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2968 HOOKER, J. D. Himalayan Journals. Notes of a Naturalist in

Bengal, the Sikkim and Nepal Himalayas. the Khasia Moun-
tains, etc. New edition, carefully revised and condensed.

2 vo's., 8vo, with numerous woodcuts,

London, 1855 2969 Hotz, II. The Moral and Intellectual Diversity of Races, etc;

with an appendix, by J. C. Nott. 8vo, Philadelphia, 1856 2970 HOUSSAYE, ARSENE. Philosophes et Comediennes. Seconde edition. ltimo,

Paris, 1851 2971 HOWELL, JAMES. Epistolæ Ilo-Elianæ. Familiar Letters Domes

tic and Forren, etc ; 3rd edition. With a fourth vol. of new lettres never before published. 8vo, old calf, gilt.

London, 1655 2972 HOWELL, JAMES. Epistolæ Ho-Elianæ. Familiar Letters, Domiestic and Foreign. 4 books, 10th edition. 8vo, old calf,

London, 1737 “The best edition." -Lowndes.

2973 HOWELLS, W. D. Italian Journeys. 12mo, New York, 1867 2974 HowITT, WILLIAM. The History of The Supernatural. 2 vols., 8vo,

London, 1863 2975*HUARTE'S Examination of Men's Wits, in which, by discovering

the variety of Natures, is showed for what profession each one is apt, and how far he shall profit therein. Translated by R. Carew. 40, ca'f, gilt edges, fine copy,

1594 · Reade the latter chapters of this grave philosopher's book, and you will learn how to begat a child according to your own fancy.

Tristram's father was a fool to him.”— W. C(aldecott.) 2976* HUBER, B. Statisque de L'Ile de Cuba. 8vo, half calf,

Paris, 1826 2977 Hugo, VICTOR. Works by. Viz : Notre Dame de Paris, 3 vols.

-Le Rhin, Lettres a un Ami, 2 vols.— Theatre, 3 vols.Les Feuilles d'Automne, etc.,--Cromwell, Drame.-Bug-Jargal, etc.--Les Orientales.--Odes et Ballades.—Les voix Intereures ; Les Rayons et Les ombres.--Litterature et Philosophie melées. Han D'Islande. 16 vols., 12mo, half red calf, gilt,

Paris, 1845-50 2978 HUMBOLDT, Alex. Von. KOEMOE: A General Survey of the Physical Phenomena of the Universe. 2 vols., 8vo, uncut,

London, 1845 2979*HUMBOLDT, ALEXANDER Von. The Correspondence of. 12mo, cloth,

New York, 1860 2980 Humour, Wit and Wisdom, the Book of. A Manual of Table Talk. 8vo,

London, 1867 2981 Hunt, LEIGH. The Autobiography of. A New Edition revised, with a portrait. 8vo,

London, 1860


2982 HUNT, LEIGH. The Seer, or Commonplace Refreshed. 2 vols., 12mo,

Boston, 1865 2983 HUNT, F. K. The Fourth Estate. Contributions tov a ds a his

tory of newspapers, and of the Liberty of the Press. 2 vols., 8vo, uncul,

London, 1850 2984 HUNT, ROBERT. Elementary Physics. 16mo, with 217 cuts,

London, 1851 2085 HURAULT, Lord of Vicue. Politicke, Moral and Martial dis

Written in French. Dedicated by the author to the French King's maiestie, and translated into English by Arthur Golding. 4to, old vellum,

London, 1595 2986 HUMPHREYS, H. NOEL. The Coin Collector's Manual, or guide

to the Numismatic Student in the formation of a cabinet of coins. With above 150 illustrations on wood and steel. 2

vols., post 8vo, half calf, gilt, marbled edges, London, 1853 2987 HYACINTHE, St. CORDONNIER. Le Chef-d'oeuvre d'un Inconnu,

par le Dr. Mathanasius. 16mo, vellum, llaye, 1714 2988*Imitations of Celebrated Authors; or, Imaginary Rejected Articles. 8vo,

London, 1844 One of the most successful books of its class. See “ Letters on

Shakespeare.” 2989 IRELAND, SAMUEL. A Picturesque Tour through Holland, Bra

bant, and a part of France ; illustrated with copper plates
tinta. 2 vols., 4to, russia,

London, 1796 2990 IRVING, WASHINGTON. Life and Letters of. By his Nephew. Pierre Irving. 2 vols, 8vo, 2 ports.,

New York, 1862 2991 JACKSON, WILLIAM. A Man of Sorrows; or the Providence of

God Displayed; as exemplified in the life of the author of
The Christian's Legacy. Fourth edition, revised, enlarged, and

stereotyped. 12mo, portrait, half calf, Philadelphia, 1843 2992 JAMES, HENRY. The Nature of Evil. 12mo, New York, 1855 2993 JAMES, IJENRY. Substance and Shadow, or Morality and Religion

in their Relation to Life. An Essay upon the Physics of Creation. 8vo,

Boston, 1863 2994 JAMISON, A. Nouveau Traité elementaire d'Anatome descrip-,

tive et de preparations anatomiques. Suivi d'un Precis Embryologie. Par A Verneuil. Deuxieme edition. Avec 200 Figures. 8vo, half green mor., gilt,

Paris, 1861 2995*Janus; or, the Edinburgh Literary Almanack. 8vo, uncut,

Edinburgh, 1826 2996 JEWELL, JOHN. Bishop of Salisbury. Certain Sermons preached

before the Queenes Maiestie and at Paul's Cross, eic. Sm. 8vo, calf, antique,

London, 1583 Scarce. Title inlaid, leaf lost at the end.

2997 JOE MILLER'S Jests, or the Wits Vade-mecum, 8vo, calf, uncut, Fac-simile Reprint,

London, 1739 2998*JOHNSON, SAMUEL. The Works of. 9 vols., 8vo, calf gilt, panelled sides, red edges, by Matthews,

Oxford, 1825 2999*JOHNSON, SAMUEL. The Life of, by James Boswell. 4 vols., 8vo, calf panelled sides, by Matthews,

Oxford, 1826 With the illustrations published by Murray inserted. The two sets of books above are the fine Oxford English Classics Edition, and are uni.

formly bound. 3000*Jones, C.C. Recollections of Royalty. 2 vols. 8vo,

London, 1828 3001 KANE, ELISHA KENT. Arctic Explorations. The Second Grinnell

Expedition in search of Sir John Franklin, 1853, 254, 255.
Illustrated by upwards of Three Hundred Engravings from
Sketches by the Author. 2 vols. 8vo, Philadelphia, 1856

Presentation copy. Author's autograph. Earliest impressions of the

plates. 3002 KANE, ELISHA KENT. Biography of. By William Elder. 8vo, 3003 KANT, IMMANUEL Critick of Pure Reason, translated from the

original of, Second edition, with notes and explanation of terms,

by Francis Haywood. 8vo, uncut, London, Pickering, 1848 3004*KEIGHTLEY, THOMAS. The Fairy Mythology. Illustrative of the Romance and Superstition of various Countries. 2 vols. 16mo,

London, 1833 3005 Å-KEMPIS, THOMAS. Imitatione Christi, Libri Quatuor. 4to,

white muslin illuminated. Illustrations and quaint engraved margins,

London, 1867 3006 À-KEMPIS, THOMAS Of the Imitation of Christ. Four Books. A

New Edition Sm. 8vo, beautifully bound in smooth dark maroon mor. gilt, gilt edges,

Oxford, 1856 3007 Kenilworth Castle, a History and Description of, from its founda

tion to the present time. Thin 12mo, 2 plates, Warwick, 1835 3008 KING, T. STARR. The White Hills, their Legends, Landscape

and Poetry. 4to, smooth olive mor., gilt, gilt leaves, by Matthews. With 60 illustrations,

Boston, 1860 Handsome copy bound from the sheets. 3009 KINGSLEY, CHARLES Phæthon ; or, Loose Thoughts for Loose

Thinkers. 3rd edition. 12mo, uncut, Cambridge, 1859 3010 KIRBY's Wonderful and Eccentric Museum ; or, Magazine of Remarkable Characters 3 vols. 8vo, numerous engravings. Uncut,

London, 1820 3011* KNIGHT, CHARLES. The Old Printer and the Modern Press, 8vo,

London, 1854

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3012 KNIGHT, CHARLES Half Hours with the Best Letter-Writers and Autobiographers 8vo,

London, 1867 3013 KURAN, Selections from, with an interwoven commentary, by Ed. W. Lane. 8vo, uncut,

London, 1843 3014 LAMB, CHARLES. Works of 4 vols. post, 8vo, blue calf, gilt, marble edges. T'ortrait,

London, 1850 Portraits of Lamb and Coleridge, (4) inserted. 3015 LAMB, CHARLES. Essays of Elia. A new edition.


8vo, large paper, uncut. Portrait,

Boston, 1860 3016 LAMB, CHARLES. The Essays of Elia and Eliana. A new edit., 12mo, uncut. Portrait,

London, 1867 3017 LANDOR, WALTER SAVAGE. Imaginary Conversations of Literary

men and Statesmen. 2nd edition. 4 vols. 8vo, dark blue calf, gilt,

London, 1826 3018 LARDNER, DIONYSIUS. Natural Philosophy. 8vo, illustrated,

London, 1857 3019 LATIMER, HUGH. Sermon on The Ploughers, 18th, Jan. 1549, carefully edited by Edward Arber. 16mo, uncut,

London, 1868 3020 LAVATER, J. C. Aphorisms on Man, translated from the original manuscript of. Second edit., 16mo, old calf. Frontispiece,

London, 1789 3021*LAVELANET, DE, FRÉDÉRIC SOULIÉ. Amours Françaises. Poems suivis de Trois Chants Elegaiques. 16mo, ha!f calf, gilt tops,

Paris, 1824 3022 LAWRENCE, Amos. Extracts from the correspondence of the Late.

With a Brief account of some of the Incidents of his Life. Edited by his Son, W. R. Lawrence, M.D. 8vo, half calf, gilt, marbled edges. Portrait,

Boston, 1857 3023 LAUZUN, Duc de. Memoires de. (1747–83.)

(1747-83.) Publiés Entiérement conformés au manuscrit avec une etude sur la vie de L'auteur. 2nd edit., sans suppressions, etc., par Lois Lacour. 8vo, half mor., gilt tops,

Paris, 1858 3024*LE VAILLANT. Voyage dans l'Interieure de l'Afrique. 2 vols. svo, calf,

Paris, 1790 Illustrated with finely executed line engravings of the most interest

ing character, among which is one of the famous Hottentot Venus. 3025* LEIBENTZ. Refutation of Spinoza. 18mo, cloth, Edinburgh, 1845 3026* LEIBIG. Family Letters on Chemistry. 12mo, cloth,

London, 1851 30:27 LEWES, GEORGE H. The Biographical History of Philosophy,

from its origin in Greece down to the Present day. Thick 8vo, uncut,

London, 1857

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3028 LESLIE, (Miss.) Behaviour Book. A Guide and Manual for Ladies, etc. 8vo,

Philadelphia, N. D. 3029 LYELL, CHARLES. Principles of Geology, being an inquiry how

far the former changes of the earth's surface, are referable to causes now in operation. 3d edit., 4 vols. 12mo. Illustrated with plates, charts, and mups,

London, 1834 3030*Liberal, The. Edited by Hazlitt and Shelley. 2 vols. in 1. 8vo, calf,

London, 1822 3031 LIEBER, FRANCIS. The Character of the Gentleman. Third and much enlarged edition. 12mo,


Philadelphia, 1864 3032 Lister, DR. MARTIN. A Journey to Paris in the year 1698. 8vo, old calf, illustrated,

Paris, 1699 3033 Literature in Letters, or manners, art, criticism, biography,

history, and morals. Illustrated in the correspondence of eminent persons. Edited by J. P. Holcombe. Svo,

New York, 1866 3034*Livius, T. The Roman Historie. Translated by Philemon

Holland. The Shakspeare Edition. Folio, London, 1600 3035 LIZARS, JOHN. The Use and Misuse of Tobacco. 16mo,

Philadelphia, 1859 3036 LOCKE, JOHN. Essay on Human Understanding. 4 books. 11th edit., 2 vols. 8vo, old calf. Portrait,

London, 1735 3037 Lollard Doctrines. An Apology for. Attributed to Wickliffe. Edited by J. H. Todd. 4to, uncut,

London, (Camden Soc.,) 1842 3038 London, Satirical View of, at the commencement of the 19th

century, by an Observer. 16mo, old calf neat, London, 1801 3039 London and Paris ; or, Comparative Sketches by the Marquis De Vermont and Sir Charles Darnley, Bart. 12mo, hulf calf,

London, 1823 3040 Long Life. Treatise of, with the sure means of attaining it. In

two books. The first by Leonard Lessius. The second by Lewis Cornaro. Translated into English by Timothy Smith. 16mo, old calf,

London, 1743 3041 LORD, PERCIVAL B. Popular Physiology. 16mo, London, 1855

, 3042 LUTHER, MARTIN. A Commentarie of, upon the Epistle of St.

Paule to the Galathians. First collected and gathered, word for word, out of his preaching, and now out of Latin faithfully translated into English for the unlearned. 4to, calf, neat, Black Letter.

London, 1580 Rare.

3043. LYTTLETON, Thomas, Lord. Letters. 8vo, old calf,

London, 1780

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