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TALLE 18.--Srulislics of schools giring industrial training in rarious forms for 1883–'86, Sc.-Part II.

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1 | Industrial department, Talladega College..
2 Adeline Smith Industrial Home
8 Fort Stevenson Industrial School.
4 Dakota Indian Industrial School...
5 Industrial department, Clark University
6 llaven Industrial Home School..
7 Connecticut Industrial School
8 Railroad Mission Industrial School.
9 St. Mary's Training School..
10 Busy Bee
11 White's Indiana Manual-Labor Institute
12 Levering Mission Manual-Labor School..
13 White's Iowa Mapual-Labor Institute......
14 Chilocco Indian Iodustrial School
15 | Haskill Institute, school for Indians...
16 Malne Industrial School for Girls
17 St. Mary's Industrial School for Boys.

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Sewing, farming, use of tools in carpentry, black

smithing, printing, and housework.
140 $911 $911 | Housework, needle-work, and cooking.

General farm-work, carpentry, shoe and harness mak.

ing, and housework.

6,000 Farming, gardening, and carpentering.
3,000 Carriage and wagon work, harness making, printing,

sewing, carpentry.

Sewing and cooking.
200 178 Sewing.
21, 710 21,590 Farming, shoemaking, tailoring, carpentering, black-

smithing, &c.

Sewing, knitting, and fancy work with needle.
300 28, 368 26, 590 Farming, housekeeping, carpentering, blacksmithing,

harness and shoemaking.
53 7,500 7,500 Agriculture and various household work.
200 | 12, 903 13, 333 Work necessary on a grain and stock farm, carpenter.

ing, household work, and sewing.
30, 600 30, 600 Blacksmithing, shoemaking,, carpentry,

general house and farm work. 100

Shoemaking, blacksmithing, carpentry, farming, and

miscellaneous domestic.
400 8,216 7,701 Sewing, cooking, and housekeeping.
1,200 $1,324 72,083 Printing, tailoring, shoemaking, cigar making, farm-

ing, cooking, carpentering, painting, pipefitting,

and engineering. 4, 505 4, 474 Housework, sewing, knitting, and dressmaking.

Sewing and kitchen work.
Carpentry and joinery.


18 Industrial School for Girls 10 Industrial Schools (2), (Boston, North End

Mission) Vacation Industrial School

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1,000 3,003 3,000 Printing, sewing, cooking, drawing and designing, car.

pentry, and kitchen gardening. 50 1, 500 1,500 Housework and sewing.

294 Plain sewing and housework.

Dressmaking, wood-carving, cooking, printing, &c.
250 2, 1642, 300 Farming or agriculture.
1,500 0

Sewing, cooking, washing, and ironing.
2,000 25,000 25,000 Carpentry, blacksmithing, harness-making printing,

tailoring, general housework, sewing, washing,

cooking, &c.
0 26, 250

Farming, harness and shoe making, carpenter'ng,

sewing, tailoring, and housework.
010, 241 10,336 Gardening, carpentry, shoe-making, painting, sowing,

cooking, and general housework.
01, 900 2,000 Housework, sewing, cooking, and gardening
350 55, 137 42, 474. Sowing, cooking, all houseliold duties, and carpentry.
400 20, 141 31, 950 Sewing, darning, and mending.
400 21, 717 22,743 Machine and land sewing, dressmaking, and house-

1,000 30, 877 34,965 Type-setting, housework, cooking, and sewing.
1,500 17,560 44,837 Sewing, drawing, kitchen gardening, and cooking.

600 Hand and machine sewing, embroidery, worsted work,

cutting and fitting.

2, 861 Sewing and embroidery.
9,000 9,000 Sewing and household work.
300 8, 639 7,772 Chair-seating, cooking, sewing, and domestic work.
200 15, 770 15, 850 Laundry-work, housework, and sewing in all of its dif.

ferent branches.

General farm-work, &c. 78189, 206 89, 206 Blacksmithing and wagon-making, carpentering, tail

oring, shoemaking, tinning, harness-making, paint.

ing, printing, farming, cooking, and sewing.
400 7, 800 9,200 Shoemaking, tailoring, blacksmithing, carpentering,

farming, and gardening.
Sewing to the girls.

Washing, cooking, baking, sweeping, &c.

Domestic economy and sewing.
700 1, 534 1,534 Sewing, cooking, housekeeping, and carpentry.
23, 965 23, 740 Plain sewing, dressmaking, fancy work, and house-


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a The number in the Home; there are five industrial schools cared for by the association, cach numbering over 100 pupils.

TABLE 59.-S atistics of manual-training schools for 1885–86; from replies to inquiries by the United States Bureau of Education-PART I.

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1 Denver, Colo. Haish Manual-Training School 1885 Chas. H. Wright

Endowment and contributiong. 2 Chicago, Ill. (Michigan | Chicago Manual-Training School

1883 Henry H. Belfield, A. M., PH. D

Partly tuition; partly subscription.
avenue and Twelfth

3 New Orleans, La.

Manual-Training School of Tulane Uni John M. Ordway, A. X., director

4 Baltimore, Ma
Baltimore Manual Training School...... 1884 John D. Ford, P. A., engineer U.S. N., prin. Appropriation by city council.

5 Boston, Mass

Manual Training School of Public High 1885

6 Minneapolis, Minn. Artisan's Training School (University of Cyrus Northrop, LL. B., president

St. Louis, Mo
Manual Training School of Washington 1879 C. M. Woodward..

Fees and endowment.
8 New York, N. Y
Industrial department, College of New 1883 Alex. S. Webb, LL. D., president

From the college appropriation.
York City.
9 New York, N. Y

Workingman's School (Heb. Soc. Ethic. 1880 G. Bamberger....

Culture). 10 Cleveland, Ohio.. Cleveland Manual Training School 1886 Newton M. Anderson

By tuition. 11 Toledo, Ohio

Scott Manual Training School (Toledo Uni. 1885 Ralph H. Miller

versity). 12 Philadelphia, Pa Manual Training School.. 1885 Wm. L. Sayre, principal.

From the public funds, 13 Nashville, Tenn..

Course in Manual Technology (Vanderbilt 1884 L. C. Garland, A, M., LI. D., chancellor

Crozet, Va
Miller Manual Labor Sehool
1878 C. E. Vawter, A. M....


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TABLE 59.-Statistics of manual-training schools for 1885-'86, 80.-Part II.

1 Haigh Manual Training School
2 Chicago Manual Training School
3 Manual Training School of Tulano Uni.

4 Baltimore Manual Training School
Manual-Training School of Public High

6 Artisan's Training School (University of

7 Manual Training School of Washington

8 Industrial department, College of Now

York City.
9 Workingman's School (Heb. Soc. Ethic.

10 Cleveland Vanual-Training School
11 Scott Manual-Training School (Toledo Uni-

12 Manual Training School

13 Course in Manual Technology (Vanderbilt

University), 14 M. ler Mamal-Labor School.

II.-TRAINING IN ART. The tabulated statistics here presented (pp. 605-606) by no means include all the in. corporated or prominent schools in the country. The Hartford School, the Chicago Academy of Design, the Manchester (N. H.) Art Association, the Free School of Design of the Brooklyn Art Association, the School of Design of the University of Cincio. nati, the Women's Art Museum Association of Cincinnati, and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts have furnished no recent information.

The general and special features of industrial and fine art instruction in this conntry are so fully treated in the Special Report on Art and Industry, partly published and partly in course of preparation in this Office, that no attempt åt discussion of facts or i heories will be attempted in this volume.

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