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Elements of Descriptive and Qualitative Inorganic Chemistry.-By J. H. Shepherd Bostov, D. Č. lIeath & Co. A practical course of laboratory work, illustrating the general prinoiples of the science and their application. (New England Journal of Ed. ucation.)

An Introduction to the Study of Chemistry.-By Ira Remsen. New York, Holt & Co. 12mo., pp. 401. Price, $1.40. (American Science series.)

Entertainments in Chemistry.-By Harry W. Tyler. Boston, Interstate Publishing Company Price, 55 cents. A very interesting set of chemical entertainments, with thorough explanations.

Lessons in Chemistry (Science Scries).-By Wm. H. Green. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott & Co. A well-printed volume of 350 pages, remarkably full and accurate. (New York School Journal.)

A Hand-Book on Diseases of the Nervous System.-By James Ross. Philadelphia, Lea Bros. & Co. pp. 725. Price, cloth, $4.50; leather, $5.50; with 184 illustrations.

Chemical Analysis.-For schools and science classes. By A. H. S. White. New York, Scriboer & Welford. The elementary principles are well given in this book. (New England Journal of Education.)

Medical Chemistry.-By C. Gilbert Wheeler. Chicago, S. J. Wbeeler. pp. 400. Price, $3.00. The work is admirably adapted for a text-book in our colleges and a book of reference in our libraries. (United States Medical Investigator.)

Chemistry of Iron.—By Magnus Troilous. New York, Wiley & Sons. 8vo., pp. 145. Price, $2.00.

DICTIONARIES. A Handy Anglo-Saxon Dictionary.-By James A. Harrison and W. M. Barkersville. New York, Barnes & Co. Corrected and revised, with a grammatical appendix, list of irregular verbs, brief etymological features, &c. (New England Journal of Education.)

Dictionary of English History.-By S. J. Low and F. S. Pulling. New York, Cassell & Co. 8vo., pp. 1185. Price, $6.00.

Encyclopædia Dictionary.-Vol. 4. New York, Cassell & Co. Price per vol., $3.00. This great work is new and original, giving all the words of the English language, with a full account of their origin, meaning, pronunciation, and use, with numerous illustrations. (New England Journal of Education.)

A Handy Companion.-Cleveland, Ohio, J. R. Holcomb & Co. It contains a dic. tionary of about 400 words, a table of abbreviations, business laws and forms, bints on letter-writing, etiquette, &c. (New York School Journal.)

Short Stories from the Dictionary.-By Arthur Gilman. Boston, Interstate Publishing Co. Price, 55 cents. A most valuable and entertaining book.

The Second and Third Biennial Supplements to Johnson's New Cairersal Cyclopa dia.Including an appendix. New York, A. J. Johnson & Co. It holds the same relation as a work of reference on subjects that Webster's Dictionary does to words. (New York School Journal.)

New and Complete English-German and German-English Pocket Dictionary.-With the pronunciation of both languages, &c. By Messrs. J. F. L. and L. H. Tafel. lönio., pp. 874. Philadelphia, J. Kohler, (Pennsylvania School Journal. )

Forgotten Meanings, or an Hour with a Dictionary.--By Alfred Waites. Cloth, 24mo., 73 pages. Boston, Lee & Shepard. The beauty of it is that it gives its anthority in every instance for the novelty of its positious. (New England Journal of Education.)

Complete Pronouncing Medical Dictionary:-By Dr. Joseph Thomas. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott & Co. It embraces a definition of all terms in medicine and the allied science, as well as other valuable information not usually found in such works. (New England Journal of Education.)

Thieme': English and German Dictionary.-New York, B. Westerman & Co. In tTO vols., pp. 805+612. Price, bound in one volume, $4.50.

Eger's Technological Dictionary.-New York, B. Westerman & Co. Iu the English and German languages, in two parts. English-German, pp. 711. Price, $1.40 and $5.50. German-English, pp. 970. Price, $5.50 and $6.60.

A New School Dictionary of the English Language.-Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott & Co. This handy volume is a revision of Worcester's School Dictionary. It presents an excellent discussion of the principles of pronunciation, and adds a list of words of doubtful or various spelling. The tables of names, &c., are very full. (EdQcational Journal of Virginia.)

Leisure Moments in Gough Square, or the Beauties and Quaint Conceits of Johnson's Dictionary.—Buffalo, Ulbrich & Kingsley. Cloth, 8vo., pp. 185. Price, $2.25. It contains great wealth of instruction and entertainment, and it merits high commendation. (Buffalo Courier.)

DRAWING. The Original Drawing Book, No. 1.-By Edward L. Chichester. New York, D. Appleton & Co. pp. 16. Price, 15 cents. To be used in connection with systematic class-work, and designed to supplement Krüsi's Synthetic Drawing Series. (New England Journal of Education. )

Draring in Charcoal and Crayon.—By Frank Fowler. New York, Cassell & Co. 12 mo., pp. 90. Price, $2.50.

Drawing in Charcoal and Crayon.-By Frank Fowler. New York, Cassell & Co. It gives rules for elementary practice and suggestions for more advanced work in various directions. One of the best hand-books for students and schools. (New York School Journal.)

Sketches and Designs in Drawing.-By W. N. Hull. Cedar Falls, Iowa. A set of four sheets. 120 attractive designs. 20 cents per set.

Theory of Parallel Perspective. --By T. S. Noble. Cincinnati, Geo. E. Stevens. Paper covers, 25 cents.

Elementary Mechanical Drawing.-By Frank Aborn. New York, Van Antwerp, Bragg & Co. 16mo., pp. 21. Price, 42 cents. Geometrical and constructive drawing, with problems.

ELOCUTION. Practical Recitations.-A compilation of new selections, arranged for rhetorical and literary exercises. By Caroline B. Le Row. New York, Clark & Maynard. Cloth, 16mo., pp. 256. Price, 90 cents. We commend this book to teachers for the general exercises and entertainments of their schools. (New England Journal of Education.)

Seed Thoughts for the Growing Life.-By Mary E. Burt. Chicago, The Colegrove Book Company. Price, 20 cents. A choice selection from Robert Browning and others to meet the wants of teachers in choosing short selections for class use. (Educational Journal of Virginia.)

Dick's Recitations, No. 15, and Dick's Dutch, French, and Yankee Recitations.-By Wm. B. Dick. New York. Price, 30 cents each. Teachers and pupils will do well to consult these two little books, which embody some of the freshest and most popular pieces to be anywhere found. (New York School Journal.)

The Essentials of Elocution.-By Alfred Ayres. New York, French & Wagnalls. Cloth, 16mo., pp. 90. Price, 60 cents. It tells how to put one's self in physical condition to sympathize with author and audience, to appreciate, interpret, and render the thought effectively. (New England Journal of Education.)

A Hand-Book of Poetics.-For stndents of English verse. By F. B. Gunmere. 12mo., pp. 250. Price, $1.10. Boston, Ginn & Co. An excellent little work, clear, concise, and comprehensive. Just the kind of book that has long been needed. (Pennsylvania School Journal.)

Primary Friday, No. 2.-Original and selected recitations for the little ones. By S. R. Winchell. Boston, Interstate Publishing Company. 1600., pp. 80. Price, 25 cents.

Reception Day, No. 4.-A collection of fresh and original dialogues and recitations for practical use in private and public schools. Price, 25 cents. New York, E. L. Kellogg & Co. (Ohio Educational Monthly.)

Fire Minutes Declamations.-By Walter K. Fobes. Boston, Lee & Shepard. Price, 40 cents.

Five Minutes Recitations.-By Walter K. Fobes. Boston, Lee & Shepard. Price, 40 cents.

Fire Minutes Readings.--For young ladies. By Walter K. Fobes. Boston, Lee & Shepard. Price, 40 cents.

Geographical Plays.-By Jane Andrews. Boston, Lee & Shepard. The plays aro in the forms of entertaining dialogues in six parts, viz, United States, Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America, Australia and the Islands, and the Commerce of the World. Price, $1.00, or 15 cents per section. (New England Journal of Education.)

The Reading Club and Handy Speaker.—Edited by Geo. M. Baker. Price, 15 cents. New York, Lee & Shepard. It is suited to all tastes and occasions, as such a collection should be. (New York School Journal.)

The Popular Speaker.-By Geo. M, Baker. Boston, Lee & Shepard. 16mo. Price, 80 cents.

Book of Short Quotations.-By Gen. C. Hodges. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott & Co. Price, 15 cents. For the use of public speakers, but more especially for use in daily exercises in the schools. (New England Journal of Education.)

The Elocutionists Annual.-Philadelphia, The National School of Oratory. 12 mo., pp. 200. Price, 30 cents.

Little People's Speaker.–Philadelphia, The National School of Oratory. Pp. 100. Price, 15 cents.

Young Folks' Dialogues.-Philadelphia, The National School of Oratory. Pp. 120. Price, 25 cents.

Young Folks' Entertainments.-By E. C. and L. J. Rook. Philadelphia, The National School of Oratory. pp. 115. Price, 25 cents.

Choice Humor.- For reading and recitation. Philadelphia, The National School of Oratory. Price, 30 cents. Adapted for public and private use.

Practical Elocution.-By J. W. Shoemaker. Philadelphia, National School of Elocation and Oratory. pp. 300. Price, $1.25. Designed for use in schools and colleges, and for all interested in elocution. We know of no book on the subject inore meritorious or practical. (New England Journal of Education.)

Young Folks' Speaker.—Compiled by Mrs. J. W. Shoemaker. Philadelphia, Publication Department National School of Oratory. A handy volume of selections, suited to the capacity of children ten years old and under. (Educational Journal of Virginia.)

Dialogue8.-Designed for school and social entertainment, entirely new and original. Edited by Mrs. J. W. Shoemaker. 12m0., pp. 256. Philadelphia, National School of Elocution and Oratory. This contains forty dialogues, and will be welcomed by teachers and others who deplore the worn-out collections mostly in use. (Pennsyl. vania School Journal.)

Fenno's Favorites, No. 3.-One hundred choice selections for reading and speaking, with gestures, notes, &c., by Frank H. Fenno. Boston, New England News Company. Price, 25 cents. (New England Journal of Education.)

The Eureka Recitations and Reading8.- Prepared by Mrs. Anna Randol-Diehl. New York, J. S. Ogilvie & Co. Price, 12 cents. This is the first of a series, each one of which will contain 128 pages, comprising prose and poetry, handsomely bound in lithograph cover. (New England Journal of Education.)

Fifty Choice Dialogues for Speaking and Acting.–By Frank H. Fenno. Philadelphia, John E. Potter & Co. pp. 200. Price, 25 cents. Important suggestions for the successful presentation of dialogues precede the selections.

The Science and Art of Elocution, or How to Read and Speak.-By Frank H. Feppo. Philadelphia, John E. Potter & Co. 12mo., pp. 414. Price, $1.25. This volume is in four parts-Theoretical ; Vocal culture; Helps to study; and Readings and Recitals.


Twelfth Night, or What You Will.-Edited by Wm. Aldis Wright. Boston, Ginn & Co. Price, 40 cents. The preface and copious notes contain many valuable snggestions on this, the latest of Shakespear's plays. (New England Journal of Education.)

A Primer of Classics for Children.-By J. N. Stickney. Boston, Ginn & Co. A distinctly new book-philosophical, fresh, and pleasing. (New England Journal of Education.)

Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales.-Edited in three series for home and school use, by J. H. Stickvey. Illustrated with the original Pedesen pictures. Boston, Ginn & Co. Price, 45 cents. (New England Journal of Education.)

The Adrentures of Cly8868.-By Charles Lamb, with notes for schools. Price, 30 cents. Boston, Ginn & Co. (Educational Journal of Virginia.)

The Peasant and the Prince.-By Harriet Martineau. With noies for schools and such foot-notes as are required for the elucidation of any difficulties in the text. Boston, Ginn & Co. (New England Journal of Education.)

The Swiss Family Robinson._Edited for school use, by J. H. Stickney. Boston, Ginn, Heath & Co. This belongs to the Classics for Children series. (Ohio Educational Monthly.)

Packard's Essays.-Studies in Greek Thought. Boston, Ginn & Co.

The Rigveda.—The oldest literature of the Indians, by Adolf Kaige. Boston, Gina & Co. A general view of the literature, the people and its civilization, the language and form of the hymns, and pictures of the Verdic divinities. (New England Journal of Education.)

Scott's Talisman.-By Holbrook. Boston, Ginn & Co. Rasselas.-By Johnson. Boston, Ginn & Co. The King of the Golden River.-By John Ruskin. Boston, Ginn & Co. A legend of Stiria.

Questions for Classical Students on the First Books of Cæsar's Gallic War and Xenophon's Anabasis.-With grammatical references. Prepared by Dr. E. C. Ferguson, Boston, Ginu & Co. Helpful and instructive. (Pennsylvania School Journal.)

The Tales of a Grandfather.-A history of Scotland from the earliest period to the close of the reign of James the Fifth. By Walter Scott. Abridged and edited by Edwin Ginn. Boston, Ginn, Heath & Co. (Ohio Educational Monthly.)

Guy Mannering. By Walter Scott. Edited, with notes for schools, with an historical introduction, by Charlotte M. Yonge. Boston, Ginn & Co. 12mo., pp. 519. Price, 70 cents. 'One of the rarest of Scott's works, with valuable notes. (New England Journal of Education.)

Æsop's Fables, with supplement of La Fontaine's and Russian Fables. Edited by Miss Stickney. Boston, Ginn & Co. In an attractive and cheap form, this little book commends itself to every school and family. (New England Journal of Education.)

Gulliver's Travels.-Edited with notes for schools. Boston, Ginn & Co. (New England Journal of Education.)

Kant's Ethics; a Critical Exposition.-By Noah Porter. Chicago, S. C. Griggs & Co. This fifth volume of Griggs' Philosophical Classics is an important work, admirably done by a master hand. (New England Journal of Education.)

Hegel's Logio.-By W. T. Harris. Chicago, S. C. Griggs & Co. The fifth volume of Griggs' Philosophical Classics, and a welcome book to all who are interested in philosophical studies. (New England Journal of Education.)

Strange Stories from History for Young People.-By Geo. Cary Eggleston. New York, Harper & Bros. The stories are told in a spirited and interesting manner, and are made more attractive by a nuruber of striking illustrations. (New England Journal of Education.)

A Naturalist: Wanderings in the Eastern Archipelago.-By Henry O. Forbes. (Illustrated) 8vo., pp. 536. Price, $5.00. New York, Harper & Bros. A deeply interesting narrative of travel and exploration from 1878 to 1 483. (Pennsylvania School Journal.)

The Boy Travellers in South America.-By T. W. Knox. 8vo., pp. 510 ; illustrated. Price, $3.00. New York, Harper & Bros. The book is thoroughly authentic in all its historical and geographical descriptions, and as a reliable instructor is of a high order. The illustrations of the manners and customs of the people are abundant and excellent. (Pennsylvania School Journal.)

True Stories from New England History.-By Nathaniel Hawthorne. “Grandfather's Chair," complete in three parts, with questions. Boston, Houghton, Mifflin & Co. Price, 45 cts. (Educational Journal of Virginia.)

The First Napoleon.-A sketch, political and military, with maps. By John C. Ropes. Boston, Houghton, Mifflin & Co. Price, $2.00. (New England Journal of Education.)

The Riverside Literature Series.—Boston, Houghton, Mifilin & Co. Nos. 1 to 15, each 16nio. Price, 15 cts. These include some of the best works of Longfellow, Whittier, Hawthorne, Lowell, Holmes, &c. (Pennsylvania School Journal.)

Grandfather's Chair.—True stories from New England History. By Nathaniel Hawthorne. Price, 45 cts. Boston, Houghton, Mifflin & Co. It contains valuable historical information in the language of America's greatest author. (Pennsylvania School Journal.)

Shakespeare's Tragedy of Hamlet.—Edited, with notes, by Homer B. Sprague. Boston, The Interstate Publishing Company. 16m0., pp. 445. Price, $2.00.

Old School Days.-By Amanda B. Harris. Chicago, Interstate Publishing Company. Price, 60 cts. Entertaining resoiniscences of school days in the country forty years ago. (Educational Journal of Virginia.)

Study of the English Classics.By A. F. Baisdell. Boston, Lee & Shepard. Price

Our Young Folks Roman Empire. With illustrations. By Wm. Shepard. Price, $2.50. Philadelphia, J. P. Lippincott & Co. (New England Journal of Education.)

Wonder Stories of Science.—By Rev. D. N. Beach, Amanda Harris, and others. Bos. ton, D. Lothrop & Co. Price, $1.50. It might be used with advantage as a reading book in school. (New York School Journal.)

Laelius.—By M. Tullius Cicero. Edited by E. S. Shockburg. New York, Macmil. lan & Co. (Elementary Classics.) A dialogue on friendship, with an English analysis at the head of each chapter to aid the student. (New York School Journal.)

Stories of Roman History from Ciecro.-By G. E. Jeans and A. V. Jones. New York, Macmillan & Co. (Elementary Classics.) The character of this history is such that the student of Latin cannot fail to be interested. (New York School Journal.)

Eutropius.-By W. Welch and C. G. Duffield. New York, Macmillan & Co. (Elementary Classics.) The vocabulary is arranged in the order of the text, with all Decessary notes. (New York School Journal.)

Cæsar', Incasion of Britain.-By W. Welch and C. G. Dufeld. (Elementary Classics.) New York, Macmillan & Co. This is intended as a first translation book, with notes, full, clear, and to the point. (New York School Journal.)

Elementarg Classics.- New York, Macmillan & Co. The series includes books for beginners, provided with introductions and notes, and those of a more advanced grade without notes. (New York School Journal.)

Cosar : The Inrasion of Britain.—By W.Welch and C. G. Duffield. New York, Maemillan & Co. Price, 40 cents. (New England Journal of Education.)

Levy: The Siege of Syracuse.-By Geo. Richards and A. S. Walpole. New York, Macmillan & Co. Price, 40 cents. (New England Journal of Education.)

Cicero: Stories from Roman History:-By E. G. Jeans and A. V. Jones. New York, Macmillan & Co. Price, 40 cents. (New England Journal of Education.)

Phædrus : Select Fables.-By A. S. Walpole. New York, Macmillan & Co. Price, 40 cents. (New England Journal of Education.)

Talks With My Boys.-By Wm. A. Mowry. 16mo., pp. 266. Price, $1.00. Boston, Roberts Bros. Every earnest teacher should have the book. It is a raluable aid to character building. (Pennsylvania School Journal.)

Heroes of American Discovery.-By N. D'Anvers. New York, Geo. Routledge & Sons. Price, $1.50. This volume is readable and instructive, and well adapted to students of American history. (New York School Journal.)

The Great Cities of the Modern World.-By Hazel Shepard. New York, George Rontjedge & Sons. This is a book that will be of great assistance to the teacher iu the geography class, and no less indispensable for reference at home. (New York School Journal.)

The Early Hanoverians.-By Edward E. Morris. New York, Scribner's Sons. This volume has a peculiar charm for young and old. (New England Journal of Education.)

Grimm's Märchen.-Edited with English notes, glossaries, and a grammatical appendix, by W. H. Van der Smissen. Boston, D. C. Heath & Co.

Italian Popular Tales.--By Thomas F. Crane. 8vo., pp. xxxiv, 389. Price, $2.50. Boston, Houghton, Mifflin & Co. All the old favorites are here found in Italian form. It is a suggestive collection, as complete and valuable in its sphere as Grimm's German Tales. (Pennsylvania School Journal.)

Modern Classics.—Boston, Houghton, Mifflin & Co. A neat little school library of thirty-three volumes of poems, essays, stories &c., from the very best English and American writers of modern times. Price per vol., 40 cts.; for the set, $11.22. (Ohio Educational Monthly.)

A Wonder Book for Girls and Boys. By Nathaniel Hawthorne. 16mo., pp. 1€. Price, 40 cents. Boston, Houghton, Mifflin & Co. These are Nos. 17 and 18 of the Riverside Literature Series. The series is strongly commended for clubs and literary classes. (Pennsylvania School Journal.)

Poets of America.-By Edmund Clarence Stedman. 8vo., pp. 516. Price, $2.5. Boston, Houghton, Mifìin & Co. Its first two chapters, on early and recent conditions and the growth of the American schools, are models of literary study. Then follow pine admirable chapters on Bryant, Whittier, Emerson, Longfellow, Poe, Holmes, Lowell, Whitman, and Bayard Taylor, each a complete study of the sabject (Pennsylvania School Journal.)

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