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3044 MACKINTOSH, ALEXANDER. The Driffield Angler. In two parts. Containing descriptions of the different kinds of fresh water fish, etc. To which are added instructions for Shooting, etc., Frontispiece. 12mo, uncut, Gainsborough

3045*Maladies Veneriennes, Traitè de. 4 vols., 8vo, old calf,

A full and very curious history of its subject.

Paris, 1774

3046*MALAN, S. C. Vindication of the English Bible. 12mo, cloth, London, 1856 3047 Manners and Customs of the Jews, and other Nations mentioned in the Bible. Fifth edition. 16mo, half calf, illustrated,

London, 1833

With this book are bound up, "Funerals of the Quakers," "Watts' Catechism and songs," et cetera.

3018 Manual of the Practical Naturalist; or Directions for Collecting, Preparing, and Preserving Subjects of Natural History. 12mo, uncut, Boston, 1831

3049 MANUSCRIPT. Luca de Ordinis Minoribus Sermo. A manuscript of the 13th century, beautifully written on vellum. 4to, old half vellum, broken,

N. D.

3050 MARCO POLO. The Travels of. The translation of Marsden revised, with a selection of his Notes. Edited by Thos. Wright. 16mo,

London, 1854

3051 MARCUS AURELIUS ANTONIUS. The Thoughts of the Emperor. Translated by George Lund. 8vo,

Boston, 1864

3052 Marie Magdalen's Funerall Tears. Square 16mo, half calf, reprint. London, 1634 3053*MARKHAM, G. A Way to Wealth. Containing Six Principle Vocations or Callings in which evry good Husband or Housewife may lawfully employ themselves. Small 4to,

London, 1653

Full of interesting information as to household and rural life.

3054*MARKHAM, FRANCIS. The Book of Honor. Small fol.,

London, 1625

An authoritative and interesting work upon all matters of gentry, nobility, etc., of the Elizabethan period.

3055 MARTINEAU, HARRIET. Biographical Sketches. 1852-1868. 2p

edition, 8vo,

London, 1869

3056 Martyrs. Letters of the. Collected and published in 1564, with a preface by Miles Coverdale, and with introductory remarks by Rev. Ed. Bickersteth. 8vo, portrait,

3057 MASSILLON. Sermons et Morceaux Choisis. éloge. 12mo, half calf, portrait,

London, 1837 Précédés de son

Paris, 1844

3058 MAUNDEVILE, SIR JOHN. The Voiage and Travaile of, which treateth of the way to Hierusalem, and of the marvayles of Inde, with other Ilands and Countryes. Reprinted from the edition of 1725, with an introduction, additional notes, and glossary, by J, O. Halliwell. 8vo, half calf, illustrated with curious cuts, London, 1839

3059* MAURICE, FRERE. Nouvelles Monocales. 18mo, half mor.,

A very facetious and humorous book.


3060 MCCULLOCH, J. R. A Dictionary. Political, Theoretical, and Historical, of Commerce and Commercial Navigation. Illus trated with maps and plans. A new edition corrected, enlarged, and improved, with a supplement. 8vo, half calf,

London, 1850 3061 MCCULLOCH, J. R. A Treatise on Metalic and Paper Money, and Banks. Written for the Encyclopedia Britannica. 4to, Edinburgh, 1858

Presentation copy.

3062 McIlvaine, Charles P. The Evidences of Christianity in their External Division. 16mo, bright calf, gilt, gilt edges,

Presentation copy. Author's autograph,

London, 1833

3063 MEISTER, HENRY. Letters on England. 8vo, half calf, red edges, London, 1799 3064*Memoirs of the Nutrebian Court, discovering the distresses of the Queen, the happy birth, and surprising deliverance of her children, and the intrigues and cabals of the Grandees. The whole interspersed with the entertaining amours and secret histories of several persons of distinction in foreign courts. 2 vols. 12mo, old calf, London, 1747

A scandalous chronicle of the British Court.

3065 Men of the Time. Biographical Sketches of Living Eminent Characters. Also, of Celebrated Women of the Time. Thick

16mo, uncut,

London, 1859

3066 Men of the Time. A Dictionary of Contemporaries. Containing biographical notices of eminent characters of both sexes. Seventh edition, revised and brought down to the present time. Thick 8vo, uncut, London, 1868

3067 Merrie Conceited Jests of George Peele, Gentleman, sometimes
Student in Oxford. Wherein is shewed the course of his life,
how he lived. A man very well knowne in the City of Lon-
don, and elsewhere. 4to, half mor., fac-simile reprint,
London, N. D.

3068 Metropolitan Fair, A Record of, in aid of the United States San-
itary Commission, held at New York, in April, 1864. With
photographs. 4to, uncut,
New York, 1867

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3069 MIGNE, M. L'Abbé. Nouvelle Encyclopédie Théologique, ou nouvelle série de dictionnaires sur toutes les parties de la science religeuse, offrant en Française, et par ordre alphabét ique, la plus claire, la plus facile, la plus commode, la plus variée, et la plus complète des Théologies. Royal 8vo, uncut,

3070 MILL, JOHN STUART. Utilitarianism. 8vo,

Paris, 1853 London, 1863

3071 MILLER, HUGH. My Schools and Schoolmasters; or the Story of my Education. 8vo,

3072*MITCHELL, DONALD GRANT. The Lorgnette; or Town by an Opera Goer. (John Timon.) Set off with Mr. Darley's designs. 2 vols. mor., gilt tops,

Edinburgh, 1860

Studies of the Fourth edition. 12mo, half crim. New York, 1851

Presentation copy from “John Timon." Portrait of the author inserted, and several letters from him as John Timon, and in his own name, in regard to these social satires.

3073 MONTAGUE, MARY WORTLEY. The Works of. Including her correspondence, poems, and essays. Published, by permission, from the original papers. The sixth edition. 5 vols. 16mo, half calf, Matthews, London, 1817

Four portraits inserted. Fine copy.

3074 MONTAIGNE. Les Essais de Michel, Seigneur de Montaigne, divisée en trois livres, contenant un riche et rare thresor de plusieur beaux et notable discours couchez en un stile le plus pur et orné qu'il se trouve en nostre siècle. 16mo, blue cr. levant mor., gilt edges.

Scarce and very early edition.

Lyons, 1595

3075 MONTAIGNE et CHARRON. Euvres. Publiée avec des Commentaires et des Nouvelles Notices Biographiques. Par Amaury Duval. 9 vols. 8vo, bright calf,

Paris, 1820

The works of these authors are all that were published of the" Collection de Moralistes Français," projected by M. Duval.

3076 MONTAIGNE, MICHAEL, Lord of. Essays Written in French by. Done into English according to the last French edition, by John Florio. Fol., calf, extra, portrait,

London, 1613

From this book Shakespeare took the well known passage in the "Tempest," upon the government of a newly founded republic.

3077 MONTAIGNE's Essays. In three books. With notes and quotations, and an account of the author's life. Translated by Charles Cotton. With a short character of the author and translator by the late Marquis of Halifax. 5th edition, 3 vols. with a compleat table in each volume, 16mo, calf, gilt,

3078 MONTAIGNE, Michael de. Works of. journey into Italy, and letters, etc., new and carefully revised edition. 4 vols. 8vo, Portrait,

London, N. D. Comprising his essays, By W. Hazlitt. A Edited by O. W. Wight. New York, 1864


3079 MONTAIGNE. The Essayist. A Biography. By Bayle St. John. With illustrations. 2 vols. 8vo, London, 1858

3080 MONTESQUEIU. Considérations sur les Causes de la Grandeur des Romains et de leur Decadence; Lettres Persanes; Œuvres Diverses. 4 vols. 8vo, uncut,

Paris, 1814-20

3081 Moralis Philosophia Medulla, docens quo pacto ad animi tranquillitatem etc. Epicteti enchiridion Græce ac Latine cum explanatione Thomae Navgeorgi. Thick 8vo, old vellum, stamped. Greek and Latin Text,


3082*MORE, Sir THOMAS. by his Great Grandson Cesacre More. With Biographical Notes and other Illustrations by Rev. Joseph Hunter. 8vo, calf, gilt, by Matthews. Portrait,

London, Pickering, 1828 3083 Mottoes of the Spectators, Tatlers and Guardians, translated into English. 16mo, old calf, London, 1735

3084 Musée de L'artillerie, Notice sur Les Collections dont se compose Le 16mo, half calf, marbled edges, by Matthews,

Paris, 1835 3085 NASH, THOMAS. Pierce Penniles's Supplication to the Devil. From the first edition of 1592, compared with later impressions. With an Introduction and Notes by J. Payne Collier, Esq. 8vo, London, Shak. Soc., 1842


Hints towards a Classification of Noses. Eden Warwick. Crown 8vo, London, 1848 3087 NICOLAY, NICHOLAS. The Navigations, Pereginations and Voyages made into Turkie by N. N. Daulphinois, Lord Asfeinle, Chamberlaine and Geographer in ordinarie to the King of Fraunce. Translated out of the French by T. Washington, the younger. 4to, half mor. London, 1585

Slightly imperfect.

3088 NORTON, CHARLES ELIOT. Notes of Travel and Study in Italy. 8vo, Boston, 1860

Presentation copy, with Autograph Letter of Author.

3089 Nouvelles Entrennes Spirituelles, contenant les Vepres de toute l'année et les Messes des principals Fêtes, en Latin et en Francais, a l'usage de Paris et de Rome. Örnée de Figures, et augmentées de Prieres de Meditations chretiennes. 16m2, red calf, gilt, gilt edges, Paris, 1809

3090 Nugæ Antiquæ: being a Miscellaneous Collection of Original Papers in Prose and Verse, by Sir John Harrington. Selected from Authentic Remains by the Rev. Hen. Harrington. A new edition. 2 vols. 12mo, calf, London, 1792

3091 Nuns and Nunneries: Sketches compiled entirely from Romanish



London, 1852

3092 Ocean World, being a descriptive history of the sea and its living inhabitants, by Louis Figuier. Illustrated by 427 engravings. 8vo, London, 1868 3093 Office de La Quinzaine De Pasque, Latin-Francois, a l'usage de Rome et de Paris pour la Maison de Duc D'Orleans. 8vo, old red French mor., flowered gilt border, gilt edges, with an etching, Paris, 1754 3094 OLEARIUS, ADAM. Voyages très curieuse et tres renommez, faitz en Moscovie, Tartarie, et l'erse, etc. etc., traduit de l'Original et augmentez par le Sr. de Wiequefert. 2 vols. in 1, folio, old calf, Amsterdam, 1727

Good copy of this famous book of travels, with fine impressions of the numerous plates.

3095 OLMSTED, FRED. LAW. Walks and Talks of an American Farmer in England. New edition. Svo, Columbus, 1859


3096 Oratorical Year Book, for 1865, being a collection of the best Contemporary Speeches. Arranged and edited by A. H. Hill. London, 1866 3097 Organization in Daily Life. An Essay. 16mo, London, 1862 3098 PAGUIERRE, M. Classification and Description of the Wines of Bordeaux; to which are prefixed, notices of the history and culture of the vine, process of making wine, etc. 16mo, calf, extra, with fine map of the Wine Country, Edinburgh, 1828 Scarce. Very fine copy.

3099 PAINE, THOMAS. The Writings of. to the Congress of the United 12mo, old calf,


Secretary for Foreign Affairs States of America, in the late Albany, 1792

3100 Papesse Jeanne. Historie de la, Fidélement Tirée de la Dissertation Latine de M. De Spanheim. 2d edition. 2 vols. in 1. 8vo, calf, gilt, marble edges. Illustrated,

La Hague, 1720 3101 Papesse Jeanne, Histoire De La. Fidélement tirée de la dissertion Latine De M. De Spanheim, nouvelle edition, augmentée et ornée de figures. 2 vols. 16mo, calf, red edges,

3102 Parental Monitor, by Mrs. Bonnote. 3rd edit. 12mo, half calf, gilt, gilt edges. Illustrated,

Haye, 1758

4 vols. in 2. London, 1796

3103 Paris in 1841, by Mrs. Gore. With twenty-one highly-finished engravings, from original drawings by Thomas Allom. 8vo,

3104 PARRY, THOMAS. On Diet. 8vo,

3105 PARSONS, THEOPHILUS. Essays by. 12mo,

London, 1842

London, 1844

Boston, 1856

3106 PASCAL, BLAISE. Penseés de. 2 vols. 8vo, calf, gilt. Paris, 1817

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