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Second Report
of the Joint Commission on
The Book of Common Prayer

Appointed by
The General Convention of 1913

New York

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XVI. A Penitential Office
XVII. The Psalter
XVIII. The Ordinal
XIX. Consecration of a Church

XX. Institution of Ministers
XXI. Admission of Deaconesses
XXII. Prayers to be Used in Families


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Resolution of 1913

: a consisting of seven Bishops, seven Presbyters, and seven Laymen be appointed to consider and report to the next General Convention such revision and enrichment of the Prayer Book as will adapt it to present conditions, if, in their judgment, such revision be necessary; Provided, that no proposition involving the Faith and Doctrine of the Church shall be considered or reported upon by the Commission; and Provided, that no proposal to change the Title-page of the Prayer Book or the Name of the Church shall be referred to said Commission.

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