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District Clerk's Office. BE it rememberell, that on the seventh day of L. S December, A. D. 1825, in the fiftieth year of the

Independence of the United States of Anierica, Crock r & Brewster of the said district, have deposited in this office the title of a book, the right whereof they claiin as Proprietors, in the words following, to wit:

“The Evangelical Primer, containing a Minor Doctri"nal Catechism; and a Minor Historical Catechism ; “10 which is added, the Westminster Assembly's “ Shorter Catechism; with short explanatory Notes, "and copious Scripture Proofs and Illustrations; and

an Appendix, containing various directions " for studying the Scriptures. For the use of “ Families and Schools. By Joseph Emerson, " formerly Minister of a church in Beverly;

now Principal of the Female Seminary in « Wethersfield, Ct. With 72 cuts." In conformity to the act of the Congress of the United States, entitled, “An act for the encouragement of learning, by securing the copies of maps, charts and books, to the authors and proprietors of such copies during the times therein mentioned;" and also to an act entitled, “An act supplementary to an act, entitled, “An act for the encouragement of learning, by securing the copies of maps,charts and books, to the authors and proprietors of such copies during the times therein mentioned ;' and extend. ing the benefits thereof to the arts of designing, engraving and etching. historical and other prints." JNO. W. DAVIS,

Clerk of the District of Massachusetts

CROCKER & BREWSTER, 50, Cornhill, Boston, Keep for sale a general assortment of BOOKS in various branches of knowledge, particularly books ou RELIGIOUS SUBJECTS; among many others, SCOTT'S FAMILY BIBLE, with and without references, and of various prices: also quarto BIBLES, froin $3,50 to 20 dollars ; school Bibles. - Also, Worcester's edition of Wales' Psalms and Hymns; or the Select Hymns separately : a liberal allow. ance to Clergymen. Other editions of Watts.-Also, a very large assortment of REWARD BOOKS for Sunday schools; from Three Cents to One Dollar each. Printing and Paper furnished on liberal terms. HVARD


& T Wishes

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EXPLANATIONS, In this work colons are used to separate figures referring to chap, ters from those referring to verses; as John 5:44 refers to the forty: fourth verse of the fifth chapter of John. The reference should be read, John, fifth, forty-fourth ; not John, fifth and furty-fourth, as some would read it. Sometimes chapters are referred to without referring to particular verses, as Gen. 45: and 46: in the latter part of lesson 4, denoting that these chapters contain an account of what Joseph did for his father's family.

Comnias are used to separate figures referring to verses from each other; as John 5:1, 3, 7, 20 refers to the first, third, seventh, and twentieth verses of the fifth chapter of John; and should be read, John fifth, first, third, serenth, twentieth.

The character de or the world and is placed before another chap ter of the same book; as John 5.1 15:4 refers to the first verse of the fifth chapter and tourth verse of the fitteenth chapter o John. and may be read, John, fifth, first and fifteenth, fourth.

A blank line is used to vienote intermediate verses, as John 5:37 refers to the third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh verses of the fifth chapter of John; and should be read, John fifth,

third to seventh. Fs, stands for Psalm; Is, for Isaiah.

The cuts ur pictures may be easily understood by consulting the scriptures referred to under them,

RECOMMENDATIONS. Having been informed by the Rev. Mr.

Emerson of Beverly of his plan for publishing a book called the Evangelical Primer, and seen a considerable part of the work, we cheerfully approve both of the design, and, so far as we are acquainted with it, of the manner, In which it has been executed; and do accordingly recommend thie book for the use of Families and Schools.

1809. Timothy Dwight, President of Yale College. Moses Stuart, Pastor of the First Congregational Charch in New

Haven. Noah Webster, jan. N. Haven. Samuel Merwin, Pastor of the United Congregational Church in

New Haven. Benjamin 'Trumbull, Pastor of the Congregational Church in

North Haven.
Erastus Ripley, Pastor of the Congregational Church in Meriden.
Nehemiah Prudden, Pastor of the Congregational Church in En

Edward D. Griffin, Andover,
Leonard Woods, Andover.
Daniel Dana, Newburyport,
Williain F. Rowland, Exeter,

W. Hollinshead, one of the Pastors of the Independent or Congro gational Church in Charleston, S. Carolina.



Having carefully attended to the plan and execution of your Evangelical Primer, we cordially approve of both. We consider the two Minor Catechisins as well adapted to convey much useful instruction to young children, and to prepare their tender minds for learning and understanding that most excellent system of divinity, which is contained in the Assembly's Shorter Catechism,

and which has been so long, so greatly, and so extensively useful in Europe and America. We are clearly of opinion, that you Evangelical Primer is the best publication of the kind, which we have seen, that it will have a great tendency to promote the knowledge of some of the most important events as well as of the most important dectrines contained in the Bible, and to guard the rising generation against the fatal errors, which are so zealously propagated at the present day by the enemies of truth. We sincerely wish that this book may have a free and general circulation, that Families and Schools would make use of it in formin. the minils of children and youth to virtue and piety, and that you may find ll your sabor amply rewarded in the success of your benevolent design.

* A, D. 1809.
Nathaniel Ein ons, Franklin.
Joseph Lyman, Hatfield.
Alvan Hyde, Pastor of the Church in Lue.
David Parsons, Amherst.
Samuel Austin, Worcester,
Sarnuel Opring. Newburyport.
Jedediah Morse Charlestown
Jona han Strong, Ranılo)ph.
Jacob Norton, Weymouth.
Jonathan Burr, Sandwich.
Elijah Parish, Byfield.
Samuel Worcester, Salem,
Daniel Hopkins, Salem.
Thomas Worcester, Salisbury, N, 13,
Rufus Anderson, Wenham


This Catechism contains the leading doctrines of thir

Bible, expressed in a plain and connected manner.

Note, It is earnestly re- What has God done commended to teuchers of you? He has made me, and this Primer, that they exert kept me alıve; he has given themselves to make learners me food to eat, and clothes - repeat the answers, &c. dis- to wear, and all other bles. tinctly, deliberately, under sings that I have enjoyed. standingly, solemnly, and in

What is the greatest ali respects properly, as pus thing, that God has ever sible.

done for you and the rest Who made you? God.

of mankind ? He gave his Whatelse did God make? Son Jesus Christ, to die for lle made the stones and us, Heb. 2:9. hills, the brooks and trees,

What need was there, all living creatures, the sun,

that Christ sliould die for moon, and stars, and all you? To atone for my sins. other things.

How have you sinned? I Of what did God make have not faithfully remein. all things ? Of nothing, bered my Creator, to love Heb. 11:3.

him with all my heart, to For whom did God make pray to him, and to keep his all things ? For himself. holy Sabbath , and I have

How long has God lived ? done many other things, Always, without beginning. which he has forbidden. Where is God' Every.

What is the general char. where.

acter of the natural heart! When does God see you? It is enmity against God; it By day and by night; he is deceitful above all things, sees me, when I do wrong, and desperately wicked, Jerand always sees me

17:9. What does God know? What is meant by the na. He knows all things. If I tell tural heart? It is a heart that a lie, he knows it; if I speak has not been renewed by the an idle or wicked word, he Holy Spirit, John 3:6. hears it. He knows every

What if Christ had noi word, that I speak, and died for you and others? every thought, that I think. We must have been pun

shed for all our sins, as we If you were carried to deserye.

heaven, should you be hap. What do you deserve? I py there! I could not be deserve everlasting destruc. happy even in heaven with tion in hell,

out being born again, and Will Christ save you from having a new heart. hell ? If I repent of my sins, Why could you not be and believe in him, he will happy in heaven without save me from hell, and raise being born again? I should me to heaven.

not love Christ, nor angels, Can Christ raise you to nor saints; and could not heaven? He can; for he is join in the heavenly em. the mighty God, the ever- ployments. lasting Father, Is. 9:6., What proves a change

What kind of a place is of heart? Repentance to. heaven? It is a most happy ward God and faith in Je. place. There is no night sus Clirist. there; neither is there any What is true repentance sin, nor death, nor sickness, toward God? It is to abhor nor pain, nor sorrow, Rev. sin, as committed against 7:16,17.

him ; to abhor myself for Why is there no night sin, and to reform. there? Because Christ, the What is false repentance? sun of righteousness is there, It is sorrow, arising from and he is the light of heaven. fear of punishment, without

If you go to heaven, what hating sin. company shall you there

What is true faith in Je. enjoy ? 'I shall enjoy the sus Christ? It is humbly recompany of the holy an. ceiving him as my teacher, gels, of glorified saints, and Lord, and Saviour, giving of Christ himself.

myself to him, and trusting How are glorified saints in him alone for salvation. employed? They are em- What is false faith! It is ployed in loving one ano. holding the truths of the ther, in loving the angels, gospel in unrighteousness; and in uniting their hearts or believing that Jesus was and voices in loving, adore the Son of Gud, without loving, and praising God and ing him. It is such a faith the Redeemer.

as the devils have. How long will their bles. What reasons have you to sed employments continue? trust in Christ alone for sal. For ever and ever.

vation? There is salvation in

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