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198. 28. Reprint of 1912 original with slight changes and omission of appendix of documents. New prefaces are added, especially to third edition of reprint. Bitter indict. ment of whole Morocco affair and of Sir Edward Grey.

Morris, Charles, and Dawson, Lawrence H. Why the Nations Are at War, the Causes and Issues of the Great Conflict. London, Harrap, 1915, p. 414. 58. A British survey of 19th century history as antecedent to the war.

Muir, Ramsay. Britain's Case against Germany, an Examination of the Historical Background of the German Action in 1914. Longmans, 1914, p. ix, 196. $1. Study of German political theories in action in last generation; argues that Germany had long intended and prepared for the war.

*Muir, Ramsay. The Expansion of Europe, the Culmina. tion of Modern History. Boston, Houghton, 1917, p. xii, 243. $2. An historical survey of modern imperialism, with an attempt to appraise the achievements of the several colonizing powers. Glorifies England. Part on last forty years inferior.

Why We Are at War, Great Britain's Case, by Members of the Oxford Faculty of Modern History. Oxford Press, 1914, third edition, p. 264. $.85. First effort of English historians to explain situation; widely circulated; rather well done, in circumstances; but now valuable as evidence of state of mind following outbreak of war. Appendixes contain documents.

Rose, John Holland. The Development of the European Nations, 1870-1900. Putnam, 1905, 2 vols., p. xi, 376; v, 363; fifth edition, 1914, p. xvii, 376, 410, $2.75. Devoted mainly to international relations of the period; with addi. tional chapters in later editions. Gives little attention to some forces that would now command attention in a his. tory of the period.

Rose, John Holland. The Origins of the War, 1871-1914. Putnam, 1915, p. 201. $1. Hastily prepared by competent English scholar; was one of best books available in first year of the war. Written with emphasis on Germany and with strong convictions against Germany, but with tone of fairness.

*Schmitt, Bernadotte Everly. England and Germany, 1740-1914. Princeton University Press, 1916, p. ix, 524. $2. Period prior to 1904 treated in series of topical chapters; decade, 1904-1914, is given thorough chronological treatment; outbreak of war is covered by use of colored books. Written before the war, rewritten and enlarged after war started. Places responsibility clearly on Germany. Well written, one of most useful books.

**Seymour, Charles. The Diplomatic Background of the War. New Haven, Yale Press, 1916, p. xv, 311. $2. Admirable, concise, scholarly survey of events since 1871, fur. nishing adequate background for understanding the war and its issues. Written clearly, without passion, but gives verdict explicitly against Germany. Best book available for background of the war.

*Tardieu, André. France and the Alliances, the Struggle for the Balance of Power. Macmillan, 1908, p. x, 314. $1.50. Most useful account of international situation in 1904-7, covering Anglo-French and Anglo-Russian agreements and first Moroccan crisis. Author is recognized authority on international questions and is at present French High Commissioner in United States.

Whitman, Sidney. Things I Remember, Recollections of a Political Writer in the Capitals of Europe. New York, Stokes, 1917, p. viii, 268. $2.50. Reminiscences of a European correspondent of New York Herald covering events of last quarter-century, especially Balkan and German affairs and problems. Good.

6. THE DIPLOMATIC RUPTURE. Andriulli, Giuseppe A., editor. Documents relating to the Great War; with an Introduction by Guglielmo Ferrero, translated by Thomas Okey. London, Unwin, 1915, p. 128. 1s. Brief selection supporting Ferrero's conclusion that Germany decided for war, July 29, 1914.

Baldwin, Elbert Francis. The World War, How It Looks to the Nations Involved. Macmillan, 1914, p. vii, 267. $1.25. Judicial, impartial effort soon after opening of hostilities to summarize immediate causes and portray conditions and states of mind in several European countries.

Beck, James Montgomery. The Evidence in the Case, in the Supreme Court of Civilization, as to the Moral Responsibility for the War. Putnam, 1914, p. 200. $1. Revised edition, 1915. The War and Humanity, a Further Discussion of the Ethics of the World War and the Attitude and Duty of the United States. Putnam, 1916, p. xi, 322. $1.50. The first is not so much a judicial statement as a prosecutor's plea for conviction of Germany. Widely distributed but to be used only when more thorough and dispassionate works are not available. The second deals in same manner with episodes such as submarine controversy, case of Miss Cavell, and relations of America with Allies.

**Chitwood, Oliver Perry. The Immediate Causes of the Great War. Crowell, 1917, p. xii, 196. $1.35. By professor in University of West Virginia. Impartial narrative of events from the assassination of the Archduke to Italy's declaration of war, based on the published official docu. ments.

Davenport, Briggs. A History of the Great War, 1914, Vol. I. The Genesis of the War, June, 1914, to August, 1915. Putnam, 1916, p. viii, 545. $2. Clear, simple, but uncritical; commends itself to those for whom better books are too complex and heavy. Also useful for account of entrance of Italy and Bulgaria into the war.

Dillon, Emile Joseph. A Scrap of Paper, the Inner History of German Diplomacy and her Scheme of Worldwide Conquest. Doran, 1914, third edition, p. xxvii, 220. $.50. Summary account of the events which precipitated war, by well-known English authority on international affairs. Widely circulated in early months of war but now replaced by later works.

Ferrero, Guglielmo. Who Wanted the European War! Translated by P. E. Matheson. Oxford Press, 1915, p. 39. $.25. Interpretation of events of diplomatic rupture based on the colored books by leading Italian historian.

Great Britain, Foreign Office. Collected Diplomatic Docu. ments Relating to the Outbreak of the European War. Doran, 1915, p. xix, 561. $1. Contains British Diplomatic Correspondence, French Yellow Book, Russian Orange Book, Belgian Gray Book, Serbian Blue Book, German White Book, Austro-Hungarian Red Book, and some supplementary documents, with explanatory introduction and index, but no comparative chronological table. Confined mainly to last days of July and early days of August, 1914.

*Headlam, James Wycliffe. The History of Twelve Days, July 24th to August 4th, 1914, being an Account of the Negotiations Preceding the Outbreak of War, Based on the Official Publications. Scribner, 1915, p. xxiv, 412. $3. The English historical writer has based his account with assiduous care upon official documents and utterances. Tone restrained, dispassionate, and fair, but obviously not absolutely impartial. Style not popular, but clear, direct, and closely reasoned. Best account of diplomatic rupture in English.

Headlam, James Wycliffe. The German Chancellor and the Outbreak of War. London, Unwin, 1917, p. 127. 33. 6d.


Supplements his History of Twelve Days by more detailed p. 300. 58. Collection of author's pronouncements against study of events of July 29-30, 1914, based on further in Germany. Claims to be “the oldest and most persistent formation, to refute the Chancellor's charges placing re anti-German prophet. sponsibility on Russia and England for German mobilization

Powys, John Cowper. The War and Culture, a Reply to and hence for the war.

Professor Münsterberg. Shaw, 1914, p. 103. $.60. English Kennedy, John McFarland. How the War Began, with edition: The Menace of German Culture. Author was foran Introduction by W. L. Courtney. Doran, 1914, p. xxvii, merly in Education Department of city of Hamburg. 187. $.50. How the Nations Waged War. Doran, 1915, p. Pointed, detailed. destructive criticism; constructive criti. 190. $.50. First is hasty compilation by English publicist

cism also appears. on period from June 28 to August 4, 1914. Further official Sladen, Douglas Brooke Wheaton. The Real Truth documents published a few days after its appearance made about Germany, Facts about the War, an Analysis and a it out of date. The second volume deals with first weeks

Refutation from the English Point of View of the of war.

Pamphlet, The Truth about Germany, issued under the Au. Mach, Edmund Robert Otto von, editor. Official Diplo- thority of Representative German Citizens, with an Appenmatic Documents Relating to the Outbreak of the European dix on Great Britain and the War, by A. Maurice Low. War, with Photographic Reproductions of Official Editions Putnam, 1914 p. xiii, 272. $1. English edition entitled of the Documents Published by the Governments of Austria Germany's Great Lie. Answers arranged point by point Hungary, Belgium, France, Germany, Great Britain, Russia, are, like the original, assertions rather than proofs. and Serbia. Introduction, Daily Summaries, Cross-Refer

Stilwell, Arthur Edward. To All the World (except Gerences, and Footnotes. Macmillan, 1916, p. xxii, 608. $6. many). London, Allen & Unwin, 1915, p. 251. 38. 6d. An Criticism of the inaccuracies and misleading nature of edi. incongruity of belligerent pacifism and anti-Germanism torial portion of volume led publishers to withdraw it. It dedicated to King Albert and Henry Ford. is, however, a convenient compilation, and the chronological arrangement is particularly handy.

8. THE WARRING NATIONS. Parker, Sir Gilbert. The World in the Crucible, an Account of the Origins and Conduct of the Great War. Dodd, Herrick, Robert. The World Decision. Boston, Hough. 1915, p. viii, 422. $1.50. Space divided about equally be

ton, 1916, p. 253. $1.25. Six chapters on observations in Italy tween antecedents of the war, rupture of relations, and

in spring of 1915, six more chapters on observations in early weeks of war. Well-written, compendious and fairly France in ensuing summer, and three chapters on relations reliable account.

of United States to the war. Importance of volume lies in *Scott, James Brown, editor. Diplomatic Documents re its revelation of the morale of the several contending nalating to the Outbreak of the European War. Oxford Press, tions and its reflections on moral issues at stake. 1916, 2 vols., p. lxxxi, xcii, 1516. $5. Careful reprints of

Jones, Jenkin Lloyd. Love for the Battle-torn Peoples. official English translations of Austro-Hungarian, Belgian, Chicago, Unity Pub. Co., 1917, p. 166. $.75. Series of French, German, Russian, Serbian, British, and Italian

popular sermons on the admirable traits of the conflicting “colored” books of documents relating to outbreak of war,

peoples and a plea for human brotherhood. with tables of contents and introduction. Most complete collection now available.

Low, Sidney James Mark, editor. The Spirit of the

Allied Nations. Macmillan, 1915, p. 214. $1. Series of *Stowell, Ellery Cory. The Diplomacy of the War of

lectures by competent authorities on the several Allied na1914, Vol. I. The Beginnings of the War. Boston, Hough

tions, arranged by Imperial Studies Committee of Uni. ton, 1915, p. xvii, 728. $5. Opens with forty page sketch

versity of London. of history of thirty years prior to the war and closes with appendix of 130 pages of documents. Rest of book is McCabe, Joseph. The Soul of Europe, a Character Study analytical study of documents and exposition of acts,

of the Militant Nations. Dodd, 1915, p. vi, 407. $3. Inevents, rights, and motives. Chapters are topical in charac

formative book to explain their Allies to English readers. ter and arranged in order of events. Author, who is as Nyrop, Christopher. Is War Civilization ?, translated by sistant professor of international law in Columbia Univer H. G. Wright. Dodd, 1917, p. 256. $1.25. Not abstract sity, concludes “Germany has clearly violated interna discussion but collection of articles by Copenhagen protional law.” Most exhaustive American account of the fessor on the war, especially on Belgium, Italy, languages Twelve Days and ranks with Headlam.

and war, and religion and war.

Orth, Samuel Peter. The Imperial Impulse, Background 7. POLEMICS: ENGLAND VS. GERMANY.

Studies of Belgium, England, France, Germany, Russia. Angell, Norman (pseud. of Ralph Norman Angell Lane). Century, 1916, p. 234. $1.20. Collection of interesting Prussianism and its Destruction. London, Heinemann, and informing magazine articles. An additional essay on 1914, p. xiv, 248. $1.25. Denounces militarism in his for. Our First Duty urges United States to uphold principle mer style, but identifies it with Prussianism which must be

every people with national instincts" be allowed to fought and destroyed.

determine its own government. Chesterton, Gilbert Keith. The Crimes of England. *Powers, Harry Huntington. The Things Men Fight For, Lane, 1916, p. 173. $1. The crimes are the failures to arrest with Some Application to Present Conditions in Europe. growth of Prussian militarism and spread of German ideas, Macmillan, 1916, p. vii, 382. $1.50. Thoughtful candid each of which is discussed in author's usual manner. book based on wide travel, broad knowledge, and generous

Harris, Frank. England or Germany? Wilmarth, 1915, sympathies. Seeks to present case of each contending nathird edition, p. 187. $1. American resident in England tion as manifesting the highest instincts of that nation. avows Celtic and revolutionary sympathies and indulges in Concluding chapter gives carefully weighed decision in fantastic diatribe against England.

favor of Britain rather than Germany. Harrison, Frederic. The German Peril: Forecasts, 1864 Stoddard, Theodore Lothrop. Present Day Europe, its 1914; Realities, 1915; Hopes, 191–. London, Unwin, 1915, National States of Mind, Century, 1917, p. 322. $2. A study

that “

of the war psychology of the various European nations, p. xiv, 152. $1. Professor Cramb's lectures were delivered based as far as possible upon the utterances of represent. at Queen's College, London, February-March, 1913, and atives of the respective nations. Quite neutral, and uses after his death written up from notes and published, June, material down to op ing of 1917.

1914. Author's study in Germany had convinced him of Wells, Herbert George. Italy, France, and Britain at

German bitterness against England and inevitableness of War. Macmillan, 1917, p. 285. $1.50. Accounts of his visit

conflict. Book holds historic place because most widely to Italian and western fronts in 1916, with added section

read book in English during first months of war. Note also on "How People Think About the War.” Chiefly interest

author's Origin and Destiny of Imperial Britain and Nineing for those who care to know what Mr. Wells thinks.

teenth Century Europe (Dutton, 1915), first published dur.

ing Boer war, for fuller statement of chauvinistic English 9. VIEWS OF THE WAR BY EUROPEAN NEUTRALS. imperialism. *Brandes, Georg Morris Cohen. The World at War;

Cross, Arthur Lyon. A History of England and Greater

Excellent translated by Catherine D. Groth. Macmillan, 1917, p. 272.

Britain. Macmillan, 1914, p. xiii, 1165. $2.50. $1.50. The famous Danish-Jewish writer, without sym.

comprehensive account to spring of 1914, written as college

text. pathy for Germany, deals rigorously with Allied aims and acts, and urges rights of small, oppressed, and neutral na

Dunning, William Archibald. The British Empire and tions. Collection of articles including some of special inter

the United States, a Review of their Relations during the est written before the war.

Century of Peace following the Treaty of Ghent. Scribner, Jörgensen, Johannes. False Witness. Doran, 1917, p.

1914, p. xl, 381. $2. Well written narrative by able

American historical scholar. vii, 227. $1. Translation of the Danish author's Klokke Roland, which is an examination of the German professors'

*Egerton, Hugh Edward. Britsh Foreign Policy in “Appeal to the Civilized World.” Evidence of the falsity

Europe to the End of the Nineteenth Century, a Rough of their statements is adduced and other material on the

Outline. Macmillan, 1917, p. x, 440. $2. Not a narrative German character and kultur is included.

but an effort to show the motives and purposes which have Maccas, Leon. German Barbarism, a Neutral's Indict

directed British foreign policy, largely in the words of the

responsible individuals in promoting or defending their ment, with preface by Paul Girard. Doran, 1916, p. xii, 228.

plans and acts. Holds that “policy of the country on the $1. By a Venizelist Greek.

whole has been singularly honest and straightforward;" Prüm, Emile. Pan-Germanism versus Christendom; the

and such is tone of the book. By professor of colonial Conversion of a Neutral; edited with comments by René

history, Oxford. Johannet. Doran, 1917, p. xii, 184. $1. Letter of Prüm, Catholic leader in Luxemburg to Erzberger, Catholic leader

Gooch, George Peabody and Masterman, John Howard in Germany; record of proceedings against Prüm, and an

Bertram. A Century of British Foreign Policy. London, article on the Catholic Center in Germany. Convincingly

Allen & Unwin, 1917, p. 110. Written for the Council for anti-German.

the Study of International Relations; Masterman deals

with 19th century; Gooch, with 20th century. Two clear, 10. GREAT BRITAIN: DESCRIPTION, HISTORY, concise, excellent essays. POLICY.

* Low, Sidney James Mark, and Sanders, Lloyd Charles. *Barker, J. Ellis. Great and Greater Britain, the Prob

The History of England during the Reign of Victoria, 1837lems of Motherland and Empire, Political, Naval, Military,

1901. Longmans, 1907, p. xviii, 532. $2.60. Best account Industrial, Financial, Social. London, Smith, Elder, 1909,

of period, though little more than narrative of political

facts. 2d edition, 1910, p. 604. $3. Counterpart of his Modern Germany, and supplemented by his British Socialism. An * Lowell, Abbott Lawrence. The Government of England. avowed disciple of Joseph Chamberlain describes essential

Macmillan, 1908, 2 vols., p. xv, 570; viii, 563. $4. Admirmatters of domestic and imperial concern in decade preced

able description of the organization and working of English ing the war.

government, local, national, and imperial. Begbie, Harold. The Vindication of Great Britain, a

Marriott, John Arthur Ransome. England since Water. Study in Diplomacy and Strategy with Reference to the Il loo. Putnam, 1913, p. xxi, 558. $3. Careful accurate aclusions of her Critics and the Problems of the Future. count to 1885, with sketchy chapter to 1901. London, Methuen, 1916, 3d edition, p. xv, 302. 68. Pecu Meyer, Eduard. England, its Political Organization and liarly valuable for work and influence of Edward VII and Development and the War Against Germany. Translated Lord Haldane. Lauds English achievement in arming by Helene S. White. Boston, Ritter, 1916, p. xix, 328. against Germany during first two years of the war. Peace $1.50. Arraignment of England and English policy by emiproblems discussed.

nent Berlin professor of history, so vehement as to be con*Boutmy, Emile. The English People, a Study of their

demned by German critics. Valuable, however, as presentPolitical Psychology, with an Introduction by J. E. C. Bod ing essentially the German view of England. ley. Putnam, 1904, p. xxxvi, 332. $2.50. Author was Murray, Gilbert. The Foreign Policy of Sir Edward leading French authority in political science in last genera Grey, 1906-1915. Oxford Press, 1915, p. 128. 50 cents. tion, and one of most eminent foreign students of English Good survey and thorough-going defence by eminent Oxford constitution and people. French original published in 1901. professor whose views were less favorable before the war. Accurate in fact, sane in judgment, keen in analysis,

Reventlow, Ernest, Graf zu. The Vampire of the Conbristling with illuminating ideas.

tinent; translated with a Preface by G. Chatterton Hill. Cheyney, Edward Potts. A Short History of England. Jackson, 1916, p. xiii, 225. $1.25. Original published in Boston, Ginn, 1904, p. xvi, 695. $1.40. Excellent text 1915. Author is spokesman of extreme Junker group. Debook, briefer and more readable than Cross.

nounces England's desire to maintain balance of power and *Cramb, John Adam. Germany and England, with an destroy economic rivals as cause of present and earlier great Introduction by the Hon. Joseph H. Choate. Dutton, 1914, wars which have sucked the blood of Continental Europe.

Author's more substantial work, Deutschlands Auswärtige Destrée, Jules. Britain in Arms. Lane, 1917, p. xv,

292. Politik, 1888-1913 (1914), is not available in translation. $1.50. Translation by J. Lewis May of L'Effort Britannique,

*Seeley, Sir John Robert. The Expansion of England, with preface by M. Georges Clemenceau. Originally Two Courses of Lectures. Boston, Little, p. viii, 359. $1.75.

written in Italian to dispel the Italian suspicion that Eng. Originally published, 1883. First course, English expansion land was not doing its share. Explains military, naval, in 17th and 18th centuries; second, England's acquisition industrial and financial activities. By a Belgian. and control of India. Brilliant and convincing presentation George, David Lloyd. Through Terror to Triumph, of achievements and high aims of British imperial policy. Speeches and Pronouncements since the Beginning of the Seeley's position in history of English imperialism has been War, arranged by F. L. Stevenson. Doran, 1915, p. xii, compared to Treitschke's in Pan-Germanism.

187. $1. Important for speeches intended to sway public Tönnies, Ferdinand. Warlike England as Seen by Her. opinion, especially in case of munition workers. self. Dillingham, 1915, p. 202. $1. Account of English

Gleason, Arthur Huntington. Inside the British Isles. foreign and colonial policy since Elizabeth, especially in Century, 1917, p. 434. $2. Main topics treated are labor, nineteenth century, by Professor in University of Kiel, com Ireland, women, and social studies. Attaches great imposed largely of quotations from English writers. Shows portance to changes wrought during the war. Somewhat existence of English imperialism, but does not prove causal superficial observations and hasty generalizations of clever relation with the war.

American journalist.

Grew, Edwin Sharpe, and others. Field-Marshal Lord 11. GREAT BRITAIN: ARMY AND NAVY, PRE Kitchener, his Life and Work for the Empire. London, PAREDNESS.

Gresham Publishing Co., 1916, 3 vols. 25s. 6d. Careful coLea, General Homer. The Day of the Saxon. Harper, operative biography but not a definitive study. Third vol1912, p. 249. $1.80. This and his earlier Valour of

ume relates to present war. Fashoda incident opens second

volume. Ignorance (1909) attracted wide attention by their extreme advocacy of Lord Roberts' efforts to impress the English *Murray, Gilbert. Faith, War and Policy. Boston, people with the importance of England's empire and sea Houghton, 1917, p. xiv, 255. $1.25. Collection of articles power and of their defence. Faulty in fact and logic, and addresses during the war, in exposition and defence of though events have justified the main thesis.

England's part and policies. Able but open to criticism. MacDonald, J. Ramsay. National Defense. London, Pollard, Albert Frederick. The Commonwealth at War. Allen & Unwin, 1917. 28. 6d. Denounces miltarism as a Longmans, 1917, p. vii, 256. $2.25. Collection of nineteen false method of national defense; foresees that defeat of occasional articles during the war by professor of history, Germany will not be likely to create a pacific German University College, London. democracy. .

Ward, Mary Augusta (Arnold) (Mrs. Humphrey Ward). *Oliver, Frederick Scott. Ordeal by Battle. Macmillan, England's Effort, Letters to an American Friend, with 1915, p. li, 437. $1.50. One of most notable English war Preface by Joseph H. Choate; 3d edition with epilogue to books, important for insight into English state of mind on August, 1916. Scribner, 1916, p. xv, 228. $1. The author foreign and military questions in decade before the war. was given special privileges to inspect British military The author belonged to the Lord Roberts school, and wrote forces, munition works, etc., with purpose of answering much of book before the war, publishing it to promote con. criticism that Great Britain was not doing its share. scription. After good analysis of causes of the war and

Ward, Mary Augusta (Arnold) (Mrs. Humphrey Ward). spirit of German policy, the real contribution of the book Towards the Goal. Scribner, 1917, p. xvii, 231. $1.25. appears in parts on spirit of British policy and democracy Series of letters addressed to Mr. Roosevelt in March to and national service.

June, 1917, describing England's war aims and activities. Protheroe, Ernest. The British Navy, its Making and its Practically a sequel to England's Effort. Meaning. Dutton, 1915, p. xx, 694. $2.50. Comprehen. sive historical and technical account addressed to British

13. IRELAND. youth. Includes chapter on early naval events of the war. Roland, pseud. The Future of Militarism. London,

Barker, Ernest. Ireland in the Last Fifty Years, 1866Unwin, 1916. 28. 6d. Not an independent discussion but

1916. Oxford Press, 1917. ls. 6d. Good account of politi. a denunciation of Oliver's Ordeal by Battle.

cal, religious, educational, and agrarian problems, especially

useful for condition of peasant class. 12. GREAT BRITAIN'S PART IN THE WAR.

Hamilton, Lord Ernest William. The Soul of Ulster.

Dutton, 1917, p. 188. $1.25. Able statement of the Ulster **Chevrillon, André. England and the War, 1914-1915; side of the Irish question. with a Preface by Rudyard Kipling. Garden City, N. Y., Doubleday, 1917, p. xxi, 250. $1.60. Translation of arti.

Harrison, Marie. Dawn in Ireland. London, Melrose, cles contributed to Revue de Paris from Nov., 1915, to Jan.,

1917, p. 222. Chapters on present conditions, the spirit 1916, by nephew of Taine, who was keen observer in Eng.

that moves in Ireland, enemies of Ireland, and the future. land of awakening and reconstruction during the first year

Insists on English goodwill toward Ireland. and a half of the war. Traces conception and development The Irish Home-Rule Convention. Macmillan, 1917, p. of England's will to war in way to enlighten Americans 183. 50 cents. Timely papers by John Quinn, G. W. Ruswhen their nation is undergoing somewhat similar transi sell, Sir Horace Plunkett and others. tion.

Kettle, Thomas Michael. The Ways of War, with a Cravath, Paul Drennan. Great Britain's Part, Observa Memoir by his Wife, Mary S. Kettle. Scribner, 1918, p. tions of an American Visitor to the British Army in France ix, 246. $1.50. Papers by Irish professor and member of at the Beginning of the Third Year of the War. Appleton, parliament who has perished in the war, to show why an 1917, p. vi, 127. $1. Convinced of greatness of England's Irishman went into the fight. Strong indictment of Gerachievement and that it will win.


Leslie, Shane. The Celt and the World, a Study of the McLaren, A. D. Peaceful Penetration. Dutton, 1917, p. Relation of Celt and Teuton in History. Scribner, 1917, p. 224. $1.50. Australian journalist, familiar with Germany, 224. $1.25. Interesting volume which slights the main writes on German colonizing methods and policies, and on theme of relation of Celt and Teuton to discuss Anglo Australia's place in worlü politics. Irish relations and the war.

Smuts, Jan Christiaan. War-time Speeches, a CompilaMorris, Lloyd R. The Celtic Dawn, a Survey of the tion of Public Utterances in Great Britain. Doran, 1917, Renascence in Ireland, 1889-1916. Macmillan, 1917, p. p. viii, 116. 75 cents. Chiefly important for discussion of xviii, 251. $1.50. Review of political, social, economic, future of what he has named the British Commonwealth. and cultural developments in Ireland in last generation to Worsfold, W. Basil. The Empire on the Anvil, being the Sinn Fein rebellion in 1916.

Suggestions and Data for the Future Government of the Russell, George William (pseud. A. E.). National Being, British Empire. London, Smith, Elder, 1916, p. XV, 242. Some Thoughts on an Irish Polity. Macmillan, 1916, p.

Wise, Bernhard Ringrose. The Making of the Australian 176. $1.35. Ireland must seek political independence Commonwealth, 1889-1900, a Stage in the Growth of Em. through economic independence, which is to be attained by pire. mans, 1913, p. xiii, 365. $2.50. ith special co-operative rather than competitive methods. Admirable

reference to New South Wales, by a participant in the in style and tone, even if not entirely convincing.

movement. A study of growth of federation in British EmWells, Warre B., and Marlow, N. The History of the pire. Irish Rebellion of 1916. New York, Stokes, 1917, p. 271.

15. BELGIUM: HISTORY, DESCRIPTION. $2.50. Comprehensive, though not friendly account, with documents.

Ensor, Robert Charles Kirkwood. Belgium (Home Uni

versity Library). Holt, 1915, p. v, 256. $.50. Concise survey 14. BRITISH EMPIRE: FUTURE PROBLEMS AND of recent history and conditions before the war. Generally POLICIES.

accurate and fair, except, perhaps, to Catholic church. Beer, George Louis. The English-speaking Peoples,

*MacDonnell, John de Courcy. Belgium, her Kings, their Future Relations and Joint International Obligations. Kingdom, and People. Boston, Little, 1914, p. xii, 354. $3.50. Macmillan, 1917, p. xi, 322. $1.50. By an able historian Good historical survey since establishment of independence of the British colonies in America. Excellent discussion of in 1830, with account of conditions under King Albert. Pubthe international problems which America faces; favors co

lished on eve of the war. Written with fairness and mod. operative arrangements between United States and Great eration; apparently Catholic in sympathies. Britain. Very important and valuable. Abundant refer. Pirenne, Henri. Belgian Democracy, its Early History; ences to authorities.

translated by J. V. Saunders. Longmans, 1915, p. xi, 250. Dawson, William Harbutt, editor. After-war Problems. $1.50. Original published in 1910. Mainly account of medMacmillan, 1917, p. 366. $2.50. Includes papers on the ieval city republics of the Low Countries, by leading Beltopics Empire and Citizenship, National Efficiency, Social gian historian. Reform, and National Finance and Taxation by Lord Van der Essen, Léon. Short History of Belgium. Chicago, Cromer, Lord Haldane and several other leading English University Press, 1916, p. 168. $1. Good outline account by thinkers, which command attention.

professor of history at Louvain. Duchesne, A. E. Democracy and Empire, the Applicabil. ity of the Dictum that “a democracy cannot manage an

16. BELGIUM: GERMAN INVASION AND RULE. empire," to the Present Condition and Future Problems of

Belgium and Germany, Texts and Documents, preceded the British Empire, especially the Question of the Future of

by a Foreword by Henri Davignon. Nelson, 1915, p. iv, 132. India. Oxford Press, 1916, p. vii, 120. 28. 6d.

$.25. Documents and illustrations, with annotations. *The Empire and the Future, a Series of Imperial Preface by Belgian foreign minister. Studies. Macmillan, 1917, p. xvi, 110. 75 cents. Collection of lectures, including Sir Charles Lucas on Empire and

Bryce, James Bryce, Viscount, and others. Report of

the Committee on Alleged German Outrages (p. 61. $.10). Democracy, H. A. L. Fisher on Imperial Administration,

Evidence and Documents Laid before the Committee on and Philip Kerr on Commonwealth and Empire. Able discussions of problems underlying British imperial organiza. Alleged. German Outrages (p. 296. $.50). Macmillan, 1915. tion; not a solution. Introduction by A. D. Steel-Maitland, Report is an attempt at a systematic summary of evidence. Under Secretary of State for the Colonies.

Membership of committee also gives its conclusions the

highest standing. Fletcher, Charles Brunsdon. The New Pacific: British Policy and German Aims; with

Cammaerts, Emile. Through the Iron Bars (Two Years

a preface by Viscount Bryce, and a foreword by the Right Hon. W. M. Hughes.

of German Occupation in Belgium). Lane, 1917, p. 72. $.75. Macmillan, 1917, p. xxxiii, 325. $3. One of editors of

Patriotic presentation of Belgium's plight. Sydney Morning Herald arraigns German policies and

The Case of Belgium in the Present War, an Account of methods in the Pacific, and sets forth Australian ideas for

the Violation of the Neutrality of Belgium and of the Laws future of the Pacific.

of War on Belgian Territory. Macmillan, 1914, p. xvii, 120. Hodge, Harold. In the Wake of the War; Parliament or

$.25. Officially prepared by the Belgian delegates in the Imperial Government? Lane, 1917, p. viii, 226. $1.50.

United States, with official documents and affidavits. Propounds a plan for the future administration of the Brit Chambry, René. The Truth about Louvain. Doran, 1915, ish Empire. Disapproves of parliament.

p. 95. $.25. By resident of Louvain. Levi, N. Jan Smuts, being a Character Sketch of Gen. *Erichsen, Erich. Forced to Fight, the Tale of a Schles. the Hon. J. C. Smuts, K.C., M.L.A., Minister of Defence, wig Dane, translated from the Danish. McBride, 1917, p. Union of South Africa. Longmans, 1917, p. vi, 310. $2.50.

184. $1.25. A narrative of war service which has attracted Poorly written account of important personage in British wide attention because of nationality of its author, who has Empire, with much interesting information South been invalided from wounds. Main importance is for African affairs.

account of campaign in Belgium.


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