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Onngo, Iowa
Pleasant Plain, Iowa..
Harlan, Kans.....


Lincoln, Kang.
Lindsborg, Kans.
Biseville, Ky
Owenton, Ky
Princeton, Ky
Richmond, Ky..
Williamsburgh, Ky
Baldwin, St. Mary's, La.
Bucksport, Me.
Strong, Mo..
Sykesville, Md.
Ashleld, Mass.
Dudley, Mass..
Franklin, Mass
South Lancaster, Mass
Westford, Mass...
Wilbralanı, Mass.......
Minneapolis, Mion..
Montevideo, Minn
St. Paul, Minn.
Wasioja, Minn
Clinton, Miss
Sylvarena, Miss.
Verona, Miss
Caledonia, Mo
Gravelton, Mo
Independence, Mo
Marble Hill, Mo
Otterville, Mo.
Palmyra, Mo.
Parkville, Mo.
Franklin, Nebr
Hastings, Nebr
Neligh, Nebr...
Santee Agency, Nebr
Reno, Nev
Andover, N. H.
Northwood Center, N. H.
Pembroke, N. H
Salem, N.J
Albuquerque, N. Mex
Los Vegas, N. Mex
Santa Fé, N. Mex.

Cedar Valley Seminary..
Pleasant Plain Academy
Gould College
Kansas Christian College.
Bethany College and Normal Institute
Hisevillo Instituto
Owenton High School.
Princeton Collegiate Instituto.
Madison Female Institute
Williamsburgh Academy ....
Gilbert Seminary.
East Maine Conference Seminary.
May School
Springfield Institnto.......
Sanderson Academy.......
Nichols Academy
Dean Academy...
South Lancaster Academy.
Westford Academy...
Woslogan Academy
Judson Female Institute
Western Minnesota Seminary
Baldwin Seminary....
Wesloyan Methodist Seminary.
Mount Hermon Female Seminary
Sylvarena College.
North Mississippi Female College.
Bellevue Collegiate Institute.
Concordia College
Kangas City Ladies' College.
Maj field Sinith Academy
Otterville College.
Centenary High School.
Park College.
Franklin Academy.....
Hastings College.
Gates College
Santec Normal Training School.
Mt. St. Mary's Academy...
Proctor Academy
Coe's Northwood Academy
Pembroke Academy.
Friends' Select School..
Albuquerque Academy
Los Vegas Academy........
University of New Mexico

2, 100 For erection of a building.

50 Books.
162 $112, annual conference, to pay college debt; $50, Rov. Peter Wagner, Ilarlan, Kans., for genoral

interost of the college.
10, 492 Endowment and current expenses.
40,000 P. B. Plumb, Emporia, Kans., and many others, for building.

120 To pay teachers.

2, 500
1,000 John A. Duncan, scholarship.

American Missionary Association, patrons.
1,000 For desks and apparatus.
12, 000

Permanent fund.

Towards new building,
500 Frank Brown, Baltimore, Md., for water and furnaco arrangements.

50 Alonzo Lilly, Newton, Mass.
5,000 Hezekiah Conants, Pawtucket, R. I., for building and improvement of groands.
8,000 Miss Johanna Chase (deceased), Blackstove, Mass., $2,000 in real estate, $6,000 in personal

property, for general educational purposes.
5, 065

For general purposes.
1,000 Stephen A. Stone, Revere, Mass., to pay tuition of deserving indigent stadents.
13,000 $3,000 towards payments of debt, $2,000 for scholarships.

500 Geo. A. Pillsbury, W. W. Huntington, Geo. A. Rust, in money, to sustain the school.
27,000 No reports having been previously made; this includes gifts mado in last of 1885.
25,000 Name changed from Ballwin School, Mr. Baldwiu, of Philadelphia, Pa., deceased, having be-

queathed this money to found English and classical seminary.
1, 600 $1,000 from John F. Slater fund; of this amount $600 was for teachers' salaries, $200 for stu.

dent aid, and $200 for improvement of industrial department.
500 W. H. Hill, of Sylvarena, in land, for college site.

For ground and buildings.
465 Improvements in building.
100 Improvement of building.
800 For apparatus.

To finish building.
4,000 To establish the school.

To improve property.

To build ladies' hall.

Mrs. McCormick, towards erection of a chapel, the students doing the work to an equal amount.
2, 500 From Board of Aid for Colleges of the Presbyterian Church.
4, 120 From numerous sources, for current expenses.
6,806 Through American Missionary Association.
2, 000

Rt. Rev. Bishop Manogne (1), Sacramento, Cal., 'and John W. Mackey, San Francisco, Cal.

From Unitarian churches and laymen, to pay current expenses.
100 From E. S. Coe, Bangor, Me., for reading room and apparatus.
4,000 Elizabeth A. Knox, Pembroke, to pay tuition or teachers' salaries, at discretion of trusteos.

500 Society of Friends.
1, 600

New West Education Commission, for salaries of principal and assistants. 2, 200 New West Education Commission, Chicago, $2,000; O. B. Sumner, Los Angeles, Cal., $100;

Charles Harwood, Springfield, Mo., $100; all for current expenses. 15,060

Various subscriptions for general expenses, $1,239; American Missionary Society for Ramona

Indian school, $5,456; and $5,365 from the United States Government.



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5, 000

1, 200


TABLE 84.–Statistics of gifts and legacies to colleges, schools, Gʻc., for 1835–86, &c.—Continued.

Albany, Oreg
Drain, Oreg-
Gorvais, Oreg.
Portland, Oreg
Beaver, Pa.
Mt. Pleasant, Pa.
Frogmore, S. C
Knoxville, Tenn
Lexington, Tenn..
Buffalo Gap, Tex.......
Rhea's Mille, Tex.
Ban Marcos, Tex
Ogden, Utah.....
Balt Lake City, Utah

Bakorsville, Vt..
Barre, Vt...
Burlington, Vt.
Derby, Vt
Peacham, Vt.
Poultney, Vt.
Saxton's River, Vt.
Brentsville, Va..
Bridgewater, Va..
Elensburgh, Wash. Ter.
Olympia, Wash. Ter.
Albion, Wis.
Franklin, Wis.
Waukesha, Wis

Brigham Acadomy..
Goddard Seminary..
Vermont Episcopal Institute..
Derby Academy.
Caledonia County Grammar School...
Troy Conference Academy
Verinont Academy.
Brentsville Seminary
Virginia Normal School.
Ellensburgh Academy.
Olympia Collegiate Institute.
Albion Academy and Normal Instituto
Mission llonso.....
Carroll College..

500 Mrs. Sarah B. Jacobs, Boston, Mass., scientific apparatus. 6,000 Jonas Barkor, Richmond, Vt., endowment.

tablishment of a female department of the institute. 47, 000 $20,000 by the late Jolin P. Howard : $27.000 given by namorous pooplo, to be used for the es.

700 Citizens of Derby, for furnituro and repairs.
3, 300

From the alumni, for building.
8,000 $3,000 to apply on debt, $5,000 endowment.

To erect an academy building and principal's houso.
25 J. B. Reid.

50 General service.
1, 500

300 In land, from W. N. Ayers, Fayetteville, Ark.

300 $185 to pay deficit in teachers' salaries ; $115 for new chapel organ.
9, 588 Chiefly contributions from "Reformed Church in United States churchog.
6,000 Endowment and building.


1, 600

Arkadelphia, Ark.
Healdsbnrgh, Cal
Denver, Colo..
Washington, D.C..
Valdosta, Ga...
Fryeburgh, Me.
Hebron, Me.
Houlton, Me
Rockville, Ma.
Andover, Mass.
Groton, Mass
South Byfield, Mass
Worcester, Mass.
Paynesville, Mo.
Exeter, N. I
Lawrenceville. N.J
Brooklyn, N. Y
Cazenovia, N. Y.
Stapleton, N. Y
Waterville, N. Y.
Wilkesbarre, Pa
York, Pa
Manchester, Vt.
Beaver Dam, Wis.
Milwaukee, Wis

State Baptist College...

18,000 Mostly residents, in building, land, books, and monoy. Healdsburgh College ...........


Current expenses.
Jarvis Hall.

Cathedral chapter, Denver, and G. A. Jarvis, Brooklyn N. Y.; principal's salary $1,000, and

$600 in improvements. Columbian College Preparatory School


W. W. Corcoran, Washington, D.C., a painting.
Valdosta Collegiato and Normal In 8,000 Chicfly from citizens of Valdosta.

Fryeburgh Academy

90 Charles D. Barrows, San Francisco, Cal., for two prizes of $25 each, and two of $20 each.
Hebron Acadeiny...

25,000 David Anderson (deceased), East Livermore, Me., $10,000 for endowment fund ; B. F. Sturto

vant, Jamaica Plain, Mass., $10,000 for building; and Colby University, $3,000 for building. Houlton Academy.

30,000 Mrs. Catharine Wording, Grand Forks, D. T., in cash, for new school building, to be called

Wording Hall.
Rockville Academy.

800 Annual donation from State of Maryland, in consideration of the free tuition of eight pupils,

elected by board of trustees.
Phillips Academy.

2,500 Edward Taylor, Andover, for part cost of administration building.
Groton School..

15,000 Chiefly for new gymnasium.
Dummer Academy

13 Towards gymnasium. Worcester Academy

33, 400 J. H. Walker, Worcester, C. W. Kingsley and J. W. Merrill, Cambridge, Mass., $33,000, for

further endowment and buildings; $200 for physical laboratory, and $200 for lecture course.
Paynesville Pritchett Institute..

1, 200 Citizens of the vicinity, money, buildings, and grounds.
Phillips Exeter Academy...

150,000 F. E. Parker (deceased), Boston, Mass., $100,000; Dr. Francis P. Hurd, Boston, Mass., $50,000.
Lawrenceville School..

1,000,000 John C. Green (deceased), New York, N.Y., endowment.
Berkeloy Institute for Young Ladies


From board of trustees, to meet deficiencies in first year's expenses.
Cazenovia Seminary

5,000 Mrs. L. G. Griffin, West Troy, N. Y., endowment.
Staten Island Academy.

6,000 William Winter, Edwin Booth, Lawrence Barrett, E. C. Stedman, T. B. Aldrich, John Gilbert,

Wilkie Collins, Geo. Wm. Curtis, and others, in books.
Waterville Union School.

70 A. R. Palmer (deceased).
Harry Hillman Academy

York Collegiate Instituto......

59,000 $7,000 from Mr. Samuel Small, for scholarships, and $52,000 from Mr. Small's heirs, for re

building, Burr and Burton Seminary


For library. Wayland Academy

Churches and varions private individuals, $1,350 for new buildings for girls. Markham Academy

25 John C. Sponcer, Milwaukeo, for Spencer prize in declamation.




TABLE 84.—Statistics of gifts and legacies to colleges, schools, fc., for 1885–86, 8c.-Continued.

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By whom given, residence, amount, kind, purpose, and conditions of gift, and remarks.

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$15, 000 Endowment.

Rev. T. R. Welch, Little Rock, Ark., for endowment of professorship.
15, 000 Building.
5,000 From trustees, professors, and Methodist friends, to pay debts on college bnilding.


From Mr. and Mrs. Leland Stanford, property to found and maintain university, value not
200, 516 $100,000 from Mrs. Iliff-Warren, to found school of theology, conditioned upon securing of

$50,000 to endow other chairs; the amount was obtained in land. Mr. Jacob Haish gave
$50,000 for manual training school; and Miss Harriet Sawyer, Oxford, Ohio, has given $516,
but requires that the interest be paid her during life, or, if unclaimed, it may be loaned with:

out interest to a theological student.
44, 195 Junius S. Morgan, London, England, $23,000; Robert H. Coleman, Pennsylvania, $10,000; sundry

subscriptions, $8,185 for gymnasium and lawn-tennis courts; legacy of $500 from J. G. Jacobs ;

alumni donations to the general fund, $2,510.
4, 306 O. Hoyt and W. Hoyt, Stamford, Conn., J. W. Beach, Middletown, Conn., A. Fowler and B. Col.

gate, New York, N. Y., C. Scott, Philadelphia, Pa., W. Rice, Springfield, Mass., and others,

in sums not exceeding $500 for current expenses.
78,639 of which $15,448 were for the establisbment of new funds in the several departments. This is

about all that can be gleaned from the "treasurer's statement," and is believed to be as ac

curate as may be, considering the difficulties in the case.
7,853 Mrs. Sarah C. Boyd, Bradford, Mass., $500 for scholarship; various people, $2,809 for student

aid, and $4,544 for current expenses.
20,000 Building:

From citizens of Bowdon, to employ teachers.

Debts and current expenses. 30, 000

Endowment from various people in Illinois. 4,500

In small sums for endowment of Bible chair and college aid. 5,000

Endowment fund, chiefly as scholarships.

Gilbert Bareis, Livingston, Wis., endowment.
4,000 Mostly to increase endowment fund.
- 18,000 $17,000 endowment; $1,000 apparatus.
49,000 P. L. Cable, Rock Island, $25,000. Total used for new building, support of the college, and to

aid students preparing for the ministry.
10,000 From various persons.

6, 100
15, 000 James Forsythe, Trafalgar, Ind.
30, 000 W.C. De Pauw, New Albany, Ind., $20,000; $10,000 from various sources, all for general en.

15, 000 General E. 1. Drake $12,000; others small sums, all for general andowment.


Atlanta University.
Clark University
Bowdon College....
Hedding College.
Illinois Wesleyan University
Eureka College...
Ewing College...
German-English College.
Lombard University
Illinois College
Augustana College and Theological

Shurtleff College
Westfield College,...
Franklin College.
De Pauw University
Drake University ...

Fayotte, Iowa
Indianola, Iowa

:: Imper. To wa University


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Building: 2,300 New buildings.

W. T. Hornaday, Washington, D. C., and Asa Horr, M. D., Dubuque, Iowa, collection of birds

and animals for museum..
5,000 Half for endowment, half for a ladies' hall.
6,000 General purposes
12,800 New building and current expenses.
3, 500
13, 000

For building.
1,000 Baptist churches in Kansas, for current expensos.
28,000 Building and endowment.
25,000 $16,000 for building.
100,000 W. H. M. Brayer, Lawrenceburgh, Ky.,

$30,000; Orville Ford, Covington, Ky., $20,000; D. C.
Collins, Covington, Ky., $10,000; A. J. Alexander, Woodburn, Ky., $10,000; Mary R. Kin-
caid, Versailles, Ky., $10,000 ; Mary J. Lyons, Danville, Ky., $5,000; Mrs. John McClintock,
Millersburgh, Ky., $5,000, and others, for endowment of one chair in full and partial endow.

ment of others:
100,000 Paul Tulane, Princeton, N. J., stocks and bonds, $45, 108.50 ; cash, $54,891.50.

259, 385

Edward Russell, $200, to increase scholarship; executors of Francis B. Hays, $10,000, income

to be used for purchase of books for library; executor of Geo. B. Dorr, $1,750, as additional
payınent of principal for Dorr fund; execators of Henry T. Morgan, of New York, $1,387,
as additional payment from Morgan estate for Henry T. Morgan fund; anonymous gift of
$1,000, to be added to capital of herbarium fund; William Addison Brown and William H.
Deforest and Edward Livingston $1,000 towards fund for the support of an assistant pro-
fessor or an assistant in herbarium work; Samuel Hoar, $2,000 to found scholarship to be
called class of 1867 scholarship; estate of Robert Treat Paine, property worth $164,198 for
observatory; $310 from fourteen persons towards a fund for the endowment of a dental
school; J. I Bowditch $1,000, Geo. Higginson $1,000, T. Q. Browne $100, E. W. Hooper $100,
F. H. Peabody $100, towards the endowment of the observatory; estate of Evangelinus A.
Sophocles, $25,698 to be called the Constantius fund, income to be used, one-half for purchase
of Greek and Latin books, the other for the catalogue department of the library; trustees of
late Prof. Daniel Treadway, additional sum of $2,000, on account of Prof. Treadway's residu-
ary legacy for use of college library; Geo. W. Wales. $200 for books for library; A. Agassiz
$50, Chas. P. Curtis $100, Henry Lee $50, C. S. Sargent $50, to aid in publishing University
Bulletin ; Henry Lee, $1,500 for salary of instructor in political economy: anonymous friend,
$500 to increase salary of professor of entomology; anonymous friend, $100 to increase cur.
rent year's income of James Walker fellowship; anonymous member of Dante Society, $100
for prize for essay on subject drawn from life or works of Danto; through Moorfield Storey,
$1,200 to pay for lectures to undergraduates on health; through Prof. Child, on account of
the "subscription of 1880," for purchase of ballad manuscripts, &c., $90; Mrs. Henry Dra-
per, of New York, $1,500 for prosecuting researches in the photography of stellar spectra;
John 0. Sargent, $100 for one or more prizes for the best metrical version or versions of
lyric poem of Horace; Robert D. Foote, class of 1886, $30 to buy books for French depart-
ment; John Lowell and wife, $400, as first yearly payment for support of two scholarsbips
to be known as the George Emerson Lowell scholarships; class of 1879, $300 towards furnish-
ing library and reading-room for department of political economy; Joseph P. Gardner $100,
R. M. Hodges, $50 and an anonymous friend $100, for veterinary school; Dante Society, $50
for purchase of books on Dante; Mrs. C. M. Barnard, $600, as ler annual gist for the Warren
H. Cudworth scholarships; John Cummings $109, Mrs. H. L. Higginson $100, H. H. Hunne-
well $750, Henry Lee $100, H. C. Lodge $25, Augustus Lowell $100, and Francis A. Osborn

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