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Now York, N. Y

Gencral Theological Seminary, Prot

estant Episcopal Church. New York, N. Y.(1200 Park Uniou Theological Seminary

Rochester, NY

Rochester Theological Seminary.
Stanfordville, N. Y.

Christian Biblical Institute.....
Dayton, Ohio

Union Biblical Seminary,
Oberlin, Ohio

Theological department, Oberlin Col.

Tiffin, Ohio

Heidelberg Theological Seminary.
Xenia, Ohio

United Presbyterian Theological Sem

inary of Xenia, Ohio.
Allegheny, Pa

Reformed Presbyterian Theological

Allegheny, Pa

Western Theological Seminary..
Bethlehem, Pa

Moravian College and Theological

Meadville, Pa.

Meadville Theological School..
Philadelphia, PA

Theological Seminary of Evangelical

Lutheran Church.
Selin's Grove, Pa

Missionary Institute.....

185, 000 William H. Vanderbilt, Now York, legaoy $50,000, for general endowment; Miss Susan M.

Edson, New York, logacy: $10,000 for vocal instruction ; Mrs. S. V. Hoffman, Now York,

gift, $100,000 for chapel and $25,000 in sundry anonymous gifts, unconditionul.
5,500 Mainly for scholarships.
1, 500 For library.
5,600 $1,600 from churches and small gifts from ivdividuals; one bequest of $1,000 in stocks from

estate of Mrs. Emily G. Wilson, Philadelphia, Pa.
16,385 Endowment, $8,815; contingent fund, $7,570.

1,931 In cash from sundry donors, for library purposes.
20,000 Given anonymously for endowment.

100 Heirs of Charles Buch, for the library. 2,074 $1,000, bequest of Isaac Kirkpatrick, North Jackson, Ohio; $574, beqnest of William Marshall,

Southfield, Micb. ; $500, bequest of Mary Patterson, New Concord, Ohio. Of the total, $1,000

were for endowment for professors' salaries and $1,074 for endowment for student aid.
2,000 Miss M. W. Denny, Pittsburgh, $500, general endowment; estate of Mary Foster, $1,050, Fos.

ter bequest scholarship; remainder church collections, for library and general expenses.
2, 667 | Annual collection in Moravian churches, $2,066 for current expenses, $600 for endowment fund.
23,000 Miss Harriet Wilson, Lowell, Mass.
25,000 Peter Herman, J. R. Sample, of Muncy, Pa.; Miss Hattie S. Munich, of Paxinos, Pa.; Valen.

tine Vought, of Elysburgh, Pa.; Messrs. Charles E. and Daniel K. Hoy, George Koup, Jacob

Menges, and J. W. Gauger, all of Turbotvillo, Pa., and others, for epdowment. 3,500

In books and money.

Money for furnishing rooms and for student support while in school; amount not known.
8,000 David Bayloe, Augusta County, Virginia.
9, 588 Chiefly from church contributions.

Mrs. Keyser (deceased), Philadelphia, Pa., legacy of $5 000, for scholarship of a student from

Pennsylvania, or, in absence of such, at discretion of faculty, and about $4,000 in varying

Sewanee, Tenn.
Marshall, Tex
Hampden Sidney, Va
Franklin, Wis
Nashotah, Wis

Theological department, University

of the South.
Bishop College.
Union Theological Seminary.....
Mission House
Nashotah IIonso..........




Chicago, III
St. Louis, MO

Union College of Law
Law department Washington Uni.

versity (also known as St. Louis
Law School),

150 In prizes and some law books. 40,000 In cash or interest-bearing securities for endowment of chair of real property and of the law

department as a whole. Givor's name withheld.


Chicago, Ill. (2811 College Hahnemann Medical College and Hos-
Grove avenue).

pital (homeopathic).
Baltimore, Md

College of Physicians and Surgeons...
Baltimore, MD

Woman's Medical College of Baltimore.
Boston, Mass

Medical School of Harvard University.
St. Paul, Minn

St. Paul Medical College
St. Joseph, Mo

St. Joseph Medical College.
New York N. Y

Bellevue Hospital Medical College... Columbus, OLLO

Columbus Medical College.

10,000 For hospital work. 4, 500 210

In money.

Reported under Harvard University.
25, 000 From citizens of St. Panl, in cash of varying amounts for land, buildings, &c.
150,000 Samuel Engworth (deceased), money, land, stocks, given for the construction and maintenance

of St. Joseph Medical College and Hospital, the surplus for beneficiary. 6,000 Andrew Carnegie, New York, N. Y., for current expenses of "Carnegie laboratory." 3,500 Cash, in various amounts, for hospital of college.

TaELE 84.-Statistics of gifts and legacies to colleges, schools, 8c., for 1885–186, 8c.-Continued.

By whom given, residence, amount, kind, purpose, and conditions of gift, and remarks.

[blocks in formation]

Portland, Oreg..
Nashville, Tenn

Philarlelphia, Pa
Pittsburgh, Pa.

500 From a lady for apparatus in laboratory. 525 In collections, mineralogical, &c., and complete herbarium of North America, from John Dick.

son (deceased), N. Spang, John Shaffer, and Hugo Blanch, all of Pittsburgh.

New Haven, Conn... Connecticut Training School for

Orange, N. J

Orange Training School for Nurses...
Brookiyn, NY

Brooklyn Training School for Nurses.
New York, N. Y

Training School for Nurses attached

to Bellevue Hospital.
Philadelphia, Pa. Philadelphia Charity and

Nurse School

Boston, Mass

Horace Mann School for the Deaf and

Norris, Mich..

Evangelical Lutheran Institution for

Deaf and Dumb.
New York, N. Y. (Lex Institution for the Improved Instruc-
ington ave., bet. 67th tion of Deaf-Mutes.

and 68th sts.).
Rochester, N. Y

Western New York Institution for

the Deaf und Duwb.
Philadelphia, Pa..

Pennsylvania Institution for the Deaf

and Dumb. Wilkinslurgh, PA

Western Pennsylvanin Institution for

1be Instruction of the Dealand Domb. Vancouver, Wash Washington School for Defectivo

118 Mrs. Fannie Brooks, Boston, for printing language lessons for the youngest pupils, and from

Dr. Geo. F. Bigelow, Boston, 41 reports upon education.
2,400 For support of the institution.
730 $515 legacy of Miss Juliana Hendricks, the remainder in small sums from various persons; all

for general purposes of the institution.

From a visitor from London, England, for the purchase of books, and a fow small gifts of monoy. 8, 429

William McGann, Norristown, PA., $1,738; Mrs. Catherine Brown, Philadelphia, $2,710 ; and

Miss Mary Shields, Philadelphia, $3,981; all to assist students. 30,000 Gift of $5,000 from Andrew Carnegie, Cresson, Pa., for the library, and a logacy from Miss

Jane Holmes, Pittsburgh, for genoral use of the institution.
Nucleus of "Moore muscum fund.



French .....

Summary of the number of educational publications. Number of firms in

Number of works onAlabama

1 Art California

2 Astronomy... Connecticut..

2 Botany..... Georgia

1 Business and book-keeping.. Illinois


Chemistry. Indiana


Dictionaries....... Kentucky

2 Drawing Louisiana

1 Elocution Maine..

2 English literature Maryland Massachusetts


German ... Micbigan.

1 General science Minnesota.

1 Greek Missouri

5 Geographies and maps.. New York

62 Geology. North Carolinai.

1 Grammar and language lessons.. Ohio..

11 Gymnastics Pennsylvania

27 History South Carolina


Italian Tennessee..

1 Kindergarten....... Wisconsin

2 Latin.. District of Columbia..

1 Law..

Logic and rhetoric Total...........


Manual training
Medical works
Metaphysics and philosophy
Natural history
Natural philosophy
Physiology and hygiene....
Political economy.
Scbool management..
Surveying and engineering.



1 10 10 20 13

6 26 55 16 20

1 14 30

7 47

1 27 1 2 24 1 7 1 44

2 13 13

9 35 17 4 8 36 10

9 42 4 5 6





List of educational publications of 1885–86; compiled from publishers' announcements by

the United States Bureau of Education.

ART. A Short History of Tapestry.From the earliest times to the end of the eighteenth century. By Eugène Müntz. New York, Cassell & Co. Cloth, pp. 400, illustrated. It unfolds the historic development of the arts and adornments through the ages. (New England Journal of Education.)

Dutch School of Painting.By Henry Havard. New York, Cassell & Co. 12mo, pp. 300. Price, $2.00.

English School of Painting.–By M. Ernest Chesnear. New York, Cassell & Co. 12mo, pp. 425. Price, $2.00.

Flemish School of Painting.-By A. J. Wauters. New York, Cassell & Co. 12mo, pp. 325. Price, $2.00.

Oil Painting.-By Frank Fowler. New York, Cassell & Co. A handbook for the use of students and schools. Highly recommended. (New York School Journal.)

Students' Hand-Book on Oil Painting.-By Frank Fowler. New York, Cassell & Co. Price, $1.50. It treats of still-life studies, portrait painting, landscape and marines, flower painting, &c., and gives a full list of art terms and their definitions. (New England Journal of Education.)

The Place of Art in Education.-By Thos. Davidson. Boston, Ginn & Co. pp. 40. Price, 24 cents. This valuable lecture is a strong plea for the study of the fine arts in a general system of education. (New England Journal of Education.)

Hegel's Isthelics.-By John Steinfort Kedney. 16mo, pp. 302. Price, $1.25. Chicago, S. C. Griggs & Co. A work that ought to be widely studied in these days of art culture. (Pennsylvania School Journal.)

The Philosophy of Art in America.-By Carl De Moldar. New York, Wm. R. Jenkins. Price, 50 cents and $1. This is a treatise upon the present relations of American art to the advancement of American civilization. The book is of much value to all, and its suggestions are timely and pertinent. (New England Journal of Education.)

The Making of Pictures.—By Mrs. Sarah W. Whitman. Boston, Interstate Publishing Company. Price, 55 cents. A standard work upon art and art methods. Invaluable to teachers.

The Artist and His Mission.-By Rev. Wm. M. Reily. Philadelphia, John E. Potter & Co. 12mo. Price, $1.50. A study in æsthetics for schools and colleges.

Lessons on Color in Primary Schools.-By Lucretia Crocker. Chicago, S. R. Wiachell & Co. Price, 30 cents. An excellent guide-book for teachers. The coarse, as presented, takes three years for completion. (New York School Journal.)

ASTRONOMY. Primary Phenomenal Astronomy; How to Study and How to Teach It.-By F. H. Bailey. Published by the Michigan School Furniture Company, Northville, Mich. Price, 25 cents. (Educational Journal of Virginia.)

BOTANY. A New Descriptive Botany.-By Eliza A. Youmans. New York, D. Appleton & Co. A practical guide to the classification of plants with a popular flora. (New England Journal of Education.)

Chapters on Plant Life.-By Sophie Bledsoe Herrick. Illustrated, 16mo, pp. 206. Price, $1.00. New York, Harper & Bros. There is perhaps no other work that will serve as a stronger incentive and better introduction to the study of botany. (Pennsylvania School Journal.)

Hand-Book of Plant Dissection.-By Arthur, Barnes and Coulter, New York, Holt & Co. 12mo, pp. 268. Price, $1.50.

Coulter's Manual of the Botany of the Rocky Mountains.--"The Rocky Monntain Region.” New York, Ivision, Blakeman, Taylor & Co. Price, $1.85; tourist's edi. tion, $3. This is the only published fora of this locality. (New England Journal of Education.)

Gray's Botanical Text-book; Goodale's Physiological Botany; Outlines of the Histology of Phænogamous Plants, and Vegetable Physiology.--By George L. Goodale. New York, Ivision, Blakeman, Taylor & Co. Cloth, 8vo, pp. 560. Price, $2.30. Its appliances and methods are clear and enjoyable. (New England Journal of Education.)

Practical Work in the School- Room.- Part 3. Object lessons on plants. By Miss Sarah F. Buchelew. New York, A. Lovell & Co. Price, $1.00. An elementary botany for common schools. (New York School Journal, vol. xxx, No. 1, p. 304, and Ohio Educational Monthly, August, 1885, p. 426.)

The Elements of Botany.--By W. A. Kellerman. Philadelphia, John E. Potter & Co. Illustrated, 12mo, pp. 360. Price, $1.25. Embracing histology, vegetable physiology, systematic and economic botany. For school and home use. (Publishers' List.)

Plant Analysis.—By W. A. Kellerman. Philadelphia, John E. Potter & Co. Illustrated, 12mo, pp. 250. Price, $1.00. A classified list of the wild flowers of the northern United States.

Mushrooms of America, Edible and Poisonous.-By Julius A. Palmer jr. Boston, L. Prang & Co. Price $2.00. Interesting to students of fungi. The work is worthy of great praise, and is, we think, the only reliable illustrated description published in this country. (New York School Journal.)

Guide to the Recognition of the Principal Orders of Cryptograms.-By F. L. Sarrent. Cambridge, Charles W. Sever. 2mo. Price, 75 cents.

BUSINESS AND BOOK-KEEPING. Forty Lessons in Practical Double-entry Book-keeping.–By George Allen, Newbury, N. C. These lessons have been prepared with special reference to the wants of the class-room in graded schools or colleges. (New York School Journal.)

Graded Lessons in Letter-Writing and Business Forms.-By E. G. Ward. New York, A. S. Barnes & Co. Price, $1.80. These books will basten the time when the commonschool graduate will be able to write correctly and rapidly any kind of common or business letter. (New York School Journal.)

The Business Man's Commercial, Law, and Business Forms Combined.--By J.C. Bryant. Buffalo. Cloth, pp. 263. Price $2.00.

New Common-School Book-keeping.-By J. C. Bryant. Buffalo. pp. 128. Price, 75 cents.

The New Standard Book-keeping.-By J. C. Bryant. Buffalo. The special-column feature fully elucidated.

The New Standard Counting-house Book-keeping.-By J. C. Bryant. Buffalo. Cloth, pp. 312. Price, $2.50. This is a simple and thoroughly practical work on doubleentry.

A Complete Key for Teachers' Use only, for Counting-house, Commercial, and the Elementary Book-keeping.-By J. C. Bryant. Buffalo. Price, 50 cents and $1.00.

Book-keeping Simplified.-By D. B. Waggener. Philadelphia, Charles R. Deacon. pp. 77. Price, $1.00. The double-entry system is briefly, clearly, and concisely explained, with valuable rules and tables for counting-room use. (New York School Journal.)

Chambers' Book-keeping.–New Orleans, Hansell & Bro. Price, 75 conts.

Twenty Lessons in Book-keeping.-By Henry E. Chambers. Price, 75 cents. New Orleans, F. F. Hansell & Bro. Neat, simple, and comprehensive.

CHEMISTRY. The Elements

of Chemical Physics. — By Josiah P. Cooke. Boston, John Allyn. 850., pp. 752. Price, $4.50.

Inorganic Chemistry. -A text-book for students. By Victor von Richter. 12mo., pp. 400, illustrated. Price, $2.00. Philadelphia, P. Blakiston, Son & Co. The work is adapted to the use of the beginner, as well as for the more advanced students of chemical science. (New England Journal of Education.)

Chemical Problems.-By Dr. Karl Stammess; translated from the German with explanations and answers, by W. S. Haskinson. Philadelphia, P. Blakiston, Son & Co. rice, 75 cents. Every teacher and student of chemistry will find this manual of great value. (New England Journal of Education.)

Practical and Analytical Chemistry.By Henry Trimble. Philadelphia, P. Blakiston, Son & Co. Cloth, 8vo., pp. 110, illustrated. Price, $1.50.

Medical Chemistry.--A text-book for medical and pharmaceutical students. By E. H. Bartley. Philadelphia, Blakiston, Son & Co. Illustrations, glossary, and complete index. Cloth, 12mo, pp. 376. Price, $2.50.

Manual of Applied Medical Chemistry.- For students and practitioners of medicine. By Lawrence Wolff. Philadelphia, P. Blakiston, Sou & Co. Cloth, pp. 174. Price, $1.50.

Oils and Varnishes. Their chemistry, manufacture, and uses. Edited by James Cameron. Philadelphia, P. Blakiston, Son & Co. pp. 376, illustrated. Price, $2.50.

A Short Course of Chemistry.-By Edwin J. Houston. Philadelphia, Eldridge & Bro. pp. 283. The general method of treatment in this short course is the presentation of the general principles of the science before the introduction of descriptive chemistry. (Pennsylvania School Journal.)

An Introduction to the Study of the Compounds of Carbon, or Organic Chemistry.—By Ira Remsen. 12mo., pp. 364. Boston, Ginn, Heath & Co. No less than eighty wellselected experiments, such as are within the means of almost any laboratory, are described. We consider it a very useful work. (Pennsylvania School Journal.)

Outline of Lecture Notes on General Chemistry.- By John T. Stoddard. Harris, Rogers & Co. These lecture notes comprise a series of suggestive experiments on the more abundant metallic substances, together with their compounds. (New York School Journal.)

The Elements of Chemical Arithmetic. With a short system of elementary qualitative analysis. By J. M. Coit. Boston, D. C. Heath & Co. Cloth, pp. 89. Price, 55 cente A companion to any book in chemistry as an aid in making the subject more practical. (New England Journal of Education.)

Elements of Inorganio Chemistry.—By J. H. Shepherd. Boston, D. C. Heath & Co. One of the simplest, most practical, and useful elementary chemistries we have seen for a long while. (Pennsylvania School Journal.)

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