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Page 372 - All requests to purchase major defense equipment are reviewed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Office of the Secretary of Defense.
Page 156 - The convention protects our environment by prohibiting all significant hostile uses of environmental modification techniques "having widespread, long-lasting or severe effects as a means of destruction, damage or Injury to any other State Party.
Page 373 - I am initiating this policy of restraint in the full understanding that actual reductions in the worldwide traffic in arms will require multilateral cooperation.
Page 371 - The United States will not be the first supplier to introduce into a region newly-developed, advanced weapons systems which would create a new or significantly higher combat capability.
Page 18 - International affairs General science, space and technology Energy Natural resources and environment Agriculture Commerce and housing credit Transportation Community and regional development Education, training, employment, and social services Health Medicare Income security Social security Veterans...
Page 371 - We will continue to utilize arms transfers to promote our security and the security of our close friends. But in the future the burden of persuasion will be on those who favor a particular arms sale, rather than those who oppose it.
Page 131 - US advantages in other characteristics; and —— the US posture is not in fact, and is not seen as, inferior in performance to the strategic nuclear forces of the Soviet Union.
Page 731 - FULL-TIME TRAINING AND ADMINISTRATION OF THE SELECTED RESERVE Question. The Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs conducted a detailed study of the full-time training and administration of the selected reserve, and issued a draft report generally supporting the status of Full-Time Training and Administration of the Selected Reserve despite considerable differences in the systems used by the various Reserve components. Have you approved the final report and when will...
Page 371 - States will not entertain such requests, we can avoid unnecessary bilateral friction caused by later denials. 6. An amendment to the International Traffic in Arms Regulations will be issued, requiring policy level authorization by the Department of State for actions by agents of the United States or private manufacturers which might promote the sale of arms abroad.
Page 203 - In designing our general purpose forces, what must concern us first and foremost is the heavy concentration of Soviet forces in Eastern Europe and the western military districts of the USSR. Those forces represent a direct and growing threat to the security of Western Europe, on both the central front and the flanks. They also define the magnitude of the largest and most serious non-nuclear contingency that could confront us in the foreseeable future. To stress Europe is not to rule out...