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TALLE 84.—Statistics of gifts and legacies to colleges, schools, fc., for 1883–'86, 8c.—Continued.

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Harvard University-continued.

$100, for use of botanic garden ; William A. Rogers, $25 towards salary of assistant in observa.
tory; Nathaniel C. Nash, $1,000 for Greek department; Harold Whiting, $550 for expenses
in physics C; Mrs. Elizabeth L. Fitz, marble bust of her father, late Dr. Edward H. Clarke,
for medical school; Prof. A. M. Mayer, letter written by Thomas Jefferson, to Jefferson
physical laboratory: James Russell Lowell, 688 volumes and 130 pamphlets to college library;
S.P. Sharples, collection of photographs of leaves and plants of the United States, to botanio
garden ; L. Foster Morse, an original document, being the account of Thos. Hubbard, as
treasurer of Harvard College, 1761; Miss Rebecca Bradford (deceased), collection pressed
plants and flowers, of shells, and of books; Second Massachusetts Cavalry Volunteers and
others, Italian marble bust of late General Charles Russell Lowell, by D. C. French ; Mrs.
Nathaniel Thayer, marble bust of Andrew P. Peabody for divinity school; Cloth

Company of London, fac-simile copies of the entries in their books relating to Thomas,
brotlier of John Harvard, and printed copies of their charters, transmitted by Sir Sidney H.
Waterlow; H. H. Hupnewell and F. L. Ames, expenditures amouuting to $1,850 since 1881-82

towards the equipment of a botanical laboratory,
$27, 035 Alumni, $1,868, for library ; Mrs. Mary L. Goddard, Newton, Mass., $18,379 for chapel ; Nathaniel

Wright, $2,000 ; Sarah A. Griffiths, Boston, $3,750 ; Harriet H. Fay, Washington, $398-last

three gifts and remainder of the total amount for general purposes.
18,080 S. D. Warren, Boston, $500 for gymnasium; Manquard estate, $7,500; H. E. Adriance (class of

1883), Poughkeepsie, $1,500; F. F. Thompson (class of 1856), $1,000 for clock; Robbins Bat-
teil, New York, for bells, $1,013; estate of Henry P. Brush, Binghamton, for scholarship,
$2,375; estate of H. T. Morgan, of New York city, $1,387; Samuel Johnson, Boston, prest-
dent's private fund, $500 ; Mrs. Edward H. Periins, Hartford, same, $100; Eugene Delano,
Philadelphia, same, $100; Dr. J. B. Hayes, of Canandaigua, N. Y., for Garfield fund, $100
estate of L. J. Knowles, Worcester, for Garfield fund, $200 ; W.c. Thayer, same, $500 ; James
W. Brown, for library, $100; estate of Cyrus Taggart Mills (class 1844), for scholarship,

$1,000; F. W. Olds (class 1973), payment of remitted tuition, with interest, $700.
10,000 Rev. S. É. Smith, Lone Pine, Nebr., in land, for general purposes.
3, 520

Numerous sources, for support of college.
67,000 Many people of Michigan, $17,000 to pay a debt, and $50,000 as addition to endowment.
4, 637 Rev. E.J.Cummings, North Kingsville, Ohio, $500; remainder from various sources, for general

purposes and to endow a chair.
10,000 Students' Christian Association building.
22, 296 James J. Hill, St. Paul, Minn., $5,000 for Repsold Meridian Circlo; remairder from various

sources, for general purposes.
3, 100 Various sources, for college support.

M. G. Lee; Slater fand; R. S. Kust; Freedmen's Aid Society of ME Chureh.
6,000 L. V. Stephens, Boonville, Mo., $5,000 for scient.fic ball; W. M. Rush, Buonvite, Mo., $1,000 for

two scholarships, for benefit of descendants of testator, or, in al sence of such, sobolar hips
for meritorious students.


Hillsdale, Mich
Holland, Mich.
Kalamazoo, Michi
Olivet, Mich.
Minneapolis, Minn
No:thfield, Miu
Clinton, Miss
Holly Springs, Miss
Fayette, Mo.

Hillsdale College
Hope College
Kalamazoo College
Olivet College...
University of Minnesota.
Carleton College.
Mississippi College
Rust University
Central College..

Glasgow, Mo..
St. Louis

Pritchett School Instituto

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150 Cost of anatomical outfit given by Miss Bernice Morrison, St. Louis, Mo. 45,000 Chiefly in real estate - $12,500 for school of fine arts, other gifts for general fund. 37, 084 $25,000 from friends of Dr. C. L. Goodell, of St. Lonis, to found Greek professorship. 2, 338

$2,256 for the theological department; $82 for apparatus. 6,000 Philip L. Moen, Worcester, Mass. ; Ezra Farnsworth, Boston, Mass.; J. N. Dennison, Boston,

and others, mainly to pay for the new ladies' hall.
2, 000

C. C. Thomas and H. M. Yerington, mineral specimens for a cabinet.
12,000 Johnson Lutson (deceased), New Brunswick; $5,000, alumni and friends, about 60 in number;

$7,000, for general fund of the college.
8,000 Professors' salaries, &c.
1, 500 Thomas Kingsford, Oswego, N.Y., $500; H. A. Morgan, Aurora, $500; Mrs. Zabuskie, Aurora,

$200; former students, $300, to increase library.
50,963 This amount is the total of benefactions to December 1, 1886, subscription for endowment not

completed till that date. Gen. E. A. Merritt, Potsdam, N. Y., $2,500 ; P. T. Barnum, Bridge.
port, Conn., $2,500; Geo. C. Thomas, Germantown, Pa., $2,500 ; Lyman Bickford,

N. Y., $3,000 ; A. G. Gaines, Canton, N. Y., $1,500; Geo. Robinson, Canton, N. Y., $1,000;

P. H. Pittey, Branchport, N. Y., $1,000, and other, to the number of about 450.
5, 000 In sums varying from $5 to $1,000.
2,500 S. B. Colgate, New York, N. Y., for current expenses.
114, 960 $60,000, to establish a professorship of ethics and moral philosophy: $54,960 from Hiram Sib-

ley, esq., of Rochester, N. Y., for the enlargement and further equipment of the Sibley Col.

lege of Mechanic Arts. 14,000 William Lampson, Nicholas B. Keeney, and Chag. F. Prentice, Le Roy, N.Y., Miss Alice Warren,

Terre Haute, Ind., and others, $10,000 for dormitory ; $2,000 for an aupuity for the founder

of the school.
5,000 A. A. Low, esq., Brooklyn, N. Y., for the purchase of books.
30, 425 $25,000 Mortimer Reynolds, Esq., for chemical laboratory.
21, 100 James Brown and Francis M. Mann.
57,000 Mainly from M. E. Church conferences for endowment of the college.
14,000 Mary R. Smith, $13,000 in tract of land. Income to be used to educate in the University of

North Carolina a student who shall be appointed by the faculty.
5,000 For erlowment of president's chair.
60,000 J. A. Bostwick, $50.00 for endowment, and $10,000 interest of which is to be loaned to poor stu-

dents for payment of tnition. 37, 548 Isaac and Lavina Kelly, Mill Village, Pa., $35,788 for general endowment; remainder in small

sums from varions sources.
10,000 For building purposes.
110, 535 For building: R. G. Peters, $50,000 ; Mrs. M. Mitchell, $500 ; C.C. Sheppard, $500; Miss A. Lam-

son, $1,000 ; from Marquand estate, by A. Trask, $2,100; C. P. Treat, $500; II. L. Terrill,
$503 ; E. A. West, $1,000; S. F. Cooper, $1,000; E. L Baldwin, $5,000 ; Rev. C. V. Spear, $5,300
Alvin Bradley, $10,000; various small sums, $900. For endowment: G. V. Dove, $1,000; A.
Walworth, $900; bequest by Mrs. S. Bierce, $793; various small sums, $405. For general uses:
Bequest by Brewster Pelton, $1.250; bequest by Joseph Perkins, $12,225; G. II. Corliss, $500;
E. A. Brown, $172; Miss Julia Dickinson, $300; in small sums, $928; for libraries, $2,200 ; for
educational funds other than college educational societies, $2,060; for Slavic and other special

funds, $2,800.
1,000 $500, Mr. John Byall; remainder from various sources, all for scholarships.
50,000 Endowment.

100 Gen. John Patten, four prizes of $25 each for leader of each of the four classes.

8, 102 | Trustees, $7,300; other friends, $802, for current expenses. $ 114,3080

Columbia College.
University of Rochester.
Union College
Syracuse University
University of North Carolina.
Bidlo University
Wake Forest College.
Buchtel College
Hiram College..
Oberlin Collego

Oxford, Ohio
Wooster, Ohio.....
Beaver Falls, Pa
Carlisle, Pa...
Easton Pa

Miama University.
University of Wooster
Gepeva College.
Dickinson College
La Fayette College.


TACLE 81.—Statistics of gifts and legacies to colleges, schools, Sc., for 1885–86, Sc.-Continued.

$800 Mauss Bros., Cincinnati, Ohio, $C00 ; John M. Young, Williamsport, Pa., $100 ; Mrs. A. E. Eger.

man, Easton, Pa., $100; improvement of campus.
20, 246 Jacob P. Jones, $5,000, scholarship; David Scull and others, Philadelphia, the remainder for va-

rious purposes.
1, 062 For salaries.
2,000 L. H. Deibl, scholarship.
10, 000

William Bucknell, Philadelphia, Pa., for a chapel.
15,000 William A. Holliday, Brooklyn, N. Y., to complete endowment of chair of latural science.
23, 874 Legacy for building.

The final annual instalment of the $100,000 left by Mr. Samuel Willetts, of New York, to be

paid in fire annual instalments, the interest of which must be used to assist needy students. 2,500 From the city of Charleston. 600 From Synod of South Carolina, for support of faculty.

500 or moro volumes for library, and furniture, from numerons individuals and churches. 21,500 J. H. Carson, Dandridge. Tonn., $20,000 in cash and real estats; Elisha Kimbrough, Mossy

Creek, $1,500 iu cash, all to bo applied to aid indigent candidates for the ministry. 7,500 W. E. Hayward, Pana III., $1,500, building. 210,000 William H. Vanderbilt (deceased), New York, N. Y., $200,000 in railroad bonds, for the gen

oral endowment fund, and $10,000 in cash for general A. 25,000 Hon. Jacob Thompson (lecensed), Memphis, Tenn., $12,000, payment of college debt; Florenco

Miller Jameson, New York, N. Y., $13,000, to build convocation house and gymnasium. 45,000 From a great number of people, to endow the college.

3, 200 In small amounts, to erect a memorial building for lecture-room, &c. 12,000 Library and scholarship. 2,000

In real estate, from Mrs. John Tront, Union Hall, Va., for endowment; other gifts in cash,

small sume, for scholarships and current expenses. 30,000 In sums varying from $25 to $5,000, for endowment.

2,500 Endowment for chair of elocution. 7,000 Old students and other friends of the college. 20, 500 To endow president's chair. 1,000 August Frank (deceased), Milwaukee, Wis. 1,600 Support of the institution. 4,600 Alanson Trask, Brooklyn, N. Y., $2,500, for salary and travelling expenses of the president

D. W. Mo Williams, Brooklyn, N. Y., $250, towards debt on dormitors: Jobn F. Winslow, on dormitory remaindor for salarlos. Poughkeepsio, N. Y., $1,000, debt on dormitory, Mrs. C. 1. McCormick, Chicago, Ill., $50, debt

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Walla Walla, Wash


Whitman College... Eorard University.

Washington, D.O.

In small sama : $3.500 to par dobt on building; remainder to build young men's hall, to pay

salaries, and to build up the institution.
2,200 Slater fund, $600; various sources, $1,600; all for gowural parposes and .ndustrialdopartments.

[blocks in formation]

4,630 Improvement of colloge buildings. 10,000 1,500

Miss Fannio Morrison (deceased), $5,000; Mrs. C. T. Milla, $3,000; all for scholarships.

Organ and furniture for chapel.
4, 963 Better endowment of the seminary in various directions.
16, 972

Two scholarships, $2,000; building fund, $14,806; alumnal fund for books and apparatus, $70.
44, 50)
17, 600

For cottago.
4, 300

Books, $750 ; furniture, $580; land, $1.000; cash, $1, 970.

For the education of the daughters of missionaries in Minnesota.

To endow scholarship.
120 James Faldun, Breckenridge, Mlinn., for books for library.
40 $25 to best scholar; $15 for prize in elocution.

300 Geo. B. Beecher and others.
1, 750

dents; $50 for books.

Citizens of Painesville and Cleveland, $1,600 for repairs and inprovements; $109 for aid of stu.
3,000 L. A. Buitz, esq., havo $1,000 and collecteil $2,000 to pay college debts.

36 To aid ministers' daughters. 7,000 From C. S. Farrar, president of the college, to enlargo accommollations for boarding students.

100, 000

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Worcester, MRAS

Worcester Comty Free Institute of 60, 620 From late Stephen Salisbury, $25,000; P. L. Joen, $25,000; estate of late L. J. Knowles, $10,000,
Industrial Science,

for general endowment funci; Messrs. Voen, Salisbury, and G. H. Wbircomb. $320, for spe-
cial repairs; Stephen Salisbury, $200, for chemical apparatus; and $100 viven anonymously to
purchase writing attachments to chairs; 200 armchairs for lecturo and reception rooms, from

Heywood Brothers, of Gardner, Mass.
Agricultural Collego, Misła Michigan State Agricultural College. 150 Warren M. Badcock, Taunton, England, in recognition of benefit receivod as a student.
New York, N. Y. (34 and 36 Hebrew Technical Institute.

Stuyvesant street).
Sclienectady, NY.. Union College School of Civil Engi.

Includod in general college recorils, and not easily separated.
Easton, Pa.........
Pardee scientific department in La

Reported with classical department.
Fayette College
Northfield, Vt .....******
Norwich University

Subscriptions to an endowment fund by alumini; amount not tolil.
Hampion, Va ........ Sampton Normal and Agricultural

87, 029

General purposes, $34, 119; special purposes, $11,368; annual scholarships, $20, 802; beneficiary

fund, $2,722; Indian fund, $2,149; endowment fund, $9,811; pastor's salary, $938.

8454,988 Talladega, Ala...... Theological department Talladega

2, 300

Rev.John and Lydia Hawes Wood, Fitcl.barzh, Mass., $1,000; H. B. Lincolu, Worcester, Mass.,

$1,000; uthurs, $.00; all for scholarships.
Tuscaloosa, Ala..... Laetitutu for Training Colored Min 4,200



TABLE 84.-Statistics of gifts and legacies to colleges, schools, fo., for 1885-'86, &c.--Continued.

10,000 Henry Winkley, Philadelphia, adds this amount to the permanent fund of $10,000 which bears

his name.
Reported under Harvard University.
1,000 volumes, the library of late Rev. Dr. Hollingsworth, of New York, given by the Misses

10, 984
3, 743 | William Hollmann, Warrenton, $1,600, for stipends; F. G. and W. F. Nielringhaus, St. Louis, $50

and $250, respectively; Henry Blanke, St. Louis, $25; Mrs. A. Hausman, St. Louis, $25;
G. Hurni, Belleville, 111., $25; P. Frick, Denver, Col., $200 ; $1,500 of the total amount for

the salary of a professor, remainder for poor theological students.
1, 975
12,874 | Thomas Williams, real estate for president's house, $6,000; Mrs. Eliza Knox Williams, $1,000

for scholarship; bequest of James B. Hoy, $2,000 ; persons and churches, $3,874 for general

purposes. 60,000 From various persons for a new library building. 20, 123

G. C. Buel, Rochester, N. Y.; Mr. and Mrs. N. L. Zabriskie and Henry A. Morgan, of Aurora,

N. Y., Miss Sarah B. Hills, of New York, and others, 81,435, for salary of adjunct professor;

$6,722 to the pormanent scholarship fund ; $910 in aid of students ; $849 towards current ex1, 600 George A. Dockstader, New York, N. Y., to complote the Dockstader fand of $1,000.

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