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TABLE 56.-- Degrees conferred in 1885–186 by professional schools not connected with uri

rersities and colleges.

[The following are the explanations of abbreviations used in this table: D. B., Bachelor of Divinity; D. D., Doctor of Divinity; M. D., Doctor of Modicine; D. D. S., Doctor of Dental Sargery; Pa. G. Graduate in Pharmacy; LL. B., Bachelor of Laws; LL. D., Doctor of Laws.)

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Selma, Ala..
Selma University.

a5 2 Talladoga, Ala. Theological department of Talla. 2

dega College 3 Oakland, Cal

Pacitio Theological Seminary.. al 4 Hartford, Conn. Hartford Theological Seminary. al4 5 Washington, D. O Wayland Seminary

623 6 Chicago, Il!. (1000 N. Presbyterian Theological Semi a21

Halsted street). nary of the Northwest.c 7 Chicago, Ill. (Wheeler Western Theological Seminary. 05

Hall, Washington

Boulevard). 8 Morgan Park, Ill ..... Baptist Union Thcological Semi al4

nary. Rock Island, IN. Augustana Tlieological Seminary a13 10 Dubuque, Iowa. German Presbyterian Theologi.

cal School of the Northwest. 11 Lexington, Ky College of the Bible...

a14 12 Louisville, Ky. Southern Baptist Theological d12

Seminary. 13 Bangor, Me.

Bangor Theological Seminary... 65 14 Baltimore, Md. (cor. Centenary Biblical Institute.. a46 ner Fulton

street and Edmonson ave.

nue). 15 | Baltimore, Md. Theological Seminary of St. Snl. e40

piceand St. Mary's University. 16 Andover, Mass Andover Theological Seminary.. a13 17 Cambridge, Mass Episcopal Theological School.... 11 18 Newton Centre, Mass. Newton Theological Institution.

all 19 Faribault, Mina Seabury Divinity School..

2 2 20 Red Wing, Minn Red Wing Norwegian Evangeli. alo

cal Lutheran Seminary. 21 St. Lonis, Mo.. Eden College

a33 22 Crete, Nebr..... German Congregational Theo. a2

logical Seminary. 23 Madison, N. J

Drew Theological Seminary f 26 12 24 Now Brunswick, N.J. Theological Seminary of the b12

Reformed (Dutch) Church in

America. 25 Princeton, N.J Theological Seminary of the Pres. a12

byterian Church. 26 South Orange, N.J... Diocesan Seminary of the Im.

maculate Couception. 27 Auburn, N. Y

Auburn Theological Seminary 016 28 Canton, N. Y.

Canton Theological Seminary. 54 29 Hartwick Seminary, Hartwick Seminary, Theological N. Y.

department. 30 New York, N. Y General Theological Seminary * 23 23

of the Protestant Episcopal

Church 81 New York, N. Y. (1200 Uniou Theological Seminary.... 037

Park aventi). 82 stanfordville, N. Y...' Christian Biblical Institute 33 Tros, N. Y..... St. Joseph's Provincial Seminary.

e30 34 Couover, N. C

Theological department of Con. al

cordia College. a Number of graduates reported

d Eight" full graduates" and 4 "Esglta grada These are liplomas.

uates.' • Name changes to McCormlok Theological Semi. e Number of priests ordained Zuring the year. Dary of the Presbyterian Church.

| Fourtven of those aro diplomas.

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TABLE 56.- Degrees conferred in 1885–86 by professional schools, 80.-Continued.

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SCHOOLS OF THEOLOGY-continued. 35 Raleigh, N.C.... Theological department of St. a2

Augustine's Normal School. 36 Cincinnati, Obio. Hebrew Union College.

15 37 Cleveland, Onio St. Mary's Theological Seminary. 16 38 Columbus, Ohio German Lutheran Seminary. d13 Dayton, Ohio. Union Biblical Seminary

e10 40 Titfin, Ohio ..... Heidelberg Theological Seminary. dio 41 Xenia, Ohio.

United Presbyterian Theological

Seminary of Xenia. 42 | Allegheny, Pa.. Theological Seminary of the Ro.

a2 formed Presbyterian Church. 43 Allegheny, Pa... Western Theological Seminary a18

of the Presbyterian Church.
44 Bethlehem, Pa... Moravian Theological Seminary. 4
45 Gettysburgh, Pa. Theological Seminary of the Gen a13

eral Synod of the Evangelical
Lutheran Church in the United

States. 46 Lancaster, Pa

Theological Seminary of the Re f11

formed Church in the United

States. 47 Meadville, Pa... Meadville Theological Seminary. d4 48 Philadelphia, Pa. (214 Theological Seminary of the d20 Franklin street). Evangelical Lutheran Church

at Philadelphia. 49 Selin's Grove, Pa.... Missionary Institute.

d5 50 Upland, Pa..

Crozer Theological Seminary d13 51 Hampden Sidney Col. Union Theological Seminary al2

_lege, Va. 52 Theological Seminary, Protestant Episcopal Theologi. d5 Va.

cal Seminary of Virginia. 53 Franklin, Wis. Mission House

d7 54 Milwaukee, Wis.. Lutberan Theological Seminary

a6 of the Synod of Wisconsin. 55 Nashotah, Wis Naghotah House.

3 56 St. Francis, Wis... Seminary of St. Francis of Sales. 935

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60 Mobile, Ala
Medical College of Alabama... 34

33 61 Oakland, Cal.... California Medical College..


14 62 San Francisco, Cal Hahnemann Medical College of hil

11 San Fraucisco. 63 San Francisco, Cal Cooper Medical College..


11 64 Wasbington, D.C.. Medical department of the Na 19

tional University. 65 Atlanta, Ga. Atlanta Medical College.


38 66 Atlanta, Ga. Georgia College of Eclectic Med. 10

10 icine and Surgery 67 Atlanta, Ga.... Southern Medical College....... 32

32 a These are diplomas.

f Nine regular course, a partial course. b Received orders.

Number of priests ordained during the year. • Degree of rabbi.

h One is an honorary degree. d Number of graduates reported.

i Degrees not specified. e Seven regular diplomas and 3 certificates for Eng.

lish course.

TABLE 56.— Degrees conferred in 1885–85 by professional schools, fe.-Continued.

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68 Chicago, Ill.
Bennett College of Eclectic Med. 50

icine and Surgery.
69 Chicago, III

Collego of Physicians and Sur 71

geons of Chicago. 70 Chicago, IN ... Hannemann Medical College and a102

a 102 Hospital. 71 Chicago, III Physio-Medical Institute

10 72 Chicago, Ill Rush Medical College.


58 73 Fort Wayne, Ind. Fort Wayne College of Medicine 12

12 74 Indianapolis, Ind Central College of Physicians 12

12 and Surgeons. 75 Indianapolis, Ind Indiana Eclectic Medical College. 22

22 76 Des Moines, Iowa. Iowa College of Physicians and bL2

013 Surgeons. 77 | Keokuk, Iowa College of Physicians and Sur 34

34 geons. 78 Louisville, Ky Kentucky School of Medicine 60

60 79 Baltimore, MG Baltiniore Medical Collego...


12 80 Baltimore, Md College of Physicians and Sur. 146

146 duong. 81 Baltimore, Md University of Maryland School 78

78 of Medicine. 82 | Baltimore, Md. Woman's Modical College of Bal. 3

3 tipore. 83 Minneapolis, Minn.... Minneapolis College of Physi. 3

3 cians and Surgeons. 84 Minneapolis, Minn Minnesota Hospital College.. 17

89 85 St. Paul, Minn ... St. Paul Medical College..


11 86 St. Joseph, Mo Northwestern Medical College 11

11 of St. Joseph. 87 St. Joseph, Mo.. St. Joseph Medical College..


11 88 St. Louis, Mo American Medical College.

0 89 St. Louis, Mo Homeopathic Medical College c20

c20 of Missouri. 90 St. Louis, Mo St. Louis College of Physicians c19

e19 and Surgeons. 91 St. Louis, Mo St. Louis Melical Collego....

18 92 Omaha, Nebr Omaha Medical College..


5 93 Brooklyn, N.Y.. Long Island College Hospital 52

52 91 | Buffalo, N.Y. Medical department, Uuiversity

of Buffalo. 93 Now York, N.Y.... Bellevue Hospital Medical Col. 139

139 lege. 96 New York, N.Y..... Eclectic Medical College of the 15

15 City of New York. 97 | New York, N.Y....... New York Medical College and 13

13 Hospital for Women. 98 New York, N.Y.... Woman's Medical College of the 8

8 New York Infirmary. 99 Cincinnati, Ohio American Eclectic Medical Col 8

8 lege. 100 Cincinnati, Ohio Cincinnati College of Medicine 17

17 and Surgery 101 Cincinnati, Ohio Eclectic Medical Instituto...


59 102 Cincinnati, Ohio Medical College of Ohio.

78 103 Cincinnati, Ohio Miami Medical College


1 104 Cleveland, Oluo. Homeopathic Hospital College. 26

26 105 | Columbus, Ohio. Columbus Medical College..


20 JOS Columbus, Obio. Starling Medical Collego..

28 107 Toledo, Obio

Northwestorn Ohio Medical Col. 2

lege. 108 Philadelphia, Pa. Hahnemann Medical College and 261

Hospital a tight are ad eundem degrees.

c Includes 2 ad eundem degrees. Two are honorary degrous.

d Three are honorary degrees.

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TABLE 56.--Degrees conferred in 1885–86 by professional schools, 8c.- Continuod.

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113 Chicago, III

Chicago College of Dental Sur.

gery. 114 Chicago, ni

Northwestorn College of Dental

Surgery. 115 Indianapolis, Ind Indiava Dental College 116 Baltimore, Ma Baltimore College of Dental Sur.

gery. 117 Baltimore, MD University of Maryland, Dental

department. 118 Boston, Mass.

Boston Dental Collego 119

Kansas City, Mo... Kansas City Dental College. 120 St. Louis, Mo.

Missouri Dental College 121 New York, N.Y. New York College of Dentistry.. 122 Cincinnati, Ohio Ohio College of Dental Surgery: 125 Philadelphia, Pa. Pennsylvania College of Dental

Surgery. 121 Philadelphia, Pa...... Philadelphia Dental College and

Hospital of Oral Surgery.

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