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properly kept, the summaries made, and statistics entered, or until, by personal examination, it shall have satisfied itself that it has been done. Teachers shall faithfully enforce in school the course of study and regulations prescribed by law.!

Evory teacher shall have power to hold every pupil to a strict accountability in school for any disorderly conduct on the way to or from school.

It shall be the duty of all teachers to endeavor to impress on the minds of their papils principles of morality, truth, justice, temperance, and patriotism; to teach them to avoid idleness, profanity, and falsehood, and to instruct them in the principles of free government, and to train them up to a true comprehension of the rights, duties, and dignity of American citizenship.3

TEACHERS' INSTITUTES. Tbe superintendent of public instruction shall, at least once a year, bold a Territorial teachers' institute in and for each judicial district in this Territory, over which he shall preside, at such time and place as he may determine upon, which Territorial institute shall continue in session not less than 3 days, and he shall, as far as practicable, aid in establishing county institutes. 4

Each superintendent of the common schools of any county in this Territory, containing 500 census childrev, shall hold, once a year, a county institute, of not less than 3 days, at which instruction shall be given in the best method of teaching •ix tho branches required by law to be tauglit in the public schools, and the county comjoissioners may appropriate for the expenses of the institute a sum not exceeding $100 annually; counties having less than 500 census children may, at the option of the county superintendent, unite with any neighboring county for the purpose of holding an institute. All teachers in the county where the institute is held shall be required to attend such institute during its full time; but a striot record shall be kept of the attendance, absence, or tardiness at each day's session of the institute, and the county superintendent shall, at the close of the institute, transmit the record of any teacher to the clerk of the district where said teacher may be at the time employed; and said teacher so absenting himself shall forfeit $1 for each day's absence.

SCHOOLS. Every school, not otherwise provided for by special law, sball be open for the ad. mission of all between the ages of 5 and 21 years residing in that school district; and the board of directors shall have power to admit adults and childreu not residing in the district.5

All schools shall be taught in the English language, and instruction shall be given in the following branches, viz: Reading, writing, orthography, arithmetic, geography, English grammar, physiology and hygiene, and history of the United States. Attention should be given during the entire course to the cultivation of manners, morals, to the laws of health, pbysical exercise, and to the ventilation and temperature of the school-room.6

No books, papers, or other publications of a partisan or denominational character shall be used or distributed in any school; neither shall any partisan or sectarian doctrine be taught therein; and any teacher who shall violate these provisions shall forfeit his permit or certificate for the period of 1 year."

The school days shall be 6 hours in length, exclusive of any intermission at noon, but any board of directors may fix as the school day a less vumber of hours than 6: Provided, That it be not less than 4 for any primary school under its charge, and any teachor may dismiss any or all scholars under 8 years of age, after an attendance of 4 hours a day, exclusive of an intermission at noon.

All pupils, who may attend public schools shall comply with the regulations established in pursuance of the law for the government of schools, shall pursue the required course of study, and shall submit to the authority of the teachers of such schools. Continued and wilful disobedience and open defiance of authority of the teachers shall constitute good canse for expulsion from school. Any person who sball in any way cut, deface, or otherwise injuro any school house furniture, fonco, or out-building thereof shall be liable to suspension and punishment, and the parents or gnardian of such pupil shall be liable for damage on complaint of the teacher or any director, and upon proof of the same.9

Any parent, guardian, or other person who shall insult or abuse toacher in the preeence of the school or anywhere on the school groundsor promises, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and liable to a fine of not less than $10 dollars nor more than $100.10

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Any person who shall wilfully disturb any public school, or public-school meeting, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and liable to a fine of not less than $10 dollars nor more than $100.1

Any series of toxt-books adopted by the board of education shall remain in uso not less than 5 years.?

All school districts in this Territory shall maintain school during at least 3 months each school year. All graded-school districts, not in incorporated towns and cities, shall maintain school at least 6 months.3

COMPULSORY EDUCATION. All guardians and other persons in this Territory having, or who may hereafter have the immediate custody of any child or children between the ages of 8 and 18 years, shall send the same to school at least 3 months in each year.*

In all cases where any person having the custody of any child shall fail to send said child to school the required length of time, provided that an opportunity has offered, and no good reason can be shown for the failure, then said person shall pay to the district clerk of his school district, on the prosentation of a warrant from the school directors, the sum of $100.5

PHYSIOLOGY AND HYGIENE. Physiology and bygione, which shall, in each division of the subject so pursued, include special reference to the effects of alcoholic drinks, stimulants, and narcotics upon the human system, shall be included in the branches of study now required by law to be taught in the common schools of this Territory.. Any county superintendent of common schools or any superintendent of public instruction who shall fail or refuse to comply with the provisions of this act, or to perform the duties imposed upon him by this act shall be liable to a penalty of $100.1

No certificate shall be grantoil to any person to teach in the public schools of this Territory, or in any educational institution receiving money from the Territorial treasury, after the 30th day of June, A. D. 1837, who has not first passed a satisfactory examination in the manner now provided by law for the examination of teachers in the public schools, in physiology and hygiene, with special reference to the effect of alcoholic drinks, stimulants, and narcotics upon the human system.

UNION OR GRADED SCHOOLS. The inhabitants of two or more school districts may unite for the purpose of establishing a graded school, and shall elect 3 directors and a clerk for such uviou district. Singlo districts containing 200 or more children, entitled to draw public money, may organize a graded-school district.9

The board of directors provided for in the preceding section shall, in all matters relating to graded schools, possess all the power, discharge all the duties, and be governed by the laws herein provided for district directors.10

The union district, thus formed, shall be entitled to an equitable share of the school fand, to be drawn from the county treasury, in proportion to the number of children attending such graded schools for each district. ii

GRADED SCHOOLS IN INCORPORATED CITIES OR TOWNS. Each incorporated city or town in this Territory shall be comprised in one district and under one board of school diroctors, and in all such cities or towns where the enumeration of school children entitled to draw school money is 300 or more, the directors shall be required to adopt the graded system of teaching in their schools: Prorided, That nothing in this section shall be so construed as to prevent the extension of such city or town districts a reasonable distance outside the limits of such incorporated city or town: And provided further, That the schools of such cities and towns may be graded in such mauuer as the directors thereof may deem best suited to the wants of such districts. But no other language than the English, nor mathematics higher than algebra, shall be taught in such graded schools.12

The directors of incorporated city or town districts may, at their discretion, elect one city or town superintendent in each district, who may be

a teacher of the district and who shall have control or management of all the schools in his district, subject to the concurrence of the board of directors.13

The directors of any school district, composed of any incorporated city or town, shall, when in their opinion it is necessary, levy a spocial tax of not exceeding 10


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mills in any one year, for the purpose of building school-houses or purchasing school sites, which tax shall be levied and collected as provided in the general school law: Prorided, That no special school tax shall be levied or assessed in any district until the same shall have been submitted to the qualified voters of such district, as required by law, and a majority of the votes cast shall be in favor of such tax.'

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