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Construction of a Rope-No one can Stand Aloof-Honest Gam-
bling Establishments: An Introduction to a First Class One Second
Class-The “ Roper In"-Policy—“Saddle"-"Gig'-"Horse"-Ex-
changeDesire for Gain-Incidents Close Proximity to Wall Street
-Gin Enterprises-Their Evil Tendency-Be Honest or Die-The
Prodigul-The Game Ended....


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Ancient Tyre A Majestic City-Its Magnificence--Its Present Po

sition-Character of a City-Cities Hold the World's Sceptre-If an
Unprincipled Mayoralty or Common Council, there will be Unlim-
ited License for all kinds of Trickery and Sin-Questions that La-
terest the Merchant-Educational Interests Some Cities these In.
terests are settled in the Low Caucus-Character of Officials Affects
the Domestic Circle Even Religious Interests Affected-John Mor.
rimey Pray for your Mayor--And all in Authority-Perils and
Temptations of the Police-An Affecting Incident....



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A Dead CityMidnight Witchery-Melrose Abbey-Alhambra
Jerusalem in Ruins-The Midnight Ride-Midnight Exploration-
Jerusalem Rebuilt-Plato-Demosthenes Church Affection The
Church-Sacrifices for It-Secret of Backsliding-Building without
Bocure Foundation-Old-fashioned Way-Does it Hurts-New-f&sb
lopod Way-Wants & Ride Reasop People are Angered—“ You're

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a Pauper"-Triumphant Sadness Palace of Shusban-Ito Immen sity--Home-sickness - The Blacksnith -A Bereaved Mother-A Parlor in Philadelphia-Never Give Up-Our Refuge..




Thomas De Witt Talmage was born in 1832, in Bound Brook, Somerset County, N. J. His father was a farmer of much vigor and consistency of character; his mother a woman of noted energy, hopefulness and equanimity. Both parents were in marked respects characteristic Differences of disposition and methods blended in them into a harmonious, consecrated, benignant and cheery life. The father won all the confidence and the best of the honors a hard-sensed truly American coinmunity had to yield. The mother was that counseling and quietly providen, force which inade her a helpnieet indeed and her home the center and salictuary of the sweetest influences that have fallen on the path of a large number of children, of whom four sons are all ministers of the Vord. From a period ante-dating the Revolution, the ancestors of our subject were members of the Reformed Dutch Church, in which Dr Talmage's father was the leading lay office bearer through a life extended beyond fourscore years. The youngest of the children, it seemed doubtful at first whether DeWitt would follow his broth ers into the ministry. His earliest preference was the law, the studies of which he pursued for a year after his

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