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Science of Political Economy:-By A. B. Mesorvey. Boston, Thompson, Brown & Co. Price, 72 cents. This book is plain, simple, and easy of comprehension. A reliaLie text-book, and will be welcomed by teachers and students who feel the need of help in presenting and gainivgan inteiligent knowledge of this science. (New Englaud Journal of Education.)


The Citizen Reader.-By W. E. Foster. New York, Cassell & Co. (Illustrated Acad. mey.)

Monrod's New Readers, Primer, First, Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth.-Life, art, and nature; home, school, and society; travel and adventuro; wit and wisdon-all have their places in this series of readers. Philadelphia, Cowperthwait & Co. (New England Journal of Education.)

A Primer.-By Miss J. H. Stickney. Boston, Ginn & Co. Price, 24 cents. It embraces the sentence and phonetic methods for teaching sight roading. Valuable to the primary teacher. (New York School Journal.)

Ogilvie's Popular Reading:-New York, J. S. Ogilvie & Co. Price, 30 cents. Con. taining nine complete stories. (New England Journal of Education.)

Sheldon's Supplementary Reader.—Third book, New York, Sheldon & Co. Price, 38 cents. Many facts of physical science are discussed, stimulating curiosity, and aiming to secure correct habits of observation of the phenomena of nature. (Edueational Journal of Virginia.)

Sixth or Classic English Reader.-By William Swinton. Chicago, Ivison, Blakeman, Taylor & Co. This book is designed for study in high schools, seminaries, &c., and ranks among the foremost works of its class ever published. (New England Journal of Education.)

First and Second Readers Combined.--By Helon W. Boydon. Chicago, George Sher. wood & Co. pp. 96. Price, 20 cents.

Reynold's Readers.-In five numbers. pp. 60, 96, 208, 216, 380. Prico, 13, 20, 30, 40, and 60 cents. Charleston, S. C., Walker, Evans & Cogswell Company.

The Oriel Readers.-Marcus Ward. Those five little books for the five standards are excellent of their kind. (Academy.)


A listory of Education.-By F. V. N. Painter. New York, D. Appleton & Co. 12mo., PP. 335. Price, $1.50. (Vol. II of the International Education Series.)

Lectures on the Science and Art of Education.--With other lectures and essays. By the late Joseph Payne. Syracuse, N. Y., C. W. Bardeon. (Ohic Educational Monthly).

Essays of Educational Reformers:-By R. H. Quick. Syracuse, N. Y., C. W. Bardeon, 16 mo., pp. 3:30. Price. $1.50. It comprises sketches of eminent educators of modern times, who have introdnced a truer philosophy and better methods of teachiug into their work. (Now England Journal of Education.)

Hand-Book for School Trustees.-By Herbert Brownell. Syracuse, C. W. Bardeen. A manual of school law for school officers, teachers, and pareuts. 16.o., pp. 76. Price, 50 cents.

Outline of Psychology, acith Special Reference to the Theory of Education.-By James Sully and J.A. Ruinhart. Syracuse, N. Y., C. W. Bardeen. (New England Journal of Education.)

Toro to Secure and Retain Attention.-By J. L. Hughes, Syracuse, N. Y., C. W Bardeen, 16mo., pp. 98. Price, 50 ceuts.

Teaching as a Business for Men.-Syracuse, N. Y., C. W. Bardeen 8r0., pp. 20. Price, 25 cents.

Theory and Practice of Teaching, or Motives and Methods of Good School-keeping.-By David P. Page. New York, A. S. Barnes & Co. pp. 422. It is characterized throughout by breadth of thought, clearness of style, and a good measure of sound, healthy common souse. (Pennsylvania School Journal.)

Brain Work and Overwork.-By Dr. Wood. P. Blakiston, Son & Co. The book is one whose usefulness should not be confined to the school-room. Its facts and lessons need to be taken to heart in every family. (Pennsylvania School Journal.)

ED 85-45

Essays on Educational Reformers.-By R. H. Quick. Cincinnati, Clarke & Co. 12 mo., pp. xxi, 331. It is just the kind of book every live educator needs and will want (Pennsylvania School Journal.)

The Seven Laws of Teaching.-By John M. Gregory. Boston, Congregational Sunday School and Publication Society.' Cloth, pp. 145. Small in compass as it appears to be, it will be found to contain an answer to nearly every question the earnest teacher can ask. (New England Journal of Education.)

The Science of the Minds Applied to Teaching.--By U. J. Hoffman. Fowler, Wells & Co. 12mo., pp. 379;, illustrated. It is worth the earnest teacher's study. He will find much in it that is practically helpful and suggestive in his work. (Pennsylvania School Journal.)

Pestalozzi's Leonard and Gertrude.-Translated and abridged by Eva Channing. Boston, Ginn, Heath & Co. 12mo., pp. 181. Prico, 80 cents. Highly suggestive and practically helpful to the intelligent teacher. (Pennsylvania School Journal.)

Jean Jacques Rousseau's Emile, or Concerning Education.--- Translated by E. Worthington. Boston, Ginn, Heath & Co. pp. 157. Price, 80 cents. Extracts containing the principle elements of pedagogy. (Pennsylvania School Journal.)

Dancing and its Relation to Education and Social Life.—By William Black. Nem York, Harper & Brothers. A practical exposition of the Dodworth method of teaching dancing. (New England Journal of Education.)

The Power and Authority of School Oficers and Teachers.-In the management and government of public schools and over pupils out of school, as determined by the courts of the several States. New York, Harper & Brothers. A copy in the hands of the secretary would be of great service to the board. (Pennsylvania School Journal.)

Practical School Register.- New Orleans, Hansell & Bro. Price, $1.00.

Common-Sense Class Record.-By Chas. N. Haskins, Columbus. Price, 50 cents. Indorsed by many principals and teachers as being thoroughly practical. (New York School Journal.)

Habit and its Importance in Education.-By Dr. Paul Radestock. Boston, D. C. Heath & Co. The author has devoted some of the best years of his life to practical teaching and to researches in the principles at the foundation of most habits. The book will be found to be of particular value to normal-school students and teachers. (New England Journal of Education.)

History of Pedagogy.-By Gabriel Compayré. Translated by W. H. Payne. Bos. ton, D. Č. Heath & Co. pp. 600 Price, $1.75. The value of the book is in the perfection of detail and the reliability of its historical statements. (New England Journal of Education.)

Systems of Education.-By John Gill. Boston, D. C. Heath & Co. This sketch will stimulate those just starting in their profession ever to work with the purpose of ultimately placing their art on a scientific basis. (New England Journal of Edu. cation.)

School Management.-By Amos M. Kellogg, editor of the School Jonrnal and Teachers’ Institute. New York, Kellogg & Co. Price, 75 cents. The author is an earnest and successful teacher, and draws from a large and varied experience in considering the problem of school management. (Educational Journal of Virginia.)

A Manual of Teaching.–The Practical Teacher, vol. viii. By Francis W. Parker. New York, E. L. Kellogg & Co. pp. 188 Price, $1.25. This valuable book includes articles on reading, langnage, psychology, pedagogics, elocution, history, &c. Strongly recommended to teachers and students. (New York School Journal.)

School Management.--A practical guide for the teacher in the school room. By Amos M. Kellogg. New York, Kellogg & Co. pp. 423 The book is well worth thorough study. (Pennsylvania School Journal.)

Lectures on the Science and Art of Education.--By Joseph Payne. New York, E. L. Kellogg & Co. The author modities, adapts, and applies the principles of Pestalozzi and Fræbel, with much skill, to modern conditions and circumstances. (Pennsylvania School Journal.)

School Management.--By Amos L. Kellogg. New York, E. L. Kellogg & Co. A practical guide for the teacher in the school-room. (Ohio Educational Monthly.)

The Philosophy of Education, or the Principles and Practice of Teaching.-By T. Tate, New York. E. L. Kellogg & Co. 12mo., pp. 331. Price, $1.00. This is one of the best works on pedagogics of the many that are extant, and deserves a place in every teacher's study. (Pennsylvania School Journal.)

Erercises for the Improrement of the Senses of Young Children.—By Horace Grant. Boston, Leé & Shepard. Cloth, 24mo., PP., °157; illustrated. The book contains about 2,500 easy questions, the aim being to exercise the attention, memory, judgment, and invention of the little ones. (New England Journal of Education.)

Lectures on Teaching.–A series of lectures by J. G. Fitch. New York, Macmillan & Co. The series treats of every branch of learning, from the kindergarten to the higher studies of the common schools, and is highly commended to all American teachers. (New England Journal of Education.)

Teaching, i18 Ends and Mcans.—By Henry Calderwood. New York, Macmillan & Co. Price, 50 conts. Its chapters are full of wisdom and helpful suggestions to the teacher. (New England Journal of Education.)

School Keeping: How to do It.-By Dr. Orcutt. Boston, New Englaud Publishing Company. Concise, pointed, practical; a gem, invaluable to the earnest teacher: (Pennsylvania School Journal.)

Theory and Practice of Teaching.-By Rev. Edward Thuing. Boston, Willard Small. Price, $1.00. A valnable book, and strongly recommended to teachers seeking to do the best work in the best way. (New England Journal of Education.)

Day Dreams of a Schoolmaster.-By D'Arcy W. Thompson. Boston, Willard Small. Cloth, $1.25. A classic treasure, by an educator in the best sense, who has heart as well as brain. (New England Journal of Education.)

How to Grade and Teach a Country School.-By John Trainer. Decatur, Ill. pp. 429. Price, $1.50. Timely and of great aid in solving this problem. (New England Journal of Education.)

Life and Genius of Goethe.—Lectures at the Concord School. Edited by F. B. Sanborn. Tichnor & Co. pp. 450. Price, $2.00. The best work of eminent men combined. (New England Journal of Education.)

The Eclectic Manual of Methods.- New York, Van Antwerp, Bragg & Co. All teachers who use the eclectic series of text-books should have this. (Ohio Educational Monthly.)

Bennett's Examination Record.-By C. W. Ben nett. New York, Van Antwerp, Bragg & Co. Very neat, convenient, and useful. Each pupil's record of examinations in all his studies for the entire year can be seen at a glance. (Ohio Educational Monthly.)

The Elements of Pedagogy.-By Emerson E. White. New York, Van Antwerp, Bragg & Co. 12mo., pp. 336. Price, $1.17. A thorough and practical discussion of the science and art of school education,

Lerania, or the Doctrine of Education. A translation from Jean Paul Frederich Richter. Boston, D. C. Heith & Co. Cloth, pp. 413. Price, $1.35.

Habil and ils Importance in Education.-Translated from the German of Paul Radestock by F. A. Caspari, with an introduction by G. S. Hall. Boston, D, C. Heath & Co. An essay in pedagogical psychology.

Method in Education.- Translated from the Italian of Antonio Rosmini Serbati by Mrs. Wm. Gray. Boston, D. C. Heath & Co Cloth, pp. 400. Price, $1.75.


The Diacritical Speller.-By C. R. Bales. Syracuse, C. W. Bardeen. 8vo., pp. 68. Price, 50 cents. A practical course of exercises in spelling and pronunciation and a short notice of penmanship. (Ohio Educational Monthly.)

Lippincotls Popular Spelling-Book.-Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott & Co. Price, 24 cents. This is a book of rare excellence and value, containing many illustrative selections, many test words, few catch words, and none that are hard and senseless. (New England Journal of Education.)

Selected IVotds for Spelling, Dictation, and Language Lessons.—By C. E. Meleney and Wm. M. Giffin. A. Lovell & Co. The book has great merits, which teachers will do well to thoroughly investigate. (New York School Journal.)

Student's Speller.-By James and De Yarmo. Chicago, Geo. Sherwood & Co. pp. 107. Price, 25 cents.

SURVEYING AND ENGINEERING. A Manual of the Theory and Practice of Topographical Surveying.-By J. R. Johnson. New York, John Wiley & Sons. Price, $1.25. This valuable treatise is adapted to students in school and field. (New England Jonrual of Education.)

Materials of Construction.—By R. H. Thurston. New York, Wiley & Sons. 8vo., pp. 713. Price, $5.00.

Moulder's Text-Book.-By T. D. West. New York, Wiley & Sons. 12mo., pp. 429. Price, $2.50.

Tables of Excavation8.-By J. R. Hudson. New York, Wiley & Sons. 8vo., pp. 90. Price, $1.00.

Hydraulics.—By Hamilton Smith. New York, Wiley & Sons. 4to, pp. 362. Price, $8.00,

THEOLOGY. Religion in a College; What Place it Should Have.-By James McIntosh. New York A. C. Armstrong & Co. (New England Journal of Education.)

Bible Studies.--For normal classes, Bible students, and Sunday schools. By Rev. A. E. Dunning. Boston, Congregational Sunday School and Publishing Society. Cloth, 12mo. Price, 60 cents. The author has a teacher's instinct and a leader's magnetism. The book is well done and loyal to the old-time standard ideas in every regard; reliable, safe, devout, comprehensive. (New England Journal of Education.)

Wescott and Hort's Greek Testament. - New York, Harper & Brothers. Cloth, 12m1o., pp. 603, Prico, $1.00. Student's edition.



In the Annual Reports of this Office frequent reference is made to educational jour. nals, from which interesting and valuablo information has been obtained. These journals are specially valuable in two respects. In the first place, they discuss the leading educational questions of the day from every imaginable point of view and put on record the best experience of eminent educators, whose opinions are wortby of the highest consideration. In the second place, they contain valuable historical information, from which the development of our public-school system may be traced, and thus furnish material nowhere else to be found in such richness and abundance for the history of educational progress in this country.

While many of these publications are ephemeral in character, they deserve more consideration than las heretoforo been given them. The following table has been prepared with a view of giving, in small compass, as much information as possible respecting this class of periodical literature. The table aims to give the place of publication, principal title, editor or publisher, date of first issue, the number of volumes each periodical had reached in June, 1886, when soch volume began, num. ber of volumes in a year, frequency of publication, and price per annum. Such journals only are included as continued publication June 30, 1886, which excludes much in the library that is valuable in the way of complete sets of the best kuown educational journals and incomplete sets of many of the earlier educational publicatious in this country. Some journals found in the table are educational only indirectly. In the future the scope of the table may be so extended as to embrace all periodical educational literature in the library of this Bureau.

The statistics of foreign educational journals have been prepared on substantially the same plan followed with American journals, but the character of the foriner differs so radically from that of the latter as to render some modification necessary.

Educational journalism in Europe antedates our own by a considerable interval, there having been three educational periodicals published in Europe during the eighteenth century, one of which bears date 1771.

The national character of the directive power in educational affairs in Europe, and the consequent necessity of communicating the numerous decrees and orders to subordinates, has given birth to a class of journals not known to us, journals whose contents consist of the law. Journals of this class have been included in the table, since, although not periodical literature in any sense, they contain decisions of the highest educational anthorities, whose sole business is to study and advance the interest of the system under their control. Articles contained in foreign educational journals partake for the most part more of the nature of reviews, and in them foreign systems and movements are frequently discussed.

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