Capability of U.S. Defense Industrial Base: Hearings Before the Committee on Armed Services, and the Panel on Defense Industrial Base of the Committee on Armed Services, House of Representatives, Ninety-sixth Congress, Second Session, September 17, 18, 25, October 21, 22, 24, November 12,13, 14, 17, 18, 19, 20, and December 3, 1980, Volume 5

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Page 1015 - ... for the purpose of financing any contractor, subcontractor, or other person in connection with the performance of any contract or other operation deemed by the guaranteeing agency to be necessary to expedite production and deliveries or services under Government contracts for the procurement of materials or the performance of services for the national defense...
Page 87 - Interest and other financial costs. Interest on borrowings (however represented), bond discounts, costs of financing and refinancing operations, legal and professional fees paid in connection with the preparation of prospectuses, costs of preparation and issuance of stock rights, and...
Page 1015 - President is authorized to prescribe either specifically or by maximum limits or otherwise rates of interest, guarantee and commitment fees and other charges which may be made in connection with loans, discounts, advances, or commitments guaranteed by the guaranteeing agencies through such fiscal agents, and to prescribe regulations governing the forms and procedures (which shall be uniform to the extent practicable) to be utilized in connection with such guarantees.
Page 594 - ... (e) When in his judgment it will aid the national defense, the President is authorized to install additional equipment, facilities, processes or improvements to plants, factories, and other industrial facilities owned by the United States Government, and to install government-owned equipment in plants, factories, and other industrial facilities owned by private persons.
Page 43 - The committee will stand in recess until 2 o'clock this afternoon. [Whereupon, at 12 :45 pm, the committee recessed, to reconvene at 2 pm, the same day.] AFTERNOON SESSION The CHAIRMAN.
Page 778 - to promote the economy, efficiency and effectiveness" of procurement by the executive branch of the Federal Government.
Page 1014 - The Director of the Office of Defense Mobilization shall, on behalf of the President, coordinate all mobilization activities of the executive branch of the Government, including all such activities relating to production, procurement, manpower, stabilization, and transport.
Page 20 - ... they took to be the newest and best principles of management, American managers have increasingly directed their attention elsewhere. These new principles, despite their sophistication and widespread usefulness, encourage a preference for (1) analytic detachment rather than the insight that come* from "hands on" experience and (2) short-term cost reduction rather than long-term development of technological competitiveness.
Page 1015 - Government, to enter into contracts or into amendments or modifications of contracts heretofore or hereafter made and to make advance payments thereon, without regard to other provisions of law relating to the making, performance, amendment, or modification of contracts, whenever he deems that such action would facilitate the national defense.
Page 1019 - All orders, regulations, rulings, certificates, directives, and other actions relating to any function affected by this order shall remain in effect except as they are inconsistent herewith or are hereafter amended or revoked under proper authority...

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