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his unrivalled dignity ;-standing in because he offered up himself and hath an assumed relation to mankind, for an unchangeable priesthood;-an Interthe purpose of making a sacrificial and cessor and Advocate, faithfully and consecrating offering ;-submitting to powerfully maintaining our infinite inthe most bitter sorrows, agonies, and terests, upon the ground and reason death ;-effecting a real propitiation of the propitiation by his blood ;-the and expiation for the sinful state of Forerunner, securing to his followers mankind, in all the senses and respects the heavenly inheritance, by virtue of his which are suitable to the immutability priestly obligation ;-the Great Shepof the divine perfections, and the glori- herd, conferring the blessings of the ous honour of the divine government; everlasting covenant, through the efficacy -rich in power and grandeur, and of his blood; the Son of God, par. equally so in compassion and tender- taking the flesh and blood of the chilness ;-absolute for all the purposes dren of Adam, that through his own of salvation ;- possessed of all moral death he might accomplish their redempperfection ;-exalted above the highest tion; and to depreciate whose blood'is of created natures ;-taking as his own, the most dreadful of offences. and occupying as his indisputable right, Such being the declarations concerna station of glory and dignity which ing the personal character of our Divine only Deity could assume ;-reigning High Priest, and his qualities in the with an invincible dominion over all discharge of his office; we have colcreated beings, to the happiness and lected from the same source, additional joy of the holy, and to the restraint and illustrations of the OFFICE itself, and just punishment of the rebellious ;-and its necessary adjuncts. It stands alone bestowing on sinful and undeserving and unrivalled ;-it is perfect, for all men the greatest blessings, not shadowy the purposes of divine mercy and wisand figurative, but real, substantial, dom;-it is a real priesthood, all others enduring and boundless; the pardon being but emblems and representations of sin, the favour of God, conformity of it ;-it contained the essential quality to the holiness of the Divine Nature, of a priesthood, the offering of an imand everlasting blessedness. Other molated sacrifice ;-this sacrifice is efficaaugust and instructive titles are also

cious by a continual presentation in the given to our Lord Jesus Christ in relation

heavenly world ;--and it produces the to his priesthood. He is held forth to

most happy EFFECTS,—the ratification us as the Messenger, sent by the Eternal of the promulgated covenant of grace, and most Merciful Father, and fulfilling Christ's mediatorial right of conferring the great moral design of the Levitical infinite blessings ;-the reconciliation institution ;--the Minister of the most of sinners to their justly offended Soveholy place, presiding over the universal reign ;-entitling to the full benefits and worship of his people, and rendering it enjoyments of the great salvation ;-it acceptable to the throne of perfect is the great instrument by the efficient purity ;- the Lord who spake by the grace of the Holy Spirit, in producing prophets, and now by his apostles, con personal holiness ;-by it Christians have cerning the great salvation acquired by the most favoured access to the throne his sufferings ;-the Sanctifier, who by of grace;-in a word (and could a more his blood consecrates and presents to touching representation be presented to God all his true followers ;-the Brother a creature's mind of the majesty of of those for whom he came to die, and eternal holiness, and the efficacy of the whom he condescends, as the act of a great sacrifice?-) it guards the purity superior nature, to nominate into this of heaven from being dishonoured by endearing relation to himself;— the the admission of those who, without Surety, a pledge of salvation from God the purifying blood, would have been to man, and of obedience from man to

nce from man to odious and disgusting.--Pp. 156--159. God ;-the Mediator, transacting the most important concerns between the We take leave of our Authors Righteous Ruler of the world and his with grateful acknowledgment for revolted subjects, in order to their re- their interesting and valuable proconciliation and restoration, and accom

ductions, and in the hope that they plisbing this great work by means of his

may both long be spared as honoursacrificial blood ;--the Princely Author of life, faith, and salvation, achieving

ed instruments in promoting the his great purpose by his sufferings and glory of Christ, and advancing the death ;-a Saviour to the uttermost, welfare of his people.



could add to the above disadvantages a Tue following extract from the corres- long account of the miseries that are pondence of Mr. Barker with the experienced in travelling in this country, Committee of the British and Foreign but it will take up too much of your Bible Society, evinces the dangers which time ; suffice it for me to say, that they the agents of that valuable Institution are of a nature not to be endured by have to encounter in their efforts to do many. In Asia Minor, a person, begood in Asia Minor.

sides being exposed to all the inclemency In my last tour, I found that it is of the bad weather, and being scorched necessary to supply the following places by the burning rays of an eastern with the Holy Scriptures, viz. Mélemen, clime, is deprived oftentimes of common Pergamos, Kinik, Somma, Kirkaghatch, food and water, and, after a day's Ak-hissar or Thyatira, Magnesia, and fatiguing ride on a sorry horse, he arrives Cassaba. In the environs of those places at his night's quarters, which is often there are many other spots where Cbris- the unfurnished dirty chamber of a tians are to be found ; and now that the khan, or that of a Turkish coffee-house; Turco-Greek New Testament has come the latter of which is seldom without a from the press, and the Turco-Armenian number of savage and fanatical Turks, will soon be ready for circulation, my occupying the only part of the room attention and exertions will be required where a wearied traveller could be for the cities and towns in that extensive partly sheltered from the cold wind tract, the interior of Asia Minor, which rushing into the apartment. What are reaches from Smyrna as far as Tocat, termed in England necessary comforts and where the Sacred Scriptures may are out of the question ; and a traveller safely be said not to exist. The diffi is obliged to carry with him a small culty of supplying such vast tracts of carpet to serve him as a bed wherever country with the word of God, when he goes, unless, indeed, he can afford willing and trustworthy co-operators are to go to the great expense of taking with not to be found, cannot be conceived by him a bed ; at all events, he is under an Englishman unacquainted with those the strict necessity of enduring the barbarous regions. It appears an easy attacks of a numerous host of vermin. task to those who are only acquainted To this may be added the perils on the with their blessed country, where true journey, which are greater or less, Christian charity abounds, and where according to the country one has to pass thousands are ready to exert their facul- through. Regular highwaymen are ties in aiding the circulation of the ' not common here, and the haunts of Sacred Scriptures : but I leave to the marauders are generally known, if there consideration of thinking men to ima- are any; but you meet with disbanded gine what are those obstacles and diffi- soldiers, who scruple not to rob you or culties which an agent of the Bible take away your life. The fording of Society has to undergo in a barbarous rivers and torrents, the plague, unhealthy country like this, where he finds himself climes, and the sad prospects before destitute of every aid, and literally you, should you fall ill, of being without obliged to do all by himself, unless he medical advice and other attendance, as has a few friends whom he can engage was the case with poor Martyn at Tocat, as a favour, to render him a little suc- and latterly of another respectable cour. Besides, in all his transactions. English traveller at Iconium, are also to he must keep a vigilant eye over his be dreaded. I speak all these things conduct, so that he does not by some from experience; they are not taken imprudent step excite the jealousy of from what those who quietly sit by their the authorities of the country, and fireside term “ tales of travellers.” In thereby ruin all prospect of carrying on some parts of Turkey travelling is much his future transactions. Labouring under easier ; but in Asia Minor, and especially such disadvantages, it is not to be on the chain of Taurus in Caramania, wondered at if two agents of the Bible and on the skirts of the desert of Arabia, Society should not embrace the immense a person has a specimen of the vicissifield of operation of the Turkish empire tudes of travelling in the Turkish dowith generally satisfactory results. I minions.' SEPT. 1828.

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EXTRACT FROM THE YEARLY EPISTLE OF FRIENDS. The following Epistle has been address fore highly important, it is indeed indised by the Yearly Meeting of Friends to pensable, that we do not frustrate the the different members of their commu- purposes for which we were created, by nity.

seeking in any way our own glory. By “Dear FRIENDS !-In thus offering so doing, we oppose our true interest, you our annual salutation, not as a and interfere with the right occupation customary act, but because we feel the of those gifts aud graces which the Lord renewed current of gospel love, we are has bestowed upon us. If in all simcalled upon to acknowledge that the plicity and integrity of heart, we are Lord has been again gracious to us, each concerned singly to know and to and bas united our hearts in the fear do the will of God through the help of of his holy name; so that our coming his transforming grace, our real happitogether has tended to the edifying ness in this life will be promoted, and of the body in love.

the unity and fellowship of the Gospel “We feel thankful in reflecting that increase and abound among us. ever since the gathering of our Society, “We are all intrusted with talents to it has pleased our Heavenly Father, in be employed to the praise of the great his mercy, to grant to us from one Giver; some in one service, some in period to another, when thus collectively another. Indolence with regard to assembled, the manifestation of his religion, whether it relates to the welfare power. Through the efficacy of his of our own souls, or to our usefulness in grace, he has, from one generation to the Church, is a dangerous state of another, preserved amongst us those mind, and offensive in the sight of God. who have laboured in uvity and har. Let none think, because their situation mony for the defence of the Gospel, and is obscure, or their services are less the spiritual welfare of the Church. conspicuous than those of others, that This precious harmony is experienced their labour is useless. We may all by those only who become united in individually contribute, through the help Christ Jesus as their Head, and know of the Holy Spirit, to the furtherance of that all their strength proceeds from the Lord's work on the earth; at the Him; who are sensible that they are same time bearing in remembrance, called in one hope of their calling, that we are instructed to submit ourthe hope of eternal life through Him, selves “one to another in the fear of their gracious Redeemer. In the warmth God," and in lowliness of mind each to of Christian love, we earnestly desire “ esteem other better than themselves." that all our dear brethren and sisters He who desires to advance in the Chrismay become partakers of this unity, tian life shvuld frequently examine and of this blessed hope. But, beloved himself, and honestly endeavour to friends, it is only as we are brought to know whether he is right in the sight the feeling of our utter insufficiency to of an omnipresent God. Our spiritual effect our own salvation, that we can progress is greatly aided by frequent look availingly unto him who taketh retirement from the cares of this life, for away the sin of the world, and be a longer or shorter time, to wait in redeemed from the consequences of the reverence and fear upon the Most High. fall of our first parents. "We all have The convictions of truth, and the visitasinned, and come short of the glory of tions of heavenly love, are often known God. Be persuaded then, we entreat at such times to instruct and animate you, to seek to be set free from the the humbled soul; and it is enabled, guilt and power of sin ;-to come in under a sense of the Lord's power and faith unto Christ, “as unto a living goodness, to offer praise and thauksstone, disallowed indeed of men, but giving unto Him. chosen of God, and precious; ” remem “We continue to believe that our bering that gracious promise, which disuse of set forms of prayer is founded applies with unabated force to us, and on a correct view of the spiritual nature to all men individually, “Him that of the Gospel dispensation. At the cometh to me I will in no wise cast same time we are persuaded, that all out.” He is the Mediator between who have a just sense of the value of erring transgressing man, and that pure their immortal souls, and of their own and holy Being who created us for a great need of help from above, must purpose of his own glory. It is there- rejoice with thankfulness, in knowing

and in feeling that they may pray unto - When the mind is truly awakened to our Father who is in heaven. Oh! a sense of the necessity of divine help then that every one may avail himself to work out the salvation of the soul, of this great privilege, and with a sincere a due attendance of our meetings for and believing heart, and with reveren public worship naturally ensues. In tial awe, approach the throne of grace; silent reverent waiting before God, for trusting in the mediation of Him through a renewal of spiritual strength, an adwhom we “ have access by one Spirit vance is made in the life of religion, an unto the Father.” But having thus increase is known of that faith which asked in faith and submission, may we giveth the victory. Being led from a all be concerned so to walk before the dependance on the teachings of man, Lord, that our prayers may be heard our own experience proves to us the with acceptance! Let none, however, blessedness of coming immediately unto be discouraged from the performance Him, who, praised be his name, still of this duty by a sense of their trans remaineth to be the spiritual teacher gressions; but in humility and sincere of his people. And, though a very hurepentance, let them implore the for miliating sense of their condition may giveness of God, who, as they patiently render some fearful of thus coming wait before Him, will in his own time before the Lord, yet, as they faithfully supply all their need. And, if there be abide under these convictions, He will, any, who, if they deal honestly with in his great mercy, enable them to trust their own hearts, must acknowledge in Him. And whilst the remembrance that they do not pray, may these deeply of our Creator ought at all times to be reflect upon the danger of their situa- present with us, we have been again tion, and be alarmed at the great loss concerned that the day more especially which they sustain by not thus availing set apart for religious duties may be themselves of the high privilege of rightly observed amongst us. Let those drawing nigh unto God, and partaking hours which are not passed in attending of the assurance that He will draw nigh our meetings, be so occupied as to unto them !

strengthen habits of piety and devotion. “We are glad to know that the daily It is good to exercise an especial care reading of the Holy Scriptures in the that the converse of the day be not such families of Friends, is so prevalent as it as to dissipate any religious impressions is, and we earnestly desire that this which may have been received. The practice may be observed by all our households of Friends ought to be members, and that those who neglect assembled at least once in the course the performance of it, would seriously of the day, for the public reading of the consider the great injury which they and Holy Scriptures, and for retirement in their families suffer by such omission. spirit before the Lord. And we wish The more we become acquainted with particularly to call the attention of those the true nature and worth of these in who are in remote and country situaspired writings the more highly we shall tions, to the purport of this advice. esteem them; the more we rightly know In these days of religious liberty, and and comprehend the truths of the Bible, in which our intercourse with those of the more we shall find that they contri- other Societies is widely different from bute, under the power of the Holy that which obtained in the times of our Spirit, by their practical application to pious predecessors, it becomes us to be our moral and religious conduct, to lead especially careful that we do not in any us forward in the way of life and salva- way compromise our ancient principles tion. We therefore earnestly recom- and testimonies. We believe that it is mend to all, the diligent private reading equally incumbent on us, as on those of the Sacred Volume, in addition to who were made instrumental in the first the practice already alluded to. As we gathering of our Society, to maintain seek in humility and the fear of the those views and practices by which they Lord, to have a right understanding of were distinguished. And we feel dewhat we read, and in faith to accept this sirous that both in the performance of revelation of the will and purposes of our civil duties, and in associating the Most High, the force and excellency for objects of benevolence, all our dear of the Scriptures become increasingly friends may be concerned not in any obvious; we are more ready to acknow way to forfeit the character of conledge their divine origin, and their con sistency, but in all things to adorn the current testimony to that redemption doctrine of God our Saviour. It is, we which cometh by the Lord Jesus Christ. believe, alikę important to our own benefit, and that of the universal Church of its utter inconsistency with the purity of Christ, that we do not shrink from and righteousness of the Christian refilling that station in it which divine ligion, has led this meeting, with great wisdom has assigned us, but in single- unanimity, to direct that a petition be ness of heart give ourselves up to what presented to the Legislature, to convey it may be our individual duty to per- our feelings on the subject. And we form. The accounts of the sufferings desire that Friends every where may of our members, as reported to this embrace such opportunities as occur, in meeting, in support of our well known their intercourse with others, to promote testimony against tithes and all ecclesi a just and correct view of the rights of astical demands, including a few dis- the enslaved. traints for military purposes, together And now, beloved brethren, at the with the charges incurred, amount to conclusion of this Meeting, we may upwards of fourteen thousand eight inform you, that various subjects of hundred pounds.

importance have come before us, inWe have received an Epistle from timately connected with our views of Ireland, and one from each of the sound doctrine and Christian practice, yearly meetings of Friends on the and with the promotion of the cause American Continent, except Virginia; of truth and righteousness. We have no communication from the last men- been favoured to conduct and to termitioned yearly meeting having yet reached nate our deliberations thereon in much us. It is a comfort to us to know that love and harmony. We feel reverently there are on the other side of the Atlantic, thankful in looking back on the unity many faithful and experienced friends, which has prevailed. May this rewho are steadfast in their attachment to newed evidence of the condescending the cause of our Lord Jesus Christ; goodness of our Heavenly Father to our sincere believers in his propitiatory religious Society, encourage each of us sacrifice for the sins of mankind, and in on his return home, and all our dear the sufficiency of his grace to all who absent friends, faithfully and diligently receive and obey it.

to labour, in our own hearts, and in The important and affecting subject our respective allotments, for the adof the continuance of Slavery in the vancement of pure and spiritual religion, British Colonies, has again occupied for the peace and prosperity of Zion. our attention. A deep conviction of The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be the extent and enormity of the evil, and with you all. Amen.

SOCIETY FOR THE RELIEF OF POOR PIOUS CLERGYMEN. We have been favoured with a copy have not been long in orders ; and, of the two last annual publications of unfortunately, my incumbent is involved this valuable Society, from which it in pecuniary difficulties! Out of my appears that above £1900 had been salary of Forty pounds per annum, I employed in relieving poor pious Clergy have not as yet received a shilling, and during the preceding year, and that I have no hopes of receiving much.

during the forty-nine years the Society My parishioners are very kind people ; has existed, it has distributed to dis- but, as they are but poor, they cannot tressed Clergymen, 1874 GRANTS of give me much assistance. I am glad to various sums of money, according to say, that the church is pretty well the nature of the respective applications, attended, the Sunday-school is thriving, amounting in the whole to £51,428. and the number of communicants is

The publication contains a resolution increasing. Upon this account I feel expressive of the gratitude of the general loth to leave the place; but, as I have meeting of the Society, to the Rev. no independence of any nature to supH. G. Watkins, M. A. for gratuitously port me, nor a friend able to help me, discharging the important duties of I must, though with regret, look out Secretary during eleven years, and also immediately for some curacy where I announces the appointment of the Rev. may get my livelihood.' C. R. Pritchitt, M. A. as his successor.

It is through necessity alone, The following are extracts of letters that I am forced to make this humble received by the Committee, during the petition for a portion of the Committee's last year:

benefactions ; which is the only source, "I never applied for assistance before, through the blessing of an all-merciful and unless my circumstances compelled God, that I can, with any shadow of me, I would not indeed apply now. I hope, look to, to alleviate my present

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