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while making or causing to be made with a stop watch, or other time-measuring device, a time study of any job of any such employee between the starting and completion thereof, or of the movements of any such employee while engaged upon such work; nor shall any part of the appropriations made in this Act be available to pay any premium or bonus or cash reward to any employee in addition to his regular wages, except for suggestions resulting in improvements or economy in the operation of any Government plant. (Printed also on page 34, Part I.)

PURCHASE OF ARTICLES MANUFACTURED AT GOVERNMENT ARSENALS: That no part of the moneys appropriated in each or any section of this Act shall be used or expended for the purchase or acquirement of any article or articles that at the time of the proposed acquirement can be manufactured or produced in each or any of the Government arsenals of the United States for a sum less than it can be purchased or procured otherwise.

That all orders or contracts for the manufacture of material pertaining to approved projects heretofore or hereafter placed with Government-owned establishments, shall be considered as obligations in the same manner as provided for similar orders placed with commercial manufacturers, and the appropriations shall remain available for the payment of the obligations so created as in the case of contracts or orders with commercial manufacturers. (Printed also on page 34, Part I.)

TRANSPORTATION OF WOUNDED AND OTHERWISE DISABLED SOLDIERS, SAILORS, OR MARINES, WHEN TRAVELING ON FURLOUGH: The Secretary of War and the Secretary of the Navy, under such regulations and restrictions as they may provide, are hereby authorized to issue to all wounded and otherwise disabled soldiers, sailors, or marines under treatment in any Army, Navy, or other hospital, who are given furloughs at any time, a furlough certificate, which certificate shall be signed by the commanding officer at such hospital. This furlough certificate when presented by such furloughed soldier, sailor, or marine to the agent of any railroad or steamship company over whose lines said soldier, sailor, or marine may travel to and from his home during the furlough period shall entitle said soldier. sailor, or marine to purchase a ticket from the point of departure to point of destination and return at the rate of 1 cent per mile, and on presentation of such certificate on which such ticket has been issued the railroad or steamship company issuing such ticket shall be entitled to receive from the Treasury of the United States the difference between the amount paid for such ticket at the rate of 1 cent per mile and the regular scheduled rate for such ticket. The sum of $250,000, or so much thereof as may be necessary, is hereby appropriated, out of any funds in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, for the purpose of carrying out the provisions of this paragraph.

Provided, That no part of the funds herein appropriated sha!! be expended in payment of the salary of any officer of the Army


of the United States who shall issue or cause to be issued any order, written or verbal, preventing social intercourse between officers and enlisted men of said Army while not on military duty when such order was not authorized by law or general Executive order: Provided further, That this limitation shall not apply to an officer who shall have acted in obedience to the mandates of his superior. (Printed also on page 35, Part I.)

PURCHASE OF ARMY STORES BY DISCHARGED RECEIVING TREATMENT FROM THE PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICE: That hereafter honorably discharged officers and enlisted men of the Army, Navy. or Marine Corps who are being cared for and are receiving medical treatment from the Public Health Service shall, while undergoing such care and treatment, be permitted to purchase subsistence stores and articles of other authorized supplies, except articles of the uniform, from the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps at the same price as charged the officers and enlisted men of the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps. (Printed also on page 35, Part I.)

RIFLES AND ACCESSORIES FOR ORGANIZATIONS OF WAR VETERANS: That the Act entitled "An Act authorizing the Secretary of War to loan Army rifles to posts of the American Legion," approved February 10, 1920, be, and the same is hereby, amended to read as follows:

"That the Secretary of War is hereby authorized, under rules, limitations, and regulations to be prescribed by him, to loan obsolete or condemned Army rifles, slings, and cartridge belts to posts or camps of organizations composed of honorably discharged soldiers, sailors, or marines, for use by them in connection with the funeral ceremonies of deceased soldiers, sailors, and marines, and for other post ceremonial purposes; and to sell such posts and camps blank ammunition in suitable amounts for said rifles at cost price, plus cost of packing and transportation: Provided, however, That not to exceed ten such rifles shall be issued to any one post or camp." (Printed also on page 36, Part I.)

EMERGENCY COMMISSIONED PERSONNEL: That the President is authorized to retain temporarily in service, under their present commissions, or to discharge and recommission temporarily in lower grades, such emergency officers as he may deem necessary; but the total number of officers on active duty, exclusive of retired officers and disabled emergency officers undergoing treatment for physical reconstruction, shall at no time exceed seventeen thousand eight hundred and twenty-three. Any emergency officer may be discharged when his services are no longer required, and all such officers shall be discharged not later than December 31, 1920. All officers of the Regular Army holding commissions granted for the period of the existing emergency, in whatever grade, shall be discharged therefrom not later than June 30, 1920. (Printed on page 36, Part I.)

MEDAL OF HONOR FOR VERDUN: That the President be, and he is hereby, authorized, in the name of the Congress and people of the United States, to present to the city of Verdun, France,


a suitable memorial medal or tablet as a mark of America's appreciation of the valor of its defenders, the cost to be paid from the appropriation for contingencies of the Army. (Printed also on page 37, Part I.)

Approved June 5, 1920.

[112.2, A. G. O.]





Major General, Acting Chief of Staff.

The Adjutant General,




Acts and resolutions of Congress, act of Feb. 10, 1920,

Additional pay:

In lieu of subsistence for certain employees.
Warrant officers, Army Mine Planter Service.



Advances to disbursing officers__

Aerial operations, control of, by Air Service and Naval


Age limit, civilians, for admission to civilian military
training camps--

Agriculture, sale of products incidental to vocational
training in___

Aircraft, settlement of claims for damages from opera-
tion of..

Air Service:

Control of aerial operations_.

Settlement of claims for damages from operation of

Ambulances, selection and purchase of motor_
American manufacture, Ordnance Department material__

[merged small][merged small][ocr errors][merged small][subsumed][subsumed][merged small]

Free issue of, to the National Guard from surplus


Sale of, to organizations composed of honorably dis-
charged soldiers, etc..

Animal husbandry, sale of products incidental to voca-
tional training in..


Breeding of riding horses___.
Donation of, for breeding, etc.

Purchase of horses_.

Appropriations, certain charges to, to be limited to the
particular amounts appropriated_.

[ocr errors][subsumed][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small]

Arms for use of civilian military training camps..

"Army account of advances":

Certain balances of appropriations to be trans-
ferred to---.

In connection with disbursing officers.

Army field clerks, assignment of....

Army Mine Planter Service, additional pay for warrant

Army stores, purchase of, by certain discharged officers

and enlisted men_.


[ocr errors]




Army transports:

Engagement in coastwise trade when owned by
United States citizens_


Sale of certain, authorized_.

Transportation of certain employees on__

Arsenals, purchase of articles manufactured at Government

Assignment, Army field clerks, messengers, and laborers_ Assistance of Government mapping agencies in making military surveys and maps..

[ocr errors][subsumed][subsumed][subsumed][merged small][merged small][subsumed]

Auditor for the War Department:

Duties in connection with the "Army account of


Settlement of claims for damages to and loss of
private property.



Balances of certain appropriations to be transferred to the "Army account of advances ".


Board of officers, survey report of in case of claims for damages from operation of aircraft___


Breeding of riding horses for the Army.

Bonus not to be paid to employees in addition to regular wages.

Boards. See National Board for the Promotion of Rifle
Practice; Board of Officers.



Bureaus of the War Department, certain Army field clerk, messengers, and laborers not to be assigned to_




Loan of rifles and sale of ammunition to, of organiza-
tions composed of war veterans.


Travel allowances for members of Reserve Officers'
Training Corps attending..


Canal Zone, subsistence of patients in hospitals_


Cash reward not to be paid to employees in addition to regular wages__.


Chief of Engineers, employment of skilled draftsmen, civil engineers, etc., by

[blocks in formation]

Citizens' outer clothing, issue of suit of, to certain persons
Civil engineers, employment of--.



Civilian employees:

Medical care and treatment of certain, in private


Restrictions in use of funds for salaries of


Salaries of, connected with the sale of war supplies_
See also Employees.


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