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perty of Lord Farnham. It suffered for a reformation of existing abuses in considerably from the discharge of can- their church, made by the Roman non, and is now ruinous, but beautiful Catholic Laity in the year 1817-the as well from its situation as the inter- details of which have been given to the esting recollections connected with it. public in a series of Letters addressed It is said that Cavan was the first to Lord Lansdowne, in the “ Dublin spot in Ireland which received the Evening Mail ;” and which, from the Reformation from England; and is importance of the circumstances, will further remarkable for a public demand shortly be republished.

SPANISH AND FRENCH TRANSLATION SOCIETY. Tuis Society, whose object is to trans- The extreme care necessary in the corlate and publish in the Spanish and rection of the Translation-various French languages, some of our standard interruptions, arising from the illness of authors on religion, has printed in the chief Translator—the distance beSPANISH “ Doddridge's Treatise on the tween Paris and London, where it was Rise and Progress of Religion in the indispensable to send all the proofs--the Soul;" “ Bishop Porteus's Summary defect of sufficient type for carrying on of the Evidences of Christianity;" the printing during this delay--have Gossner's Primitive Catholicism;” kept the Gospel of St. Matthew eighteen

Paley's Evidences ;” “ Bogue's or twenty months in the press. It Essay;" the First and Second Volume is now however completed. Fifteen of “ Milner's History of the Church hundred copies are published at the of Christ; ” “ Channing's Discourse on price of 5 francs (about 4s.) to Subthe Evidences;” “ Wilberforce's Prac- scribers, and 7 francs (about 5s. 9d.) tical View of Christianity;" and the to Non-Subscribers “ Duty and Advantage of Reading the The further prosecution of this transHoly Scriptures, by Dr. J. J. Vil- lation will depend on the manner in lanueva.” Most of which have been which the present essay may be reforwarded to South America. A vol ceived, and on the funds with which the ume of the Rev. E. Cooper's Practical Society may be furnished. In all proSermons, is translated and prepared for bability the greatest benefit would the press.

result from the Translation of the Acts The Committee have resolved, on ma of the Apostles, or the Epistle to the ture deliberation, to dispose of the books Romans. by sale, in the hope that they may be The Committee are now waiting for received by Roman Catholics with less the necessary funds, in order to print prejudice, and obtain greater attention; Cooper's Sermons in Spanish; Little and they rejoice to add that this hope Henry and his Bearer, and other Tracts, has not been disappointed.

and to reprint some of the old French In French the Society has translated authors, such as Mestrezat on the and published Scott's “ Commentary Hebrews, or on St. John; or Daillé on on the Gospel of St. Matthew," fifty the Epistles to Timothy. copies of which have been granted to Subscriptions and donations will be the Vaudois, in the valleys of Piedmont. thankfully received by H. Drummond, This was commenced under the auspices Esq. Treasurer; the Rev. Daniel Wilof an individual Member of the Com- son ; Mr. John Green, 13, Guildfordmittee, who transferred it, with the street; and by the Rev. William Marfunds in his possession, to this Society. shall, Secretary, Lower Holloway.

ROYAL BRUNSWICK MARITIME ESTABLISHMENT. A PUBLIC meeting was held Sept. 10th, sum of £1600 is necessary to complete on the site of the late Brunswick Theatre, the purchase of the ground and matewhen it was stated that the leasehold rials. If the plans of the benevolent of the estate had been purchased, and projectors are carried into effect, they that arrangements were making for the will, under the divine blessing, rescue purchase of the Freehold and the re- multitudes of our gallant and hardy maining materials of the Theatre; with sailors from the numerous and distressthe intention of erecting a General ing snares and temptations to which they Rendezvous and Shipping Depot for are at present, from the want of such an Mariners ; a ship-boys rendezvous; an asylum and its appendages, unavoidably asylum for shipwrecked, distressed, and exposed. destitute sailors, together with Day and Subscriptions are received at Messrs. Sunday Schools for both Sexes. The Drummonds, Smith's, Hankeys, &c.

ROMAN CATHOLIC EAGERNESS AND INTOLERANCE. The following Letter evinces the eager man speaks with difficulty in conseness with which the Romanists endea. quence of a paralytic stroke, I had not vour to obtain the credit of recovering yet received an intelligible answer, persons to their church, even in dying when the daughter rushed between me circumstances.

and her father, and laying her hands Having heard this morning that the upon me, pushed me from the spot Roman Catholic priest of the parish had where I stood. I told her I was detervisited Edward Styles, one of my mined to try what the arm of the law parishioners, last night, and administer- would do. I withdrew, and returned ed to him what Roman Catholics after a few minutes, accompanied by a denominate “the rites of the church," magistrate. On entering the hall or I went without delay to his house to passage of the house, we found the door ascertain the truth of the statement. I of Style's room locked. A woman from had been sent for a few days since by within named Clear (Style's married the said Edward Styles, and had visited daughter) told us that the key had been him as his minister; and being aware taken away by her sister, and that she of his having made a declaration to a would force back the bolt. On enterrespectable inhabitant of this Town that ing, I asked the poor man if he had he intended to die in the faith in which sent for Mr. Walsh, or if Mr. Walsh was he lived, I approached his dwelling to brought to him-he replied that he was day with an impression upon my mind brought to him. In answer to other that he had been intimidated into the questions, he spoke very inconsistently; profession of a new creed, by his grown- said he was not in his right mind for up children, who are Roman Catholics. some days past; that he had been On entering the room where the sick a Protestant' until lately ; that one man lay, I soon had sufficient evidence minister was enough, that he would that my conjecture was well-founded. be satisfied to receive my visits for the His two daughters were present. I time to come; in fact he appeared so approached the bed-side, and told the much under the dominion of terror, sick man I had come to visit him as that he was unwilling to say any thing his minister. The younger daughter which might afterwards bring him under apparently about twenty-five years of the scorpion-tongues of his son and age) interrupted me by saying, that my daughters. I endeavoured to discharge services were not wanted, “her father my duty by telling the dying sinner that having already made his peace with neither extreme unction, nor any other God, and with Father Walsh !I outward rite could take away sin, insisted upon silence being observed, inasmuch as the glory of saving sinners whilst I spoke to her father. She still belongs to the atonement of Christ, and continued, in conjunction with her to it only. I was often interrupted in married sister, and several others who what I said by the insolent remarks of had entered the room, to interrupt me many individuals who had dropped into with bigoted insolence, crying out that the room; and I am verily persuaded her father's soul was at peace, since he that they would, one and all, have saw Father Walsh, and that she was trampled me under foot, if the fear of resolved I should not disturb his peace. human laws did not hang over them. Meanwhile the old man looked on in On leaving the house I had scarcely silence, or if he did attempt to speak, stepped over the threshold when many his words were drowned by the vocife- voices said, “ you have seen him now, rations of his daughter. Her anger was but it is long ere you see him again." now kindled into infuriated zeal. Find Their hostility to me was not strictly ing herself unable to turn me from my speaking of a personal nature, it sprung purpose by words, she sprang to the from the deep-rooted prejudice which fire-place, seized a pair of tongs, and Roman Catholics imbibe from infancy holding them in a menacing position, against the members, and especially desired me to speak at my peril. A against the ministers, of a church which woman who was present (and whose they are taught to regard as heretical. zeal was of a more calculating kind) The individuals who acted in the manner grasped the girl round the waist, and above described make a part of “the prevented her froin making use of the seven millions" who are so loud in weapon of her choice. I addressed their clamours for that liberty of conmyself once more to the father. As the science for themselves which they are

so obstinately bent on refusing to others. The sequel of the story remains to Give Popery free scope, and it will bend be told. The poor man died a few days all its malignant energies to crush after, and was carried to the Protestant Religious Liberty. It is quite delusive church yard. When the curate made to say that the genius of Romanism is his appearance he was pelted with ameliorated. The system is intolerant stones, and a numerous party seizing in its essence and principles, it can the corpse, carried it in triumph to a never expect to rise but in proportion as Romish burying-ground some miles Protestantism falls, and its restless distant, interred it in their own way, spirit, if encouraged, will never be at and returned in a disorderly and riotous ease until, like Marius in Carthage, it manner, to the no small terror of the sits down amidst surrounding ruin and peaceable inhabitants.-Such is Romandesolation.

ism in Ireland in June 1828.


We have been requested to call the attention of our readers to the case of this valuable Institution, now in danger of dissolution, from the want of adequate funds for its support. It was established in 1822, for the reception of females who are not fit objects for the · Penitentiary,' the Guardian,' the. Magdalen,' or the ' Refuge for the Destitute;' and yet, from suspicions more or less justly attaching to their characters, (perhaps altogether unjustly) find obstacles all but insuperable to their return to the paths of rectitude and virtue, or the maintenance of character under the load of prejudices in force against them, and is open to proper objects from all quarters.

This Establishment has already received females discharged from twelve different jails in different parts of the kingdom, many of whom are now restored to Society, and in the enjoyment of reputation and comfort, while

those now under its roof, in many instances, give promise of permament reformation.

The number of Females at present in the Asylum is 20.

The receipts for the last year amounted to £461 45.—and the necessary disbursements to £611 2s. 8 d. leaving a debt due to the Treasurer of £ 149 18s. 8fd.

We earnestly hope this valuable Institution may meet with adequate support, and that its unfortunate Inmates, with many of a similar description, may not be again cast upon the world, and exposed to those pollutions from which, by the mercy of God, through the instrumentality of this Institution, they have escaped.

Subscriptions and Donations will be thankfully received in aid of this object, by any of the members of the Committee, at No. 32, Sackville Street, Piccadilly; or by Messrs. Hatchard's, Nisbet's, &c.


A Miss T. the daughter of a Scotch public discussion, unless she should Presbyterian Minister, a girl of a singu- expend her energies by the establishing lar character, a great Theologian, who a new order of English nuns, and prewent out to Rome with the intention of siding over their spiritual welfare. attacking the Pope and all the Cardinals, The Romanists are publishing this has fallen into her own trap, and has case of rare occurrence with much been publicly received into the commu- triumph every where; while however nion of the Romish Church, after having we cannot but pity the unfortunate repented of, and renounced all the errors young woman, we hope that her fall which had been taught her by her vene.. may warn young and zealous disputants rable and truly pious father. A person against rashly engaging in a controversy who knew her in Scotland observes, which they very imperfectly understand. that he always considered her a noto- Unless there is sound theological rious disputant, but never supposed knowledge, real Christian experience, it would have ended in her turning and deep humility, controversy will papist. He adds, Miss T. is a girl who always be found dangerous, either to has no half measures in any thing, and those who embark in it, or to the cause I fully expect she will be challenging which they profess and perhaps desire the Synod of the Kirk of Scotland toto maintain.

METROPOLITAN VISITING SOCIETY. A SOCIETY has recently been instituted, Local Committees and visitors, who under the above title, with the specific shall visit the poor from house to house, purpose of ascertaining, by a system in conformity to the instructions of the of local inquiry and investigation, the General Committee. The first efforts, actual state of the poor of this Metro will be directed to the selection of appropolis, and suggesting and imparting priate districts in which they may imappropriate relief, by the communica mediately commence their operations, tion of charitable aid :—by recommend which will be extended to other parts in ations to Hospitals, Dispensaries, and proportion as instruments are raised up benevolent societies of various descrip and funds placed at their disposal. tions ;—by encouraging parents and The Committee particularly invite the others to avail themselves of Parochial, countenance and support of the CLERGY; Charity, National, Adult, Infant, or of those persons who are favoured with Sunday Schools ;-by urging all, to wealth and influence; many of whom whom they can obtain access, to a residing in town only for a few months regular attendance on Public Wor- or weeks in the year, are from the very ship, and an improvement of the lei advantages of their rank and station in sure hours of the Lord's Day, ac- society, precluded from an acquaintance cording to the benevolent intentions with the wretchedness and misery which of its Divine Founder ;-by promoting often exists within a very short distance as extensively as possible the circulation of their own immediate residence: and of the Holy Scriptures, and the distri- of persons of both sexes, who may be bution of suitable books and tracts, and able to devote a portion of their time to by recommending and inculcating habits the discharge of the duties of Visitors. of order, morality, and religion. It is They fear that for want of such agents, not intended to interfere with any exist- thousands die yearly in misery and dising Institution, whether of a benevolent tress ;-many are reduced to the most or religious nature, but to avail itself, as abject poverty, and numbers are trained far as may be, of every charitable plan up in ignorance, led astray in early at present in operation, and to strengthen youth, hardened in crime, and perish the hands of all who are engaged in in the most fearful way; who by seaany work of mercy. Contributions sonable aid and the divine blessing on will be thankfully received from persons the suggestion of a pious and prudent of all denominations, but the business visitor, might have been preserved from of the society will be conducted under the depths of misery and vice, brought the direction of a Committee, annually to the house of God, taught to read his chosen from among those members of it, word, induced to keep holy the Sabbathi who belong to the church of England. Day, have lived usefully and respectably,

It is intended to divide the Metropolis and died with the consoling hope of a into districts, sections, &c. and to appoint glorious immortality.

Notices and Acknowledgments. Is not II. M. confounding the two distinct principles of Faith and Hope? We recommend him to peruse Scott's Essay on Faith and Assurance. See Works, Vol. II, p. 332.

The Sketch of a Pious Female must be authenticated by a real name. We should be glad also of a fuller account of the circumstances attending her change of views

Received, A. H. B.-R. G.-D. D.

We fear the impressions described by our correspondent, as resulting from Confirmation, are scarcely general. We should rather recommend the employment of his leisure hours in the studies of his profession, than in the line which he suggests. See 1 Tim, iv. 13—16.

We have received G. W. M.'s Letter, desiring some notice of a Tract and MSS. as, however, neither Tract nor MSS. have come to hand, and as he has not mentioned the title of the Tract, we of course cannot comply with his request.

The Advertisement from M. S. arrived too late for insertion. All Advertisements should be addressed to the Publisher and not the EpiTOR, and should contain a reference for payment to some person in Town.

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