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Rev. Joseph Aldon, D.D., LL. D., professor of rhetoric at Williams College, Marss chusetts, and of philosophy at La Fayette College, Pennsylvania, president of Jefferson College, Pennsylvania, and for 25 years head of the New York State Normal School at Albany. "Died in New York, August 30, 1885, aged 78.

Henry Bradshaw, nineteenth librarian of Cambridge University, England. An eminent bibliographer. Died February 10, 1885, aged 54.

Rev. Samuel Gilman Brown, D.D., LL.D., &c. "Born Jannary 4, 1813; graduated from Dartmouth College in 1831, and from the Andover Theological Semiuary in 1837. He taught the public high school in Ellington, Conn., from 1832 to 1833, and in the Abbot Academy at Andover, Mass., from 1833 to 1838; was professor, in Dartmouth, of belles lettres and oratory, 1840 to 1863; of political economy, &c., 1863 to 1367; of mental and moral philosophy and political economy, 1881° to 1833. He was also president of Hamilton College, New York, from 1867 to 1881, and professor of mental and moral philosophy in Bowdoin College, Maine, from 1881 to 1883. He edited the “Life, Speeches, and Addresses of Rufus Choate," 2 vols., 1862, and published many addresses delivered on important occasions. Died at Utica, N. Y., November 4, 1885.

Daniel Chase, a teacher from 1847 to 1871, graduate of Dartmouth in 1839. Died at Philadelphia, Pa., January 2, 1886, aged 74 years.

Rev. John C. Draper, LL.D., from 1858 to 1868, professor of analytical chemistry in the University of the City of New York, and also in the Cooper Institute, and in the College of tho City of New York. Died in that city December 20, 1885, aged 50.

James Fergusson, LL. D., historian on architecture. Born, 1808; died January 9, 1885.

John Giles, graduate of Dartmouth in 1842; teacher and school officer in various places, 1842 to 1884. Died at Springfield, Mass., April 28, 1886, aged 70 years.

Henry Norman Hudson, LL. D., professor in Boston University, Shakespearean editor, &o. Died January 16, 1886, aged 72.

Helén Hunt Jackson, author of two important works on the educational and civil rights of Indians. Born October 18, 1831, at Amherst, Mass. Died at her home in San Francisco, Cal., Augnst 12, 1885.

Henry Bracé Norton, principal of the training school of Illinois Normal University, 1861, professor of chemistry in the Kansas State Normal School, 1865 to 1870, and in the California State Normal, San José, 1875 to 1885. Died near the latter place June 2, 1885, aged 49.

Rev. Daniel James Noyes, D. D., professor in Dartmouth College, 1849 to 1883. Died at Chester, N. H. , December 22, 1885, aged 73 years.

Henry Kemble Oliver, A. M., Mus. D. Boru November 24, 1800; educated at Phil. lips Academy, Andover, the Latin School, Boston, Harvard and Dartmouth Colleges, graduating from the last named in 1818. Tanght in public and private schools in Salem from 1819 to 1844; was a member of the Lawrence, Mass., school committeo in 1049, and superintendent of public schools in that city in 1858; served for many years on the examining committee of Harvard College, and, in 1847, was a visitor of the United States Military Academy at West Point. Well known as a musical composer; edited a “Collection of Sacred Music" in 1860, and “Original Hymn Tunes, Chants, Sentences, and Motets” in 1875. Died at Salem, Mass., August 12, 1885.

Ariel Parish, superintendent of the city schools of New Haven, Conn., from 1865 to 1831. Died at Denver, Colo., November 24, 1885, aged 77 years.

Cyrus Smith Richards, LL.D., graduate of Dartmouth in 1835; principal of Kim. ball Union Academy, Meriden, Conn., 1835 to 1871, and of the preparatory school of Howard University, District of Columbia, 1871 to 1885; anthor of "Latin Lessons and Tables,” 1859; “Outlines of Latin Grammar," 1862, and “Introduction to Cæsar," 1823. Died at Madison, Wis., July 19, 1885, aged 77 years.

John Dudley Philbrick, LL. D., D. C. L., chevalier of the legion of honor, officier de l'instruction publique, &c.

He was born in Deerfield, N. H., May 27, 1818; attended Pombrook Academy and Dartmouth College, graduating in 1842; taught iu Roxbury and Boston, Mass., 1842 to 1852; was principal of the Normal School at New Britain, Conn., 1852 to 1834: State superintendent of common schools for Connecticnt, 1855 to 1856 ; city superintendent in Boston, Mass., 1857 to 1874 and again 1876 to 1878; was a member of the Massachusetts Board of Education for 10 years; a trustee of the Massachusetts Institute of Technol. ogy 1861 to 1886; a trustee of Bates College, Maine, 1873 to 1883; Massachusetts Com. missioner to the World's Fairs in Vienna, 1873, and Philadelphia, 1870; United States

Commisslonor to that of Paris, 1878; author of nearly fifty public school roports, many addresses on school topics, &c.; editor, for many years, of the " Massachusetts Teacher," of the "American Union Speaker,” 1865, &c.

To him, jointly with Mr. Charles C. Perkins, of Boston, is due the establishmont of the Boston Normal Art School, and the introduction of industrial drawing as a required subject of instruction in the public schools of the larger towns in Massachusetts. He selected for the place of art director Professor Walter Smith, a graduato of the Kensington (England) Art School, and supplemented with energy and wisdom the work of that able but misunderstood man.

As a person of marked character, Dr. Philbrick naturally encountered some opposition to his measures; but even his most strenuous opponents boro testimony to tho energy, honesty, and candor of his conduct in every situation and relation of his long career. He died at Danvers, Mass., Febrnary 2, 1886.

John Langdon Sibley, librarian of Harvard Collego for 21 years, after long service as assistant librarian. Died at his homo at Cambridge, Mass., December 9, 1885, aged 81 years.

Edwin David Sanborn, LL.D. Born May 14, 1808, oducated at Gilmanton Academy, N. H., and at Dartmouth College, graduating, in 1832; was professor in Dartmouth, 1835 to 1859, and again in 1863 to 1862; also in Washington University, Mo., 1859 to 1863. Died in New York City, December 29, 1885.

Benjamin Silliman, M.D., professor of chemistry in Yale College, 1837 to 1853, and in its scientific school from 1847 to 1870, with an interval of five years at the University of Kentucky, Louisville. Died at New Haven, Conn., January 14, 1885, aged 60.

Charles Upham Shepard, A. M., M. D., LL. D. Born at Little Compton, R. I., Juno 29, 1804; was educated in Providence, and graduated at Amherst College in 1824; lectured at Yale College on natural history, 1830 to 1847; was professor of chemistry in the Charleston, S.C., Medical College, 1834 to 1861, and of chemistry and natural history in Amherst College, 1852 to 1877 wrote a "Treatise on Mineralogy,"

1832; "Roport on the Geology of Connectiout,” 1837, and of many valuable articles in American journals of high class. Died at Charleston, S.C., May 1, 1886.

Henry Stevens, eminent bibliographer. Died February 28, 1885, aged 57.

T. A. Thacher, LL. D., for 40 years professor of Latin in Yale. Died April 7, 1886, aged 71.

John Baptist Torricelli, A. M., J.U.D., D.D., instructor in modern romance languages in Chauncey Hall School, Boston, Mass., for 25 years. Died at Boston, Mass., December 20, 1885, aged 68.

FOREIGN. Samuel Birch, author and Egyptologist, for 50 years in service of British Museum. Born November 3, 1813, died December 27, 1885.

Jean Clande Bouquet, professor of mathematics at the Royal College of Marseilles, 1841 to 1845; also at Lyons and at the Sorbonne. Died September 12, 1885.

Rev. George Currey, D.D., master of the Charter House School, London, England. Died in 1865, aged 69.

Prof. George Curtius, philologist of the University of Berlin. Died September, 1885, aged 64.

Heinrich Fischer, professor of mineralogy at tho University of Freiburg, Germany, Died February, 1835.

Prof. Von Lasaulx, of the University of Bonn. Died January 25, 1885. C. J. E. Morren, professor of botany at the Uulversity of Liege, Belgium. Died February 28, 1885.

John Morris, from 1855 to 1877 professor of geology in University College, London; Scientist. Died January 7, 1835.

William Robinson Pirie, D. D., Crown principal of the University of Aberdeen.
Leopold von Ranke, German historian; born 1795. Died in Berlin May 23, 1066.

Edward Oscar Schmidt, professor of zoology in the University of Strasburg, Ger. many. Died January 17, 1895.

Prof. Carl Siebold, philologist. Died in Germany in the year 1885, aged 88.

Rov. John Cawpbell Shairp, principal of St. Andrew's University, Scotland. Died in 1865, aged 60.

Richard Chonavix Tronch, Dean of Westminster, Archbishop of Dublin, &c., whose V “Study of Words” and “English Past and Present” formed almost a new revelation of the English tongue.

John Tulloch, LL. D., principal St. Mary's College, University of St. Andrews, Scotland. Died February 13, aged 63.

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