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Title 48-Federal Acquisition Regulations


(This book contains chapters 7 to 14)

CHAPTER 7–Agency for International Development
CHAPTER 8-Department of Veterans Affairs
CHAPTER 1Department of Energy
CHAPTER 10Department of the Treasury
CHAPTER 12—Department of Transportation
CHAPTER 13Department of Commerce
CHAPTER 14Department of the Interior

Part 701 801 901 1033 1201 1301 1401

Part 726

Other socioeconomic programs



728 731 732 733

38 39 42 44


Bonds and insurance .....
Contract cost principles and procedures
Contract financing

Protests, disputes, and appeals

Major system acquisition ........
Construction and architect-engineer contracts
Service contracting

734 736 737

48 48 49

[blocks in formation]




Appendix A to Chapter 7–Respective roles of contracting

and other personnel in the AID procurement process Appendix B to Chapter 7—(Reserved] Appendix C to Chapter 7–Logistic support overseas to AID

direct contractors Appendix D to Chapter 7–Direct AID contracts with a U.S.

citizen or a U.S. resident alien for personal services

abroad Appendix E to Chapter 7-(Reserved) Appendix F to Chapter 7-Use of collaborative assistance

method for Title XII activities .... Appendix G to Chapter 7- Approval procedures for contractor salaries ......

...... Appendix H to Chapter 7-Response to audit recommenda

tions Appendix I to Chapter 7-AID's academic publication policy Appendix J to Chapter 7-Direct AID contracts with cooperating country nationals and with third country nationals for personal services abroad ...



116 120


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