Seaford, Chair- Committee, John B. Castleman, Louisman; R. H. Taylor, Wilınington, Sec. ville, Chairman; W. B. Haldeman, Louisretary

ville, Secretary. DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. Democratic LOUISIANA.- Democratic State Central Central Committee, John Boyle, Wash- Committee, John S. Lanier,Baton Rouge, ington, Chairman; James E. Brown, Chairman; Geo. W. Flynn, New Orleans, Washington, Secretary.

Secretary. * For change in names, if any, up to the moment of going to press, see Addenda, preceding Index. This note applies to all committee and similar lists, which are liable to constant alteration.

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